windows 7 vs windows 8

Prueba de arranque del nuevo windows 8 en su versión Developer Preview. La prueba fue realizada con 2 laptop ASUS modelo K42F sacadas de sus caja fueron formateadas una con windows 7 ultimate y la otras con windows 8.

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Author Shannell Savy ( ago)
Windows 7/Vista Sux

Author youtube Lenovo ( ago)
windows 8 winner windows 7 Loser

Author robloxcool102 ( ago)
windows 7 is bad.

Author the pro gamer hd ( ago)
windows 8 is performance big of windows 7

Author m hrašč ( ago)
windows 8 is one peace of shit

Author Domagoj Golem ( ago)
Why do you hate Windows 8. It is a perfectly good OS. I think that people hate Windows 8 so much beacause of the start screen. You could just install Classic Shell and it will be a good OS

Author Zenith/Charmx Reacts/Gaming-and more ( ago)
windows 8 for win.

Author DR Ahmed ( ago)
windows 7 wins

Author General ColonialLRSergeant ( ago)
Windows 98 (Bad) Windows XP (Good, OK for real) Windows Vista (Bad) Windows 7 (Good) Windows 8 (Really Bad) Windows 8.1(Really Bad with upgrade) now is Windows 10 (Best) Like if you agree.

Author 2009Windows7 ( ago)
I can't believe Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 ! lol

Author Alberto San ( ago)
Mmmm, no me parece del todo, interesante la revision, sin embargo, tengo una portatil similar y w7 tarda menos en iniciar, hablo de 35 seg aprox y no uso ssd, creo que algo debe faltar de configurar u optimizar. También w8 no se apaga por completo, solo se suspende o hiberna cada vez que se le da apagar, y eso se nota muy fácil, digamos que eso es una trampa usada por microsoft, al anular dicha opción tarda mucho más en iniciar.
Pero buen intento, gracias por el video :)

Author Edwards Rodriguez ( ago)
falso amigo su video yo tengo windows 7 con disco solido y me enciende en 10 segundos

Author Fazer 007 ( ago)
your laptop is slow lol

Author NIGGAFIST ( ago)
Which window uses less ram

Author 2009Windows7 ( ago)

Author John Kamis ( ago)
My grand ma runs windows 8 on asus

Author Cmd Tricks 2017TM ( ago)
Windows 7 sucks

Author 2009Windows7 ( ago)
I can't believe this : Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 .. xD

Author Vlad Fishermann ( ago)
Sorry but on my Lenovo WITHOUT SSD Win 8.1 boot is almost instant - Win 7 took some time to fully load system. Anyway Win7 is still the best ;)

Author emo4440 ( ago)
what a dumass... its the hardware that affects performance

Author Laid to Rest ( ago)
Windows 7 ist verdammt schnell (linker Computer) wisst ihr überhaupt wo Windows 7 und oder Windows 8 War als ihr das Video bearbeitet habt. ROFL #loser

Author Vlad Shumahyer ( ago)
у меня бтстро грузит 7

Author Muhammet Ali ÜNAL ( ago)
windows 8

Author Jackson Dathan Podcasts ( ago)
Windows 7 is shit. Windows vista rules

Author Martin Ježek ( ago)
Windows startup speed also depends on how much disk space is saved souborů.A also Windows 8 will not shut down completely, so start faster

Author Алексей Сергеевич ( ago)
че за пиздешь?! у меня windows 7 загрузка за 45 секунд максимум. самая быстрая загрузка была 25 секунд. скрытая реклама без понтовой windows 8.

Author MispuaniGeneration ( ago)
what the heck i cant borrow your laptop...but why you blur password...idiot guy

Author xEfeYT ( ago)
Yanlız Bu Bilgisayardan Bilgisayara Baya Farklılık Gosterebilir Ayni Sistemlerden De Olsa Windows 7 ile windows 7 kapışşa hangisi daha sonra uretilmişşe o kazanır Boyle Seylere Aldanmayın

Author Roberto ( ago)
a questão não e a inicialização , gostaria de ver o desempenho para jogos e outras coisas

Author Luiz Felipe Rabelo ( ago)
windows 8 i have windows 10

Author Ferus Plays ( ago)
Windows8: It's super fast but its hardware sucks so much , it fucking crushes when i run a game maker file , my pc's hardisk is killed by running a game maker file on win8.1
Game maker studio didn't even work for me it's fucking Operating system
and the second hardisk was killed by a blue error , because my sister tried to delete a sessionv

Author DimitarGraphics ( ago)
That's why i LOVE Win8

Author BLACK FOXER ( ago)
nice wiindows 8 version

Author Fantasyhochzwei ( ago)
My PC starts under 15 sec...

Author MATEO_YT ( ago)
Ingleses pajero no ven que este video es español

Author Samuel_ Play_Br ( ago)
Windows 7 has a problem with the original video> .. MY windows 7 starts in less than 10 seconds

Author Tommiehawk // Playstation fanboy ( ago)
Windows 7 ftw

Author power ranger ( ago)
everybody which one do you like better

Author DTM GAMING ( ago)
My starting in 10 sec

Author NA'VI Pro ( ago)
Konepno windows 8 bastree pem windows 7

Author Old Technology Archive ( ago)
My windows 7 starts in 20 seconds.

It also depends on what kind of hard drive you have.

If you have a rotation drive it will be slower then SSD drive.

