Night of the Deadly Creatures

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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote encounters more than one deadly species of snake in the Costa Rican rainforests.

    Some of them he catches by hand and some of them almost end up catching him! Will Coyote survive this expedition without being bitten?

    Get ready to find out on this Night of the Deadly Creatures!

    HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for the epic drone footage and for hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details -

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    GET READY...things are about to get WILD!
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  • Aboubacar Camara
    Aboubacar Camara 40 minutes ago

    You are amazing

  • Robbie Majkrzak
    Robbie Majkrzak 48 minutes ago

    Who else saw the snake in the water at 14:05 ?

  • Emsandwems4 aj
    Emsandwems4 aj 1 hour ago

    the snake in the preview thing looks so derpy

  • Frosted Script
    Frosted Script 2 hours ago


    He might get bit by a lethal snake/whatever with no antidote- pray for Coyote the Wild Wolf of BItes.

  • dino bread
    dino bread 2 hours ago

    red to yellow kills a fellow, red to black friend of jack. remember that

  • Roadfart
    Roadfart 3 hours ago

    14:50 Bwoooooop! LOL

  • FNAF Gamer 101
    FNAF Gamer 101 4 hours ago

    Coyote is the coral snake more venomous than the rattlesnake?

  • Sarah Crawford
    Sarah Crawford 4 hours ago

    this music is too much omg

  • Zankaru Zelladonii
    Zankaru Zelladonii 6 hours ago

    16:20 I thought the tail was the head and he just got bit. Soothe my racing heart ffs.

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward 9 hours ago

    so brave stay strong buddie

  • francesco migliore
    francesco migliore 10 hours ago

    Will Fortin lol

  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad 10 hours ago

    "Awww a turtle"
    *bites Coyote*
    "Aww the turtle"

  • Jared Thompson
    Jared Thompson 13 hours ago

    it took me three hours to find this video again lol

  • claim rewards
    claim rewards 15 hours ago

    Damn your suspenseful music. I don't want to get nervous while watching this.

  • Ty The Beast
    Ty The Beast 16 hours ago

    How didn't they find Kevin Durant

  • Frosti
    Frosti 16 hours ago

    What is that thing moving on the turtle's back at 4:09? Looks like a little worm.

  • Horses are my favorite animal Horses are amazing

    The frog is so small!!!!!!!!

    Also, his crew spotted more dangerous snakes then he did. Like xD

  • Ashton Talmadge
    Ashton Talmadge 16 hours ago

    That was a Goliath bird eater spider

  • Cherub TheWolf
    Cherub TheWolf 19 hours ago

    Coyote: *Falls into a black hole*

    Mark: "Hey bro, are you okay?"

  • Savage Life
    Savage Life 20 hours ago

    Subscribe to savage life!!

  • Savage Life
    Savage Life 20 hours ago

    Every time he catches a venomous snake my her beats faster

  • [GD] Dandy Gamer
    [GD] Dandy Gamer 20 hours ago


  • [GD] Dandy Gamer
    [GD] Dandy Gamer 20 hours ago

    Hey guys I hope your having a great day to the 0.0% of people reading this

  • rippy tails
    rippy tails 22 hours ago

    im glad you love animals, you like to catch them but ur carful, and you put them where u found them.

  • 5o5kY
    5o5kY 22 hours ago

    i love the long episodes

  • Mounib Salloum
    Mounib Salloum 23 hours ago

    u deserve billion likes

  • Life As Kelsie
    Life As Kelsie 1 day ago

    Snakes don't bother me...
    spiders don't bother me...

    and I love frogs.....

    but if I see a f**king roach... imma die

  • Spitfire Pilot 22

    If u give a snake food will it not hate u as much

  • E3Sniper Stalker
    E3Sniper Stalker 1 day ago

    I love how brave you are it always gets my heart going. I subbed

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 1 day ago

    You are definitely not a human I doubt it.

