Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Anne Hathaway and Jimmy take turns singing songs, like P!nk and Nate Ruess' "Just Give Me a Reason," after running the lyrics through Google Translate.

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    Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 4:2
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  • Kamila EDITS
    Kamila EDITS 2 hours ago

    Who else wants an extended version of Jimmy's new outro ? It's such a chill beat and I could listen to it for a long time !! 😍

  • Kevin Sobalvarro
    Kevin Sobalvarro 4 hours ago

    Ay, que bella que es Anne.

  • 김효은
    김효은 15 hours ago

    Oops Oops 😂😂

  • marie tammsaar
    marie tammsaar 19 hours ago

    "löö mind kallis, veel üks kord" 😂😂😂

  • Alena Rudenko
    Alena Rudenko 1 day ago

    Great voice with any song.

  • Nameless
    Nameless 1 day ago

    Jimmy's "I will survive" was better than original imo :D

  • Luigi Mario
    Luigi Mario 2 days ago

    No offense, why is google so... stupid?

  • Qt Quack
    Qt Quack 2 days ago

    yes, folks. we can love reeducate!

  • Kikki The Writer
    Kikki The Writer 2 days ago

    This whole series is so ripped off from a YouTube channel who used to do this with songs smh

  • lillystylinson
    lillystylinson 2 days ago

    Hungary! :D

  • MissPurplicious
    MissPurplicious 2 days ago

    Okay, I'm not complaining about the whole Malinda thing, but we need her on here.

  • Ella Harrup
    Ella Harrup 2 days ago

    oops oops 😂

  • woodstock 1092
    woodstock 1092 3 days ago

    dotto dotto dotto dotto pls help me !!!! dotto dotto

  • MsChaoticPenguin
    MsChaoticPenguin 3 days ago

    "In your presence my front is not felt" XD

  • Tiger Lily
    Tiger Lily 3 days ago

    I'm so dead

  • Awedome99
    Awedome99 3 days ago

    Hey I'm not Hungarian :/

  • Shelby Carroll
    Shelby Carroll 4 days ago

    I have a water polo coach from Hungarian

  • Mi Sunday
    Mi Sunday 4 days ago

    oops oops

  • Fresh Banana Milk
    Fresh Banana Milk 4 days ago

    Oops Oops...

  • Jake Stockton
    Jake Stockton 4 days ago

    I think we all need to love reeducate.
    Ops Ops

  • Oliver Berner
    Oliver Berner 5 days ago

    "Punctual? As far as "I" know "I'm" at least "100-200" years ahead of "the system" in "humanistic "liberateranism"?" equality and judgement, and the forefathers "(of ideology)" partially over "millenias". But no, that and "ideal utopua *utopia" had to wait." No place, never to exist. Ever."

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 5 days ago

      "Be like no, no unemployment rate high. Not all work, work. Sorry" Logic " can't create job out of thin air, guess "they" could. But not yet, not yet. "?". . ." oopsie, bigger picture - Climate crisis? - No (unverified) -The people? - "we" have "something ". . ."better". . ." in mind.". . ." - Care and love it"?" (universal basic income = social benefits?) - shh, ve *be gone! "

    • Oliver Berner
      Oliver Berner 5 days ago

      "If "timing" was eveything, how come "they" had to "wait. . ."For "real"medical" help/aid"?" $$ " all work, work plastic ribbon band urgency." - "Document" states its okay, human waste resources"

  • Mr blade
    Mr blade 5 days ago

    Anne Hathaway is great love her spirit

  • Sarsha Sarr
    Sarsha Sarr 5 days ago

    Anne reminds me of Ally from Austin and Ally lol

  • The Chau Girl
    The Chau Girl 5 days ago

    I burst into laugh when they sang" Oops Oops"

