AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author Niceforo De jesus ( ago)
It is cute

Author Niceforo De jesus ( ago)
It is cute

Author Jerry Fabian (801 year ago)
that little girl is a cunt. when she said "why wont it shut up?" I would
have been like, "omg thats exactly what I saying when you were born!" lol

Author you how ( ago)
the nose is big for smelling other dogs butts

Author Ashley Bray ( ago)
Chihuahua's healthy weight is 6 pounds. When they're being bred down to 2,
3, 4, 5 pounds, that is putting them at danger. At the smaller sizes,
they're not as healthy. It's not fair to the dog to breed it down. Why
would anyone need a dog to be smaller than 6 pounds to begin with?

Author Adeshola Dickson ( ago)
sorry I'm dislikes this because the little girl who being to the baby
puppie fuck you little girl now every bob hates you now I'm 10

Author Amber Brown ( ago)
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author Amber Brown ( ago)
💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Author ‫جنى محمد‬‎ (2015 years ago)
جميل جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا

Author Diana Valentina Raggio ( ago)

Author Diana Valentina Raggio ( ago)

Author Sabrina Vavrik ( ago)
Pour dog

Author mateo alvarez ( ago)
girl shut the f@#* up so damn rude

Author mateo alvarez ( ago)
girl shut the f@#* up so damn rude

Author Melanie Simons ( ago)
nada post it take to babies wife and mamá One Day Justin burnett Cinema but
I never want be happy Monster

Author Danielsaurus_Rex ( ago)
to be honest the girl is kinda annoying just sitting there talking the
entire video. sorry if im being rude im just stating my mind. i mean no

Author MICHAEL HAIRSTON (michaelrockon13) ( ago)
That is soooo cute it made me cry 😭😭

Author akash sharma ( ago)
how much do these fucking kids talk..!! gosh!!!..

Author BlueberrySweets ( ago)
That little kid has no respect for the baby animal!

Author TheColouredCow Gaming123 ( ago)
Really gross but cute☺

Author Ylliana Guadarrama ( ago)
omg that is my dog I had her
but then we had to give her away

Author Briana Orozco ( ago)

Author Diana Valentina Raggio ( ago)

Author Jessica Hurtado ( ago)
so mean
poor puppy wants there mommy

Author Typically King ( ago)
do help her get it out or not

Author Zeke Hersch (1334 years ago)
These videos make me so happy

Author Iain Stewart ( ago)
I love the way nature works it's amazing and stop saying gross that's the
way everything and everyone is born

Author Natalia Alonso ( ago)
It's a boy. And the boy was like BE QUIET AMD I was like fuck you.

Author Forever29plus1 ( ago)
I watched in 2015 birth is God's precious gift m should be cherished n the
rude comments I just read about the lil girl, you are some sad people that
wanted to judge a little girl shame on you all. Video very dear n your lil
girl was also very dear. God Bless

Author Forever29plus1 ( ago)
awwwww how sweet and fir the little girl to see a baby pup being born was
very educational for her. So happy for Foxy

Author Ethan baker ( ago)
I loved it. It was so cute

Author Aruenne Canta ( ago)
cute!!! #newbornbaby

Author Danairelys Gomez ( ago)

Author The Polish Mewtwo ( ago)
boy the 1080p (or 720p) really brings out the disgusting placenta sac XD

Author TTC ( ago)
At first i thought she was eating it o.o

Author Rob Oto ( ago)
I find it annoying when the term "Tea Cup" Chihuahua is used. There is no
such term. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog we have and to say that
it's a "Tea Cup" is ridiculous. The American and Canadian Kennel Clubs do
not recognize this term. I find the only people who use it are
inexperienced breeders trying to sell their puppies. Maybe they think that
if the say "Tea Cup" then the public will believe that they are even
smaller than the regular sized Chihuahua, but that's a bunch of B.S. This
term is redundant and is like saying "big Jumbo Shrimp". It's foolish and

Author Andrea Miranda ( ago)
The kid keeps saying dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad😅

Author BrendaPanda ( ago)
I dont find this disgusting i find this natural, the little new born
puppies are such a cutie!<3

Author Sophia Garcia ( ago)
:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D ;-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D
:-D :-D 

Author Connor Access ( ago)
Annoying daughter foxy,right fox You? Lol. R u interested in selling them

Author Hailey White ( ago)
You be quite little GIRL

Author Hayleigh Davis ( ago)
Man that is grouse 💯

Author dog lover556 ( ago)
also puppys are cute and its mean calling dogs having big noses >:U

Author dog lover556 ( ago)
meh to also its not gross its amazing nature not grossness thats where u
came from btw :I

Author Tyler C ( ago)

Author Josh Pick ( ago)
Not a fucking toy

Author Cindy McKinney ( ago)
So. Adorable

Author Curby SurLock ( ago)
Foxy gave birth to mangle XD

Author Jacob Phelps ( ago)
What's that gooey stuff the puppies are in

Author Xx_Cat _LoverxX ( ago)
You have a cute dog your babies are cute too

Author Nacona Martinez ( ago)
Good job 

Author Anthony Santoro ( ago)
That girl is rude gust what until she has baby's 

Author Lindsay Grace Nelson ( ago)
Awww to cute 

Author Ari Briggs-Dokes ( ago)
Shut up little girl

Author Toy Chica ( ago)
Your chiwawa looks EXACTLY like mine! 

