The Comeback Trailer | Crash Bandicoot® N. Sane Trilogy | Crash Bandicoot

Your favorite marsupial, Crash Bandicoot®, is back! He’s enhanced, entranced & ready-to-dance with the N. Sane Trilogy game collection. Now you can experience Crash Bandicoot like never-before in Fur-K. Spin, jump, wump and repeat as you take on the epic challenges and adventures through the three games that started it all, Crash Bandicoot®, Crash Bandicoot® 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot®: Warped. Relive all your favorite Crash moments in their fully-remastered HD graphical glory and get ready to put some UMPH in your WUMP!

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Author SANTYAGO 135-_- ( ago)
Only for ps4 no xbox one

Author Guy Who Knows Too Much ( ago)
I hope you don't forget to fix that placeholder font

Author Jerk Store ( ago)
This seems like it would be fun and looks really good.

Author Neco Undertale amino ( ago)

Author Venus ( ago)
You guys try to put the Bandicoot Crash for playstation 3? Please respond

Author stargames-ستار جيمز ( ago)
This is amazing

Author nigga what ( ago)
is there anyone else who doesnt like crash bandicoot

Author Franco da Gama ( ago)
my face smiles itself hahaha

Author Moonwolf ( ago)
I'm having memories of playing The Wrath of Cortex, it was one of my fav games in my childhood

I missed my crazy friend so much, welcome back bro :')

Author marselita carmen candy. lps ( ago)
esta fea

Author Striikerz ( ago)
2160p60 O.O

Author Речет PLAYSTATION ( ago)
I love crash bandicot

Author William Garcia ( ago)
Crash Team Racing please! Would be a cool bonus.

Author TheAgentD TAD ( ago)
I hope the remastred be faithful at the original game. Please Activision do not bullshit with this game otherwise you're screwed.

Author Joshua Willis ( ago)
I wonder if EA is gonna follow Activision's lead and remaster the Ty Tasmanian tiger series which is also a classic

Author Sam D. Nashiru ( ago)
Yes! good thing they didn't forget to add crashers victory dance!

Author lubo pazitny ( ago)
So if i do not plan to play on 4k, will ps4 slim not ps4 pro be sufficient for this game ?

Author Soccer06070809 ( ago)
I won't buy or play it if it doesn't have some option to switch back to the original music. This new overproduced soulless music just sucks. Game music is incredibly underrated and I'm afraid Vicarious Visions doesn't get that. Crash is not the same without the fantastic tracks composed by Josh Mancell. But they rejected his offer to use his music... it's superficial to focus only on graphics, music counts too.

Author AWESOMNESS ( ago)

Author Shمشعل Al ( ago)
احلى لعبة

Author Ryan the Collector ( ago)
Now what we need is a Pac Man World HD trilogy

Author Dank Mexican ( ago)
Bo2 on Xbox one is still better

Author Adrianalina ( ago)

Author Tito Rodriguez ( ago)
Activision just wondering when will you guy make another ultimate spider man because the game was so good and it deserves a sequel

Author Deleted Videos From Youtube ( ago)
You know you're old when people feel nostalgic about mind over mutant

Author That Gamer ( ago)
2 Epic Eyebrows? More like 2 Terrible Eyebrows

Author a51d71a6415043bd59a02de64ff950b ( ago)
We need a Remaster or even an (online)multiplayer add for the Crach Tag Team Racing (what a great game). And, also a remaster for the Crash Bash golden game, with the online add.

Author Christian Carrillo ( ago)
I would feel complete if they added CTR

Author Gáming Drágon ( ago)
my first game was crash bandacott!

Author naruto uzumaki ( ago)

Author Cristian Cortes ( ago)
que el juego tambien sea para ps vita y xbox one

Author Crash Bandicoot ( ago)
ahh little you didnt know. The DLC's are actually gonna be Crash 2 and 3

Author Praxis10- 2016 ( ago)
Exclusive or not?

Author Leong Mun ( ago)
any news for a collector edition for this same goes with p5 that was my very first premium edition this I would love to have a collector edition gladly pay 200 dollar

Author NUXX0RZ ( ago)
God the nostalgia. All that is missing is sugar packed cereal and Cartoon Network.

Author Dappy A ( ago)
I have secret to tell you guys...I liked crash of the titans...Please dont hurt me

Author Deadly ( ago)

Author sixxrated ( ago)
please Japanese version

Author FaithfulLlama ( ago)
This was my game.... I remember coming home from school and just playing this all day. It was so easy yet difficult. And now barely seeing this, I'm crying. I miss this game so much ❤.

Author Delphox 616 ( ago)
Super Mario Odyssey 👍
Yooka-Laylee 👍
Sonic Forces 👍
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy 👎

Author Himanshu Rana ( ago)
I want Mind Over Mutant...

Author Master Broshi ( ago)
Im disappointed that the rolling boulder does not say naughty dog! >:(

Author ๖The Notorious ( ago)
Lets Hope Activision Wont ruin our Childhoods (with "added" DLC Levels) and In game Purchases, just remaster the trilogy and dont add anything else! even though its Crash il still wait with pre-ordering since Activision is publishing it and it's too sketchy, if it was Sony that is publishing it I would've instantly pre ordered it for sure!

