Sonic Flash : Trolls Unleashed Episode 1

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EPISODE ONE OF MY NEW SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (credits are shown at the end)

Sequal to Nega Sonic Unleashed.

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Author Mary Spivey ( ago)

Author Zack Dinh ( ago)

Author Conner Hopkins ( ago)
oh crap TONIC U MUST die 4 killing Amy n tails go SONIC bo shadow

Author Juan Aguilar ( ago)
Someone should do a reaction video on this

Author PSI Squid Kid ( ago)
ok, Tonic is SO OP. come to think of it. almost all the trolls are (hence
their name XP)

Author Lawrence Pearyer ( ago)

Author Lawrence Pearyer ( ago)
ss124 vicious is on me.

Author Ladi Omole ( ago)
You just got robbed son.

Author PAK-FA Ace ( ago)

Author TheSupersonicwind ( ago)
love the fight! Silver, knuxx , akuma and the othet vs tonic

Author MKfan888 ( ago)
I love how everyone in your videos is OP as fuck...lmao, amazing work. XD

Author christian williams ( ago)
my favorite character is Akuma.... I dont know why...???? AKUMA IS

Author Christian Repass ( ago)
where is shadow goddamnet

Author MasterDisaster64 ( ago)
Good to know that this is a parody because of those DBZ names.

Author James Johnson ( ago)
"Super monkey shit" ? Lol Dafuq?

Author TheIceBlade ( ago)
sooo is tails evil now? it seems like he is VERY angry at sonic

Author ty ( ago)
ok ..first of all the animation is to damn fast and sll of his animations
are to fast and played out look at others aniamtions its like the main
point of the animation is everyone fighting eachother all the damn time for
no reason at all

Author superskymetal ( ago)
you just got pwned by a trolllololol

Author giovanni ( ago)
Recolors must die

Author Tenaya Glanton ( ago)
wow lol thought i neva see the day lol

Author alex milligan ( ago)
recolor's are the trolls that look like the others.

Author erika garcia ( ago)

Author Bart Zaborowski ( ago)
Wtf is a recolor??? The fuk is up with this shit?!

Author PatVX1 ( ago)
This seriez is nutz. Super monkey shit attack. Milllions of recolours.

Author NinjaCloud ( ago)

Author robloxbadfart6 ( ago)
ive just started watching this series.......... for the tenth dang time

Author BurnFireblaze8153 ( ago)
Gawd lot of loud noises

Author John Baglio ( ago)
@0@==================== Ima firin mah lazah!

Author Jerson Grino ( ago)
battlefield 3 trolls do u like c4

Author superzice250 ( ago)
um are they talking about the internet trolls

Author Jadefirefox12 ( ago)
tonic your SUCH AN APPLE *annoying orange refrence*

Author Yagoshi300 ( ago)
a fan series

Author conorlaing1 ( ago)
omg im all the way up to the new chapters this is tthe longest fucking
storyline ever :P

Author Kevin Chandra ( ago)
Great battle. New characters were great. But still, I prefer Sonic the

Author kAanimation an epic season ( ago)
OMG TONIC he stole the emreded's

Author kAanimation an epic season (1174 years ago)

Author Kamil ( ago)
Let's watch a vid with NO recolors /watch?v=BJU113Hd3yc

Author ShuraGamer ( ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . i sinply hate recolors

Author MadGhost ( ago)
well, recolors do suck, but your chars aren't recolors so...

Author GHOSTASSAULT18 ( ago)
what is this a game or a fan serie???

Author RageTHPyro ( ago)
You know... I was the first one to see it but I never had youtube account
until today.

Author Rysterc99 ( ago)
he is a recolor too hahahaha

Author Regal Killager ( ago)
help: a sprite edit to take one out for you limit: no super sonic

Author fkagahsdfs ( ago)

Author clubpenguin580 ( ago)
where did u get those laser blast sprites? like the one on 2:03?? where did
u get it?? PLS REPLY!!!

Author clubpenguin580 ( ago)
i'm not being mean but what's with the watercolor on the top left corner?

Author clubpenguin580 ( ago)
how'd u make the text boxes

Author HyperKirbyinc ( ago)
I didn't know trolls were an alien race!

Author SonicBrosBrawl ( ago)
Fight Fast!!!

Author fallenxymom etnies ( ago)
one word awsome

Author Run-Some-Erins ( ago)
how could I piece of crap recolor be so powerful?

Author Alisa Chia ( ago)
Ummm...what is Super Monkey Shit suppoes to be,anyway?

