Shahid afridi village, Wife & Ak47

ye srif mere famle k liye hai

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Author Imran Khan ( ago)
jb tk asad shafiq umar akmal Younis khan misbha aur azhar one day nahin
khlin gy pak nahin Jett gy


Author Globe Trotter ( ago)
0:54- Afridia aur uska kamzor lauda !

Author Md Sajeeb ( ago)
nice tem Pakistan

Author Rehan Khan ( ago)
ek pathan SB pa bari I love pathan

Author cartgp1 ( ago)
Pakistani cricketer ke baad militant . That's your aukat

Author India Name ( ago)
mard k hath main gun hi achi lagti hy. mard hi aisay kam krty hn. gun dekh
kr khusray darty hn.

Author Iqbal Kar ( ago)
we love Pakistan #kashmir

Author Abdullah Jamali (875 years ago)
India people fuck

Author Yasim Aslam ( ago)
nice bhai

Author saurav sharma ( ago)
atankwadi sala and he needs security in india.

Author Khan Good Luck1111nice molana sahib Luck ( ago)
nice picture perfect indian are jelous

Author Rudaina Shah ( ago)
MASHALLAh Allah de tol omer kamyab ki

Author The answer ( ago)
Ewww someone tell me why Randians are so BLACK??

Author Seth Monty (1777 years ago)
Indian harami saly

Author Bashir khokhar ( ago)
Pakistani people fuck you

Author Prem Kumar ( ago)
Even though I'm Indian He s my one of my favorite hero and otherone from
this country is shoaib Akthar.....I like them very much....

Author Gurpreet Singh ( ago)
Bikhari mulk and bikhari kaum.. Pookistanis hahahaha

Author Abdullatifjan Latif ( ago)
blody Indians sale sub ki shalwar gheli ho jati he jab bi kisi Pakistani ke
hath men gun dekhte he randi ke bacho tum itna darte q ho hum se ......wese
filmo men to tum log bohat baqwas karte ho face to face tum logo ki gand
phat jati he .. Indians like a dog .......Men to Allah se dua karta ho ke
india se fight hojaye ya Allah humari ho jaye ameen. hind
......sare jaha se ganda hindustan tumhara tum sab baloon ho is ke yeh
condom tumhara hahahahahahahaha....son of bich hahahahaha

Author Raja Ahsaan ( ago)
y indians r here...lolssssss....think about it..

Author kARUN ZEST ( ago)
afridi loved by indians too and her wife is also beautifull 1:06

many young talents inspired byhim in india too

Author Bilal Ahmed ( ago)
AK 47 daikh k raNDIANS ki phat k hath main agai.....hahhaa....dont worry he
will not kill you

Author Sajan Jee ( ago)
indians dont like this bcz all thier cricketers are ugly ass hell and they
themselves are fucking ugly nation, kali qom...

Author vipin negi ( ago)
All porkis r terrorists

Author Ahmad Shami ( ago)

Author Uzma Kzma ( ago)
Look at these fucK*ing Ugly skinny Indian wankers commenting against our
Lala, They have bunch of ugly creepy cricketers, Lala was one & only. They
man who brought thrill to the game.

Author Gujarpk88 ( ago)
Pathan with AK47 huh. Dont get any patriotic than that lol

Author hibernator kING ( ago)
this is video abt afridi and all indian pigs are here and abusing like
somebody has posted their mom's naked photos with AK47 inside her pussy

Author Rajan Singh ( ago)
srf female k liye h???? apni amma ko dikhao beta iss aatankwadi ki video..

Author Rohith Reddy ( ago)

Author Surajit Chowdhury ( ago)
Salaa Chutiya...20 saal se khel raha haii..abhi taak 8000 par nehi
hua...Dhoni 7 saal mein 8000 cross kar liya....with more than double his

Author Vinay Kumar ( ago)
fucking terrorists

Author mozlemmeah ( ago)
Incredibly, Mohammed himself was not optimistic about his own message and
the future of Islam and Muslims:
[The Messenger of Allah (Mohammed) observed: Verily Islam started as
something strange and it would again revert (to its old position) of being
strange just as it started, and it would recede between the two mosques
just as the serpent crawls back into its hole.” [Sahih Muslim, Book 001,
Number 0270.] For more on this subject, go to 'faithfreedom. o r g'

Mohammed’s predictions of Islam crawling back like a snake to where it came
from were repeated extensively in several other hadiths:
- “Belief returns and goes back to Medina like a snake.”
(Sahih Bukhari, 3.30.100.)
- “Muslims will be the scum and the rubbish even though their numbers may
increase; the enemy will not fear Muslims anymore. This will be because the
Muslims will love the world and dislike death…
(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 37.4284.)
- “There will be much killing during the last days of the Muslim.”
(Sahih Bukhari, 9.88.183.)
- Narrated Abu Huraira: Verily, Belief returns and goes back to Medina as a
snake returns and goes back to its hole (when in danger).”
(Sahih al-Bukahri 3:30:100)

- Mohammed also predicted a large movement of apostasy out of Islam:
“Muslims will diminish in number and they will go back to where they
started [before Islam]” (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.19.3029.)

