BALD BIEBER? - Pewds Hair Salon

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Author WolfStar14 ( ago)
Just me or does
Ken+this game=nickelback singer

Author brandan lysaght ( ago)
Justin Bieber is now officially the new BANE from batman 

Author Lena Tran ( ago)

Author JonSimsAviation ( ago)
1:30 OMG that's my haircut! Except more nappy and curly.

Author Celeste Oakley ( ago)

Author Devyn Brault ( ago)
U were cute as a baby until u did that

Author Gab Brady ( ago)
OMG Your Dog Is Anthony Best Thing Ever

Author Lego Jo ( ago)
4:58 Ken looks like Ian hecox 

Author Gpig Wardon ( ago)
subtitles are 100% correct

Author Edward Mailloux (1154 years ago)
I hate you

Author MasterOfDodge ( ago)
Hahaha Amazing video pewds please do more and by the way justin Bieber
deserves to be bald X3 KAWAII <__> I DIDN'T HAVE KAWAII FACE D: your
the best youtuber in the world BROFIST!

Author William Smith ( ago)
Justin looks like bane XD

Author TɦatRaռɖօʍGɨʀʟ(aҡa MINECRAFT IS COOL) ( ago)
I love what u did to JB!!! ((He looks fabulous......NOT))

Author Una lva Setiota ( ago)
Hahahahahaha! :D

Author rana partab ( ago)

Author Derpy Derp ( ago)

-PewDiePie 2013

Author Ahad ( ago)
Lol Voldemort at 6:06

Author Bubble Gum ( ago)
funneh and Justin Bieber you should keep that look

Author Mickey Mcintosh ( ago)
Make slender man

Author Mickey Mcintosh ( ago)

Author Angie steve ( ago)
lol #love vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$money plz 

Author kitten Girl Mittens ( ago)
☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ BRUH fist! 👊

Author Serena Morones ( ago)
I have this game😂😂

Author Isabella Marie ( ago)
Does it costs munys $$$$$

Author Jasmine Manalo ( ago)
Why u gotta look SO DAMN FABULOUS +PewDiePie ?

Author moonlight _umbreon ( ago)
Baby pewds, looked like a dog lol

Author luis robertson ( ago)
lol lol lol lol lol

Author SignupJC ( ago)

Author Minecraftprincess MSP ( ago)
Best subtitle -
Santa Clara 

Author Alexus Ash ( ago)
you are amazing 

Author Kartika Mandala ( ago)
11 million views?

Author Ethan's friends channel ( ago)
Why couldn't you do mariza 

Author Tammy McCracken ( ago)
So weird

Author Emily McWhorter ( ago)
Anyone else think that that's the best Beiber has ever looked?

Author AmericanSting FTW ( ago)
Justin bieber turned into eminem

Author Grace Carey ( ago)
Edgar looks a little like Kanye West in this!

Author Crystal Clohecy ( ago)
Hi pewds im your bigest fan just want you to no my name is cam I saw you in
prop hunt se ya and yo beayouafull

Author Michelle Molinero ( ago)
Press play it again. BUT make your hair pink and add a cute hair. Bow the
if read

Author MarcoMadness ( ago)
What device are you playing on?

Author emily sanders ( ago)
are you sure this wasn't a horror game??

Author Dallan Peterson ( ago)

Author Brandon Kh ( ago)
Such a hater so back off 

Author Foxy The Pirate Fox ( ago)
Justin beiber looks like bane +PewDiePie 

Author Foxy The Pirate Fox ( ago)
+PewDiePie Edgar is amnesia monster confirmed...

