windows 7 vs windows 8

Prueba de arranque del nuevo windows 8 en su versión Developer Preview. La prueba fue realizada con 2 laptop ASUS modelo K42F sacadas de sus caja fueron formateadas una con windows 7 ultimate y la otras con windows 8.

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Author Jaydon PlaysGames (2 months)
My win7 is 10sec boot :D

Author Nikolai7Grizz (2 months)
Still.. windows 8 sucks.. not suitable for gaming :P

Author iMiner™ (6 days)
Windows 8 is just more aggresive

Author jh pvp (2 months)
Mac Awesome Windows 10 Good Windows 98 Pointless Windows 7 Good
Windows xp Good Windows 8.1 Good Windows 8 sucks windows

Author Nika Gvazava (2 months)
(Windows 7)Start Search Run 'msconfig' Boot,Timeout 20 to 15

Author Егор Бобров (2 months)
My windows 8.1 single language boot in 4 sec :D

Author Mike Duda (4 hours)
Its doesn't mater whats faster because if you have 4GB Ram it wil me start
if you have 32GB it wil be start in no time its on your pc self.

Author D3lV1n J0sE (4 months)
My Pc load windows 7 Too faster 

Author Олег хХх (3 months)
Автор попробуй поставить себе SSD. Откроешь много нового для себя судя по

Author Nedelescu Gabriel (1 month)
Man, that's bullshit, my win 7 starts in 10-15 seconds :)
And my sister's win 8 just like mine, 10-15 seconds...

Author Typ Jextredo (4 months)
SPANISH - Español
Bien bien... Llevo leyendo comentarios sobre "Windows 8 es caca, prefiero
Windows 7, viva Windows 7" que si tal, que si cual, y la verdad es que si
el comentario tiene argumentos, son bastante patéticos como "Windows 8 daña
tu disco duro mucho".
Sinceramente creo que la gente odia a Windows 8 por tres motivos. La
primera por no ser transparente (sí, por no tener Aero lo odian), la
segunda, por no saber usar una cosa distinta a la misma mierda que llevan
usando desde el 1995, y la tercera, por leer comentarios de otra gente que
también lo tachan de "asquerosidad". Me atrevería a decir que hay una
cuarta razón, la envidia. Ellos son conscientes de que nunca llegarán a
tener Windows 8 (por causas económicas, por ejemplo) y tienen que llenar
sus consciencias con odio, mucho odio, el cual después debe ser vaciado en
un comentario. Sólo eso, no estoy diciendo que Windows 7/Vista/XP sea peor
que otro, pero Windows 8 y 8.1 son buenos, ambos.

Edito: Lo he pensado de nuevo y hay otra razón. La gente piensa que lo que
están usando es bueno, y por tanto piensan que otra cosa que no estén
usando es mala. Esto radica además en el punto de la envidia.

ENGLISH - Inglés
Well well... I have read comments who said "Windows 8 is a piece of shit, I
prefer Windows 7 anyways, Windows 7 forever", and, if the comment has any
argument, it's really pathetic. I even have read "Windows 8 damages your
hard disk". Sincerely I think that people hates Windows 8 for this.
1. It isn't transparent. (Yes, it hasn't Aero!)
2. They don't know how to use a different thing. They are using a thing who
was first introduced in 1995 and they won't want to change it never.
3. They read comments that said the 2 previous points.
I'd even dare to say that they've got envy because they will never get
Windows 8 (economy, for example) and they have to fill their consciences
with hate, so much hate, who later has to be emptied in a comment. Just
that, I'm not saying Windows 7/Vista/XP is worse than other, but Windows
8/8.1 are good.

Edit: I thought it again and I noticed there is another reason. People
thinks that the thing what they're using is actually good, and they think
that other thing is worse than the one they're using.

Author Домик JPCVx'а (3 months)
windows 8 медленней 7 я то знаю он у меня 

Author Alberto andreas (13 days)
windows 8 and 8.1 is trashes! Not suitable for games! Windows 10 will be a

Author Night Fury (4 months)
Windows 8 it's still not better than Windows 7.Cus of the Bugs..

Author TankzOnline (1 month)
Win 8.1 + SDD
Apply Optimisation
Subtract Metro
Add Classic Start Menu

Result. Windows 7 but much much faster.

