AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author bude Nunuk ( ago)

Author bude Nunuk ( ago)
Thank you . Is so funny

Author DailyDezee ( ago)
That girl needs to stfu

Author Sonni Ly ( ago)
Guys be nice to that girl ok!!!!?

Author Reiger Erickson ( ago)
im in 1928

Author Miki Tang ( ago)
So cute good job 😝

Author Nilmar Sousa Matos ( ago)
Que lindo

Author Hunter Cappel ( ago)

Author Blake The Destroyer ( ago)

Author Kim Chau Tran ( ago)
So how's Foxy doing now ??

Author Joshua Valdivia ( ago)
stop being so rude little girl!!!

Author Stormfire of Shadowclan ( ago)
It's Actually spelled "Chihuahua" not "chiwawa"

Author Nancy Hammett ( ago)
There's a kid in the room wtf

Author Juana Nunez ( ago)
so cute

Author Hannah Steel ( ago)
gross but cut😀😊☺😉😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇👐👏👋👉✋👎💟💟💞☝👆☝☝☝☝☝

Author Jackie vuong ( ago)
Why is the fox linking it

Author Sunsplash0 ( ago)
I was reading the comments as the video went on and thought, she's not so
bad...then I started to see the light of this thread.however, one thing,
right before she asked "dad why is the nose so big?" I was asking myself
the same thing.

Author Alli Fryman ( ago)

Author Amy Wareing ( ago)

Author Daniela Negrete (1017 years ago)
it's so cute can I have it or its big

Author Dahlia Ghafoori ( ago)
it is called whining not crying dogs cannot cry

Author Sean Laforte ( ago)
it is so kuot

Author Alli Fryman ( ago)
never mind

Author Alli Fryman ( ago)
that is not a dog

Author Dago Araujo ( ago)
Why is the de licking her baby I don't really know about dogs and stuff

Author Rigoverto Fernandez ( ago)
im happy for her

Author Rigoverto Fernandez ( ago)
im happy for her

Author Judy Carter (Jess and Donna) ( ago)
The chihuahua birth warmed my heart. We are the mommies of 2 sweet males
named Preston and Boo-Boo. We just adore them !!!!!!

Author Cheyanne Maddox ( ago)
that girl is stupid it is normal for the puppy to cry that girl needs to
shut the hell up

Author Cheyanne Maddox ( ago)
that girl is stupid

Author Ivan Palasios P ( ago)

Author Margareta Feenbaby ( ago)
das ist doch so eglich aber der wellpe ist nidlich

Author Teto Kasane ( ago)
I wonder how the dog think the stuff on the puppy tastes

Author Simas Onizaras ( ago)

Author Amanda Brimage ( ago)
i want a tea cup

Author Paul Sweet ( ago)
I can't wait for my dogs to have Puppies

Author lps image good fun fun ( ago)
ummm I, ummm 8 can't look man ii ahhh

Author Lisa Garrett ( ago)

Author Crimson Wooten ( ago)

Author Hannah Montana ( ago)
Cut Awsome cool😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Author George Cochran ( ago)
how is that a toy puppy

Author Canaja Garrett ( ago)
Why are you talking about 2015 is 2009 right now

Author Julie Eastwood ( ago)

Author Angie Lamb ( ago)
Why are all of you so upset about the kid.. We all asked questions when we
were little. I'm sure that dog is used to the kid and doesn't really care.
Why should you? This video was put on here to show us the birth not for us
to complain about a child asking questions..

Author Madi Fletcher ( ago)
i love puppies this is sooooo adorable

Author LEATHAL GAMING ( ago)

Author Isabella Garcia ( ago)
She's not rude... She's just curious of what's happening. We all asked
questions when we were little :)

Author Evelyn Navarro ( ago)
That is um????

Author Silvia Pereida ( ago)
aaaaaa I remember when my little chihuahua gave birth

Author xxMiniCup Cakesxx ( ago)
That girl is annoying

Author Beesthany Boak ( ago)
ah what the hell was that

Author Michelle Cline ( ago)

Author mar Di ( ago)
That is a very cute video 😆

Author Maria Alvarado ( ago)

Author Iyanna Curry ( ago)
I thought you weren't supposed to touch the babies?!

Author Mlp Freindship ( ago)
that puppy is cute and so ugh I can't tell it but she really cute

Author Creepypasta Stories ( ago)
Cool spelling CHIWAWA C:

