AMAZING BIRTH - Toy Chihuahua (Teacup Chiwawa)

Our Toy Chihuahua (Foxy) having her 2nd of the litter. She had the first puppy sometime early morning and she did very well. The second puppy was much bigger, Foxy gave a big yelp before the puppy even started to come out. THIS VIDEO is of the 2nd puppy being born. Foxy then gave birth to a 3rd puppy and it happened so fast that I didn't even have time to record it, but I have some good pictures that I will put together and post at a later time. BOTH Mom & Puppies are doing great. Thank You to all who watched.

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Author cslix ( ago)
very nice video.. very good.. and very good letting your young son watch
and understand.. honestly one of the best ways to teach them how mom's give
baby's. love it. 2 thumbs up brotha.

Author Leslie Valdovinos ( ago)
when animals cry I cry hard enough to make a ocean

Author fast cars ( ago)
the kid talks too much I hate him 😈😈😠

Author Golden RoseSFM ( ago)
wow its uh like science

Author Kaela Louise Crescini ( ago)
Because it is disgusting

Author Angie Martinez ( ago)
put the puppy back with his mom

Author Denver Bayless ( ago)
I have a chihuahua myself and her babies are cute af

Author Marlena Bąbiak ( ago)
o jej😷

Author Samantha Belton ( ago)
cute and inappropriate

Author Hadley Zach ( ago)
do not tell a puppy to shut it's

Author Aiyana Botello ( ago)

Author apple blossom ( ago)
тнaт lιттle gιrl ιѕ rυde.тнe pυppy ιѕ hungry

Author apple blossom ( ago)
ι тнιnĸ ғoхy needѕ prιvacy

Author apple blossom ( ago)

Author callum holtom ( ago)
Shut your biggest baby gob

Author callum holtom ( ago)
Shut up you

Author Denise Wheelock ( ago)
jeez that puppy was huge for that dog

Author Laura Siller ( ago)
Omg that girl she is rushing her own dogs puppy so rude

Author Sumedh Tadimeti ( ago)
That girl is mena

Author Sumedh Tadimeti ( ago)

Author Dakota's Vlogs and stuff ( ago)
WHY did u take the pup away from the mom that can kill it at least 3 days
after birth they should not be touched or held and maybe even more than 3
days when there first born the are so fragile and should be no were and
touched be no one but the mom

Author squishy sunshine ( ago)
omg so rude

Author RebeccaKeanu ( ago)
2:11 "Why is it still screaming!?"
3:38 "And i wish this one would be quiet."
4:06 "BE QUIET!!"
4:31 "QUIET!!!"
4:37 "Dad, why wouldn't it shut it's mouth?"
Kid, will you shut up for once? You're the one saying weird stuff
throughout the whole five minutes and flashing a light right at the puppy's

Author Lauren Houston ( ago)

Author ponypower 080 ( ago)
oh your telling the baby chiwawa to shut up kid well why don't you !

Author ponypower 080 ( ago)

Author Carlos M ( ago)
berporno xxx

Author Lps Roblox Loves ( ago)
CAN I KILL YOUR ANNOYING FUCKING CHILD??? ----> your child 😀🔫😡<-------

Author Lps Roblox Loves ( ago)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are so rude
What happened to you?

Author Gloria Gibson ( ago)
is foxy a apple face tescup chihuahua? because i have one and we want to
get her pregnant but people have told us it might be a bad idea

Author Tasha B ( ago)
she is so mean if that dog was old enough to bite oh

Author Gafur Ali ( ago)

Author Muhammad Zahid ( ago)

Author BlountaGamingz ( ago)
Your kid is really rude and mean. You should tell her to be nice, it's just
a baby.

Author JJ Cutchen ( ago)
that gill is rude she is :)

Author Maries De Vivar ( ago)
oh god she give birth

Author Noob_killer82 ( ago)
Cute but, WTF

Author lo mejor xd ( ago)
que lindo

Author Yaneth Saida Marrujo Vila ( ago)
que ermoso hay volla llorar

Author Shinioki matusuki ( ago)
why would people hate this a cute pup was born

Author MrFriedChips plays roblox and more! Also sticbots ( ago)
That look gross a lot

Author - ReactiveNutria- ( ago)
That kid is probably a bad person and will have problems in his/her career

Author - ReactiveNutria- ( ago)
It says so in the description

Author - ReactiveNutria- ( ago)
Is that Chihuahua a toy?

