Kenny Rogers & The Oak Ridge Boys - "Love Lifted Me"

From the Oaks' 1998 Television series, "Live From Las Vegas."

Also note ORB lead singer Duane Allen's wife, Norah Lee (a member of the Carol Lee Singers on the Grand Ol' Opry) and son, Dee, singing backup.

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Author Briguy52748 ( ago)
Do, did they do Elvira at this concert, too? (Of course, the idea being
Kenny did it first.)

Author Carroll Stewart ( ago)
I was just a young boy about 6 years old my family were neighbors to
Kenny's grand parents . I have played many hours with his cousins about my
age . Kenny was about 3 or 4 years bold at the time .

Author Ivonne Teoh ( ago)
Thanks Kyle for this beautiful song! Have used it on LinkedIn & on Spotify
Playlist, Donald Trump #MAGA 1.0 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Author Rochelle McCauley ( ago)

Author Marge Gentry ( ago)
Beautiful Gospel song my favorite when I was a Young girl in church and
it's still so true....Love is the best of all....

Author Christ Alma ( ago)

Author Dr. Nate Lowe ( ago)
Kenny Roger and the Oak Ridge Boys are my favorite singers. Their music
just sounds better as time pass along. 

Author John Laflin ( ago)
Keep up the good work kenny and friends

Author Marilyn Crosbie ( ago)
This song was my Christian testimony, for it was the love of Christ shown
through believers that healed my heavy heart and brought me to salvation at
the age of 22.

Author Christiane Becker ( ago)
einfach klasse 

Kenny Rogers con The Gambler me abrio el camino para amar la musica
country, los Oak Ridge Boys me hicieron encantarme de ella con Elvira. Me
emociona verlos y escucharlos juntos!

Author Hannah Rose ( ago)
What a lift this music glad for whatever the inspiration
was...thanks to Kenny Rogerss for this reworking of an old song, and the
ORB for their fine harmonies...any potential for future

Author Bowen Mcconnie ( ago)

Author Judi Harbin ( ago)
“Let grace and truth never leave you. Bind them around your neck, write
them on the tablet of your heart” (Proverbs 3:3)

Author Nikolay Nedelchev ( ago)
O,oo how nice it is ! 

Author Jethromcsheepherder (420 years ago)
I miss TNN. 

Author Andria Pascoe ( ago)
This is a good pick me up song 

Author Tina Martin ( ago)
I just saw Kenny last night in concert and he was wonderful. He had work
done on his face. I don't care. He was just as gorgeous as ever. His voice
is so beautiful. 

Author yamahonkawazuki ( ago)
@CadillacL i do as well. my player just died so am looking for another one.
yes low tech and low compared to cd but heck who cares

Author Vicki Johnston ( ago)
AWESOME song!!! Kenny Rogers sounds so great with the Oak Ridge Boys!!! I

Author Dorian Mcqueen ( ago)
oak ridge boys AND kenny rogers. ah man. this is awsome. lovin it.

Author Evy Hannes ( ago)
Wonderful video, wonderful song, wonderful Kenny Rogers and the Oak Ridge
Boys. Thank you!

Author ONLYthroughTHECROSS ( ago)
Christians pray for Kenny Rogers .... that he will get saved .... what a
life he has led ...God can redeem our past Thank God .....

Author TheLizardKing1967 ( ago)
That's when Kenny was white, not Chinese. LOL

Author john mcpherson ( ago)
this is my favorite song of kennys

Author PoMilostiEvo ( ago)
Yes indeed! When nothinh else could help, love lifted me! May we always
walk in the understanding and appreciation of God's love. God Bless!

Author Lucy Hanouille ( ago)
That is very true - and it is good to have people hear the original, too.
While human love can be uplifting, it is even better when that love leads
us to lifting our sight higher to God. I know that without that higher
love, my life would not be worth living and I have a feeling you understand
that too.

