windows 7 vs windows 8

Prueba de arranque del nuevo windows 8 en su versión Developer Preview. La prueba fue realizada con 2 laptop ASUS modelo K42F sacadas de sus caja fueron formateadas una con windows 7 ultimate y la otras con windows 8.

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Author ChelseaBubble3 (6 months)
Haha I love the war thats going on in the comments! I love both computers
because I grew up using a windows 7 and now I am using a windows 8 laptop
for my channel and I am super satisfied with it! :)

Author Player 321Go (7 months)
Fuck you Win 8
I love Win 7 

Author Gordon Freeman (4 months)
I have no fucking clue why people hate windows 8. I'm guessing maybe it has
to do with the new start menu? I personally like it.

Author Teo Jun Hao (6 months)
Sry windows 8 does not suit my need sad for now, windows 7 fTW

Author MultiWirth (6 months)
My new Win 8 Ultrabook works with Win7 perfect and very fast like win 8

Author euheide (4 months)
I have a computer almost exactly like that one (it's probably the same
exact model) with Windows 7 in it and it boots up in half the time yours
does. Your Windows 7 installation or even the computer itself is having
issues because that's not normal.

Author Magik Cake (4 months)
What is that song

Author euheide (4 months)
With any luck Microsoft will fight off this "Tiles Mania" before I have to
upgrade from Windows 7 to another one of their OS. Microsoft has something
to learn from Honda. If something works well, don't change it unless you
have something CLEARLY better.

Author Сергей Вербицкий (4 months)
47 secs very slow

Author TheArturArturArtur (6 months)
LOL! I'm using a Lenovo G505s. You can use it with Windows 8 and 8.1..but..
I'M using Windows 7. Windows 7 is still the best. My friend Edgar can't
play minecraft in Windows 8, but on Windows 7. Windows 7 FTW!

Author LOL_GamingPL (7 months)
Windows 7 is better I had windows 8 and after 5 months it got a blue screen
and it finished its journey :( I have windows 7 Home Premium for almost 6
years and its perfect

Author George's Random Stuff (5 months)
My PC Is A Windows 7 Records: Boot=4 Sec/Log in=3 Sec

Author Brian Sieu (6 months)

Author Alpha foxx (7 months)
I have Windows 8, Win. 8 is the Best.

Author mike gonzales (5 months)
even windows vista is better

Author Blitz redstone (8 months)
My Windows 8 Power On as 4.56 Second On
Intel core i7
HDD: 1 TB 120x Speed SSL
Intel Grafic 4600

Author Ernesto Saquete (8 months)
My windows 8 is the best os in world. It start in 10 seconds with
microproccesor i5 6 gb RAM 1 tb hard disk and sometimes start in 20 seconds
and play the startup sound.

Author Paul38713 (3 months)
try Linux, he more fast than all windows

Author Adam Wiszniauskas (6 months)
fuck windows 8
best windows 7

Author the king Mesterplay (7 months)
windows 7 ultimate system best in the world fuckin windows 8

Author Uomo Zucca (7 months)
I put GNU Linux Ubuntu 13.10 on my old PC "Asus X 52F" is activated a
timescale similar to those of win 8 (45 seconds), but the difference is
that: No Viruses, no blue screens, all free (all gratis), all legal! :D

Author mike gonzales (5 months)
windows 8 is better because its fucking touchscreen you dumbasses

Author Lucas King (3 months)
i have a windows 7 but for me o windows 8 is a shit

Author Felipe Freire (4 months)
People said just the same with windows 7 and XP, those kind of comments
were in the windows 7 when it came out. It kinds of bothers me, seeing the
same cycle, but anyway, I'll try it.

Author TheCraftedGalaxy (5 months)
I'm a ASUS's fan too!

Author Phan Viet Thuan (5 months)
Intel Pentium inside

Author Laske Bre (6 months)
I have win7 and it takes about 20 seconds and im on desktop ;)

Author MarcusMarkyMark (5 months)
Still slow really. RISC OS boots in 10 seconds and ready to use. MacOS
boots in around 20 seconds. Microsoft are still way behind in my opinion.

Author Peoplefighter189 (4 months)
lolz my windows 8.1 starts up after only 10 seconds from cold start

Author Sergej Kulpinac (4 months)
Windows 8 sucks :O

Author Dj Jani (5 months)
haha i love windows 7 Ultimate hahah

Author Irfaan Abang (6 months)
but mine is a bit bigger, it has the numpad

Author Xavier Mohammed (8 months)
Windows 8 is the best. I used Windows XP in April ,2008 - August , 2012.
Windows 7 Ultimate in August 2012 - 1st November , 2013. Now I have
Windows 8 PRO. I love it.

Author Luki Kuki (5 months)
My windows 7 is very fast

Author ReekyMarko (6 months)
Windows 8.1 would be tons faster now, and what was wrong with that Windows
7? Slow as hell. Not a very good test IMO

Author anthony15601 (6 months)
Shity computers

Author DafDaf Lego (4 months)
All of it just the same only the start menu dffrent

Author ZamuelZA (5 months)
Just install your OS to a SSD and all problems are solved.

Author BgGamers100 (4 months)
Yea Windows 8

Author Martin Petrov (5 months)
fuck you windows 7 ( I love windows 8 )

Author Yazmin Wilson (7 months)
i have windows windows 8 is just an upgrade. and my windows 7
computer started faster then the windows 8

Author SYNTHETIK MAYHEM (5 months)
that laptop on win7 is super slow. My PC with OS Win7 is nothing near that

I highly don't recommend Win8 for gamers. Touch screen is not the way. Even
if you can set your desktop to standard windows using KB and Mouse. That
just defeats the purpose of Touchscreen. If I want a touch screen, I have
my smart phone and my notepad for that. Don't need smeared greasy fingers
on my screen while gaming.

Author SHowBall | Letsplays | Mods for Minecraft (5 months)
I have the same computer Windows 7 on the laptop Windows 8

Author Aiku Kusanagui (7 months)
Strange, my PC with windows 7 starts faster than the Windows 8 video. LOL

Author Gabriele Canesi (7 months)
I like kebab XD

Author Kyle Santos (6 months)
my brother's win8 is way faster when opening it takes 6secs or 10 but still
i liked this one

Author yackimoov (4 months)
Liar, liar... Don't do it again. If Windows 7 starts with tens unwanted
programs it will be always slow...

Author 87emma4 (6 months)
My Windows 7 Laptop (Toshiba Satellite p845t-101) doesn't even take that
long to load! And mine has a I3 processor!

Author paul everest (4 months)
First PC I used had Windows 3.11 for workgroups lol, XP was great, Win 7
great (my prefered OS) 8 and 8.1 not there yet, I use powerfull pc's not
Laptops, only reason I upgraded from XP was so I could use 32gig ram on my
normal pc

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