Sonic Flash : Trolls Unleashed Episode 1

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Caution : May contain flashing lights

EPISODE ONE OF MY NEW SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (credits are shown at the end)

Sequal to Nega Sonic Unleashed.

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Runtime: 9:01
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Author Mateo Shibar (1 month)
I hate animations with sounds of dragon ball z

Author james jeffers-bell (6 months)
Tonic is 2 op

Author Sigma Shade (4 months)
+supershadow124 What sfx packs do you use?

Author Hypernova2k (6 months)
And just out of curiosity, what happened to the old series, I know it was
canceled at like season 7, but do those files even exist anymore? They Were

Author Hypernova2k (6 months)
Amazing! Very Nice Use of Flash animation and Sfx!
I have been a fan of your flashes for about 7 years, Wishing I had my own
sheezyart when I was like 8 so that I could do it like you could. Very Nice!

Author glenn williams (5 years)
nice vid

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
thanks man

Author mew2123 (5 years)
LOL 5:25 super monkey shit!

Author fawfulmark2 (5 years)
SEIZURETASTIC!!! this show was quite fun. I especially like how it pokes
fun at recolors and uberhairs. there were a lot of parts were it moved way
too damn fast, but it's still cool. 5/5

Author RavFrom Yetti (5 years)

Author kAanimation an epic season (2 years)

Author MKfan888 (1 year)
I love how everyone in your videos is OP as fuck...lmao, amazing work. XD

Author natalman (5 years)
Thats the point Oo Trolls are idiots thats just like them XD

Author sonicfan2367 (4 years)
lol at 2:00 IMAH FIRE IN MA LAZOR :D

Author Yagoshi300 (2 years)
a fan series

Author leo12scar12 (5 years)
hey supershadow124 this is Leo12scar12 But this is one of the two users of
this profile Im scar the hedgehog you wanna be pals and hang out on you tube

Author LazyHedgehog1 (4 years)
I Can't Follow your Plot xD Everything is so Fucking Fast! Isn't there a
slow part in your animations? Everytime i watch 1 its multiple Fast
hedgehogs killing eachother O.o (Which brings to the fact that why are most
fancharacters only hedgehogs)

Author TheGrandApostles (3 years)
OMG Its an original character lol

Author kai1100 (5 years)
dude awsome job 5/5

Author alex milligan (1 year)
recolor's are the trolls that look like the others.

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
Sorry about that.. i thought the converter wouldn't take the actionscript
code of the Spacebar thing in flash.

Author PurpleFruitss (3 years)
*Flash Renamed* - Recolour Rhape.

Author ArrowTheHedgehog (1 year)

Author Jerson Grino (1 year)
battlefield 3 trolls do u like c4

Author swantononu (5 years)
tonic is twisted he thinks flare snd the others are recolours

Author SonicBrosBrawl (3 years)
Fight Fast!!!

Author Abdur Olajuwon (5 years)

Author TheSupersonicwind (1 year)
love the fight! Silver, knuxx , akuma and the othet vs tonic

Author alajoagra (5 years)
Holy crap! that explosion is huge! could you send me those sprites you'd be
a big help!please!!!!!

Author Lawrence Pearyer (9 months)

Author ZxXDragonXxZ (4 years)
Tonic is an idiot! He's the only recolor! The others are customs. lol he's
a dumbass

Author Blu TheFox (4 years)

Author RavFrom Yetti (5 years)
can u give me the standing pose of Tonic plz

I was kinda in a state of shock and blacked out during the first fight

Author hypershadic3 (5 years)
did you use the v-cam to shake you background

Author supershadow124 (5 years)

Author supershadow124 (5 years)

Author darkspineshanic (4 years)
TIME! Can you tell me where I can find it so I can watch it again? It's
been years since I've seen it.

Author sonicdxish (3 years)

Author kAanimation an epic season (2 years)
OMG TONIC he stole the emreded's

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
XD lol

Author Robloxmaker2 (4 years)
OMG Recolors... Lol ^.^

Author SuperShadow1010 (5 years)
Tonic; OMG RECOLORS*Ike comes out of nowehre* Ike: The...Hell? *beats the
crap out of Tonic*

Author sonicboy00 (5 years)
hey awsome hey just wondering can i use some of yur sprites

Author sonikkrokks143 (5 years)

Author superskymetal (1 year)
you just got pwned by a trolllololol

Author John Baglio (1 year)
@0@==================== Ima firin mah lazah!

Author Bart Zaborowski (1 year)
Wtf is a recolor??? The fuk is up with this shit?!

Author ty (1 year)
ok ..first of all the animation is to damn fast and sll of his animations
are to fast and played out look at others aniamtions its like the main
point of the animation is everyone fighting eachother all the damn time for
no reason at all

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
XD maybe

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