Kumiloom Square Braid

This is a short demo of a square braid on the Kumiloom. It's really easy to setup and the finished braid is nice and tight.

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Author Deli Panduro (1 month)

Author renee59102 (3 years)
I loved ur video AND ur background music... keep up the good work...
there's always going to b a negative mouth out there...

Author Kayenne54 (3 years)
@Jus8Crawfish One can't mute the sound, just in case there is voice over
with further explanations. Thank you for the clear tutorial though, at
least visually. I was trying to point out that some music draws negative
reactions, and some music enhances upon the visuals. The more successful
videos have accompanying sound or music that makes the whole experience
more enjoyable. I didn't find this so in this case. However I apologize for
the negative comments. Could have put it better.

Author rannricki (3 years)
Great video, but watch on mute. :)

Author Kayenne54 (3 years)
@Jus8Crawfish Letting video posters know that their accompanying sound
track is distracting or intrusive or detracts from their video is
constructive criticism, by the way. You probably don't realize how many
videos get stopped before they even start because of music or soundtrack
issues, from the listener's perspective. From where you stand, it might
seem people have watched because they started the video - but they won't
favorite if noise assaults them. Of course, you can't please everyone :)

Author Jus8Crawfish (2 years)
@MissKpopAddicts I use a silk cord that is 2mm in diameter.

Author nyxemilydesigns (3 years)
Yay zydeco! Thanks for the video :)

Author MyMusicLife95 (3 years)
thats cool :) please comment my video :)

Author creeksidedrive (5 years)
Well done! Easy to understand, good photography, nice notes. Thanks!

Author jzlACoSTE (4 years)

Author Zoe Hancock (3 years)
Love the music! Tutorial is good too, but didn't follow it the first time
as I was too busy dancing...

Author Jus8Crawfish (3 years)
@Kayenne54 I do appreciate and invite constructive criticism from those who
wish to share their knowledge and experience so that others may learn;
however, your criticism regarding the music associated with my video is
utterly precocious. The video is meant to be an instructional aid for those
who are learning and not for music appreciation. If the genre selected is
abrading, then let me remind you that there is a way to mute the audio for
the video. Oh yes, I wanted to thank you for watching.

Author chiddddyyyyify (3 years)
cool video but wassup with the music 0_O

Author Eze E (3 years)
is weond the part when says: MOVE: 24 TO 1 AND 9 TO 17. IS:24 TO 1 AND 8 TO

Author hayclan4 (3 years)
A well made instructional video. Would have liked to see a version of the
end product at the beginning of the video, too, in case I was looking for
something different. I like the music although I did find it a bit loud but
a few keystrokes to lower my computer volume did the trick. Did not want to
mute in case there was any verbal instructions. Good job! Got a vid on
making jambalaya or etouffee? That would definitely need this music!

Author Lina Firzanah (2 years)
How many strings did you use? Reply please :)

Author Jus8Crawfish (2 years)
@MissKpopAddicts 8 Strand of Silk Cord.

Author symmur1 (2 years)
I loved the video and the music also.

Author Екатерина Путякова (11 months)
Super! Thank You!!! :)

Author symmur1 (2 years)
Great response!

Author Eze E (3 years)
is the part when says: MOVE: 24 TO 1 AND 9 TO 17. IS:24 TO 1 AND 8 TO 17

Author Kayenne54 (3 years)
I really appreciate your clear, instructional video, but
accompanying videos like that should be seen and not heard. Or nominated in
a new You Tube competition for "worst ever" or "most annoying" music on a
video...On that basis alone you'd get a million hits...sorry, Jus8Crawfish,
but there's a really good reason this kind of music is rarely or never
played on any kind of media. Ever. Spoilt a great tutorial. So completely

Author yummygummy61 (4 years)
on ebay

Author Jus8Crawfish (3 years)
@whitehorse2006 Thanks.... It's the music I grew up listening to.

Author stacey2482 (2 years)
were do you get one of these at?

Author Cynthia Santiago (4 years)
Great video!!How do you finish it to but a clasp, I know how to but the
first , but the second part I've tried different ways but they all look
bulky. Thanks for the video...

Author kylie (4 years)
cool where do u get da kumi loom?

Author DaDaddySF (3 years)
@rannricki AMEN! That music is painful.

Author alicia flores (4 years)
where can i get the patterns ?????

Author Kayenne54 (3 years)
Hi Jus8Crawfish...I know about the "mute" button, but unless I listen to
your whole video how would I know whether you give audio instructions or
not unless I listen all the way through??? A subtle form of torture!! lol.
And a lot of people learn by listening to instructions (if given verbally)
as well as watching. I realise this isn't a music appreciation tutorial. If
there's no audio instructions given, I'll watch. Mute on. Still a great
tutorial . I stand by what I said re. "music".

Author Diego Quiroga (2 years)
como se llama el aparatico para hacer las manillas y como lo puedo
conseguir ?¡ gracias

Author whitehorse2006 (3 years)
I love the music!!!

Author myrtnay1 (2 years)
Great video and I LOVE the music.

Author montrealstars60 (1 year)
just lovely

Author TheLilac212 (1 year)
I already watched a few videos about this way of making braids but none of
them show the very beginning, how to put the strings in to begin the

Author Alina Brito Lee (5 years)

Author bomzlegz♥ (3 years)
how do you end the bracelet?

Author Salvi Caracuel (3 years)
@Kayenne54 You are demonstrating to know anything about music. The tune
that you are listening to takes part of the folk history of the US. This
style is called 'Kajun' and you may don't like it but it deserves all our
respect because it takes part of the traditions and history of the
countries of the world. Next time just try to get information around and be
more positive when criticising.

Author Salvi Caracuel (3 years)
@Kayenne54 You are demonstrating to know anything about music. The tune
that you are listening to takes part of the folk history of the US. This
style is called 'Kajun' and you may don't like it but it deserves all our
respect because it takes part of the traditions and history of US.

Author Perlita Mora (2 months)
Me gustó mucho tu trabajo, me costó un poco visualizar los movimientos que
hacías porque de momento se enturbia la imagen, pero al fin anoté todo.
próximamente la haré y espero me salga igual de linda que la tuya. Gracias
por compartir.

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