AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author Ishmael Jones ( ago)
so cute that puppy I love it squeaking

Author FaZe Money ( ago)
shut up plz kid

Author FaZe Money ( ago)
shut up kid

Author CookieLover200 ( ago)
His daughter was telling the pup to be quiet?😑 not to be rude but why
that's kinda of weird? the dog didn't understand and it was only a puppy.
ik she was 3 and half at the time but u didn't do anything... and did the
2nd one live bc it didn't look like it was breathing

Author Alana Woods ( ago)
Boo cats are much better when born they are much cutter

Author Luigi Anchondo ( ago)
That kid annoying me off and piss me off told told the dog to be quite i
will beat his face up

Author Ronaldo Lopez ( ago)
i font thinck u are supose to be watching them or grabing the puppies
because then the mom will not want them dog just had some 5 days
ago but good luck with them.and people don't be so mean she or he is just a
little kid.

Author Renata Narbutienė ( ago)
mielas sunelis

Author Sudarat Tetong ( ago)

Author Perla Castaño Rivera ( ago)

Author Kiki Webb ( ago)
Hey ignore all the negative comments about the/your little girl, they have
small minds when they have to talk bad about a curious child or one who
doesn't quite understand. Sorry people have to be that way.

Author Friday Mckenzie ( ago)
Shut up people the kid is young she just wants to learn if you want her to
shut up then don't watch it watch another dog giving birth I think this kid
is a good girl that she's asking lots of questions so she wants to learn
much more why puppies cry when they come out

Author ♡the1nonlyjen♡ ( ago)

Author ♡the1nonlyjen♡ ( ago)
why don't you be quiet little bitch she's so annoying

Author Sudarat Tetong ( ago)

Author Anahi Vera ( ago)

Author Night blood the wolf ( ago)
ugh I cringe when I keep on seeing the dog licking her baby

Author jawbreaker 95 ( ago)
i love how the kid says ''good girl foxy''

Author FutureVEVO L ( ago)
That girl is a bloody moron the puppy had only just been born

Author Titinaca Lps ( ago)
Ewww wy is he suking his butt that is so groooooss

Author Jashyrah Scott ( ago)
he let his kid see it because he want to it is his kid

Author Dark Shimmer ( ago)
I wasn't suppose to watch my dog giving birth until I was 5 XD

Author Mrkate Xo ( ago)
Your mother or doctor would not say shut up to you

Author Mrkate Xo ( ago)
Baby cries when they come out of their mom's stomach. It's normal. A lot of
people say "I would say shut up if I was their"

Author Valeria Ayala ( ago)
I'm scared it will pop out blood!😢😭😨😱

Author Happy Llama ( ago)
poor dog

Author Happy Llama ( ago)
she mean

Author Yokie Dalistan ( ago)
the girl is such a bitch can I fuckin kill her

Author Madison Hughes ( ago)
she's so cute

Author BallerCorn ( ago)
Ah, the magic of YouTube. One minute you're watching dogs wearing hats, and
4 videos later you're watching them give birth. Eughh.

Author Monica Sanchez ( ago)
Aww adorable puppies

Author cupcake bannana ( ago)
hi all the good fans

Author Ericonda Styles ( ago)

Author david lawson ( ago)
that pup looks like chickmunk when she was born

Author B1 GAMING3G ( ago)
Honestly who taped this video had no channel u tube channel YouTube channel
so what post the comment right now

Author TaDerrius Allen ( ago)
the puppies look dead

Author Chelsea Fc ( ago)
I was really annoyed that the little brat wouldn't shut up its a puppy its
going to be crying when it comes out just like you did when you came out of
your mother

Author meena sri ( ago)
The Baby is sooooo cute

Author Sandhia Somai ( ago)
Cute puppies awesome video

Author gail LeDuc ( ago)
not enough in the Shelters? our Shelter always have a bunch because people
find out too late that they are not the dog for them..i have two rescues
and they are purebreds too :'(

Author Sophie Laursen ( ago)
Super cute super good

Author Portia von Reiche ( ago)
That's just gross😖

Author Sophie SoDivine ( ago)

Author K Dizzle ( ago)
sister shut up you just came out!

Author Selma Nevoric ( ago)
aww.... cute little chihuahua poor girl.... she is squeLing...

Author Fufuria J ( ago)
I don't think the child was being rude. Her tone was just "playfully
bossy"...a lot of youbg children do that voice when they play house. And
(she) was actually being gentle but honest in her feelings (of desiring the
puppy to be quiet even if she has no control over it).
I think people shouldn't be overly sensitive...

Children are often morr honest if slightly lacking in "tact" and curious
because they still don't understand many things.
Don't be quick to judge or be harsh on her.

