Moto G5 Plus: Budget Smartphone King?

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  • Sushma Agarwal
    Sushma Agarwal 12 hours ago

    64 gb variant is not available in India :(

  • jay love
    jay love 16 hours ago

    got the 64 gig gets the job done has an SD card and the battery life is great thumbs up 👍

  • Γιωργος Γκουμας

    moto g5 plus or xiaomi mi5?

  • Bayward
    Bayward 1 day ago

    Check out the hero 6x

  • Sujay Shanbhag
    Sujay Shanbhag 2 days ago

    why dont you review xiaomi phones tey are to good for the price segment

  • Calvin Rodrigues
    Calvin Rodrigues 3 days ago

    Do j7 max and j7 pro.

  • Latha Shankar
    Latha Shankar 3 days ago

    Moto G5 pluS or Iphone SE 32Gb

  • Aakash Bhadoria
    Aakash Bhadoria 5 days ago

    the single button navigation at the finger print scanner! OMG! Simply amazing! Using it for 6 weeks now, surprised it's not a feature on every phone out there. Works like a charm!

  • nabu unni
    nabu unni 6 days ago

    nfc available in Indian model

  • Stickdoge1414
    Stickdoge1414 6 days ago

    I hope they put the snapdragon 660 in the Moto g6 plus

  • Johnny White
    Johnny White 6 days ago

    Any issues with using this on Sprint network, here in the US? I know it has the micro sim card, and some stores do not have these. Thanks

  • Tony Dimaio
    Tony Dimaio 6 days ago

    I have the moto g4 plus I use it more then my s7 edge I love my moto g4 plus its just a great phone and never let's me down! And the camera is great!!!!!

  • Bhaarath kathir
    Bhaarath kathir 7 days ago

    which is best gionee a1 or moto g5 plus or lenovo k6 note

  • chaoticB81
    chaoticB81 7 days ago

    Larger camera sensor...larger bump on the back. Travelers like me look for phones with larger sensors for a better quality photo and backup camera. I loved the Nokia 1020 despite it's huge bump. I easily overlooked it because it made up for that inconvenience in awesome picture quality.

  • Anant Abhyankar
    Anant Abhyankar 8 days ago

    Everything but the design is awesome

  • Rashmi Bhatnagar
    Rashmi Bhatnagar 8 days ago

    this phone has NFC

  • nabeel shaik
    nabeel shaik 8 days ago

    should i wait for nokia 6 or buy moto g5plus please suggest me

  • Mitesh Dhamankar
    Mitesh Dhamankar 8 days ago

    wallpaper link please :)

  • Sanjay Soneji
    Sanjay Soneji 9 days ago

    I'm watching this on a moto g3

  • trckojr
    trckojr 9 days ago

    Ok, you need to look at Xiaomi Redmi lineup. I was skeptical, but they are really great phones. They do use custom MIUI, but other than that, great phones.. Moto G is too expensive for them.

  • Andro Style
    Andro Style 9 days ago

    Does it have notification led?

  • Kaustubh Paira
    Kaustubh Paira 9 days ago

    I purchased this phone after watching your video. seems pretty good as of now

  • Anupum Pant
    Anupum Pant 9 days ago

    Why does no one talk about the difference in 2gb vs 4gb versions?

  • Paulo Trindade
    Paulo Trindade 9 days ago

    Asus Zenfone 3 is bether 4gb ram 64 internos very nice ✌

  • Jahdiyah Murray
    Jahdiyah Murray 10 days ago

    Can you do a moto G5 review?

  • adel elgawahergy
    adel elgawahergy 10 days ago

    hi, i just wanna know if g5 is better than g4 plus or huawei p9lite? specially in camera and heating?

  • RareFrost Minecraft & More

    Compatible with tello?

  • Rushil Rai
    Rushil Rai 11 days ago

    In India it does have NFC

  • Oscar Marin
    Oscar Marin 12 days ago

    moto g5 plus vs nexus 6?

  • Aerosonix
    Aerosonix 12 days ago

    I've been through the Moto G4 and Moto X pure. Enough is enough - motorolla SUCKS. The quality of design and assembly is sub par by a massive margin. I don't feel like shelling out another 300$ only to be stuck 8 months later with a glitchy piece of crap. Xiaomi here I come..

  • Mohammad Azhar
    Mohammad Azhar 12 days ago

    Can I have that phone ? If you dont use it 😜

  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford 13 days ago

    So true about the lack of stereo front speakers. When the X pure came out you got stereo speakers, high resolution 5.7 screen etc for very similar price. Crazy how they give and take.

  • Kiel Enrique
    Kiel Enrique 13 days ago

    Best phone under 200 bucks?

  • Abhianav Ashish Aind

    India has NFC. 😝 And comes with 2gb 16gb & 4gb 32gb. In India it's has the best camera in it's budget.

  • sameer g
    sameer g 15 days ago

    it has nfc...bro I bought that phone after watching ur review...I bought it on April 14th

  • Khausalya Nadarajan
    Khausalya Nadarajan 15 days ago

    you should do review for Xiaomi Redmi 4x, 150 dollar phone, best 2017 budget smartphone!!!

