AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author Brittany Dortch ( ago)
Wow before all this happen I think the parents should have sat her down and
told her body how animals have baby's and wats there baby's do because I
really couldn't enjoy it Cus my attention was all on her and her questions
and the rude comments she was saying bout the whole situation and the poor
lol new baby like really it was still special tho I guess 😓😟😕😮😐😯

Author trivani naidoo ( ago)
Are they for sale

Author Kevin Torres ( ago)

Author Angelina Lee ( ago)
How did you manage to spell "chihuahua" the correct way in the title and
then spell it wrong just a few words later??? 😂😂😂

Author Renato De Marco ( ago)
Che bellooooooo

Author Firedude1987 Real foxy ( ago)
I'm not a dog sparky the gog is a dog 

Author Lyssa Cruz (1508 years ago)
i thought all chihuahuas are c-section specially teacup size chi-chis but i
guess it depends on the female chi-chis .. now i got the reason to get a
chihuahua .. thank you for sharing this video .. more puppies to come :-)

Author Freya Brinley Downes ( ago)
Well done foxy you are a good girl

Author Brotha Kell (1656 years ago)

Author Ninja Cookie ( ago)

Author vaderinc ( ago)

Mmndhhdhhhggffdffgfdvvcvggftygtggfv bbvbbhggz okay I like the name of the
section and just want to do that I can I don't know what going on that is
outside playing on the member membertuule

Author kina pua ( ago)
What a cute dog and puppy!

Author Jermel Clay ( ago)
I had one but it died if a heart attack

Author Cutegermansherpherd5 ( ago)
The puppy is screaming because the mom is pulling the skin 

Author lps and pokemon coming your way eevee team woop ( ago)

Author IG: kvng.kussh ( ago)
Dad why is the nose so big😂dad why is this one screaming😂💯

Author Cutegermansherpherd5 ( ago)
Cute whinnying g

Author Larissa MacNeill ( ago)
That dog swallowed a marble and now is attempting to get it out...

Author Dylan K Mohr ( ago)

Author mincraft master Ricky Dillon brother ( ago)
What the heck I was thinking camera man for the video and I cried that howl

Author Ileana Williams ( ago)
The puppy is so adorable looks like I can see a word about it is just so
adorable how how old is it now cuz I would like to know it's just so

Author KARATE MASTER ( ago)

Author Tiffany Litzinger ( ago)

Author SEXUAL FOLF ( ago)
They are born load and annoying and die loud and annoying.

Author Griffon Of Gryffindor LPS And More ( ago)
Hello, my name is Griffon. (Not that you care.) I've noticed a lot of
comments about the puppies birth involving "oh, you should've gotten that
dog spayed! Poor thing!" And "Neutering and spaying dogs is important. We
have enough dogs and cats who need homes, so stop making more of these
animals." I just wanted to say some things. First, yes. It is important to
neuter and spay your dogs and cats. But, what's not okay is to trample
others' happiness. What do I mean? I mean, some people want puppies and
kittens to experience the joy of a dog or cats motherhood. I understand if
you don't like dogs and cats, but what if others do? Are you going to shout
at them for who they are? For what they love? Second, using "poor thing" in
puppy birth does not describe the dogs feelings at all. From my
understanding the dog wails a few times if its only the first time she has
ever given birth. If a dog has given birth to at least 3 puppies out of a 5
puppy litter, it won't put as much pressure on her, because she has gotten
used to it. So saying "Oh, the poor thing! She must've gone through so much
pain!" Is actually wrong in every way possible, unless it's a teacup dog
giving birth for the first time. I have plenty of dog birth experience, as
my friend is having her German Shepherd bred with another German Shepherd
as of right now. And she will have her puppies this winter Is what the Vet
said. And my dog has given birth to her second litter yesterday afternoon.
One of the puppies was strangely enough 15% wolf on her father's side.
Again with the pain, there should be a series of yelps and wails between
contractions. So... Yeah. Third, the only thing to fear, is a puppy mill.
Never get a dog from a puppy mill unless you can guarantee safety, shelter,
medical attention, and a nice source of food. One of the worst breeds of
dog you can get from a puppy mill is a pit bull. If pit bulls are treated
badly in a puppy mill, they won't take kindly to a new owner. And puppy
mill dogs are definitely NOT for first time dog owners. If anyone has a
question or would like to correct me, please do so. But please do not
swear. There are young disobedient young children lurking the comment
section. And I would like no foul language included. Thank you.