Author msmorgan131313 ( ago)
A five nights at Freddy's name

Author alyssa nick ( ago)
awww I remember having the same moment exempt my first time swing dog birth
is when I was with my sister and are friend and we heard in the room r r r
r reee and we followed the sound and it came from the closet we kept
following it my dog Chloe was having her babies in are gore we got are
parents and they helped her and she had like 6 of them then liek 2 months
later she had like 8 of them and we had to give some away and we had to
keep one because it was the runt of the litter and it could of died so we
could not give a puppy that would die way so we kept it and gave the rest
away we named her Belle because she lived for a while so 3 years later
Chloe and Belle both got preg from are dog prince that we had longer then
Belle and Chloe and we let this girl watch them for liek a week and there
babies some day in that week sadly there was a tornado and that tornado
went in more Oklahoma were she was there was a a median sized flood not to
big not to little but ya she left them all in the backyard were are cages
were and Chloe has been a mother a lot and that was Belle first litter so
Chloe sat in her puppies so they were safe and Belle had no idea what to do
so she did not do what Chloe had done and 3 or 4 of all the pupils combined
died and there were like 13 or 12 pupils in ALL one of Chloe died 2 or 3 of
belles died sadly when we got there we were furious of the lady who watched
are dogs and at the end we let them out of there cages and into the yard
and Chloe kept biting there necks and bringing them to a corner of the yard
while we were letting them wild in the yard and Belle was playing with her
puppies 2 years later we have Belle and Chloe away and kept prince found
out a 1 year later we found out the lady we gave are dogs away to gave them
are 2 dogs to separate people 1 of those people let Chloe run away and we
found out that Chloe could be dead or in the dog shelter were if no one
buys Chloe they will kill her so I gave been crying for a while

Author susanrader ( ago)

Author Sparkle Spots ( ago)
I is dumb.

Author Niceforo De jesus ( ago)
It is cute

Author Niceforo De jesus ( ago)
It is cute

Author Jerry Fabian (801 year ago)
that little girl is a cunt. when she said "why wont it shut up?" I would
have been like, "omg thats exactly what I saying when you were born!" lol

Author you how ( ago)
the nose is big for smelling other dogs butts

Author Ashley Bray ( ago)
Chihuahua's healthy weight is 6 pounds. When they're being bred down to 2,
3, 4, 5 pounds, that is putting them at danger. At the smaller sizes,
they're not as healthy. It's not fair to the dog to breed it down. Why
would anyone need a dog to be smaller than 6 pounds to begin with?

Author Adeshola Dickson ( ago)
sorry I'm dislikes this because the little girl who being to the baby
puppie fuck you little girl now every bob hates you now I'm 10

Author Amber Brown ( ago)
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author Amber Brown ( ago)
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author ‫جنى محمد‬‎ (2015 years ago)
جميل جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا

Author Diana Valentina Raggio ( ago)

Author Diana Valentina Raggio ( ago)

Author Sabrina Vavrik ( ago)
Pour dog

Author mateo alvarez ( ago)
girl shut the f@#* up so damn rude

Author mateo alvarez ( ago)
girl shut the f@#* up so damn rude

Author Melanie Simons ( ago)
nada post it take to babies wife and mamá One Day Justin burnett Cinema but
I never want be happy Monster

Author Danielsaurus_Rex ( ago)
to be honest the girl is kinda annoying just sitting there talking the
entire video. sorry if im being rude im just stating my mind. i mean no

Author MICHAEL HAIRSTON (michaelrockon13) ( ago)
That is soooo cute it made me cry 😭😭

Author akash sharma ( ago)
how much do these fucking kids talk..!! gosh!!!..

Author BlueberrySweets ( ago)
That little kid has no respect for the baby animal!

Author CJSRBLX Gameplay ( ago)
Really gross but cute☺

Author Ylliana Guadarrama ( ago)
omg that is my dog I had her
but then we had to give her away

Author Briana Orozco ( ago)

Author Diana Valentina Raggio ( ago)

Author Jessica Hurtado ( ago)
so mean
poor puppy wants there mommy

Author Typically King ( ago)
do help her get it out or not

Author Zeke Hersch (1334 years ago)
These videos make me so happy

Author Iain Stewart ( ago)
I love the way nature works it's amazing and stop saying gross that's the
way everything and everyone is born

Author Natalia Alonso ( ago)
It's a boy. And the boy was like BE QUIET AMD I was like fuck you.

Author Forever29plus1 ( ago)
I watched in 2015 birth is God's precious gift m should be cherished n the
rude comments I just read about the lil girl, you are some sad people that
wanted to judge a little girl shame on you all. Video very dear n your lil
girl was also very dear. God Bless

Author Forever29plus1 ( ago)
awwwww how sweet and fir the little girl to see a baby pup being born was
very educational for her. So happy for Foxy

Author Ethan baker ( ago)
I loved it. It was so cute

Author Aruenne Canta ( ago)
cute!!! #newbornbaby

Author Danairelys Gomez ( ago)

Author Doctor Mewtine ( ago)
boy the 1080p (or 720p) really brings out the disgusting placenta sac XD

Author TTC ( ago)
At first i thought she was eating it o.o

Author Rob Oto ( ago)
I find it annoying when the term "Tea Cup" Chihuahua is used. There is no
such term. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog we have and to say that
it's a "Tea Cup" is ridiculous. The American and Canadian Kennel Clubs do
not recognize this term. I find the only people who use it are
inexperienced breeders trying to sell their puppies. Maybe they think that
if the say "Tea Cup" then the public will believe that they are even
smaller than the regular sized Chihuahua, but that's a bunch of B.S. This
term is redundant and is like saying "big Jumbo Shrimp". It's foolish and

Author Andrea Miranda ( ago)
The kid keeps saying dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad😅

Author BrendaPanda ( ago)
I dont find this disgusting i find this natural, the little new born
puppies are such a cutie!<3

Author Sophia Garcia ( ago)
:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D ;-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
:-D :-D 

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