windows 7 vs windows 8

Prueba de arranque del nuevo windows 8 en su versión Developer Preview. La prueba fue realizada con 2 laptop ASUS modelo K42F sacadas de sus caja fueron formateadas una con windows 7 ultimate y la otras con windows 8.

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Author Dawid barnaś ( ago)
Windows 8 !

Author O.T.R ( ago)
My Laptop at windows 8 unlock to 5 second

Author Anime4 Mii ( ago)
I truly say yes my window 8 is 15 second
but my yoga window 10 is 7 second ooooohhh!!!

Author Alex Sklar ( ago)
What is Music in video??

Author Thomp Eli //McGamer902 ( ago)
it starts in 5.2 seconds

Author Thomp Eli //McGamer902 ( ago)
windows 7 is better

Author The diamond buster ( ago)
Woo windows 8 won. I love windows 8&8.1 because every 1 is different and
every1 has there own way of liken example: I like hot chocolate with
caramel and u prefer it plane! I love windows 8.1&8&10 so there is nothing
u can do about it!!!!!!!!!

Author Erik Sinus ( ago)
My windows xp Starts in 20 seconds

Author Syedul Hoque ( ago)
My windows 7 starts in 7 seconds on my fx8350 w/990x you joker

Author Anonymous Hacker ( ago)
My Window 8 Start Faster Than Your Both Laptop Windows 7 and 8 Took Lol

Author Destroyer Bg ( ago)
my laptops restarts for 14 seconds in windows 7

Author DaniTM Soy un amante de conejos y cerdos! ( ago)
My windows 7 starts in 16 seconds :v windows 8 is shit maaan.

Author lololjgjjgghg ( ago)
smart bluring out your passwrod

Author Isaac Gomes ( ago)
my old xp stated in 33sec now I updated to 10 it takes 10 seconds

Author Maurice Rainey ( ago)
I like Windows 8

Author Jason Lee ( ago)
I was able to install windows 7 onto my 16 GB USB 3.0 flash drive and boot
it off a 10 year old laptop under 40 seconds. Now I just question how it
was able to beat the laptop in the video. The laptop I used only had 2 GB
of RAM, and a 2 GHz Intel Duo CPU. I'm assuming that the laptop on the
right has a very slow hard drive for it to take that long.

Author MaxiM Plait ( ago)
дожили. раньше срались яблочники и виндузятники, линуксоиды и виндузятники,
андроиды и яблочники... теперь семёрочники и восьмёрочники срутся. а потом
десяточники начнут обсирать восьмёрочников и семёрочников. очнитесь уже -
вы всёравно виндузятники.

Author MaxiM Plait ( ago)
к чему это наебалово? запускайте и семёрку из ждущего режима тоже.
загрузится так же быстро.

Author Knuckles567AgkMaker ( ago)
windows 8 wins

Author Catalin Bodrug ( ago)
windows 7 is the best windows ever

Author mestre da diversão ( ago)
windows 7

Author Adolf Hitler ( ago)
my windows 8 start in 1second

Author ChRome Game ( ago)
My computer windows 7 and starts up 10 seconds

Author Erik Hale ( ago)
really my computer is alienware

Author Erik Hale ( ago)
:P my old computer window 7 take 12 second my new computer window 10 boot
up 5 second really it faster then 8.1 almost

Author Dominykas Vitkauskas ( ago)
7 is KILL

Author George GMC Sierra Denali ( ago)
Windows 7 is still the best Windows OS.

Author GcBoss BR ( ago)
Win7 best

Author XxX_Oziel Júnior_XxX ( ago)
Vencedora!!! = Windows 8

My Windows 7 starts up 8.3 seconds

Author andy vlogs ( ago)
windows 95

Author nunesz PLAY gamer ( ago)
o meu e windows 7

Author Library of Movies ( ago)
fuck windows 8

Author Sweet Girl ( ago)
el windows mas lento en prender q vi :v

Author DoraFTL TailsFTW VGCP ( ago)
My windows 10 starts in. for sakes 19.67 Seconds.

Author GamingBoy YT ( ago)
Wtf got he on his hand?

Author GamingBoy YT ( ago)
Windows 8 is better for gaming and work

Author n Atakan Atakan ( ago)
windows bu kadar değil abartma

Author Mastouri Mouhamedali ( ago)
Peapoles Was Re-upload YOUR VEDIO !

Author Duplo Gamer Br ( ago)
Lol Rlly windows 7 it's faster your computer (windows 7) it's to slow...

Author Kadri Paberit ( ago)
8 is a crap windows 7 is better 8 is just a piece of S##T!!!!!!

Author Jake Stevenson (Upsidey Jakey) ( ago)
song name

Author Deyvid Vinicius ( ago)
my Windows os ultimate final verdiano...

Author Harris Jr ( ago)
window 7 is better for gaming

Author Alan Huaysara Enciso ( ago)
windows xp in 15 seg

Author Алексей Антонович ( ago)
Нахуй ты замазал клаву при вводе пароля долбаёб

Author Tristan Pilat ( ago)
you can beter game on a windows 7

Author jailbreaker gamer ( ago)
windows 8 suck

Author Tiberiu Murșa ( ago)
o mai good

Author Flappy Doge ( ago)
My Windows 7 Start in 12 Seconds

Author Gibby Jibby ( ago)
Drumroll windows 7 is better.