Author Judith Knight ( ago)
Why is that kid asking so many questions

Author Yanira Rivera ( ago)
Aww is so tiny and he or she is so cute...

Author AznYungztah Lu ( ago)
Why does he keep biting and licking it?

Author Aliah Jacobs ( ago)
That is crazy

Author Archana Radhakrishnan ( ago)
LOL Why is the nose so big?

Author Kaleia Porter ( ago)
That's not a toy dog that's a real dog.

Author Kaleia Porter ( ago)
That's not a toy dog that's a real dog.

Author Annie Lagman ( ago)
What is that? A toy?

Author Emily Vasquez ( ago)
That is how dogs are born. I did not know that at all. Gross

Author TheWolfPack (699 years ago)
What am I doing with my life?

Author star combs (1261 year ago)
It is chihuahua.

Author Bonded Bee ( ago)

Author Don King ( ago)
That girl is rude

Author deedee marie ( ago)
Mama roxy did awesome. The crying puppy sounded so cute

Author Tilou Productionz ( ago)
Man. I dislike that girl, she doesn't seem to have been tusche that babies
cry. People always use the excuse of a young age to excuse this kind of
behavior, but a parent can teach their child that birth is natural, and
that a baby will cry, it can't be stopped. 

Author Federico Martin ( ago)
y ese perro

Author Cupcake22 ( ago)
Did someone else think he really meant a toy?😂

Author ampavoo ( ago)
I think the second one is dead.

Author bopeep2bin ( ago)
I can't believe the girl was telling the puppy to shut its mouth and to be

Author Shethinkstoomuch1 ( ago)
Sure!!!!!! lets ruin the amazing birth video with the pervert^ and angry
fat bitch (Yes Taylor Amelia im talking about you.)

Author Tre Abercrombie ( ago)
Does she (little girl) ever shut up.

Author Diamond Heart ( ago)
OK newborn humans cry louder than puppies 0.0

Author Aaron Lloyd ( ago)
nasty 3psych you freack

Author thunder thunder ( ago)

Author crystelica1 ( ago)
This dog looks a little big to be a teacup/runt we have a teacup/runt & she
is way smaller then this & we have a normal size one two which is the same
size is yours either way I'm glad she did ok giving birth 

Author Gizel Reyes ( ago)
you're lucky your toy chihuahua gave birth normally, ours had to undergo
CS. We had so much problem after the operation, and the mom did not
recognize her 2 puppies, so she never fed them her milk nor cared for
them...we tried to take her place, did everything we can & cared for the 2
puppies, but they got sick even after all the effort =( and we lost both

Author Sabrina Gilliam-Ryland (1682 years ago)
Im sorry about my typing

Author Sabrina Gilliam-Ryland (1739 years ago)
If you have something mean to say don't say anything at all. And if you
think it is gross don't watch it.

Author carnage 148 ( ago)
I have a Toy Rat Terrier

P.S It's a real dog. When ever I say Toy Rat Terrier people think It's a

Author Sam nelson ( ago)
if you can't take care of an animal or a baby you shouldn't be able to do

Author Kylie Ray ( ago)
Wow that is awesome

Author Kylie Ray ( ago)
Wow that is awesome

Author amber roe ( ago)
This is so cute

Author Michele Tedesco ( ago)

I have two beautiful pure breed Chihuahuas.. .The only trouble is I need
someone to take them both.
When you like Chihuahua then please drop me a line, you need only to pay
for the shipping to your nation.