Author Jeżyk ( ago)
Windows 7 lepszy

Author Andrés Wolf 3 ( ago)
My windows 8.1 8 segundos

Author DingDownGames ( ago)
windows 8 win

which one is better??

Author مقالب مضحكة ( ago)
win 8.1

Author Springtrap Killer ( ago)

Author BeyBlade Metal Fusion ( ago)
windows7 wins

Author beat boxelgaming ( ago)
away and run realli fast

Author beat boxelgaming ( ago)
my window 7 when boot up and 4 of ball come rirght ây

Author lascha 2nd ( ago)
I Am Use a
TOHISBA Man.....

Author Blackstar64 ( ago)
You know whats better than windows 10? windows 1.0

Author Haridev V K ( ago)
It is the problem of your computer.Windows 8 takes double boot time than 7 in same computer.

Author xDarkGamingRo ( ago)
my laptop has been started in 3 seconds

Author Davin Peterson ( ago)
Microsoft added fast boot in Windows 8 which explains why it boots faster than Windows 7

Author Onur Yağmur ( ago)
My PC Windows 7 Unlock to 3 second hahahaha

Author ASPHEAR 124 ( ago)
my windows 7 starts in 51 seconds just from booting

Author DAVID ANGOL ( ago)
jajajajaj mi windows 7 se demora 12 segundos en entrar a escritorio

Author Pablitorrinco ( ago)
eso cuando recien formateado, luego w8 se pone cada vez mas lento, yo me regreso a w7

Author Ali Haider ( ago)
My Window 8 just start at 4 5 seconds and see he has slow laptops how can he compare that hahahaha

Author iGEIOPvP ( ago)
my windows 8.1 starts in 12 sec

Author S&NGaming ( ago)
that's the developer preview. the only thing that's the Sam in dev prev is the start menu

Author Mr. Box face ( ago)
my windows 7 is so not that slow...

Author Zigs Tech ( ago)
good work! i subed

Author Riku Salanne ( ago)
idk what toasters those are, but i have Win 7 and it boots around 8 sec......

Author TITAN MACHY ( ago)
i hawe good SSD 6Gbs and 32GB ddr3 1866mhz and great motherboard,and good 2x card r9 280x crossfire and my pc boot up for 6
sec with windows 8

Author Druida Loco ( ago)
my pc in 8 sec

Author Andrés Hormazábal ( ago)
Resultados:Windows 8: 48.00 Windows 7: 1:07.99 Se Retraso 1 Segundo en editar este video no es el video del tiempo

Author thufail nasreen ( ago)
My Windows 7 loads in 24 sec

Author mAzEKillerツ ( ago)
My computer starts up 4-5 seconds

Author Santora 875 ( ago)
My Windows 7 startup in 30 seconds

Author Max Chernogolov ( ago)
Это же мой комп)

Author Zaczero ( ago)
my laptop my windows 8.1 a unlock 4 secound i what

Author higfny ( ago)
How on earth did you manage to find a PC that used over one minute to boot win 7? My old laptop did it in less than 25 seconds.

Author juanpax64 ( ago)
windows 8 sucks, windows 8.1 the best

Author Karan kainth ( ago)
my windows 7 starts in 13 sec from booting

Author Selim Llugagjia ( ago)
You idiot it dephents in Programs and How Fast is System

Author The Real Knight ( ago)
Windows 8 The Best!!

Author Brian tangyk ( ago)
Unfair cause Windows 7 Has no Password and Windows 8 Has password so I takes longer

Author Moonman ( ago)
If you have solid state drive, it won't matter what operating system you use. You're computer will login at a pretty solid rate anyway.

Author What Cookie's? ( ago)
What is the name of that song???

Author MaviEnderMan TR ( ago)
my laptop at windows 7 unlock to 10 & 15 second

Author Kiwikee ! ( ago)
1:25 Youre computer slow... My computer is Windows 7 and it loads 35 mp... .-.

Author Minato320 2K17 ( ago)
fuck u windows 8
suck my dick windows 7 it's mlg!!!!!!

Author Andrés Acevedo ( ago)
Yo tengo windows 7 en mi laptop e inicia mas rapido que esa con windows 8

Author iPhone ( ago)
Windows 8 is the best!

Author ADC Fire ( ago)
That helps me a quick on whether the performance is affected

Author Baris Berat Balci ( ago)
first compoeter is Vindovz 8 Depeloper prewiew

Author maxig065 ( ago)
jaja le cubre la contraseña como si alguien fuera a copiarla jaja

Author Nuria Rodrigo ( ago)
es mentira mi Windows 7 no tarda tanto troleros >:(

Author UnicornioDrogado ( ago)
El Window 10 se enciendo en 15 segundos

Author Gameboy Lynch ( ago)
stop sponsred ads!

Author Doktor Mangal ( ago)
Windows 8 WİN :D

Author Hüseyin Duman ( ago)
win 7 pc sağda yazısı solda saçmalgıı kes

Author Wishi ( ago)
My windows 7 has started by 30 sec

Author Stanley Angelino ( ago)
Windows 7 starts for minutes; f*cking slow! But it's still the second best 'cause it has better performance + speed but long boot time!

Author Gabriel Bejko ( ago)
and i know that password is 83829

Author Gabriel Bejko ( ago)

Author 게임의시작 ( ago)
windows7 is lost, but i like windows7

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