windows 7 vs windows 8

Prueba de arranque del nuevo windows 8 en su versión Developer Preview. La prueba fue realizada con 2 laptop ASUS modelo K42F sacadas de sus caja fueron formateadas una con windows 7 ultimate y la otras con windows 8.

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Author MikeGame Tiven (1 year)
он видео тармазнул таково неможет быть если толька видеоката ахуенная

Author Rider450 (1 year)
your windows 7 laptop is crap thats why it booted later

Author Álvaro Gullon Vega (1 year)
All the Right Moves (Originally Performed By Onerepublic) [Karaoke Version]

Author Skrap (1 year)
my alien ware takes 10 sec to start

Author joshbellen (1 year)
windows 7 is gonna fudging win cause i have it im using it right now XD i
also have windows 8 lol its just the same windows8 is also FAST

Author Vojta Pater (1 year)
ssd?? for windows 8...XD§

Author patricia cooper (1 year)
Win 7 better

Author alternate241 (1 year)
Yeah I agree. For some reason I was thinking about it in terms of someone
who's getting a brand new rig, in which case one might as well just get W8.
But as an "upgrade," no it's not worth it. Unless one just really really
likes the metro look.

Author Геннадий Сурдейкин (1 year)
да,8 намного быстрее, Я это заметил сразу!

Author Zachary Bergquist (1 year)
Wow my HP pavilion g7 boots windows 8 in literally 5 seconds

Author Nesstle (1 year)
noo windows 8 is shit Mac os X is the Best (no virus, no lags......)

Author teki vodenizmaj (1 year)

Author Multai (1 year)

Author tacakuterchanel (1 year)
que chulo , tienes dos PC identicos,mi PC con windows 8 vas mas rapido que
la PC de mi padre,viva windows 8 ,es más seguro mas rapido , que mas se
puede pedir

Author adrian avila (1 year)
windows 8 es como para niños demasiado colorido a mi gusto y no tiene

Author Лёнчик Петунин (1 year)
да ладно 7 лучше 8гавно недороботанное

Author Deiwid Games (1 year)
windows 7 best fuck windows 8

Author Kevin Armas (1 year)
windows 7 is better

Author 5 Perservance (1 year)
Song name?

Author cesar arturo navarro conde (1 year)
mi hp i7 w7 solo se toma 1min desde arranque y en hinbernacion ni 10s me
quedo con mi w7 (Y)

Author Thom Appelman (1 year)
my acer w510 windows 8 tablet boots 2x faster than that win8 laptop

Author Сергей Слепушкин (1 year)
не вру 28 сек)))

Author mihai newb (1 year)
your laptops are very slow!!! mine is opening 20 sec XD

Author Miceo KORG (1 year)
Iam using win8, some advantage is better than win7

Author Lumii Maslow (1 year)
Windows 8 MANDA, windows 7 OBDC !!!

Author Amelia Gamer (1 year)
i still like windows 7

Author Elisheval (1 year)
I don't get what the big deal it is, about how long git takes your computer
to start up. Remember that when we loaded out hotmail account, we clicked
and left the computer to do something, only to return a few minutes later
when it was fully loaded. I do the same thing with the start up now. big

Author windows stuff (1 year)

Author SmarTrif Trif (1 year)
prefiero mas windows 8

Author Mariss Vizulis (1 year)
My too

Author дщд дщдщр (1 year)
Россия Тут!!!

Author Dante (1 year)

Author 007YTV (1 year)
Windows 8 is technically superior to Windows 7. To say Windows 7 is better
or vice's relative what may be good for you may not be good for
someone else.

Author XecutorAdun (1 year)
5-10% faster; 5-10 fps more; I stand by my point. Not worth the extra 100$,
and certainly not as an "upgrade" when nothing is really upgraded. I'd
rather spend that money when Windows gives me at least a 20-25% boost in
performance, taking full advantage of my hardware, and I get at least a
50-60% increase in FPS overall rather than 2-10% mediocre increases that I
can obtain and MORE using better hardware that would cost me about the same
in the end with trading + actual upgrades.

Author Kirrim (1 year)
I just got win 8, boots up in like 5 seconds while win 7 took like 20-15

Author cicooHD (1 year)
windows 8 sucks the best windows is 7 now and XP a few years ago !

Author Kiska (1 year)
Slowing down the Windows 7 one to advertise W8....ggwp

Author jake davison (1 year)
my pc with windows 8 boots up much faster then this

Author Diego Diaz López (1 year)
My Windows 7 is load faster

Author Tomaszu (1 year)
mi na laptopie w 12 jakoś

Author Paweł Danielewicz (1 year)
my 7 start in the 8 sec

Author pat peace (1 year)

Author nyer070 (1 year)
por que pokemon uno dos tres jalapeno hola si senior?

Author MuRaD AziMoV (1 year)

Author felipe andres toro ossandon (1 year)
el mio prende en 7 segundos windows 8

Author DuneChef (1 year)
Taco's YEA!!!

Author スピード トップ (1 year)
your laptop very slow. my Acer extensa 4630 Intel Celeron ^^ 2.2ghz 2Gb
memory start win 8 in 22s, and 54s for win 7

Author windows stuff (1 year)

Author huberto0055 (1 year)
hah ciekawe co to za gowniany moim porzeraczu gierek(tak jestem
porabany na tym punkcie) windows 7 uruchamia sie w jakies 15-20 sec.

Author Sandijs Ozols (1 year)
7 one sucks.

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