Author Jose Rodriguez ( ago)
do you hear how the boy is talking to the dog

Author Marylou Mcglashing ( ago)
oh my God why am I watching this at 4 a.m. in the morning then why would
you let your kids see this

Author Nhi Vuong Lan ( ago)

Author Madde Jackson ( ago)
good luck foxy👍

Author Charlotte Clare ( ago)

Author Molly Dykes ( ago)
Awwww so cute

Author tanshine17 ( ago)
I enjoyed listening to the little kid. The innocence is amusing

Author Havoc Hybrid (Abby) ( ago)
I don't find animal birthing "amazing". It's nature, but it's kinda gross.
And people should spay/neuter their dogs, because we have too much dogs in
the world, and those puppies were probably sold because "they can't afford
to take care of them". @_@

Author raven Ofarrow ( ago)
that kid is so fucking annoying

Author Ever.tomboy43 wassup ( ago)
omg so cute and i love puppies even if they are old, young, or just born.
They are still cute. And for people who say that its gross. Grow up. Its

Author Sydnie Felty ( ago)
She is so dumb, she let her kid see this!!!!!

Author Christhea Villanueva ( ago)
y don't u shut up kid, during. irth your mom cried because she made a
mistake 》:(

Author Dk Rifter ( ago)
My cat gave birth when I was asleep on me I woke up from the cats screaming
and I was shouting for my mum(mom for you Americans)

Author George Zink ( ago)
this looks weird I never had a puppy

Author TaylaTheTeamGrandSlams FanGirl ( ago)
don't tell me that's foxy from FNAF because that's a fox animatronic name

Author Shimon Dass ( ago)
I wonder how thirst the dog was after that 🤔

Author holly stone ( ago)
ok ok this is good but i'm siting here saying SHUT THE HELL UP KID!

Author MythicalThorns AJ ( ago)

Author MythicalThorns AJ ( ago)
i got to see my cat give birth BY MY FEET AT 5:00 IN THE MORNING March 25

Author Matthew Crawford ( ago)
this girl is so rude tell her to shut the ..... up

Author happy cool movie dude ( ago)
i came to youtube today to watch borderlands videos
instead im watching a chihuahua give birth

Author Loopy Louise ( ago)
Toy ?

Author myhacker456 l ( ago)
and people kiss there dog's in the mouth, fuck that!!!!

Author Mona Nani ( ago)

Author Mark Hudson ( ago)
OMG this is sooo cute there my fav dogs too

Author smokey the gamergirl ( ago)
i dont think it was rude for the kid to say that shes probally only 6 or 7
and she does not know better

Author Javier Reyes ( ago)
and how did it get so much views

Author Javier Reyes ( ago)
why did I watch this twice she made me get up and smash my computer and tv
I am pissed she keeps saying be quiet it's so annoying and sad to tell a
puppy to be quiet

Author Gabriella Jeffs ( ago)
"Why is it screaming?"

... they have no fucking fur! their probably very cold! and besides, you
asked that bloody question before and your father answered, why should you
ask again?!

"Be quiet little fella"


This is why I hate kids... their so damn annoying and rude! the little

( hey, if you're gonna defend that kid, don't bother, knowing me I'll just
read your reply and either leave it or delete it. so it'll be a waste of
your time )

Author Luis Esparza ( ago)
+Luis Esparza XD Trololololol

Author Mr Pumpkin24 ( ago)
lol I can hear the second pull whimpering like what is dis pl-OMG PLZ STOP

Author panda cool ( ago)
way did you let your little kid

Author Xochitl Rosales ( ago)
Is it EATING the lining?! I thought they SPIT IT OUT!

Author Derpy Jellybean ( ago)
Too cute

Author Ezmeralda Maldonado ( ago)
so adored and cute

Author Ezmeralda Maldonado ( ago)
so adored and cute

Author Ezmeralda Maldonado ( ago)
so adored and cute

Author Ezmeralda Maldonado ( ago)
so cute

Author Galaxygirl205 ( ago)
I never knew how dogs gave both or how they looked when they gave birth

Author lps.brenna ( ago)
Spelled "chihuahua"

Author Freddy the creepypasta We're death is magic ( ago)
Foxy is a fnaf character ❕❕❕❗️❗️❗️

Author Tina Schmidt ( ago)
Your chihuahua isn't a tea cup. There's no such thing as a tea cup
chihuahua. Yours in the category of tinys

Author Cali Shindelka ( ago)

Author Eva Diaz ( ago)
que bonito

Author Wendy Phillips ( ago)

Author Donnie Shavers ( ago)
I meant nasty

Author Donnie Shavers ( ago)
is it me or animal births look nas

Author feybeefroo12 ( ago)
this was so wrong to let a little kid see this

Author Crazyunacorn ( ago)
I mean the birthing part was gross but the puppy's were so cute

Author Crazyunacorn ( ago)
So so cute

Author toku h ( ago)
This little Toy Chihuahua is working hard for this new-born. This moment is
a moment of life and death. This boy and father talk too much. They should
be quiet and leave them alone. This is a very sacred moment for the mother
Chihuahua and her babies. The process is NOT for entertaining people.
Please don't make everything into YOUTUBE for fun viewing.

Author 남최종근 ( ago)

Author Stephanie Rancier ( ago)
Hi +hiroad101! This video is awesome!! My company in California has a great
opportunity for you! We're looking to make you a significant offer for this
video! Is there an email address where I could reach you & give you more
details? Thanks!

Author kristen stabio ( ago)
So wered

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