Author Muhammad Shahzad ( ago)

Author Anthony Zheng ( ago)
It's so cute😘

Author Jeremy Ehrgood ( ago)
So cute😍😍😍😍

Author Rσѕє Tнє “Gяєαт and Pσωєяfυℓ” Witch ( ago)
That's kinda gross actually.

Author Dj dawn-Roxanne ( ago)
why did they separate the puppies? we never do that at the vet office, they
all stay together maybe away until the mom is done but the puppies
together.the first one needs some body heat!!

Author Jordan Hikes-Figueroa ( ago)
My dog is name Foxy and she looks like a fox

Author Gabrielle Reed ( ago)
The puppy was whining because the mom a was pulling at its delicate skin, I

Author Fabric Softener Teddy Bear ( ago)
Poor baby, I hate seeing her hurt but birth is not pleasant usually. You
can tell she has a loving family :)

Author Mike Shmidt ( ago)
Great job little girl! Now everyone who saw this video HATES YOU. Jesus
christ that girl

Author Bunny love 101 ( ago)
Who's watching in 2015?

Author Sunhee Go ( ago)

Author Chloe Chun ( ago)
thats goanna be me when i grow up

Author hotdoggraphics ( ago)
If you guys think it's gross why did u click on the vid 

Author Ethan Salinas (1068 years ago)
4:30 you cant tell her to shut up its natural

Author Scarlett Rodriguez ( ago)
That's not a toy Chihuahua

Author Angel Inasling ( ago)

Author Legokid27 ( ago)
The dog was lick its butt so hard 

Author Marifati Rojo ( ago)
Wow absolutely wow

Author FullMetalMarsha ( ago)
all chihuahaus are toys, no chihuahuas are teacup, that is normal size
chihuahua giving birth to normal size chihuahua puppies

Author Ivy Rodriquez ( ago)
Ypu said it

Author Carmen idaly Rey ( ago)
Bueno yo tengo un Chihuahua y también tuvo nena muy lindos 

Author lupe ramirez ( ago)
Ok THAT IS NOT a toy YOU got it if ANY PPL say its gross its NOT BECUASE
its comes from nature

Author Lin Zino ( ago)
This is beautifull
I don't know what more to say
Beautifull puppy mother and baby beautifull puppy
This is really beautifull and so cute
Really this is beautifull

Author Pearson Girls ( ago)
That looks like my dog that I gave away

Author Tunisia Belle ( ago)
Was the second chihuahua alive? The mother had to finish licking her nose!

Author Madison Theriot ( ago)
She telling the puppy to shut up cant she give it a try geez

Author Alan Celis ( ago)
Who is watching in 2015

Author Emma Pomeroy ( ago)

Author Shelby Whitehead ( ago)
First of all I know all about dog birth first of all you need to help the
dog get everything out the pup and the after birth the you need to help get
the sack off the dog can't do it all by herself and second of all keep the
little girl under control and tell her not to be so rude to the pups
because that is not a good life lesson and do you want her to be like that
if you have another kid have her saying SHUT UP BE QUIET do you want her
doing that? I thought so ya don't so next time your dog has pup take this
advice and keep the lite girl under control 

Author Isobel Price (1077 years ago)
That girl is so annoying
That puppy is adorable!! The licking crying/screaming noise it was making
was soo cute!

Author Isobel Price (1183 years ago)
Omg thats so cute how the dog is just licking it continuously 

Author shirley castelan ( ago)
That girl is so f@#$*!! annoying

Author Ricardo Sierra ( ago)
I hate that little girl look this is her be-quite ssshhh >~<

Author Ricardo Sierra ( ago)

Author md ismail ( ago)

Author Orlane Ornecipe ( ago)
Putin c quoi cette bit

Author PAULINE HOARE ( ago)
That was hard work for mum !!

Author Brittany Dortch ( ago)
Wow before all this happen I think the parents should have sat her down and
told her body how animals have baby's and wats there baby's do because I
really couldn't enjoy it Cus my attention was all on her and her questions
and the rude comments she was saying bout the whole situation and the poor
lol new baby like really it was still special tho I guess 😓😟😕😮😐😯

Author trivani naidoo ( ago)
Are they for sale

Author Kevin Torres ( ago)

Author Angelina Lee ( ago)
How did you manage to spell "chihuahua" the correct way in the title and
then spell it wrong just a few words later??? 😂😂😂

Author Renato De Marco ( ago)
Che bellooooooo

Author Foxy the pirate Fox ( ago)
I'm not a dog sparky the gog is a dog 

Author Lyssa Cruz (1508 years ago)
i thought all chihuahuas are c-section specially teacup size chi-chis but i
guess it depends on the female chi-chis .. now i got the reason to get a
chihuahua .. thank you for sharing this video .. more puppies to come :-)

Author Freya Brinley Downes ( ago)
Well done foxy you are a good girl

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