Peavey Generation EXP Demo

Peavey guitar: $175 CDN. Slightly used. This is another undiscovered beauty. The overdrive unit was an extra $20. I do all mods myself.

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Uploaded by: Wray Ellis
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Author Colt Padula (2 years)
@jhon498 Change the bridge pickup out for a nice real tele pickup.

Author audiotrax2000 (2 years)
Nice guitar, nice video. :). What is the name of that overdrive mod??

Author BadMaggie66 (4 years)
Do you have a preference between this guitar and the other version with the
humbuckers that you demo'd ? I'm actively looking for one.

Author Wray Ellis (4 years)
@BadMaggie66 This crazy little bargain-basement guitar has become my
absolute favourite - and I have lots of high-end options. The humbucker
version is nice, but it's very heavy - like a Les Paul. I traded mine away
to a buddy for his Washburn W-14 and $50. (Turns out, he got the better
deal.) If you can find one of these - the 3 pickup Generation EXP version,
GRAB IT. They're cheap, fantastic to play and they sound great. But don't
wait. They're getting hard to find... Good luck. Wray

Author Simon Petrikov (5 years)
So, including the cost for modifications, how much was it?

Author BadMaggie66 (4 years)
@WrayLS Thanks for the input. I just bought one on ebay...New old stock.

Author Wray Ellis (3 years)
@jhon498 Get an overdrive pedal. That'll do it.

Author ryan lewis (3 years)
yeah i bought a peavey exp model this week for £120 (uk) in mint
condition,really pleased with it nice n low easy for bends etc!!!!!!

Author Wray Ellis (5 years)
$20 for the overdrive unit. Under $200 for the lot.

Author jhon498 (3 years)
I just bought one of these guitars. Yet I can't seem to get those rock
style tunes out of it. What can I do? I've never owned an electric guitar
before. I'm also sure it's not the amp's fault.

Author Mercuda (2 years)
I have the same guitar. I've had it for almost 10 years. You can coax any
sound out of it, it sounds wicked, and it's built to last. The five-way
selector has maybe two useful positions, but other than that, it's really
tough to beat this guitar for the price... And do you see how goodlookin'
it is??

Author riversidepanthers (4 years)
how u install hee overdrive in?

Author Condrad Helton (2 years)
yup as he said folks they are CHEAP guitars!

Author Wray Ellis (2 years)
@audiotrax2000 I get them on e-bay. Search for: ARTEC QDD2 - Distortion.
They're around $20 plus shipping.

Author Wray Ellis (4 years)
@riversidepanthers Take it to a guitar tech.

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