Author andi kasembaj (12 days)
my Pentium 4 2.66 ghz and 2gb ram boot in 35 seconds

Author Александр Цыбулин (19 days)
почисти комп и windows 7 загрузится быстрее

Author Максим123 (1 month)
кому как,я нах.,за винду 7!!!!!!!!!!

Author Mateusz Kwarciany (26 days)
Najpierw nazwałem MateuszK a potem MK14

Author Eduardo T (25 days)
Good morning I get to configure the windows 7 Ultimate that I guarantee
that he restarts much faster than the windows 8.1 without he/she doubts.
The windows 7 that you placed oh it was very slow.

Bom dia eu consigo configurar o windows 7 Ultimate que eu garanto que ele
reinicia muito mais rápido do que o windows 8.1 sem duvida.
O windows 7 que você colocou ai ficou muito lento.

Author егор титовец (2 months)
Да блять все это хуйня на 8 не одна не идет

Author Cack Wider™ (3 months)
windows 7 nvidia edition 2013 speed use

Author Graved3 (4 months)
windows 8.1 le vuela la raja al deficiente windows 7

Author xX.MIKI.Xx Gaming (20 days)
my win7 is 25sec boot

Author Diego Morales (5 months)
Me parece que windows 7 es mucho mejor que windows 8, yo tengo instalado
windos 7 64,profesional con un procesador core 2 Quak, con 4 gigas de
memoria ram y un disco duro de 2 teras, y de verdad no me puedo quejar es
muy fluido y no tiene los molestos pantallazos azules y cuelgues que tenia
wuindows xp, yo instale windows 8 en un disco de prueba y sinceramente las
versiones de windows 8 como su actualizacion 8,1 dejan mucho que desear,
aunque muchos usuarios digas que inicia mas rapido, prefiero quedarme con
windows 7, digan lo que digan

Author Ник Мирс (2 months)
Протестировали только установленную 8-ку и с Засранным реестром 7-ку,

Author xNak3zZ# (28 days)
my windows 8 It takes 5sec lol and I have computer table

Author GTA4143 (15 days)
Los Windows 8 es eso una de las mejores novedades que tiene,se inicia en
muy poco tiempo

Author Arez Graphics (1 month)
Windows 8 is the best right now it optimize you Ram and other good things 

Author Dima Galvronov (1 month)
I Decide...
Windows 8 sks
Well my brother uses it
windows 7... Yes...
Windows 7 is the best becuase it starts up in 15 seconds for me

Author mati ! (1 month)
widows 7 włącza się dłużej nież muj

Author InformersPl (3 months)
Very interesting test. I turned on my Acer in April 2013, a month ago I
mentioned it cooler (without turning off the laptop), I wish I would uptime
on emule, torrent and other programs. You see, if I had Windows 8 could
save those 30 seconds for one and a half year.

Author Willian Peng (1 month)
I'll fucking burn my PC if it takes more than 20 seconds to start. 

Author Edit Your Name Here (3 days)
My lenovo PC boots in 4secs with 2 SSD

Author XylosPL (4 months)
bery slow pc omg win 7 win plis bih

Author Dominika XD (10 days)
Windows 7 isn't good

Author MinezeemPlays (2 months)
your windows 7 pc is slow as hell, mine is about 7 sec

Author NaNa MovieStarPlanet (22 hours)

Author Илья Змарко (3 months)
че гоните, windows 8 должен запускаться не более чем 20-15 сек

Author Parmg100 (2 months)

Author İlyas Yıldırım (2 months)
windows 7 vs windows 8:

Author Joaquin Alarcon (1 month)
Ami no se me demora nada en cargar windows 7 

Author Прогулки ПоЮпитеру (29 days)
What a bullshit..

Author Виталий Куликов (3 months)
Восьмерка херня, у меня семерка на SSD через двадцать секунд я уже работаю
во всю

Author Liger CO. (2 months)
am I the only one who really like win8?

Author Yohandy Santana (10 days)
No pueden hablar en español

Author DjBattle WoW (1 month)
but why doing it on a shitty laptop?

Author Rubén Gómez Radioboy (5 months)
¿Por qué cuentas el tiempo de meter la contraseña? Eres un poco monguer

Author flamethrower4200 (5 months)
Technically, any computer can get a virus, OSX is no better than Windows :P
I think them both evenly, both have their ups and downs 

Author ArtoxGaming VD (4 months)
This was windows 8 alpha xD i have windows 8.1 in 5 seconds it's on

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