AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author Natalie Humiston (20 days)
why is its nose so big? why is the dog screaming? stupid questions and
plus, its not screaming its howling, got it? that boy is stupid as a rock!
that boy should be taken to an autistic school

Author TaylorAmelia (6 months)
Please fix your animals people fuck there are enough animals needing homes
already, no need to make more selfish humans

Author RedxLilxSleepy (2 months)
disgusting, this is why you should get your pets fixed.

Author Gail Wilson (4 days)
What a darling baby, I love baby dogs & big dogs.
Nothing like an animal, what a joy.........

Author Yoyo McFadden (8 hours)
This Chihuahua did a great job giving birth and taking care of her newborns
but every single video I have seen there are way too many people around,
making way too much noise for these mama's to do their natural job of
birthing. This child should have been told to be quiet. This is why
animals will hide when they begin having their litter. Come on people, use
your brain. Natalie Humiston, why are you putting your stupidness in
writing for the world to see? Have you no common sense???

Author Lpszanne (3 days)
Guys stop hating its called giving life not like when u were also born it
wasn't gross right? So stahp the hate

Author 3Psych (16 days)
I found this easy to masturbate to.

Author Gabe D (4 months)
Amazing how she makes it look so easy. Giving birth to multiples AND
cleaning them! And doesn't even look like she is in pain! (though I am
sure she is)

Author Justin Jaeger (1 month)
why does this come up in the sidebar for Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Author Kyrah Grogan (5 days)
Is she a first time mother? Cause she is acts like she knows exactly what
to do. 

Author RockGodessKatieKilla (1 month)
the babies are so big! How did she have 3 inside her!?! my goodness

Author Maryn Erney (6 days)
All I'm gonna say is that's actually really gross

Author Sofia Borrelli (4 days)

Author jackie bosquez (7 months)
my chiuwawa had puppies too thier so tiny too

Author Dirtcross Ktm (13 days)
Does your kid play five nights at freddys 

Author Tori Sheffer (1 month)
reading did everyone with the same mentality find this to

Author Tabitha Cooke (1 month)
I think it was fascinating even if you just say I'm pregnant and can't
watch these things but it's fascinating to watch I've had planned dog that
has had puppies and putting my dogs in which was part wolf and have a
sister that was full blooded wolf so unless you know anything about dogs I
suggest you don't say things like that

Author Nasch Katze (4 days)
dogs are disgusting..

Author Samantha Gates (13 days)
er mah gerd its so gross im gonna barf

Author drumeff (14 days)
'why wouldnt it shut its mouth' haha, good one, kid

Author Julie Enslow (3 days)
Stop being rude 

Author Julie Stadther (24 days)
Could have done with out that..
. cool to some tho thanks for sharing tho

Author Daniel Heffern (20 days)
So cute! 

Author Tabitha Cooke (1 month)
yes there are but you can't say there aren't are you the ones making them
know so I guess you're going to be there is no such thing as a goldendoodle
either which iPad

Author Donald E Coyle (1 day)
Oh god

Author Monica Davis (1 month)
It is so cool dog do not have a baby

Author Melissa Haggard (1 month)
Too adorable!! That mamma was so good to her baby! 

Author Emily Klem (7 days)
Awwwwwwwwh so cute

Author Libby Doane (4 days)
So cute.

Author shannon duncan (3 months)
birth is beautiful

Author Markey Crenshaw (1 month)
I ant wait until my pups have pups.

Author Croakles Berkle (17 days)
ay not bad

Author Ron Charest (26 days)
It's so cute

Author Celeste Garcia (15 days)

Author Chris Lewis (1 month)
that was awesome

Author vanja vava (21 day)
she is a boy

Author Mekyah Dunbar (5 months)
I hope my dog has babies. I want to watch my baby give birth. But she is
still a baby

Author Tu Bebita (15 days)
hellooo ♥

Author TheWipp Lion show (2 months)
Congratulations. Take care of your dog.. :-)

Author FullMetalMarsha (6 months)
there are no such thing as a teacup chihuahua

Author Melissa Tan (2 months)
hahahahaha your son is so cute!

Author Lynn Yoon (6 months)
I have a teacup chihuahua

Author freisi olivar (1 month)
The one qupqup 

Author Markey Crenshaw (1 month)
I camt wait until my pup has pups

Author Keimonte Lewis (2 months)
Does it taste good or something

Author mickmister99 (1 month)
Amazing !!!

Author KSound Kaiju (3 months)
I thought Chihuahuas were so small, they needed to have C-sections in
order to give birth 

Author Andrea Lopez (1 month)
AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Author KC C (9 months)
It's beautiful... But I was eating...

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