- “There will be no trace of Islam in some believers…” (Sahih Bukhari,

MORE IN: (faithfreedom o r g)
Mohammed’s fears of large apostasy movements and envy of other religions
There will appear in this nation….. a group of people so pious apparently
that you will consider your prayers inferior to their prayers, but they
will recite the Quran, the teachings of which will not go beyond their
throats and will go out of their religion as an arrow darts through the
game, whereupon the archer may look at his arrow, its Nasl at its Risaf and
its Fuqa to see whether it is blood-stained or not (i.e. they will have not
even a trace of Islam in them). [Sahih al-Bukhari 9:84: 65)]

(Alisina. o rg) says: Since its inception, Islam has been at war with
civilization. “Civilization” is considered a threat to Arabia’s identity
and culture.
Will jihadists, yearning for achieving their imaginary perfect caliphate,
finally realize that such a utopia never existed and will never exist? Will
they eventually grasp that their enemies are not the Mubaraks, Assads,
Qaddafis, America, Israel, or past injustice, but in fact, their enemy is
within, a terminal virus written in a 7th century incoherent political and
legal system that still rules them today? Will Muslims from Morocco to
Indonesia reject Sharia, and send it back to where it came from as their
prophet predicted, to the two mosques in Mecca and Medina?

Will the world learn that Islam is but a snake, a viper, behind the title
of religion? Will the leaders of the free world find the courage to unite
in a march to save the world and say loud and clear, “Islam go back to
Mecca, like your prophet predicted”? And then will they declare, “There is
no place for you in our part of the world, and the world we want our
children to live in”? See (faithfreedom o r g)

Will we ever see the day when old great nations such as Egypt and Persia
(Iran), who were conquered by Arabs, stand side by side with Western
nations to send Islam back to Mecca? said: alisina. or g

Author Amir Munir ( ago)
Afridi with bat, BOOM BOOM and Lala with AK 47, tah tah tah tah
tah......Lagta hai India abhi tak Afridi ke 2 sixer nahi bhola Aisa cup

Author browncocoabeans ( ago)
Terrorist Afridi and friends, I really hope a drone missile drops right on
his fucking head. 

Author Vaibhav Srivastava ( ago)
Reason why afridi could not get success as a captain is that he practices
batting and bowling with an AK47, instead of a cricket bat.. he is a
pakistani trash. Look at your legends like wasim and waqar and Imran. Learn
from them Moron, if u want to play cricket or else disappear from the
ground and make way for other deserving talent. 

Author Pratyush ( ago)
Did he get his weapons training in the hills of Afghanistan? Where are the
photos of his suicide belt?

Author Gajanan Hirde ( ago)
hi is using ak 47 to kill a snake

Author mahnoor .coolalesa ( ago)
and proud to be from peshawar and ......

Author mahnoor .coolalesa ( ago)
proud to be pakhtoon

Author asad hussain ( ago)
hero shahzada

Author sultan arif ( ago)
kabhi awu na peshawar

Author amjad amjad ( ago)
Randina only barking lol and nothing to do lol

Author Naresh Makwana ( ago)
Bahut acche shahid bhai keep going apki kamyabi me allah apki madat kare .
Aur masha allah apki dono batiyan bshut hi cute hai.

Author VIPIN Ver ( ago)
y gandu h aur gandu hi rahenge inki aukat to h nahi kuch to bolne m kaun sa
kuch lagta h .........

Author Rockey Khan ( ago)
hahaha sale tum indians tum to hum se b gaye guzre ho. salee tum log
larkiyaan to ped kr lete ho lekin mard sirf pakistan se hi milta he for
example shoaib & sania me & ur sister hahahaha

Author Rockey Khan ( ago)
teri behn ko yahooo behn chod kuti k bache me tera jija hoon teri behn k
andar kal thorra zyada lund ghuserr diya tha is liye wo behoosh ho gai thi
wo to hospital he is liye tu apni chothi behn aur maa ko bhej mera dil phir
chodne ko kr raha he

Author Rockey Khan ( ago)
salee behnchod teri maa ko lund doo teri maa ki chooth. beta teri behn ko
chodoon. me spain me rehta hoon mere indian frnds hain salee tu behn chod
pakistan ko gali dene wala hota kon he. madarchod beta yahan spain me me
indian phudiaan marta hoon kyun k wo easily mil jati hain khas tor pe
rajpoot indians ki phudiaan tu b apni behn ko mere pas bhejne ki tyaari kr
le ta k me ose jald se jald chod k tujhe mamoo bnaao sale

Author NITIN RAJPOOT ( ago)
Sale amaar iqbal tu bhi isi india se nikla ma k lode pakistani chutiye
taliban k hathon chudti h teri maa behen roj. behen k lund suar ki aulad,
sale lund k tope bandar ki aulad puri duniya ha sale bhadwe. Hamare mein
dum hai to hum chodte hein tumhari taliban k yahan bhejte ho sale karz pe
palne wale sale ladai hone pakistan hum jitenge aur tujhe dhundh teri gaand
marunga aur behen ko chodunga.

