windows 7 vs windows 8

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  • Prueba de arranque del nuevo windows 8 en su versión Developer Preview. La prueba fue realizada con 2 laptop ASUS modelo K42F sacadas de sus caja fueron formateadas una con windows 7 ultimate y la otras con windows 8.
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  • Зарастроика

    Guys, chill~ Windows 8.1 looks gorgeous, Metro UI all fullscreen · which I personally prefer · and it's awesome, ye just didn't figure out· Looks like ye don't even try! Swiping from the right · Swipe with mouse = put the cursor on top left/right screen corner and go down with it · will open Charms, where ye can access important functions everywhere in the PC, like shutdown, reboot, search anything system-wide · includes those hard-to-find Panel control options! · and web-wide, swiping from the left ye can manage right-clicking and go to other open · includes Desktop/Classic UI itself · apps left-clicking· Inside Metro apps, just click with the right button for more stuff· If ye go top down with the cursor, the toolbar will show up! If top up, it'll appear a black bar where ye can see the app icon, its title, minimize and close buttons, just like traditional windows in the classic UI· Anything, read the Help app thing, if it's still not enough, search videotutorials on YouTube· Guys, it's not THAT hard, PUHLEASE· No drama! A_A

  • Jayden Gailpo lol
    Jayden Gailpo lol 4 days ago

    that's why you need windows 8

  • Gaming Punch
    Gaming Punch 4 days ago

    windows 7 (shit) windows 7 sp1 (WTF MLG OS)

  • Eron Channel!
    Eron Channel! 10 days ago

    You'r pc are fucking low

  • Santi12008
    Santi12008 11 days ago

    4 years using Windows 7. I am very bored of Windows 7 now. I want to upgrade to Windows 8.

  • Roblox YT
    Roblox YT 12 days ago

    windows 8 WINS THE LOADING

  • Roblox YT
    Roblox YT 12 days ago

    Windows 7 Best Windows 8 Best windows 10 Peace of shit

  • Klevis Alliu
    Klevis Alliu 12 days ago

    wich build of windows 8 have you

  • Kaneki Castellon
    Kaneki Castellon 12 days ago

    the best windows 7

  • AlexrazgChannel SUPER

    ПОЛНЫЙ БРЕД!!! СКОРОСТЬ ЗАГРУЗКИ ЗАВИСИТ ОТ ЖЕЛЕЗА И АВТОЗАПУСКА!!! У меня Windows 7 и загружается она не за 1:07, а за 30 СЕКУНД МАКСИМУМ!!!!!

  • Abhinav Bhargava
    Abhinav Bhargava 16 days ago

    my windows 7 start in 20 seconds

  • XOmegaX
    XOmegaX 20 days ago

    thanks passwords

  • Sathiaseelan Sundaralingam

    my windows 7 takes 3 secs

  • Pac man
    Pac man 21 day ago

    Windows vista is not shit me got windows vista is not end me like windows vista

  • RobloxCatGamer
    RobloxCatGamer 23 days ago

    I have the windows 8 Upgraded to 10 but it isn''t shit is also good for gaming for work and things like that i had the 7 but it was so slow i had to buy the 8 later i upgraded it to 10 and the 8 is faster

  • RoyalWolfGamingYT Official

    I like windows 3.1 cuz it has copy and paste :P

  • Calvin Abad
    Calvin Abad 28 days ago

    Windows 8 was beta when this video was uploaded

  • Calvin Abad
    Calvin Abad 28 days ago

    My Asus desktop boots up into Windows after 25-30 seconds

  • Debjit Chowdhury
    Debjit Chowdhury 1 month ago

    In my Opinion

    Windows 95 - Shit

    Windows XP - Good but I don't like UI

    Windows 7 - Better and I like UI

    Windows 8.1- Fastest Windows ever

    Windows 10 - Best but so sucks

    64bit Operating system is more stable than 32bit operating system

  • BeenGames
    BeenGames 1 month ago

    Windows 98 (Shit) Windows XP (Good) Windows Vista (good) Windows 7 (Better) Windows 8 (Better than 7) Windows 8.1(God Os) now is Windows 10 (Peace of shit) Like ho is agree with me.

