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Author 3Psych (4 months)
I found this easy to masturbate to.

Author DSQUAREDLIVE (3 months)
What is that

Author TaylorAmelia (10 months)
Please fix your animals people fuck there are enough animals needing homes
already, no need to make more selfish humans

Author Madison Current (3 months)
I wonder how many of the people in the comments section who are complaining
about breeders and lack of adoptions, actually owned rescues from a
shelter. I own 2 chihuahua mix rescues. I also understand the purpose of a
shelter. Yes, there are many dogs in shelters, but that is not the fault
of these breeders, it is owners who abandon their dogs. This is an example
of a good dog owner. 

Author Avery BOYACK (1 month)
That little girl is mean and horrible

Author Lpszanne (4 months)
Guys stop hating its called giving life not like when u were also born it
wasn't gross right? So stahp the hate

Author Chantal Walters (1 month)
Stop saying its gross it's nature 

Author Nickolas Greene (3 months)
Holy shit, there's way too much hate in the comments for a video of a

Author Marsha Sara (3 months)
It is Nature's gift to allow us to watch a new-born pup be unravelled!
Well, Nature's and Kodak's.

Author Ann Bizer (2 months)
If anyone has a problem with this video, I suggest they tune it out and
change to something else. 

Author Diamond Heart (3 days)
OK newborn humans cry louder than puppies 0.0

Author Lone Wolf (3 months)
This is one of the cutesr shit I've seen

Author Sam nelson (17 days)
if you can't take care of an animal or a baby you shouldn't be able to do

Author matt goodacre (3 months)
I have the weirdest boner right now

Author mrsmostwantedhtx (1 month)
You know "teacup" anything isn't really a breed.....they are just runts!!!

Author Jay Chenoweth (1 month)
How large is the mom vs dad. I screwed up & have a 7lb male, a 4lb female
I'm too scared to even try although we have the means & only want 1 pup.

Author Justin Jaeger (5 months)
why does this come up in the sidebar for Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Author Martillo Duro (1 month)
that was a great Dane not a tea cup,,hahaha

Author Dayna Torngren (2 months)
Put that puppy back with its mother!

Author Gizel Reyes (12 days)
you're lucky your toy chihuahua gave birth normally, ours had to undergo
CS. We had so much problem after the operation, and the mom did not
recognize her 2 puppies, so she never fed them her milk nor cared for
them...we tried to take her place, did everything we can & cared for the 2
puppies, but they got sick even after all the effort =( and we lost both

Author crystelica1 (6 days)
This dog looks a little big to be a teacup/runt we have a teacup/runt & she
is way smaller then this & we have a normal size one two which is the same
size is yours either way I'm glad she did ok giving birth 

Author carnage 148 (17 days)
I have a Toy Rat Terrier

P.S It's a real dog. When ever I say Toy Rat Terrier people think It's a

Author Michele Tedesco (20 days)

I have two beautiful pure breed Chihuahuas.. .The only trouble is I need
someone to take them both.
When you like Chihuahua then please drop me a line, you need only to pay
for the shipping to your nation.

The 2 got all paperwork in order for traveling. Both are 6 months old and
black. Please, don't get me wrong here.. ..

I obtained the dogs be mistaken, and I don't know nothing about dogs. When
nobody likes them so I am pressured to kill these two dogs.

Let's see what the next 3 days bring...
I don't have time and money for dogs.

Author Sabrina Gilliam-Ryland (15 days)
Im sorry about my typing

Author Micheal Thompson (2 months)
It's beautiful yes but kinda grosses me out a little

Author Baby Juice (1 month)
Ok I have to say it foxy fnaf I think we'll foxy is a boy in that's

Author Aaron Lloyd (3 days)
nasty 3psych you freack

Author Camryn Dunn (3 months)
The kid needs to shut up! Not only was she on my nerves but she was a
distraction to the mama dog (foxy) someone should have told her to shut it,
I have been around to watch a dog give birth 4 times and if you are not
quite some times the dog will get up and walk off pup and all. 

Author The Flying Spaghetti Monster (24 days)
*Cleveland voice "oh that's nasteh" 

Author Kmom E (22 days)
Bmbb mm,

Author Gretchen Heider (3 months)
that was so cute when the puppy started to make little squicky noises

Author mike morfin (1 month)
I can't. See. The. Legs

Author Liana Gossman (2 months)
That little girl needs to shut up she's the one that's annoying me

Author amber roe (19 days)
This is so cute

Author Cody Becker (2 months)
Dude that's fucking discussing!!!!!!!!!😛😕😕😕😕😕

Author Gabby Peng (2 months)
They should send the dog to a vet, the baby squealing is so sad

Author sonic master 77 (1 month)

Author Olaf Tvennumbruni (3 months)
how did i end up from a cat video too this?

Author Serin Kim (1 month)
Why is she stretching the baby skin

Author Jay Chenoweth (1 month)
These are small well bred dogs not huge Pitt bulls or mutts dumb ass! We
are wealthy so we can afford to take care of them! Fix urself!!

Author Jennifer Brown (1 month)

Author KABB CLAN (1 month)
Hi i love. This video. Can i have. Ur chiwawa 

Author Irham Djojo (3 months)
It seem like the puppy is not alive... Is it alive???? anybody knows please

Author Irish Lacsa (1 month)
yur baby puppy mit be deaed mama puppy eat it

Author Snoopy K (2 months)
What a stupid girl if she doesn't want to hear the little fella then she
should go in another fucking room, stupid brat.

Author yuki ari (3 months)
Im breeding my two Chihuahuas and im actually kepping the puppies until we
find them a good home

Author shunnydunn (2 months)
Give the baby to his mommy~*~

Author RedxLilxSleepy (5 months)
disgusting, this is why you should get your pets fixed.

Author Sabrina Gilliam-Ryland (15 days)
If you have something mean to say don't say anything at all. And if you
think it is gross don't watch it.

Author Ardelean Alex (1 month)
Baby woow

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