Author IRFAN HAIDER ( ago)
bhaiyon or behnoon suno suno....... "JALNE WALE KA MU KAALAA"

Author Asrai Khn ( ago)
MashAllah cute daughters

Author balvant Parmar ( ago)
sale sapere kutte

Author Sandeep Srivastava ( ago)
sale pakistani .....kutte se bhi gaye gujre ho madarchod saalon

Author Sandeep Srivastava ( ago)
madarchod pakistani

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
hahaha u mother fucker tum tu apni peda hone wali har bitch se danda
karwate ho main england giya to waha gore bade maze se indian pussy marte
hain kiouke wo easily mil jati hain.... in india baap apni betio ko chudte
hain tum tu gaand ho dunia main pakistan jald hi yeh gaand saaf kar de gaa
fuck u monkeys

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
sari duniya janti hai kay mumbai main 10 mardo ne bus main aik larki ko
itna chuda kay wo haramzadi mar gayee.. tumhare country main har roz
uncounted rapes hote hain ja net pay dekh indians larki ki lesbian shaadi
america main ... tum to monkeys ki pedawar hona jin ki waja se hiv phela
tha aur ab sub se zaida hiv india hai its prove that indians are monkey

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
hahaha sari duniya janti hai kay indians khud apni aurto ko chud rahain
hain mujhay bara maza aya tha mumbai main gang rape wali news dekh kay..
.itna chuda kay randi mar gayee... aur chudo apni aurto ko haramzado

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
hum tumhe chude gain tumhari her aurat ko kottay pe bhitain gain tumhari
indian nari sunny leone tu puri duniya kay cocks chup rahi hai poonam
panday apni gaand marwa rahi hai haramzado

Author The247th ( ago)
Near 2 million video views and 20 million bullshit comments. Don't waste
time reading the comments on this video.

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
and that terrorists banging indians ass indians to apni ghar ki her aurat
se danda karwate hain duniya ki sub se begherat nation hai tumhare haramis
army wale pakistanio se apni gaande marwa rahe hai puri duniya ka gora
india tumhari aurto ko chudne ata hai

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri maa ka mujra pakistanio kp buhat pasand hai fuck india

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
hahaha indias biigest chutiya exporter tumhari chutiya tu gore buhat maze
se marte hain england main tumhari indians bitches girls her doosre gorey
se gaand marwa rahi hain indians larkiyan wahan blue film bhi benwati hain
tum jesa bhegairat tu duniya main koi nahi ja aur ja ke cow ki gaand se
piss kha

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
india tu israel aur russia ka lura seeda karne wal hai aur haramzade jahil
khud tu kuch bana nahi sakte doosro se mangte hain khud sirf apni maa behan
bechte hain haramis

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
america tumhari larkiyan ju chudh raha hai tum unke tuttay bhi chooso
tumhari ukaat hi yahi hai pura india bhikari hain nange booke na khane ko
rooti na soone ko ghar indians haramis

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri shakl hi lan jese hai jaa behan ka puda mar

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
pakistan nay kashmir main tumhare 5 kuttay mar diye tum ne kiya kar liya
kuttu choorian pehan le tumhare kuttay fuji

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
bari ajeeb baat hai kay tum india walo ko tameez hai kai maa kia hoti hai
main nay tu jo kuch bhi likha wo tum logo ki zubaan hai main kiya karoon
tum log ho hi itne gande apni maa behno ka din raat rape kar rahe ho sorry
but its a fact

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri maa ko choro lets fucked ur sister hurray

Author waseem bhai ( ago)
Lala 1 Goli in gandi comments karne wale ko mar Dr Boom boom Afridi

Author Neha Sharma ( ago)
@Amaar Iqbal and @25mitts .... Ammy/Maa word jaante ho kise kehte hai.. Maa
is duniya me khuda/bhagwaan hai.. Tum dono ki Maa ko pata bhi nahi hai tum
log kya kar rahe ho.. Iqbal khuda se daro and 25mitts tum bhi upar wale se
daro.. in words exchange se sab kuch nahi badal jayega .. par Maa word ki
ehmiyat(Respect) Khatam ho rahi hai.. Please apni maa ki surat dekh ke
socho kya kar rahe ho.. Maa bahut kismat walon ko milti hai.. please chup
raho dono.