  • Василий Хрущёв

    что за бред??!! ноут запускается больше минуты!!! автор ты ебанутый если думаешь что все кроме тебя тупые, дебилу понятно что с семеркой или с ноутом на котором она стоит что-то не так!!!!

  • Roblox & Minecraft Tourials


  • planeta universal dos games

    windwos 8 perto do windows 7 ultimante e mto pessado pega um premioun ou profesional mudaria windwos 8 e so beleza e rapidez mais da mto erro em tdo mais o 7 roda tdo sem dar erro pra que a pessa se ele roda tdo de boa pra um windows 8 que nao roda nada e da mto erro em jogos e mto mais

  • Windows 8
    Windows 8 1 month ago

    Wow. It Looks Like I'm Faster. I Have Many Haters Because Microsoft Made Me Have A Crappy Metro. :'(

  • Bait
    Bait 1 month ago

    what is the music?

  • Kamil xD 0000
    Kamil xD 0000 1 month ago

    Who watches this in 2017? xD

  • Harlok
    Harlok 1 month ago

    Windows 7 is crap, the best is 10 or 8.1

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 29 days ago

      Nerviss ツ Windows 8 is dog crap, Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 is good

  • the monster 800
    the monster 800 1 month ago

    WiNDOWS 8.1 wins

  • Az8ova !
    Az8ova ! 1 month ago

    windows xp best of all windows like iphone 4s best of all iphone !!!!4ever

  • Maria José Cravino Lopes

    fake the Windows 7 is maxim of whats Windows 8

  • aaronT FPV
    aaronT FPV 1 month ago

    lol my windows 7 pc is a i5 6500 16gb ram and gtx 750 ti and it boots up in 5 seconds

  • Christian Luis Quimno

    windows 8.1 boots faster on my toshiba laptop
    its 8 seconds of boot time
    5 Seconds of Log In
    for the total of 13 seconds
    secret: intel core i3 processor

  • Shannell Savy
    Shannell Savy 2 months ago

    Windows 7/Vista Sux

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 1 month ago

      Shannell Savy Windows Vista was not 7, however it was remade

  • SRT 철덕
    SRT 철덕 2 months ago

    windows 8 winner windows 7 Loser

  • mini tv
    mini tv 2 months ago

    windows 7 is bad.

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 28 days ago

      robloxcool102 Windows 8.0 is dog crap

  • the pro gamer hd
    the pro gamer hd 2 months ago

    windows 8 is performance big of windows 7

  • m hrašč
    m hrašč 2 months ago

    windows 8 is one peace of shit

  • Domagoj Golem
    Domagoj Golem 2 months ago

    Why do you hate Windows 8. It is a perfectly good OS. I think that people hate Windows 8 so much beacause of the start screen. You could just install Classic Shell and it will be a good OS

  • Zenith Dreams
    Zenith Dreams 2 months ago

    windows 8 for win.

  • DR Ahmed
    DR Ahmed 2 months ago

    windows 7 wins

  • General ColonialArcesilaus

    Windows 98 (Bad) Windows XP (Good, OK for real) Windows Vista (Bad) Windows 7 (Good) Windows 8 (Really Bad) Windows 8.1(Really Bad with upgrade) now is Windows 10 (Best) Like if you agree.

    • General ColonialArcesilaus
      General ColonialArcesilaus 24 days ago

      Because you installed viruses

    • TheGoldenSwifter
      TheGoldenSwifter 24 days ago

      LOL windows 10 is actually more laggy than the windows 8

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 28 days ago

      General ColonialLRSergeant My windows 10 desktop boots up after 25-30 seconds

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 1 month ago

      General ColonialLRSergeant Windows 8.1's problems were the start menu

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 1 month ago

      General ColonialLRSergeant I have 2 computers (currently). One is a Windows 10 PC and one is a Windows 8.1 PC. I use the 8.1 PC for photoshopping. Soon, I will have 3 computers. Two Windows 10 computers and 1 Windows 8.1 PC