Author PoMilostiEvo ( ago)
@LeElHa , you do have a point, that God can use a person's love to bring to
Him. My point is that they got the dominant line of a famous Christian
song, and used it for their own song, showcasing a whole different point,
not even talking about God's love for the sinner, the point of the original

Author Lucy Hanouille ( ago)
Yes, the original song talks about God's love. But why do you assume that
God never ever uses human love to lead us to Him?

Author Hysteriabelle70 ( ago)
You have been Kissed. I Love You.....

Author PoMilostiEvo ( ago)
The original song Love Lifted Me talks about Gods love. This is about human
love. Used wrongly

Author bootscootinchick85 ( ago)
Love this song and this arrangement! I am having a mens' quartet sing at my
wedding ceremony, and am planning on having them sing this song! :-)

Author mosrite60 ( ago)
The ORB are w/o doubt one of the greatest gospel (& country) quartets of
all time.

Author boxerfan2 ( ago)
the guy on the far right is that elvis presley's bass singer?

Author Joan Katile ( ago)
he lifted his face but love lifted him!!

Author Mike Kusano ( ago)
What are you talking about? Kenny's not gone?!?!

Author aManOnaJourney (1957 years ago)
Watch it again. There is no way Kenny can be lip syncing. Throughout the
song when he invites audience participation there is only ONE voice of
Kenny heard. If he was lip syncing you would hear him talking and singing
at the same time THINK before making a claim against a singer

Author wvaguy ( ago)

Author Brando Milana ( ago)
thanks men....

Author stcrfan ( ago)
From left to right Duane Allen, Joe Bonsal, Kenny Rogers,William Lee Golden
and Richard Sterban.

Author Rosemary Kalimnios ( ago)
i enjoy sweet tunes; The Oaks and Kenny Rogers harmonize, and add their
special magic to a great gospel melody.Wonderful !

Author Brando Milana ( ago)
Is that Gandalf from the left side of Kenny?

Author taurnguard ( ago)
He's totally lip synching. I was hoping to find Kenny's Muppet Show version
of this song on YouTube but no one's put it up.

Author mysticmaverick1 ( ago)
When the audience didn't sing loud enough or he didn't get enough
participation, he would say "That's terrible," or "I'll do it myself," and
then didn't give the crowd a chance to redeem themselves like other artists
do. Then he criticized a woman using binoculars saying it was an invasion
of his privacy.

Author MusicDude86 (1438 years ago)
how was he insulting the audience?

Author mysticmaverick1 (1806 years ago)
I just saw Kenny and the Oaks at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA the other night.
The Oaks were great. Kenny was entertaining but has lost some power in his
voice and I was stunned how he kept insulting the audience.

Author Jonny chaves cedres ( ago)

Author Brett Stanaker ( ago)
Kenny & The Oaks toured together in the late '80s/early '90s. I saw them in
Dallas at Reunion Arena when I lived there back then. They were great. The
Oaks have been my favorite group since 1979!

Author Lane Crooks ( ago)
I never thought I'd find this song again. I had this song on an 8-track
(yea, I'm old enough to remember them) It had this song, & others that my
aunt put together. What memories.

Author DixieMedic ( ago)
I remember mother played Kenny Rogers all the time when I was
growing up.

Author John William Eveland ( ago)
Ahh!! What wonderful memories!! I miss the old TNN days. Spike sucks!!

Author wingman011111 ( ago)
great performance, has it been let out as a single yet?

Author footballbat420 ( ago)
That's called botox

Author Dillion Sanders ( ago)
Love the video!!! These guys have great harmony together. Thanks for

Author Greg McKee ( ago)
Kenny still looked like Kenny here...too bad that he doesnt look that way
now...and the Oaks...well, they are timeless....Incredible tune!

Author weirdoguy ( ago)

Author lazydaisydays ( ago)
Great song;great video. Kenny looks great as usual; he never ages.

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