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri maa ki chut haramzade pakistan chaldi hi pura india chudne wala hai ab
jaa aur apni maa chud

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri maa ka nanga mujra 15 august ko pakistan main karain gain hay hay aur
teri behan mera lura usay buhat acha lagta hai

Author Sammi Ghouri ( ago)
Boom boom

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
kiyoun teri maa kahin mujara karne gayee huwi hai kuttay apni behan ko chud
le lekin teri behan ki gaand buhat bari aur gandi hai teri shakal jese

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri maa ka already duniya chud rahi hai main bhi india aaon gaa tumhari
mmain behne chudne jab puri duniya chudh rahi tu hum se bhi apni gaande
marwao teri tu gaand buhat gaandi ho gee teri shakal jese

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
good bro

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
teri maa chudoo poors indians haramiu monkeys ki pedwar kuto mughals ne
sahi tumhari maa behan ko chuda tha

Author Faraz Hassan ( ago)
thats my duty but thanx bro

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
good yaar

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
kiyounke tum se bara kanjar kon ho gaa tumhara kam hi naach gana hai
tumhari maai behne apni gaande marwati hain pakistanio se haramzado gandi
nali ki pedawar pakistan will always fucked u in your country

Author amaar iqbal ( ago)
aur maa behan teri chudte hain randi kay kuttay worlds half poors lived in
india and india biggest export is there womens asia ka bathroom hai india
teri behan ki chut

Author Aaron Karkhal ( ago)
Ye mother chood porkis her jagah hamara hi music kyo use karte hai..saale
bhikhari country

Author Shivam Behl ( ago)
STOP ! Dont scroll down , Idiots abusing each other for no reason .

Author Faraz Hassan ( ago)
ja k apni cow mata ki tatti kha aur pishab pe us ka fuckin savages

Author Faraz Hassan ( ago)
ik aur baap ki gand se abhi abhi paida ho kar nikala hai ja k apni cow mata
ki tatti kha aur pishab pe us ka fuckin savages

Author Rahul ( ago)
alla ki maa ki chut

Author mali10966 ( ago)
I'm srilankan I love Pakistan teams I love afirity

Author myles kennific ( ago)
kia maa ki choot india kai bharway pakistan player ki video main maa
chudanay agai..jao na india kai land kai bal walo apnay muthal player ki
jakay video hamari hai agai apni batai chodnay kai
liay...recpect bhi nhi karni ati ..agar hum kisi indian player ki vid
daikhatay hain na to un ki recpect bhi kartay hain..liken america ki kisi
actress nai sahi kaha kai india worst tareen mulk hai ....!!!! or bhai
admin india ka chutiyapa ganna hatadai.plz

Author myles kennific ( ago)
all hindu madarchod

Author Harnoor deep vats ( ago)
abe oye pakistan greeb chut ka desh he sale nange ghum te ho tum taliban
apni bhi ma chuda rha he or tumhari roz chodta he bhen ki chut faraz apni
mako mere pas le ke ana uska happy b day mnauga fuck

Author Faraz Hassan ( ago)
beta agar thora ghor se parta tuo samj a jati randi ki ulad haram ke pilee

Author ShivPakistaniKing ( ago)
teri maki chutt mine Faraz ka land

Author ShivPakistaniKing ( ago)
abe chutiye . You speak punjabi (indian language).Watch bollywood movies.
Have Indian Marriage ceremoney.Wear Punjabi dresses. Thats why you were
INDIAN . Hindu converted Muslim. so you should respect your original
relegion. or Come back & accept Hinduiasm will like it i was abdul
ali amir ali now i am Sachin.

Author samay raj ( ago)
kya bol raha hai madarchod , kuch samaj nahi aa raha . thik se likh chinal
ke bete ,, aur tune abhi tak Indian gana nahi hataya laude.

Author Faraz Hassan ( ago)
Pakistan ka baap QUAID E AZAM aur Indira Gandhi hahahaha chutiye baap sale
baap ki gand se paida hone wali indian nation GAY HIND

Author mayankhbgt ( ago)

Author suhail malhotra ( ago)
Wow...faggots in training ...ka 47 mard ka gehna hai....madarchodon mard jo
gehna daalte hain unka Lund kaat ke Hijra banana jaanta hai...oh I am sorry
tumhari to paisa hote hi aadhi. Lulli Pakistan ke Nama ho jaati hai

Author samay raj ( ago)
o chuttad Indian gana hata is video se pehley , lund ke baal ho tum aur koi
aukat nahi tumahri , baap ke gaane chalate ho .

Author crispy2102 ( ago)
wish shahid was there in '71... Sad al-bakistan's ass had to be broken into
2 LOLmax !! :D

Author Faraz Hassan ( ago)
gay hind

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