  • DaveStyle
    DaveStyle 2 months ago

    I can't believe Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 ! lol

  • Alberto San
    Alberto San 2 months ago

    Mmmm, no me parece del todo, interesante la revision, sin embargo, tengo una portatil similar y w7 tarda menos en iniciar, hablo de 35 seg aprox y no uso ssd, creo que algo debe faltar de configurar u optimizar. También w8 no se apaga por completo, solo se suspende o hiberna cada vez que se le da apagar, y eso se nota muy fácil, digamos que eso es una trampa usada por microsoft, al anular dicha opción tarda mucho más en iniciar.
    Pero buen intento, gracias por el video :)

  • Edwards  Rodriguez
    Edwards Rodriguez 3 months ago

    falso amigo su video yo tengo windows 7 con disco solido y me enciende en 10 segundos

  • entertaining things
    entertaining things 3 months ago

    your laptop is slow lol

    NIGGAFIST 3 months ago

    Which window uses less ram

  • DaveStyle
    DaveStyle 3 months ago


  • John Kamis
    John Kamis 3 months ago

    My grand ma runs windows 8 on asus

  • Cmd Tricks 2017TM
    Cmd Tricks 2017TM 3 months ago

    Windows 7 sucks

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 28 days ago

      Cmd Tricks 2017TM Windows 8 sucks, get Windows 7,8.1 and 10

  • DaveStyle
    DaveStyle 3 months ago

    I can't believe this : Windows 8 is better than Windows 7 .. xD

  • Vlad Fishermann
    Vlad Fishermann 3 months ago

    Sorry but on my Lenovo WITHOUT SSD Win 8.1 boot is almost instant - Win 7 took some time to fully load system. Anyway Win7 is still the best ;)

  • emo4440
    emo4440 3 months ago

    what a dumass... its the hardware that affects performance

  • Laid to Rest
    Laid to Rest 3 months ago

    Windows 7 ist verdammt schnell (linker Computer) wisst ihr überhaupt wo Windows 7 und oder Windows 8 War als ihr das Video bearbeitet habt. ROFL #loser

  • Vlad Shumahyer
    Vlad Shumahyer 3 months ago

    у меня бтстро грузит 7

  • Muhammet Ali ÜNAL
    Muhammet Ali ÜNAL 3 months ago

    windows 8

  • Jackson Dathan Podcasts

    Windows 7 is shit. Windows vista rules

    • Calvin Abad
      Calvin Abad 29 days ago

      Jackson Dathan Podcasts Windows Vista SP0 is dog crap

  • Martin Ježek
    Martin Ježek 4 months ago

    Windows startup speed also depends on how much disk space is saved souborů.A also Windows 8 will not shut down completely, so start faster

  • Алексей Сергеевич

    че за пиздешь?! у меня windows 7 загрузка за 45 секунд максимум. самая быстрая загрузка была 25 секунд. скрытая реклама без понтовой windows 8.

  • MispuaniGeneration
    MispuaniGeneration 4 months ago

    what the heck i cant borrow your laptop...but why you blur password...idiot guy

    • Yarsan Hoessain
      Yarsan Hoessain 3 months ago

      Because that's the password to his Microsoft account, not just his laptop..

  • Roberto
    Roberto 4 months ago

    a questão não e a inicialização , gostaria de ver o desempenho para jogos e outras coisas

  • Luiz Felipe Rabelo
    Luiz Felipe Rabelo 4 months ago

    windows 8 i have windows 10

  • DimitarGraphics
    DimitarGraphics 4 months ago

    That's why i LOVE Win8

    BLACK FOXER 4 months ago

    nice wiindows 8 version

  • Fantasyhochzwei
    Fantasyhochzwei 4 months ago

    My PC starts under 15 sec...

    MATEO_YT 5 months ago

    Ingleses pajero no ven que este video es español

  • Samuel_ Play_Br
    Samuel_ Play_Br 5 months ago

    Windows 7 has a problem with the original video> .. MY windows 7 starts in less than 10 seconds

  • Tommiehawk // Playstation fanboy

    Windows 7 ftw

  • power ranger
    power ranger 5 months ago

    everybody which one do you like better

    DTM GAMING 5 months ago

    My starting in 10 sec

  • STALKER Борзый
    STALKER Борзый 5 months ago

    Konepno windows 8 bastree pem windows 7

  • Old Technology Archive

    My windows 7 starts in 20 seconds.

    It also depends on what kind of hard drive you have.

    If you have a rotation drive it will be slower then SSD drive.

