BALD BIEBER? - Pewds Hair Salon

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Author Talal qaddoura ( ago)
That is halirius

Author Emily simmons ( ago)
He should play toca boca kitchen 2

Author Blpb Blpb ( ago)

Author Dulce Velasco ( ago)
Whooo we have a smosh reference on pewd's channel 😄

Author Princess Lucy ( ago)
you are so mean bieber is awseome

Author Ricky LeBlanc ( ago)
Anthony's just gonna get on this and be like WTF SCREW YOU PEWDIEPIE!

Author Nathan Freemyer ( ago)

Author Explodingspider 3 (670 years ago)

Author Ameer Moore (1498 years ago)
Bieber looks like bane from batman 😂😂😂

Author theirishman wwe ( ago)
You look cute as a baby pewdie pie :)

Author Calvin Lynch ( ago)
Why are do have pink lipstick on

Author Death Kitten ( ago)
Omfg you were soooo cute as a baby :3

Author james Gallego ( ago)
How About Slendy Man

Author Natalie Felix ( ago)
I hope Justin sees it!
^_^ soooooo kkkkaaawwwwaaaaaiiiiiii!

Author Mon Bordignon ( ago)
can u do another one and do Marzia pls

Author Ila Aklar ( ago)

Author mayra ruiz ( ago)

Author Proto Finex (778 years ago)

Author Briana Owo (bri) (15 years ago)
Pause at 5:26, 😂😂😂😂

Author BloodMilk ( ago)
6:30 Justin becomes Bane

Author Lloyd-FNAF-Gamer ( ago)

Author Miriam Herrera ( ago)
🐾🐾🐾🐾 puppies

Author madison girou ( ago)
HAHAHAHA at 4:47 ken looks like he has a towel rapped on his

Author MsOkelani ( ago)

Author Lyberty Jordan ( ago)
😎 💋

Author fishypuppy6789 ( ago)
I saw no difference between that and the actual justin bieber xD

Author Laura Hale ( ago)
Here's something really cool.

Think of a number
Double it
Add 6
Take away the number you started with
Your answer is 3.
Like if mind is blown.

Author ida jkt ( ago)
Do you know smosh and you are in the end of chistmast (part2)

Author sahare rostami ( ago)
Does anyone else think pewdiepie laughs like Niall Horan?

Author willow wilson ( ago)
pewds...what has happened to this channel?!?!?!

Author Ava Frances ( ago)
baby poods is adorable

Author Tyler Herbert ( ago)
Ken looks like snoop dog lol

Author SuperBagsy ( ago)
Bibber looks like Bane from the dark knight rises!

Author the youtube warrior ( ago)

Author Jennifer Vargas ( ago)
Job looks like bane from batman

Author Christy Harris ( ago)
Bane reamagin

Author katie karparis ( ago)

Author Vicky Wheeler ( ago)
Justin beaver is sòoooooo ugly

Author Yvonne Wilson ( ago)
4:57 he looks like an anime girl lol

Author Aimee Bell ( ago)
What is that called

Author Candie Loom ( ago)

Author Altair Kelly ( ago)
- brother of Altair Kelly : I am Surprised that they never made Justin
dolls look like that! ITS FABULOUS!

Author Altair Kelly ( ago)
omg justin looks like bane from batman I love it he looks the same but
better wait till the girls hear him sing :D He IS Better going to hear his
singing, not

Author Nicolei Chocolei ( ago)

Author Lilli Armstrong ( ago)
I've never laughed so hard

Author PlaneDinosaur10 ( ago)
its Padia but spent padilla

Author ThaSisters ( ago)

Author ThaSisters ( ago)

Author ThaSisters ( ago)
They'll sho Justin..

Author Mahmoud Ayad ( ago)
Bro fist👊

Author best songs ( ago)
gard is the best

Author Turtle Master ( ago)
if only the cancer rumor was true

Author Allen Anson ( ago)
Justin looked like voldemort

Author The Girls Show You How To Cook That ( ago)
The nightmares😂

Author the Gaming nerd ( ago)
night mares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Allie Hunter (306 years ago)
6:56 milled me! XD

Author Andy Chung ( ago)
pewd's you look like a goat

Author Ari Da Spider ( ago)

Author Harper Preston ( ago)
When Edgar looks better than you.

Author Gamenin Style (1714 years ago)
OMFG i didnt know that Justin beaver could get bold

Author Cat On A Motorcycle 213 ( ago)
Justin LOL 

Author sar sar ( ago)
I've never been so disturbed (._.)

Author creme affairs ( ago)

Author Cierra Bryant (1942 years ago)
Baby baby baby ooooooooo like baby baby Baby noooooooo

Author Fash Games657 (1813 years ago)

Author Mindcraft Music ( ago)
antony is drom smosh and u need ro get hang outs i tex u on it

Author Sky_Diamondz ( ago)
I have that app

Author SuperGamer321 Videos ( ago)
6:36 it's Bieber bane

Author Cameron maynard ( ago)

Author Bailey Belle ( ago)
Thats what bieber deserves 

Author Gamer Wolf Gaming ( ago)

Author Mia Foster ( ago)
Aww you look so cute kawii!!!!😘😍💟💞💙

Author Ani Evans (AniPlaysMC) ( ago)
2:34 what has the world become .-.

Author adrian neff ( ago)

Author Fran Reagan ( ago)
I no

Author gigantic81 ( ago)
Anthony from smosh?!

Author miss MiaKitty ( ago)
pause at 1:03 demonic

Author shushy Ice ( ago)
What's the app called☺???

Author Savannah Kerllerman-skaggs ( ago)
do more its funny

Author Pat Parks ( ago)

Author Pat Parks ( ago)
;) :) LOVE YOU 

Author Pat Parks ( ago)
Omg 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍

Author Sky Postell ( ago)
Pewds is gorgeous

Author Vanessa Ramos ( ago)
Ken looked like the archer from clash of clans

Author ItsYaGirlLauren ( ago)
Spouse ago rest by Deepak how I last Friday welcome to talk I Harris of ice
(according to subtitles)

Author Ciana Thongvanh ( ago)
Oh liked egar made me laugh so much

Author Ciana Thongvanh ( ago)
I love this game

Author Pusheen for life ( ago)
Starts laughing evil but silently >:3
Screw u Justin bever!!!

Mind meh mouth :3

Author Erzain Roxtar ( ago)
omg pewds this is too funny xD

Author Easterpuppy 12321 ( ago)
1:wuts the app called
2:does it cost money

Author Dragon Cake ( ago)
with the justin beiber one I saw no difference. Well, mabye a slight

Author Foxy Lps Daily Channel ( ago)
( . . )
(. .)
Read more (12 lines) 

Author Madame Diana ( ago)
I loved what he did to Justin lmfao xD 

Author Da Cup of Energy ( ago)
That...was scary.

Author Liza Marie ( ago)
What's that game called?

Author Bonzi Bonnie ( ago)
Beiber in this looks likes char in Mad Max ._.

Author Nyan Angel ( ago)
Edgar looks good as a red head

Author Austin Koehler ( ago)
Justin kind of looks like Bane from Batman

Author Alexa Flores (1148 years ago)

How do you know Anthony Padilla from Smosh??

Author Muhammad Nawwaf ( ago)
I died at 5:37

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