Author Ganesh Harris ( ago)
What's the name

Author Stormy DayZ ( ago)
"Let's shampoo your hair..."
Um good luck with that

Author Melany Ramirez ( ago)
What's the name of the app??? Also bro fist all the way

Author Bretton Pikey ( ago)
I'm a guy

Author Bretton Pikey ( ago)
And subscribe 

Author Bretton Pikey ( ago)
Guess what came in the mail today.QandA

Author Gabes Gaming ( ago)
U wit data hair as a baby is HALARIOS!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Author Undy The Monkey ( ago)
the first Person has a haircut that looks like clemintines from walking

Author morgan Moos ( ago)
Haha 2 in the morning trying not to laugh but I failed and sounded like a
pterodactyl dying

Author Nandu Seelam ( ago)

Author Sasha Bycroft ( ago)
Justin looked like predator

Author Sasha Bycroft ( ago)
Ken looked like I an from smosh

Author Noah Achtertuin (505 years ago)

Author Laura Roberts (1558 years ago)

Author Nageshiko Star (1698 years ago)
I love this so. Much

Author panda gaming (594 years ago)
Justin beiber looks like bane

Author Kellen The Pichu (149 years ago)
It's bane!

Author the Furness ( ago)
My dog was a ginger too 😏

Author the Furness ( ago)
I've got that game

Author Samiya Lopes ( ago)
Pewds why do you to mean too your two dog really I mean thats just rude god
and then G was new dog you were nice too him but not really😡

Author Aliya Oran ( ago)
I liked and subscribed

Author Tia & Lulu ( ago)
More Pewds salon

Author Anna Borrero ( ago)
You're adorable

Author PIXELGUN Master ( ago)
What the fuck happend to Edgar

Author Heaven Lover ( ago)

Author Rebecca Swann ( ago)
My Goal: To make the Internet rage.
Pewdiepie SUCKS. A dog could do a better intro. His humor is just.. not
good. At all. And his voice is ANNOYING as all heck. Some people like him,
and to that I say, go find real entertainment, before it's too late!

Author Ashley Menetre ( ago)
Lol 😂😂

Author Zilvinas Rudavicius ( ago)
Justin looked like bane

Author iloveLPS ( ago)
You were so CUTE as a baby!💜💜💜💜💜

Author BubblegUm ( ago)
liek if you cri evreytiem

Author Crystal Light ( ago)

Author Kevin Elliot ( ago)
What's the game called

Author TheUnboundSoul ( ago)
Photoshop 2.0

Author Yanelis Chaparro ( ago)

Author Milisav Jovanovic ( ago)
Edgar loks like a black version of the Bro (Amnesia) 2:04

Author Mohamad Fawaz ( ago)
Name of the game???

Author Cheybo 2000 ( ago)
To get to this video I had to watch an ad of how everybody pees and keep
your kidney healthy 

Author Bryan Sanchez ( ago)
Justin bieber's stupid face for holding it in

Author Anisha Chaudhry ( ago)
OH MY GOD when he did JUSTIN BEIBER WOW XDDD.........I can't

Author Hala Khalid ( ago)
I really enjoy watching your videos

Author aivree Kus ( ago)
Do more!!!!!

Author Alex Hawkins ( ago)
I am taking a shit right now 👊

Author SaRya Coyote ( ago)
Omg that made me laugh!

Author Michelle Green ( ago)
Justin bieber is guy no ufens gise

Author Hannah Jones ( ago)
Ok. When PewdDiePie does the brofist at the end who brofifts their
screan???!!! I DO! LOVE YA PEWDS!

Author Bloody Schoolgirl ( ago)
"How's it going bros, my teeth are so white!"-Pewdiepie 2013 also best
intro ever!

Author I Got Mur Sweg Den Pewdiepie (962 years ago)
"He so ugl- .. Nothing."

Author Molly and Amy (Mollami) ( ago)
Edgar looked so fabulous!!!

Author zayna saadeh ( ago)

Author Spizy chicken (1022 years ago)

Author Creeper Animations ( ago)
Justin Beiber looked like Voldemort in progress

Author GGGGAMING ( ago)

Author Maren Muse ( ago)
Edgar looks better than you... XD

Author Tatiana Mark ( ago)
Mor lik bane

Author Isiah Frazier (1026 years ago)
The birth of bane... beiber bane..

Author angelicagarci ( ago)
I'd let you do my hair

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