  • Super Mario no scope

    do you kill animals

  • Delice Clevens
    Delice Clevens 1 day ago

    You are the greatest man on YouTube

  • Cassiel Daniel
    Cassiel Daniel 1 day ago

    I subscribe to all of your channels

  • Cooper detata
    Cooper detata 1 day ago

    you crazy

  • hallal hallal
    hallal hallal 1 day ago

    The frog uis soooooooooooo cute! XD

  • Nyoof
    Nyoof 1 day ago

    its Bam Bam!!!!!!

  • Eunice Casia
    Eunice Casia 1 day ago

    ohw !! you found my friend LMAO

  • hunter barrett
    hunter barrett 1 day ago

    he was roasting that snake😂😂😂 he said his head is mostly eye balls

  • chocolate rain
    chocolate rain 1 day ago

    i want a blunt headed snake now lmao

  • Isabella stephens

    Can we have a moment in silence for coyote to NOT swearing, screaming or crying like cmon I'm not aloud to swear but I would be like


  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope 1 day ago

    Thank you to the "universe"??? I'm convinced these famous people are in some kind of cult. 100% certain.

  • SniperSeal Plays MC

    You're awesome!

  • Louis Scott
    Louis Scott 1 day ago

    one of the most dangerous snakes nearly bites me. whatever back to the big headed one

  • Hari Min
    Hari Min 1 day ago

    thank you for showing us the nature

  • Moka TheSecretLover333

    the coral is so cute and rainbowy

  • Azucena Parra-Chaidez

    that turtle is adorable

  • M G
    M G 1 day ago

    this guy runs TOWARDS danger, not away from danger.

  • Supreme Mega
    Supreme Mega 1 day ago

    Mark almost said the s**t

  • Prota Type
    Prota Type 1 day ago

    A much balder Steve Irwin. XD

  • Terrence Simmons
    Terrence Simmons 1 day ago

    UR RLLY BRAVE!!!!!!!!

  • BigMagnums
    BigMagnums 1 day ago

    spider on the leaf 4:19

  • Kendra Animal lover

    My inner holosexual came out when I say the coral snake

  • XxKooky KarixX
    XxKooky KarixX 1 day ago

    I'm pretty sure that Coral Snake was happy to leave, too. Hahaha!

  • Roaa Mansour
    Roaa Mansour 2 days ago

    the moment coyote let go of the first snake lllllllooooooolllllllll

  • Slay Fox
    Slay Fox 2 days ago

    That glass frog is Dat Boi

  • Genavieve Garza
    Genavieve Garza 2 days ago

    If red touches yellow your a dead fellow

  • Malin Ahlqvist
    Malin Ahlqvist 2 days ago

    this is so scary so im sorry coyote i dont wanna louke enimor im so so so sorry sorry sorry

  • Malin Ahlqvist
    Malin Ahlqvist 2 days ago

    omg thats so scary i can olmost cry of scareness

  • herb reaper
    herb reaper 2 days ago

    is that coral snake considered "the old world coral snake" or "new world coral snake"?

  • Liis Lattik
    Liis Lattik 2 days ago

    coral snake is holooooo... any holosexuals?😂💿

  • Elizabeth Martinez
    Elizabeth Martinez 2 days ago

    At 0:05 why is the snake so thin like a pen

  • Matt Derringer
    Matt Derringer 2 days ago

    he's like Steve Irwin.this is the most dangerous animal known to man. I'm gonna touch it

  • Brianna Kiltz
    Brianna Kiltz 2 days ago

    omg I'm so glad I didn't touch that coral snake. I live in Georgia and I saw one one-day in my neighborhood. I didn't want to kill it but my cousin she was like 22 or something but she killed it😞

  • Brianna Kiltz
    Brianna Kiltz 2 days ago

    sees spider like : aww man I'll just skip that part

    ad pops up like : aww man why do you gotta do that to me

  • HalfGingerish
    HalfGingerish 2 days ago

    Cutest snake ever, and you could see the scorpion trying to sting the flashlight

  • Raptorious AC2.0
    Raptorious AC2.0 2 days ago

    This guy reminds me of Scott Lang/Paul Rudd/Ant-Man

  • Lord Toast
    Lord Toast 2 days ago

    no thats just a king snake. *picks up snake, gets bit* i think im dyin'

  • Madelyn Webster
    Madelyn Webster 2 days ago

    He's the only one I know who would get bitten cut clawed stung without saying one curse word

  • audrey0234 Audrey
    audrey0234 Audrey 2 days ago

    the coral snake is holo

  • TheNoa77
    TheNoa77 2 days ago

    josh peck and kevin durant in their natural habitat

  • BearOfNorway
    BearOfNorway 2 days ago

    Does anyone else feel uncomfortable watching this barefoot?

