What if... A pulsar passed through our solar system

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  • BlackScreen
    BlackScreen 8 days ago

    Aaand 4th

  • Harambe's Ghost
    Harambe's Ghost 13 hours ago

    I read a short story many years ago about living on earth after a black hole had passed through the solar system and taken earth with it. I think it was called "A Pailful of Air".

  • Wendy Baillarg
    Wendy Baillarg 1 day ago


  • Im Thrillz
    Im Thrillz 3 days ago


  • Justin Cooley
    Justin Cooley 3 days ago

    Nice video; quick request.. i see a lot of videos showing what the view from Earth's surface would look like if the sun were swapped out with other stars, i was wondering if you could do the same thing except swap out Alpha Centauri (a relatively close yet distant star) with UY scuti, VY canus majoris or any other huge star and subsequently what the view from earth would look like. I am curious if it would appear much larger than any other distant star and easily visible during the day even though it is still very far away (> 4 light years away). Thanks

  • Richard Bowley
    Richard Bowley 4 days ago

    National Geographic Channel did an episode on a pulsar ripping the Earth apart, with the "best of the best" stock of the Earth sent away to colonize a new Earth-like planet.

  • DancingCheese
    DancingCheese 5 days ago

    I have been sent from the Future. I must warn you that in one week all of our systems will shut down and humanity will have no way of knowing that this exact event is going to occur. IDS, you are the only hope to save humanity! Please do somet

  • dm786615 .1.3
    dm786615 .1.3 6 days ago

    IDS can you make a smaller stars orbit a giant star (basically a solar system with only stars in it

  • Samuel Ye
    Samuel Ye 6 days ago

    "ugh they are going to bang! haha i love when they do that" hehe

  • nethalus
    nethalus 6 days ago

    I enjoyed watching that.

  • Sam Chivers
    Sam Chivers 6 days ago

    What if Jupiter was half it's size

  • Dave Elliott
    Dave Elliott 6 days ago

    what is it about exploding stars that fastinates me, enjoyed watching Mars and Mercury fly out of the system before BOOM

  • Scott Phoenix
    Scott Phoenix 7 days ago

    Can you simulate a massive gamma ray burst in our galaxy aimed towards the earth? Betelgeuse is 640 light years from earth is a red super giant roughly 10-20 times our sun and one of the largest and most luminous stars visible to the naked eye and is in a state of rapid evolution. It would be the brightest star in the night sky if the human eye could view all wavelengths of radiation, It is moving at 30km/s creating a bow shock 4 light years across and is on a fast track to a supernova with the chance to hit earth with a gamma ray burst. It would be amazing if that could be simulated.

  • Julian Munoz
    Julian Munoz 7 days ago

    what if europa hit the moon

  • Kevork Manoukian
    Kevork Manoukian 7 days ago

    that was hilerious. I always thought you say mars funny.

  • Nubeto
    Nubeto 7 days ago

    what if the sun collided with the sun?

  • Draegn
    Draegn 7 days ago

    I would like to see 16 Psyche hitting Mars.

  • Edward Bliffin
    Edward Bliffin 7 days ago

    You shouldve put in a black hole after they collided to watch it eat the gases

  • Falderappes
    Falderappes 7 days ago

    Throw VY Canis Majoris at r136a1!!!!

  • Justin
    Justin 7 days ago

    Instead of uploading 4 videos in one day and not uploading for weeks you should upload one vid daily

  • Miftahul SALAM
    Miftahul SALAM 8 days ago

    Hello I declare Shenanigames I'm new to the channel. 😂

  • ThatDoge
    ThatDoge 8 days ago

    Wow... 4 videos in a day?!?! Amazing.

  • Scare Reflex II
    Scare Reflex II 8 days ago

    i watched all four videos yusssssss mission accomplished, What if every planet was replaced with Jupiter what would happen?

  • Wall Street meme trader

    Are pulsars like a sub-class of neutron stars?

  • TheAmazingDude78
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  • Pooperman
    Pooperman 8 days ago

    4:49 sounded so sexual

  • Axtriq Rand
    Axtriq Rand 8 days ago

    I have been here since 1000 subscribers and I have enjoyed every single vid, keep up the fantastic work IDS ❤️

  • Hyper's Son
    Hyper's Son 8 days ago

    hey can you collide two of the most massive stars?

  • The BAR Gunner
    The BAR Gunner 8 days ago

    Finally, thought you'd never take my suggestion

  • Artemis Fowl
    Artemis Fowl 8 days ago

    Hey there, love your videos. Just wondering, have you tried seeing what would happen if our solar system had 50 stars and a miniature black hole was on the outskirts of the solar system?

  • Science Fair
    Science Fair 8 days ago

    What if every known star collided

    • Succ Clan Fararay1689
      Succ Clan Fararay1689 7 days ago

      uhhhhhh if you combined all there masses you would get a black hole but if you just collided them you would get a shit ton of both

    • Zayne's Fascism
      Zayne's Fascism 7 days ago

      Super nova or black hole

  • The Awesome Aaron Show!!

    Anyways, I want to say, if this is real life, we would have died.
    Can you do if a White Dwarf passed by our solar system plz??

  • Dr. Monty XD
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  • Erti Rexhepi
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  • Blaire Apelo
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  • Eddie Valle
    Eddie Valle 8 days ago

    been asking for this since you started the channel, hell friggin yes I've wondered

  • J H
    J H 8 days ago

    hi ids good morning or evening you are a very good youtuber best luck and wishes

  • Present Sin
    Present Sin 8 days ago

    Can you get Quasars?

  • Dulan
    Dulan 8 days ago

    can't wait until the day we can explore our universe in person..

  • Red panda 342
    Red panda 342 8 days ago

    1st to like comment and view PS pls gimme a shout out

  • The Pie Person
    The Pie Person 8 days ago

    what's going on, why does the title keep changing

  • BlackScreen
    BlackScreen 8 days ago

    Thank you now i have something to do <3

  • I Declare Shenanigames

    And the 4th and final video for today. I really hope you enjoyed them. Thanks folks.


    Also early

  • Cubit
    Cubit 8 days ago


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