  • Reja A
    Reja A 5 days ago

    she sings good

  • Arianator 24
    Arianator 24 5 days ago

    i was execpt Croatia again lol 😂

  • Andri Prasetyo
    Andri Prasetyo 5 days ago

    I love Anne Hathaway 😘

  • Fa Ba
    Fa Ba 5 days ago

    Fallon sounds so fake, can't stand him anymore

  • Paul Mumper
    Paul Mumper 5 days ago

    I died at "Oops oops"

  • Zek - Gaming and MOAR!

    thats it

  • bullshtshipper
    bullshtshipper 6 days ago

    Oops oops😂

  • Nobody Hizon
    Nobody Hizon 6 days ago

    Oops Oops~~

  • Cierra Johnson
    Cierra Johnson 6 days ago

    "oops oops" is everything in my life right now

  • Koko Chen
    Koko Chen 6 days ago

    we can love reeducate

  • Russian Spy
    Russian Spy 6 days ago

    they are called roots and they all black xD

  • Charlene Jo
    Charlene Jo 6 days ago

    Ahahahaha, omg, I can't breathe

  • lovelikearose
    lovelikearose 6 days ago

    I want to hear her sing some 80s songs

  • Sophie Morgan
    Sophie Morgan 6 days ago

    'I live all my life was yes' is my fave thing

  • Lila Decarlo
    Lila Decarlo 6 days ago

    oops oops
    I'm dying

  • Milly Clough
    Milly Clough 6 days ago


  • ItsJesHere
    ItsJesHere 6 days ago

    "My front is not felt" actually makes just as much sense as "I can't feel my face", or is that just me?

  • Zinnia Lorant-Pryor

    haha I have Hungarian blood only words I know are swear words haha

  • Clara Guillaume
    Clara Guillaume 6 days ago

    Heya! insurance I please it violentl~!age xD

  • kimberley de vocht
    kimberley de vocht 7 days ago

    i will be punctional, my new mantra for getting to work in the morning

  • Julieta Arteta
    Julieta Arteta 7 days ago


  • ri buttercups
    ri buttercups 7 days ago

    "Oops oops." IM SCREAMING 😂😂😂

  • LeDrunk ThatWalks
    LeDrunk ThatWalks 7 days ago

    I like how it says "Baby hit me harder" in greek during the intro inside the box with the translations (its second)

  • Blazie
    Blazie 7 days ago

    "I will be punctual" sounds like it would be a good new years resolution

  • Inaluk Pedersen
    Inaluk Pedersen 7 days ago

    " oops oops" XD

  • Lexicon TheAnimePhan

    And we can love reeducate

  • yaoi fandom
    yaoi fandom 7 days ago

    Lol what if it was my neck my back

  • 812 Margareta
    812 Margareta 7 days ago

    I'm Hungarian but that didn't make any sense

  • Ourworld Trunk
    Ourworld Trunk 7 days ago

    They sound soooo goood together ♡♡♡♡

  • Paula Salvan
    Paula Salvan 8 days ago

    I love Anne so much huhu

  • See Beyond
    See Beyond 8 days ago

    "In your presence my front is not felt" xD Love it

  • heyangel
    heyangel 8 days ago

    omg she can sing better than some big part of actual pop stars :')

  • Zoltán Fehér
    Zoltán Fehér 8 days ago

    She is still hot af.

  • baby styles
    baby styles 8 days ago

    Hungarian google translate is always funny

  • Christine Ela Sabijon

    That translated song of I Will Survive is the best song for me when I come to work late and my boss sees me.

  • DtowngirlzTv
    DtowngirlzTv 8 days ago

    damn they really running out of show ideas lmao wtf is this shit it's so irritating

  • laura.krtzr
    laura.krtzr 8 days ago

    Her look reminds me of effy idek

  • bambibaby911
    bambibaby911 8 days ago

    I'm hungarian and not only songs are different but how we translate the name of the movies is ridiculous! for example Braveheart they will translate as a pacemaker :))))) ! literally so hard to explain which movie we were talk about it

  • Mia Muru
    Mia Muru 8 days ago

    Estonia sentence at the beginning: "Löö mind, kallis, veel üks kord" Hahah i can"t believe it, Estonia is such a small country

  • von der Bank Anna
    von der Bank Anna 8 days ago

    lmao we used to translate to English and back from Hungarian in elementary school hilarious tb haha

  • Melissa Carriere
    Melissa Carriere 8 days ago

    Never knew Anne Hathaway was such a good singer!