Author soyombo bal ( ago)

Author Monika Lady ( ago)

Author Brodie Hawkshaw ( ago)
how cut ha

Author Elida Zepeda ( ago)
very cute🐶🐾

Author Sweet Burger ( ago)
Ewwww why!?!? Shut that annoying kid up😤

Author JessiUnicorns ( ago)
Teacup is not an actual breed, that's just a chihuahua. There's no such
thing as a teacup chihuahua

Author Lilly Mwikali ( ago)
I find it cute

Author Fairy Law ( ago)
I think I'm gonna get a female dog from one place and a male dog from
another. I would want them to mate. wouldn't it be fun to raise a mother
and father and their puppies? I would make sure they're fed all the time

Author Carlos Vargas ( ago)

Author Carlos Vargas ( ago)
at first when the legs came it looked like a chiken

Author TigerplayzYT ( ago)
100 likes and I am getting everyone McDonald's

Author TigerplayzYT ( ago)
2 words gross and cute

Author kyaras gaming stuff ( ago)
Am I speachless

Author killing 27564 ( ago)
3:54 its the sound of a killer dog eating its own puppy

Author killing 27564 ( ago)

Author kayden dinges ( ago)

Author Frisk ( ago)
That girl is annoying and rude she needs to shut up

Author Katherine Grube ( ago)
Shut your kid up please.

Author Salvador Vargas ( ago)
Aerotecnia azscCc. zyjm

Author Mukthar Ameem jhr ( ago)

Author Jessica Gribble ( ago)

Author Electric Wolf Pup ( ago)
"Little puppy would you shut up?" Yeah kid maybe you oughta try it?

Author Freddy funtime ( ago)
i agree with that second guy

Author ShiftyTheFox v_Shifty_v ( ago)
uh cute....

Author The FusionX 9009 ( ago)
Why am I here?

Author austin brewer ( ago)
We use to have little pups they were cute

Author Dara Aguilar ( ago)

Author Dara Aguilar ( ago)
she is freaking annoying

Author Sally Adame ( ago)

Author Oc Segura ( ago)

Author victoria voytovych ( ago)
like omg that little girl is annoying

Author victoria voytovych ( ago)
that kid is sooooo annoying like really annoying

Author Renee Sanders ( ago)
What a rude little child.

Author mam2002s ( ago)

Author Juliette Whitford ( ago)

Author SystemTest Lover ( ago)
A puppy!!

Author SystemTest Lover ( ago)
What's the red thing

Author Sude66 Yozgat ( ago)

Author GamerTag Tag ( ago)
that is so gross i am not looking at it😱😱😱

Author Savage Brandon ( ago)
disgusting but beautiful

Author patricia ramos ( ago)

Author Arvina Fabian ( ago)
dogs always annoying

Author Laura Diaz ( ago)
you shut up you fatty

Author Kimmi Larsen ( ago)

Author love my family ( ago)
che emozione!

Author Jaaziah Anderson ( ago)

Author Jaaziah Anderson ( ago)
fuck your mama bitch

Author Bran Guil ( ago)
the girl mama gonna get the scisser so be quiet to the baby she a bitch man
like no kid just saying

Author Bran Guil ( ago)
hiroad can suck a chiken bbbooiii oh shit wat up

Author leah andrews ( ago)
chuiawas are my favourite dogs sooooo cute💝💝

Author Jaime Lopez ( ago)

Author Maria Luisa Pereira ( ago)

Author Cute Kitties ( ago)
This girl is a such a idiot why she is saying be quite cause the new born
puppy wants milk from her mommy. She had cry when she needs milk when she
was a baby.?

Author Randyronald Robloxgaming ( ago)
Wow the mother uses its tounge to lick the puppy

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