  • ahmad faisal
    ahmad faisal 17 days ago

    This or nokia 6?

  • Nikhil C
    Nikhil C 17 days ago

    bro plz make video of review of "Nubia z17 8gb RAM hands-on " plz bro make the's hlvery helpful for me and others...

  • Jaideep kumar
    Jaideep kumar 17 days ago

    But bro it does have NFC

  • brad h
    brad h 17 days ago

    Why does a camera bump matter when anyone in their right mind is going to put a cover on the phone? And for the same reason, why do these guys make such a big deal out of "build quality"? What they are describing as build qaulity is more about how the phone feels in the hand. Again, it won't matter when the cover is on. Sadly, these guys tend to either over-hype or beat up a phone according to how they like the "build quality".

  • Prashant Chaudhary
    Prashant Chaudhary 17 days ago

    2min silence for all my fellow indians down here crying for redmi note 4 being better

  • supreme84x
    supreme84x 17 days ago

    Hey MK, can you please compare these budget phones with last gen (or two gens back) phones? I am trying to figure out if I should get this for my wife or grab an s6 active.

    The camera obviously won't be as good as flagships of same gen but is it better than a used 2015 flagship?

  • Augusto Lugo
    Augusto Lugo 18 days ago

    You failed to mention the screen resolution, the fact that the camera can record 4k video and you get Google updates and running the latest Google updates :) so it is a winner in my book.

  • Tanveer Tech
    Tanveer Tech 18 days ago

    Nice boro

  • Hose A
    Hose A 18 days ago

    Would you recommend this phone or the Honor 6X? I cant decide between the 2

  • Naren Venkataraman
    Naren Venkataraman 18 days ago

    @MKBHD you didn't talk about the display...
    I wanted to know if the display is as good as the moto Z Play

  • OG Qintendo Swag King 64

    MKBHD got them phat beats

  • Christopher Yiwei Liang

    ZTE axon 7 for 400 is a better deal

  • Seth Andrews
    Seth Andrews 18 days ago

    haha i saw the devil at 1:53 (that used to be my phone)

  • tech2 world
    tech2 world 19 days ago

    good 1

  • Dave Peck
    Dave Peck 19 days ago

    I am watching this on the Moto g5 plus, and it really kicks ass. :)

  • Tovoris Skinner
    Tovoris Skinner 20 days ago

    nice intro track!!!

    ANURAG VAIDYA 20 days ago

    would using the one button navigation regularly damage the fingerprint scanner in anyway ?

  • Fenil Borad
    Fenil Borad 21 day ago

    Which is better in 250$ in india
    Camera should be best
    Ram and memory

  • Kamruzzaman Pulok
    Kamruzzaman Pulok 21 day ago

    upload a review of Nokia 6

  • Peter Sen
    Peter Sen 22 days ago

    It has nfc in India

  • ZeroneRaven
    ZeroneRaven 22 days ago

    But its.. so.. ugly!

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 22 days ago

    Would this be a upgrade from a 5s

    • Luke Edward
      Luke Edward 18 days ago

      Naruto Uzumaki Yes, bigger screen and faster

  • Brent C
    Brent C 22 days ago

    I was going to buy my kid this phone but when I showed him this video the first thing he said was what an ugly camera..uuuuuuuuuggghhhhh

  • Drummer Rocky
    Drummer Rocky 22 days ago

    Thanks for this video review Marques. I am curious on your opinion of the LG K20 Plus(T-Mobile) as a comparison to your review here of the Moto G5 Plus. Thanks, Rocky

  • Nikola Ereš
    Nikola Ereš 23 days ago

    You could take a look at Lenovo P2.
    Not sure if it's available in the US.
    The reviews I've read put it right up against Moto G5 Plus.

  • Alijah Simon
    Alijah Simon 24 days ago

    Weird frame glitch at 5:20

  • Brian roy
    Brian roy 24 days ago

    I have the g4 plus the sounds great I hope they didn't ruin it with the g5 plus

  • Samuel Nuno
    Samuel Nuno 24 days ago

    i love the logo on the intro i wish i could have it as a wallpaper 😢

  • Pandoalafish
    Pandoalafish 25 days ago

    the motorola G5 is really such a good smartphone for its cost - I paid £149 for it and it's really amazing for its value. I mean it's not the prettiest phone yeah but it can do a lot for its cost

  • Puneet Kumar
    Puneet Kumar 25 days ago

    I have this phone and I have NFC .... how is this possible? Am I cheated or got a fake product ? or a different version. ...IDK

    • Nikunj Patel
      Nikunj Patel 4 days ago

      Puneet Kumar Indian version has nfc not in usa..

  • brad h
    brad h 25 days ago

    ZTE is the king of budget phones.

  • Vivek Elappan
    Vivek Elappan 25 days ago

    I  got my Moto G5 Plus -32 GB delivered by Flipkart India, and it has some sound related issues .

    whenever I get a notification and call the ringer doesn't ring not even low sound. It it causing me some really serious problems and i am constanly missing calls! Please help!the problems fixes when I restart my device but after half an hour the problem resumes. there are a lot of queries over this issue on the forum I've checked out all of them but the fix is not yet found!

