AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author April M (4 days)
I'm glad you were able to share this experience with your child and calmly
explain everything :)

Author Maddie Vargas (1 month)
so cute

Author smellmeyanab (1 month)
"Dad whys his nose so big".. CRYING

Author eviltango (4 months)
life is fascinating 

Author Dominc Reyes (2 months)

Author Tom Stannage (11 hours)
Cute and distgusting

Author KC C (7 days)
It's beautiful... But I was eating...

Author Collier Emerson (12 days)

Author Nicole Watterson (1 month)
Omg! I was in the car earlier talking to my mom about how i love newborn
puppies and i started crying they r so friggen cute

Author JorJayAng99 (4 months)
How big is your girl? I have two female chi's (4lbs and 5.5lbs). They boy
will be under 5lbs. Do you believe it would be safe to breed the 4lb chi?
Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated! 

Author Shady Ernest (1 month)
lol,the chahuihuia isn't a toy,toys must be plastic object

Author gavin anderson (1 month)
that kid talks A LOT!!!

Author ladyeden0413 (4 months)
Why is the dog licking it so much?

Author Karen Shepherd (3 months)
There seems to be a lot of people leaving comments here that don't
understand the process of birth. My hope is that they educate themselves,
and while at it, come to an understanding of how babies, be they animal or
human, come into being Reproducing, gestation, and birth are facinating if
you are prepared and have comprehension.

Author Destiny Hendricks (2 months)

Author DaisyIver44 (5 months)
I love this dad he's so laid back 

Author kimberly deshane (5 months) like to be A LONE......TWO....YOU SHOULD NEVER TALK HER BABIES AWAY

Author Oli Preece (3 months)

Author Kristina B (4 months)
Awwww have fun

Author Paul Crawley (4 months)
when people post things and name a breed i wish they find out more about
the breed being there's no such thing as a tea cup chihuahua , it's like
me calling my german shepherds coffee mugs german shepherds because they
fit in me coffee mug when born

Author Amber Yasmin (3 months)
Incase anybody didn't know, she licking the puppy because she is cleaning
it, it's what they have always done 

Author Jans PH (5 months)
great job licking off the plastic-like cover. i dunno what that called.

Author Lydia Warren (4 months)

Author Natalie Tillman (3 months)
This is awesome video. But there is no such thing as a TOY chi. It's
basically when the breeder forces the female to breed on first heat, in
essence shortens life span of the mother

Author cydneylola123 (1 month)
my daughter has 2 tea cup chihuahua's boy and a girl.she wont let the girl
have a litter because she is too small. she says why do l want a litter of
dogs anyway l only want my 2 l have now. what do you want a litter for
----money of course. if you want a dog dont let it be a breeding
ground..l've seen people keep breeding dogs and then when there bellies are
nearly on the ground with all the babies theyve carried they get rid if
them. her dog is such a happy little dog. why give her pain..

Author Gabriella Wu (5 months)

Author alana Gower (4 months)
Aww great

Author charmaine tan (3 months)
It Looks Super Painful Poor Doggie :c

Author joe bloggs (2 months)
Is she gonna eat the afterbirth. if not i call dibs, this is making me

Author Jasmine Carter (4 months)
Awwwww.... you must be proud

Author beauty craze (1 month)
Beautiful video of mama giving birth. jajajajaja I thought I was the only
one that didn't know how to spell Chihuahua that's how I would spell it
(chiwawa) hahahaha until I took a look at the spelling, now I can spell it
the correct way.

Author Myles Ludgood (1 month)
So cute

Author Denise Lizardo (2 months)
Wow so cute

Author Rocky Gurule (4 months)

Author Mario A. Franco (3 months)
When m dog

Author Effie Pryor (1 month)

Author Cathy Ross (5 months)
Eating the afterbirth triggers milk production for them and in the wild
animals eat it to get rid of smell to protect their babies from predators.

Author Tieran Ryder (5 months)

Author g vosko (5 months)

Author Mermaid Lulu (5 months)
Well done dog you got your first baby ??

Author xXGalaxyTigerXx (3 months)
discusting but cute

Author Caroline Smith (21 day)
Wow I didn't realise dogs actually pull the afterbirth out & eat it
straight away. I thought they waited till it came out on its own. This is
such a beautiful video & she's a great mummy to her pups! Well done Foxy!

Author Shadowlord Captionist (4 months)
I notice that the dog bit the puppy a little as some time after 1:30similar to how a doctor slaps a babies bum to get it breathing, nature's so
fascinating how it just seems to know what to do. 

Author squishy blossom (5 months)
Looks a bit disgusting

Author Chealsi Stroman (2 months)
That is Gross

Author Bassam Haddad (1 month)
What a GREAT MAMA!!!!

Author K Spears (2 months)
how's about spaying your dog (for obvious reasons)? That's what
responsible pet owners DO.

Author Cindy Qi (4 months)
life is amazing. 

Author Brittany Skaggs (5 months)
Good job little momma!

Author rodrigo torres (5 months)

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