megalodon vs. great white

see how a megaoldon shark and a great white are the same... and different!

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Author Tyler Cumming (1 month)
We all know who would win megalodon

Author Roberto Pineda (3 months)

Author devonrp14 (1 month)
a megalodon could swallow a full grown great white shark whole lol, but the
picture of the guy who took the jaws out of a great white and is sitting
with it in his hands as the body sits behind him is disgusting, fucking

Author Аня Банникова (1 month)

Author Emma Crowe (2 months)

Author Gloria Fsbela (3 months)
That was wierd.

Author Lan Phan (6 months)
Whoa! Some ppl say that the great white is the biggest shark but NOO, they
were wrong! The megalodon is bigger!

Author Kevin Jiménez (6 months)
We now who clearly wins right fags

Author John Xiong (3 months)
What's the song?

Author ChristinaCruz143 (8 months)
Sooooooo stupid megalodon would bigger stronger more bite force duhhhh

Author Vincent Dominic (9 months)
and the funniest at all 0:46 WRONG SPELLING megalodon he said megaoldon it
suppose to be megalodon

Author John Xiong (3 months)
Megalodon will win he is a monster that can snip the great white in half.

Author Vincent Dominic (9 months)
your sooooo funny your making video with sharks and your song is for dating

Author Hagy does games (10 months)
Actually I have been studying it and it is real on 5% of the ocean has been
discovered so the have a 50% chance
And I think they are

Author Austin Ballard (6 months)
PERFECT music for this video LOL ROTFL

Author payton eastham (6 months)

Author Danielle Chamberlain (6 months)
everyone knows who would win this fight

Author Hagy does games (10 months)
Not the are alive

Author jessica martinez (7 months)

Author hilda reyes (10 months)
Meglodan vs great white megalodan big time

Author MidnightMacarons (1 year)
Megalodon wins :D

Author yoyogg1 (3 years)

Author sonic pizano (1 year)
megladon wins but imagine getting eating by one ahhhh so painful

Author Isaiah May (3 years)
i luv this song

Author Monty Balado (1 year)
are you serious megalodon even though it is extinct but if it was still
alive megalodon and i will never be in the sea.

Author A Vin (3 years)
You chose the wrong music, goddamnit

Author Diizkmedel (3 years)
I would SO wanna se a megalodon IRL, that would be so awesome! =D

Author ChocolateKittee45 (3 years)
1:12 this would be me *throws pebble* Me:take that!

Author juandiaz1958 (2 years)
@sabrina112378 don worry theres no megalodons in the ocean your most likely
to get hit by lightning then see a megalodon or great white shark in your

Author skittlesgod (2 years)
megaloden rock

Author marie meoni (2 years)
megalodon wins

Author ulikepiencrap (3 years)
@SuperFlyFalcon No,Justin biebers baby is.

Author Karen Bennell (3 years)
cool music

Author Gabe Jackson (11 months)

Author TenDuotrigintillion (3 years)
@ulsig95 Not 100 but the same size as in pictures!

Author 17ajp619 (2 years)
megaoldon will destroy the great white

Author ventuscyborghelios (3 years)
@xXRaceHorseGirlXx i saw that picture at 0:20 that i saw before i watch
this video a person show it to me

Author rapmusicisdabomb (3 years)
1:40 id be shittin my self! like if u agree!

Author Isaiah May (3 years)
0:25 ohhh poor shark

Author MZCAREBEAR81 (3 years)
see thats scary thats why i dont go pass my knees when i got to the beach

Author Julia McMaster (3 years)
even if it was dead i wouldn't be brave enough to climb into its mouth

Author wilfredo paiz (1 year)

Author DeersCanFly (3 years)
most of the ocean has not been discovered so i believe all those
prehistoric sea creatures so im i beleive

Author Jaynesh Kumar (1 year)

Author StellarxShay (3 years)
@ChocolateKittee45 ok?

Author donbrashsux (3 years)
You tube needs a Bullshit,fake, and lies would be rather large

Author ARockManLikeMe (3 years)
0:40 *

Author Dylan K (2 years)
has their ever been a whole great whiteno grey

Author marco Andersen (2 years)
Lol 00:24

Author Lilliboolou819 (3 years)
Lol liked the captions

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