Author Drago1995 ( ago)
i prefer using windows 8 vista themed but i can change it also to XP theme
and 7

Author GamingSlimeClub ( ago)
M Windows 7 boots the login screen in 16.24 seconds

Author TV상길 ( ago)
i thought windows 8 was release on August 1 2012.

Author Gabriel William da Silva ( ago)
This video is from November 2011. The final version of Windows 8 was only
launched in October 2012.

Author Baiatul Ninja ( ago)
Windows 8 best

Author К0зёлычь ( ago)
Windows 7 win.

Author Никита Куликов ( ago)

Author justin bob ( ago)
Windows 8 starts laging after 1 year....but honestly windows 7 is long life

Author Ahmet Dalbudak ( ago)
win 8 beatiful

Author OmgItsOsama ThEOlPenS ( ago)
guys windows 7 is better than 8.1 really

Author Luis Vega ( ago)
A mi windows 7 me inicia en 20 segundos en mi lenovo g405

Author Shaban Ilhan ( ago)
my windows 8.1 startet is 15 segond

Author Marcel Windisch ( ago)
das Lied bitte danke

Author HEROBRINE ( ago)
la windows 8 es mejor que la windows 7,como quisiera poder descargar
windows 8 :(

Author Optimiza tu PC ( ago)
Dicen que Windows 7 es mejor porque los demás dicen que es mejor... Pero no
lo es.

Author Артур Свинцов ( ago)
my win 10 start in 15 seconds

Author Aryan Yadav ( ago)
hey windows 7 is better

Author Windows And More ( ago)

Author HappyTown DaNyaNosOv ( ago)
так ты перед видео снять ты хорошенько засрал винду 7 и почистил это гавно
Виндовс 7 лучшая! Если сравнивать моя винда грузиться за 39 секунд!!!

Author Gabriel Elnahas ( ago)
+ Tamas Kreif yeah

Author Tech by Monta (248 years ago)
boot time doesent mean anything win 7 better than win 8 face it

Author Denis Indi ( ago)

Author DerpAnimations ( ago)
i'm sad beacuse i have windows 8 and everyone saying its the worst computer
and that windows 7 is better...
now i think my computer sucks....

Author Massive Destruction ( ago)
windows 7 much more usefull then windows 8 or windows 10 believe me :) , l
got windows 8 for 2 months and unistalled , windows 10 for even not 2 weaks
and unistalled too.

Author Ajisai Gordemilia ( ago)
My Windows 7 Start In 5 Min :v

Author Koert Bakker ( ago)
why would they cencore the password if we wont ever get our hands on their

Author Blackrider ( ago)
bulshit, i have windows 7 ssd disc time running windows 10 second

Author TinTaBraSS777 ( ago)
у восьмерки дико ублюдочный экран с какими то квадратами пидорскими которые
есть ярлычки предстановленных программ я их почти все снес на хуй и изменил
настройки так что у меня нормальный рабстол загружается как в висте или хр

Author TinTaBraSS777 ( ago)
эх дурачки вы дурачки на че вы покупаетесь как лошары последние любой
продвинутый юзер знает что время загрузки зависит от оптимизации системмы и
только то к стати у меня виста быстрее загружается чем обе показанные в
видео системмы

Author Никита Куликов ( ago)
как музло называется

Author Ivan Gamer_44 ( ago)
windows 8 stinks

Author troloface aza ( ago)
виндовс 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! я с ним родился!

Author CloudstormWilliam ( ago)
You must have a load of malware on windows 7.. My win7 pc boots in like 12
seconds with an ssd and with an hhd its only like 20 seconds,,

Author Zak Light ( ago)

Author Dimon CHANNEL ( ago)

Author MentosPL ( ago)
sorry my windows 7 starting on 20 second ( no SSD ) i have HDD

Author Windows7Fan 2016 ( ago)
Slate Mate tengo un windows 10! 2009 vs 2012 vs 2015

Author Yusuf Arslan - Minecraft ( ago)
la o win 8 8se calms amina Anza en hizli win7 her poku yuklemisler win 7 he
sonar amina

Author ProGamer 8907™ ( ago)
Windows 10

Author Sarang Sharma ( ago)
booo you have installed so many applications on your laptop2(win7)
is not booting fast

Author IVAN NUGGET ( ago)
i still like windows 7

Author adrian perez ( ago)
mejor 7

Author Gѳทzαρ૮14 ( ago)
My windows 7 start in 20 seconds, in HDD Hard Drive. :V?

Author Arda Oyunda ( ago)
yalancılılar windows 7 ondan kat kat daha hızlı açılıyor.

Author kaan cem Odemis ( ago)
very very very slow :)))) my system is starting 6,5 second (128 gb ssd with
sanbox pr. & win. 7 pro.) and machine is Fujitsu AH-532 (with 3 bios chip
and fast boot support.) and shut down 4,2 sec.

Author Руслан сергев ( ago)
у меня windows 8 в 10 раз быстрее

Author T2200350 ( ago)
My windows 9 boots 11 seconds and it was made in 2001

Author Jaroslaw Ziolek ( ago)

Author Наталія Брич ( ago)
my windows 7 1 seconds

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