  • JasMarlena1
    JasMarlena1 25 days ago

    I can't decide between this and Google Pixel.😫

  • Jyotirmoy Dutta
    Jyotirmoy Dutta 26 days ago

    Why did you skip the Moto G4 Plus review?

  • Barath_ r
    Barath_ r 26 days ago

    Indian version of the g5 plus that is manufactured in India has NFC on it. And it comes in two variants : 3GB/16GB and 4GB/32GB

  • turki1409
    turki1409 27 days ago

    lenovo p2 still the Budget Smartphone King

  • Dwayne Williams
    Dwayne Williams 27 days ago

    The only issue is that there is no NFC. If it had NFC it would be a great budget device.

  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior 27 days ago

    Watching this on my Moto G5 Plus, dear lord is this phone amazing

  • Samuel v
    Samuel v 27 days ago

    it's actually less in my country 230 bucks? I got this for 169! plus I also got the Lenovo virtual reality glasses too so yeah definitely budget king no doubt it's moto g5

  • Technology Rider
    Technology Rider 27 days ago

    mkhb please give this phone to me. you have lots of smart phones and your in this position (4M subscriber) now because of we. So giving this phone to me doesn't let you go decrease subscriber but help in faster increase..

  • A Free Range Egg
    A Free Range Egg 28 days ago

    Good phone but them bezels make it looks straight outa 2012

  • Karl A
    Karl A 28 days ago

    It has NFC in Sweden

  • MAJSteveCA
    MAJSteveCA 28 days ago

    threw my iphone in toilet and got this true story

  • Mark Smales
    Mark Smales 29 days ago

    The camera is I fact 4k which is much better then hd front and back hence why it starts at 12mega pixel. It is called Lenovo Motorola G5 Plus.

  • Mark Smales
    Mark Smales 29 days ago

    I bought this from Carphone Warehouse UK cost me £219 with a £15 top up & £8.99 monthly insurance. Hoping to buy the case and glass protection this week.

  • Bret Whitney
    Bret Whitney 29 days ago

    Quick question, I have the Moto X 1st edition. Would the G5 Plus be a upgrade for me?

    • David Shaheen
      David Shaheen 10 days ago

      Bret Whitney Yes it would be an upgrade

  • satya karthik
    satya karthik 1 month ago

    even i use this it's superb

  • Mandar Bakshi
    Mandar Bakshi 1 month ago

    it has nfc! in india

  • Mark Jeric Maala
    Mark Jeric Maala 1 month ago

    Hey Marques fan here.. Could you please consider the xiaomi redmi note 4 because for me i think its really really interesting smartphone for half the price of this moto g5 plus. .

  • Troller Forever
    Troller Forever 1 month ago

    Hate that Motorola was bought over by Lenovo, there's a clear difference between the 2013 Moto G and the 2014 version. So much so that post buying the upgrade, I returned it, because it felt too much like a downgrade.

  • mo101epic
    mo101epic 1 month ago

    Micro SD card slots are only rare because people keep buying iPhones...

  • John DeLong
    John DeLong 1 month ago

    I know it's the budget king but how does it compare with the flagships of the last few years? Does it keep up with phones with snapdragon 801-810?

  • areeb1296
    areeb1296 1 month ago

    MKBHD, you suck at reviewing lower end phones.
    Stick to reviewing flagships.

    • David Burnett
      David Burnett 1 month ago

      The ratio to likes and dislikes on this video suggests... wait oh.

  • __jfoxy. fox
    __jfoxy. fox 1 month ago

    Watching this on my moto g4 play

  • Shardul Vedpathak
    Shardul Vedpathak 1 month ago

    I have Moto G5 Plus (potter) and it has NFC.

  • Forever Yours
    Forever Yours 1 month ago

    Trust me my 2001 windows xp computer is better

  • Jon
    Jon 1 month ago

    what about this phone vs the ZTE axon 7? the axon is only $199 now

  • Entertaining and fun

    You didn't mention the screen size ?

  • shahida khan
    shahida khan 1 month ago

    very nice

  • jrwith
    jrwith 1 month ago

    If you have Prime you can get the lower end 32 gig version for 184.99 if you do their special offers which includes lockscreen ads and some apps like Prime Video and a few other Amazon apps.

  • aditroitz
    aditroitz 1 month ago

    moto g5 plus using stock rom android??

  • ShittyVids S
    ShittyVids S 1 month ago

    Just got mine and it is awesome!

  • Evi van Schie
    Evi van Schie 1 month ago

    I don't get why people think this phone is ugly... I think it's really nice. It's different.

    • Lil X
      Lil X 1 day ago

      Average Alien the G3 looks trash

    • Average Alien
      Average Alien 4 days ago

      it is ugly. The g3 is pretty

  • Lamia Mekawy
    Lamia Mekawy 1 month ago

    which is better in terms of the camera and overall performance the moto g5 plus or honor6x?

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