  • Jeżyk
    Jeżyk 5 months ago

    Windows 7 lepszy

  • Andrés Wolf 3
    Andrés Wolf 3 5 months ago

    My windows 8.1 8 segundos

    ULTIMATE UZUMAKI 5 months ago

    which one is better??

  • astora game
    astora game 5 months ago

    win 8.1

  • Spring_Trap YT
    Spring_Trap YT 6 months ago


  • BeyBlade Metal Fusion
    BeyBlade Metal Fusion 6 months ago

    windows7 wins

  • beat boxelgaming
    beat boxelgaming 6 months ago

    away and run realli fast

  • beat boxelgaming
    beat boxelgaming 6 months ago

    my window 7 when boot up and 4 of ball come rirght ây

  • lascha 2nd
    lascha 2nd 6 months ago

    I Am Use a
    TOHISBA Man.....

  • Blax
    Blax 6 months ago

    You know whats better than windows 10? windows 1.0

    • CORE i7
      CORE i7 11 days ago

      DimitarGraphics There is.

    • DimitarGraphics
      DimitarGraphics 4 months ago

      Amm... There's no such an version like 1.0.... Its 1.01 but I agree with you...

    • Dariuz V5
      Dariuz V5 4 months ago

      APG Agree

  • Haridev V K
    Haridev V K 6 months ago

    It is the problem of your computer.Windows 8 takes double boot time than 7 in same computer.

  • xDarkGamingRo
    xDarkGamingRo 6 months ago

    my laptop has been started in 3 seconds

  • Davin Peterson
    Davin Peterson 7 months ago

    Microsoft added fast boot in Windows 8 which explains why it boots faster than Windows 7

    • Thomas West
      Thomas West 4 months ago

      No the computer they used with windows 7 was crap. My computer with windows 7 beats the crap out of that windows 8 computer.

      Boots in less then 30 seconds unless it has to install updates.

    • Jansel Kenneth Tolentino
      Jansel Kenneth Tolentino 5 months ago

      ULTIMATE UZUMAKI Nope. Just better in startup but Windows 7 is generally faster

      ULTIMATE UZUMAKI 5 months ago

      Davin Peterson so is win8 better than win7??

  • Onur Yağmur
    Onur Yağmur 7 months ago

    My PC Windows 7 Unlock to 3 second hahahaha

  • No Name
    No Name 7 months ago

    my windows 7 starts in 51 seconds just from booting

    DAVID ANGOL 7 months ago

    jajajajaj mi windows 7 se demora 12 segundos en entrar a escritorio

  • Pablitorrinco
    Pablitorrinco 7 months ago

    eso cuando recien formateado, luego w8 se pone cada vez mas lento, yo me regreso a w7

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider 7 months ago

    My Window 8 just start at 4 5 seconds and see he has slow laptops how can he compare that hahahaha

  • iGEIOPvP
    iGEIOPvP 8 months ago

    my windows 8.1 starts in 12 sec

    OS REVIEWS 8 months ago

    that's the developer preview. the only thing that's the Sam in dev prev is the start menu

  • Mr. Box face
    Mr. Box face 8 months ago

    my windows 7 is so not that slow...

  • Zigs Tech
    Zigs Tech 8 months ago

    good work! i subed

  • Riku Salanne
    Riku Salanne 8 months ago

    idk what toasters those are, but i have Win 7 and it boots around 8 sec......

    TITAN MACHY 8 months ago

    i hawe good SSD 6Gbs and 32GB ddr3 1866mhz and great motherboard,and good 2x card r9 280x crossfire and my pc boot up for 6
    sec with windows 8

  • Druida LocoYT
    Druida LocoYT 8 months ago

    my pc in 8 sec

  • Andrés Hormazábal
    Andrés Hormazábal 8 months ago

    Resultados:Windows 8: 48.00 Windows 7: 1:07.99 Se Retraso 1 Segundo en editar este video no es el video del tiempo

  • thufail nasreen
    thufail nasreen 8 months ago

    My Windows 7 loads in 24 sec

  • mAzEKillerツ
    mAzEKillerツ 9 months ago

    My computer starts up 4-5 seconds

  • Santora 875
    Santora 875 9 months ago

    My Windows 7 startup in 30 seconds

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