  • Emma Goodwin
    Emma Goodwin 8 days ago

    Jimmy can sing!

  • Unicorn Star206
    Unicorn Star206 8 days ago

    'Oops oops' tho

  • ValTheOne
    ValTheOne 8 days ago


  • cow anims
    cow anims 9 days ago

    what i do with google translate :
    1. pick up my drawing tablet
    2. set language from chinese to english
    3.draw weird things
    4.let google translate fix my weird drawing into a chinese word

  • Roxy The Foxy
    Roxy The Foxy 9 days ago

    I'm aware that I'm aware 😂👌🏻 done

  • Tommie Tormey
    Tommie Tormey 9 days ago

    Subscribe for a good time

  • Stacy Natera
    Stacy Natera 9 days ago

    Oops oops😂😂

  • David Anthony Manibo

    Wow!! Anne looking like a goddess even though she's wearing a trashbag.. werk it.

  • Cookiegirl 1
    Cookiegirl 1 9 days ago

    She was running late so she tied the bed sheet around her neck.

  • Sunita Fibiger
    Sunita Fibiger 9 days ago

    The best part is 4:04

  • Bethannie Hibbert
    Bethannie Hibbert 9 days ago

    hahaha this was so funny! love Anne Hathaway too 😁


    "Oops oops" I'm dead😂

  • Mup Kh
    Mup Kh 9 days ago

    Omg shes amazinggg

  • Ernomobiili
    Ernomobiili 9 days ago

    "oops oops" killed me

  • Sara Vinci
    Sara Vinci 9 days ago


  • Emily Rae
    Emily Rae 9 days ago

    Omg "In your presence my front is not felt" killed me. It sounds like a Shakespearean compliment or smthg

  • Sehba Wakil
    Sehba Wakil 9 days ago

    she got good voice !!

  • azuarc
    azuarc 9 days ago

    I'm sure Malinda Kathleen Reese is positively *thrilled* about Jimmy doing this, first here and then with Miley.

  • Kairex
    Kairex 9 days ago

    This is my new favorite thing

  • Britney Betch
    Britney Betch 9 days ago

    who knew princess mia thermopolis of genovia can sing ?

  • Ananya Mukherjee
    Ananya Mukherjee 9 days ago


  • Guillermina S
    Guillermina S 9 days ago

    This is why we study to become translators. You cannot replace our work with a machine translation.

  • Kenneth Clayden
    Kenneth Clayden 9 days ago

    When the Google translate version of a song is better than the original *cough* the weekend* cough

  • yumatei
    yumatei 9 days ago

    Mike Tyson: You know, when Anne Hathawill, Anne Hathaway.

  • iopsi 00
    iopsi 00 9 days ago

    haha "oops oops"😂

  • Juan Velez
    Juan Velez 10 days ago

    I am a simple man, I wish that my girl be just like Anne

  • Dooq
    Dooq 10 days ago

    Did Abel see this

  • Lmao.billyy
    Lmao.billyy 10 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is a really good singer

  • Emre MUTLU
    Emre MUTLU 10 days ago

    Those songs sounded pretty good to me. Oh.. but the only parts those *Anne Hathaway* singing...
    OK!!! *I do confess*, I was not listening to the songs!...

  • Grace H
    Grace H 10 days ago

    oops oops

  • Vera Nika
    Vera Nika 10 days ago

    daym she can sing well

  • mahia d.e.
    mahia d.e. 10 days ago


  • Kalana Herath
    Kalana Herath 10 days ago

    That last song was translated to German and then back to English!


    I never thought anne hathaway could sing

  • Liliyan 릴리얀
    Liliyan 릴리얀 10 days ago

    " Oops oops "
    *DEAD* 😂😂😂

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