Author dmzhall27 ( ago)
You know he says I have come to destroy you recolors, but Tonic is a Yellow
recolor of Sonic with blue shoes.

Author Brandon Kaminari ( ago)
ooooooh pretty lights.

Author Your Friendly Neighborhood Pyromaniac ( ago)

Author DrewTH1 ( ago)
whoever hit the dislike button must have died from the Super monkey ****

Author geordylass ( ago)

Author Masterman280 ( ago)

I was kinda in a state of shock and blacked out during the first fight

Author Robloxmaker2 ( ago)
OMG Recolors... Lol ^.^

Author Hoodedbeastie ( ago)
@darksuper54 true that

Author Hoodedbeastie ( ago)
your vids are so great i cant stop watchin them

Author djrocks501 ( ago)
knuckles got owned!!!!!XD

Author mateo martorelli ( ago)
the adventure begins

Author ZxXDragonXxZ ( ago)
Tonic is an idiot! He's the only recolor! The others are customs. lol he's
a dumbass

Author ChozoHunter Mike ( ago)
On Behalf of the creator of the Nanous sprites, Sam, he wanted me to tell
you that you did not ask for premisson at all to use them and so, have no
right to.

Author Megaritish1 ( ago)
Revenge deathball???? O_o

Author WesleyDaUrbanhog ( ago)
Tonic's callin all of them recolors when he's the biggest of them all!

Author ZairTheHedgehog ( ago)
Wow... kickass... just... Amazing.

Author Blu TheFox ( ago)

Author Firemarioflower ( ago)
damn tonic is strong.

Author AztecTheHedgehog ( ago)
@AztecTheHedgehog But I can defend my self and attack better than those
troll fools, I'm a recolor myself.

Author AztecTheHedgehog ( ago)
I really hate trolls

Author Person Pearson ( ago)
me: s#it.... there goin after recolors.... i got to warn my sis... *runs

Author brawlbowser124 ( ago)
Great movie. I just think your battling is realy fast. I make movies like
that too, only mine are 9 frames a second.

Author Juan Frate ( ago)
5 estrellas por la EXELENTE ANIMASION

Author bmhersh7 ( ago)
two words: wow and awesome

Author sonicfan2367 ( ago)
lol at 2:00 IMAH FIRE IN MA LAZOR :D

Author iska robles ( ago)
Far out y is sonic out... i mean he' is the strongest in the sonic

Author KenshiImmortalWolf ( ago)
heh trolls wouldn't be able to beat me, cause they cant bother me, i just
block em all cause i know this whole "blocking me means i win" is a trolls
way of trying to delay you from keeping them from getting under your skin,
i block them after 1 comment.. why? cause i do not want so moen ELSE
fighting i can ignore them but i know if i let them post shit someone else
will start shit also, i dont used over used things like DBZ referances but
then again im dead now so what do i care lulz

Author SonicHerosx ( ago)
I have tonic

Author sonikkrokks143 ( ago)

Author lister101 ( ago)
SuperShadow124, I've looked for your old SSM (Sonic Sprite Movie), ya'
know, the one with seasons and stuff. I can't find them any where, so tell
me where they are.

Author Windsuke ( ago)
they get rid of other recolors because they are all fakers so in the end
when there are no recolors they kill themselves

Author Ben Howerton ( ago)
7:23 ariund this time you here pingas when they attack lol

Author Walt Stevenson ( ago)
lol k

Author LobsterEmbodimentPrivate ( ago)
Thats the point Oo Trolls are idiots thats just like them XD

Author Walt Stevenson ( ago)
those wern't recolors basicly tonic is :P

Author RavFrom Yetti ( ago)
can u give me the standing pose of Tonic plz

Author RavFrom Yetti ( ago)

Author supershadow124 ( ago)

Author supershadow124 ( ago)

Author supershadow124 ( ago)

Author beclauss ( ago)

Author RavFrom Yetti ( ago)
5:25 lol Super Monkey Shit xD

Author davisnaru ( ago)
I enjoy ur vids but on some of them my computer starts crashing

Author SuperShadow1010 ( ago)
Tonic; OMG RECOLORS*Ike comes out of nowehre* Ike: The...Hell? *beats the
crap out of Tonic*

Author darkomegajose9000 ( ago)
verry well my friend good flash

Author MonictheDemon777 ( ago)
Spin dash, light speed attack, Sonic Boom, Homing Attack, Peel Out, Sonic
Wind, Super Sonic, Hyper Sonic, Dark Spine Sonic, Sonic The Werehog, the
list goes on.

Author supershadow124 ( ago)

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