  • Angel Moreno
    Angel Moreno 2 days ago


  • Tophat
    Tophat 2 days ago

    I saw that lance the moment it came into frame. I was like bruh, uhhhh, your about to have a forest gump moment.

  • Tophat
    Tophat 2 days ago

    Looks like a theraphosa apophis

  • Emma Michnowicz
    Emma Michnowicz 2 days ago

    a coral snake got into our front yard with my dog Abby and she killed it and ejected some of the Venom but did not die she just got sick and then she was fine

  • BabyX Bear Productions

    Mark aren't those venomous

    Coyote picks it up

  • Naomi A
    Naomi A 2 days ago

    Whatever I think is cute always turns out to be bad, evil, or mean. For example the turtle at the beginning of the video looked adorable, and when I was about to show my dad, it bit him!

  • BlueDatMuffinBaby123

    I see walking sticks when I go to skool

  • Cody Dude
    Cody Dude 2 days ago

    With all those snakes I'm surprised you didn't find Kevin Durant😂

  • Jackson Adams
    Jackson Adams 2 days ago

    6:59 Can you see the second snake?

  • Brock Ougel
    Brock Ougel 2 days ago

    That coral snake is not venomous it is deadly because red yellow deadly fellow yellow black friend of jack

  • Vice Versa
    Vice Versa 2 days ago

    Was that Josh Peck at 7:31?

  • Dubstep King
    Dubstep King 3 days ago

    At 4:20 who else saw hat spider on the leaf?

    VIDEOCAT GAMER 3 days ago

    Wi are people scared were gods to them

  • Sophie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker 3 days ago

    18:10 Me when I find out it's Saturday xD

  • Bella Kate Minecraft

    Its red and yellow kill a fellow red and black friend of jack thats how you can tell with coral snakes

  • Sophie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker 3 days ago

    6:32 Dats a cute snek :3 xD

  • Sophie Tucker
    Sophie Tucker 3 days ago

    PFFFFFFFT WHO NEEDS SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES WHEN YOU HAVE ALL OF THAT IN ONE VIDEO?I love this guy.He does stuff that i would be WAY too afraid to do.

  • Jaidyn Ravenclaw
    Jaidyn Ravenclaw 3 days ago

    When you realize that you are not scared of bees but scared of dead ladybugs

  • MewMew22
    MewMew22 3 days ago

    that snake had to stare at cyotes butt!!

  • Kayla Nicole
    Kayla Nicole 3 days ago

    Coyote: I'm going to gently pin its head.

    Smashes snake neck

  • Kayla Nicole
    Kayla Nicole 3 days ago

    New subscriber

  • يوسف المدريدي

    ah oh

  • ILY12368
    ILY12368 3 days ago

    Sad he didn't talk about the king snake when he had the coral snake

  • AtlAlbino Cash
    AtlAlbino Cash 3 days ago

    lol maybe that the lance was jealous of the blunthead snake I just wanted to get reviewed by coyote

  • Christoffer Dupont
    Christoffer Dupont 3 days ago

    10:57 this time I thought there was a puma behind him XD

  • CutiePieZapZap
    CutiePieZapZap 3 days ago

    I'm a part of the coyote pack =D !

  • Anne Zaharov
    Anne Zaharov 3 days ago

    my sister watched this with me and ask why did he put sticks on his hat....

  • Thomas Proud
    Thomas Proud 3 days ago

    The tralancha could shoot spikes on you that make you itchy for several weeks

  • ka0705ringebjerg
    ka0705ringebjerg 3 days ago

    why do you have a stock

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