The 2 got all paperwork in order for traveling. Both are 6 months old and
black. Please, don't get me wrong here.. ..

I obtained the dogs be mistaken, and I don't know nothing about dogs. When
nobody likes them so I am pressured to kill these two dogs.

Let's see what the next 3 days bring...
I don't have time and money for dogs.

Author myia angel ( ago)
its ok i'll tell you but my sister barfed lol

Author Kmom E ( ago)
Bmbb mm,

Author The Flying Spaghetti Monster ( ago)
*Cleveland voice "oh that's nasteh" 

Author CAT PIRE (and Paula) ( ago)

Author NotRockCock Jelleyform ( ago)
What is this abomination?
Looks like something out of john carpenters "the thing"

Author Jamey Buster ( ago)

Author sonic master 77 ( ago)

Author constanza fernandez ( ago)
how can it be the dad not helping the chihuahuas the poor thibng was
turning blue. if you knew puppyes a little bit they expect you to help them

Author Martillo Duro ( ago)
that was a great Dane not a tea cup,,hahaha

Author mike morfin ( ago)
I can't. See. The. Legs

Author Serin Kim ( ago)
Why is she stretching the baby skin

Author Jay Chenoweth ( ago)
These are small well bred dogs not huge Pitt bulls or mutts dumb ass! We
are wealthy so we can afford to take care of them! Fix urself!!

Author Jay Chenoweth ( ago)
How large is the mom vs dad. I screwed up & have a 7lb male, a 4lb female
I'm too scared to even try although we have the means & only want 1 pup.

Author Chantal Walters ( ago)
Stop saying its gross it's nature 

Author Ardelean Alex ( ago)
Baby woow

Author mrsmostwantedhtx ( ago)
You know "teacup" anything isn't really a breed.....they are just runts!!!

Author Stephanie Cullifer ( ago)
I love the pup

Author Stephanie Cullifer ( ago)
I love I think you should name it love

Author S Thurman ( ago)
The dogs are so chill about giving birth

Author beautifully broken (29 years ago)
Fucking kid is annoying. Why doesn't she shut up?

Author Kelly Taylor ( ago)
How sweet.. And Dad, you did really good with your baby too:)

Author Baby Juice ( ago)
Ok I have to say it foxy fnaf I think we'll foxy is a boy in that's

Author KABB CLAN ( ago)
Hi i love. This video. Can i have. Ur chiwawa 

Author Jennifer Brown ( ago)

Author SharkToothCraft ( ago)
Foxy is now the name of an animatronic in five nights at Freddy's

Author Dale Peterson ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author lori day ( ago)
I would like to bye a tea cup down

Author The Epic Gamer ( ago)
This is so amazing :') I'm going to be a vet and this just inspired me more

Author Taniyah Starks ( ago)

Author FD ( ago)
I just love how the little kid tries to be a man like his dad and say thats
a good girl foxy

Author Irish Lacsa ( ago)
yur baby puppy mit be deaed mama puppy eat it

Author Shakira Mitchell ( ago)
Www butterfly in my stomach

Author Cody Becker ( ago)
Dude that's fucking discussing!!!!!!!!!😛😕😕😕😕😕

Author Shakira Mitchell ( ago)
That was cute and I think kind of nasty

Author Charlot123 ( ago)
Way to go mom! Amazing!

Author Gabby Peng ( ago)
They should send the dog to a vet, the baby squealing is so sad

Author Savannah Stillwill ( ago)
Cute but gross

Author Yerim Choi ( ago)
i know the kid is quite curious about this.. but i think he's so annoyingly
talking so much..
which can be kind of stressful to the dog

Author lohoney ornah ( ago)
I just wish that fucking girl would stop telling the cute puppy to be
quite. Seriously?! When you came out of you mother you were screaming and
crying! Why can't a newborn puppy do the same?! I wish you would shut up 

Author Stan Jigstrumental Louis ( ago)

Author shunnydunn ( ago)
Give the baby to his mommy~*~

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