Author TheCasualGecko ( ago)
I was playing Overwatch with my mates on PS4, I told them I was excited for the new Crash games. They started hysterical laughing. I stopped talking.

Author Ancient Krug ( ago)
When you see activision you know the game is gonna cost like 200$ and they are gonna sell Crush for another 100$

Author Camden Leahy ( ago)
The original Crash Bandicoot was my first ever video game. I was only about a year old and my dad would sit me in his lap and let me watch him play, occasionally letting me have a shot at it until I lost all his lives. I played all the originals. Seeing this, it's like catching up with an old friend

Author Anderson Estrada ( ago)
no me lo compro porque me molesta que no sea exclusivo

Author Mickell Pickell ( ago)
I'm pretty sure I'm at least 1000 of these views <333

After waiting for so long, I'm so glad they didn't just kill him off. My favourite gaming icon still to date! I'm just so thankful for this game <3 Crash Bandicoot Warped is still my favourite game of all time, and seeing it re-done in HD is actually making me emotional 😅

Its so good to see my hero back in action, boy oh boy do we have a lot of catching up to do! 😌

Author Gareth Williams ( ago)
When I played the originals I could never 100% the games, I was always missing a couple of gems. This time I will have the internet for those sneaky last few.

Author سلطان المري ( ago)
ويلي على ادري الاجانب كانو يلعبونها ولا لا

Author Cole Pfeiffer ( ago)
I have an erection

Author sonic 1991 ( ago)

Author RandomShinigami7 ( ago)
Assuming this reviews and sells well, I would love it if the Insomniac Spyro trilogy got the same treatment.

Author Rain 457 ( ago)

Author CRAZYCRINGE ( ago)
Why is this not PlayStation's mascot?

Author The T.C. ( ago)
I like some of the art direction, and I dislike some of it. Aunno, honestly you could make a backtrack camera and that alone will make this kick the original's ass.

Author The Gray Sonic ( ago)
you fucking retarded?

Author Armoured Purism ( ago)
This leaves an obscure question:
Who's return is more epic? Crash Bandicoot or Samurai Jack?

Author Stefano EPIC NEW Channel AND TEAM EPIC ( ago)
Now that Crash is getting a remaster there are some things that I would like to see in the remasters.

Crash 1: 1 thing I hope they add is the slide from crash 2. It would be awesome to be able to be able to bypass obstacles and since we are getting time trials in all 3 games then this would make it less tedious.

Crash 2: The powers from crash 3 probably should make an appearance in crash 2 since there are the same number of bosses and again would make time trials more fun with the powers

Crash 3: Since Coco will be playable in all levels of crash 3(or at least from what i heard) then i would like them to give her unique abilities and not reuse her old move set from Wrath of cortex. Also i hope they fix the controls for the Motorcycle drifting

Author Valerio Maddaluno ( ago)

Author TheMultiGamer4 ( ago)
So hyped that Crash is finally back, but really hope they improve the final game from this, share a bit of the same worries as Cadicurus did in his video over this game.

Author Youssef Bedry ( ago)
no twinsanity???

Author Bandicoot Games ( ago)

Author Ruben Pichardo ( ago)
Honestly fuck Activision hope this company burns biggest money whores out there and it's sad that they're killing COD once again fuck you Activision

Author Martin Vazquez ( ago)
I swear to God Activision, if you allow dabbing or anymore of this "hip" bullshit with the idle contest, I will bash my skull into a boulder.

Author seewolf ( ago)
At first I was like "this looks exactly as I remember it" and then they showed the original gameplay and I was like "o shit"

Author Broock Jonz ( ago)
what I really missed CRASH BASH <333333

Author yoyo yoyo ( ago)
please Activision make a good game

Author spratz17 ( ago)
The only thing I want to see changed is the way you save the game in the first crash, no more collecting the tokens to save. Please, Activision! That's all I ask

Author Samuel Johnson ( ago)
some people have reacted to this trailer and some of them said that naughty dog made this trilogy fucking idiots these days vicarious visions is making this trilogy not naughty dog stupid naughty dog fanboys vicarious knows how to remake the 3 original crash bandicoot games

Author ZDimensional ( ago)
this game should be on nintendo switch instead of ps4

Author crach123 bandicut ( ago)
I hope that made the game exclusive ,here in México have fans saludos!!

Author Danny Mcneil ( ago)
I watch this every night, before going to bed.

Author Wrathchild1995 ( ago)
All the levels from Crash Bandicoot 1 shown in the trailer: N. Sanity Beach, Jungle Rollers/ Rolling Stones, The Great Gate, Boulders/ Boulder Dash, Upstream/ Up the Creak, Papu Papu, Hog Wild, The Lost City, Temple Ruins/ Jaws of Darkness, Heavy Machinery, Cortex Power & Toxic Waste :D

Author Amir Avdic ( ago)
Why does Sonic Mania look so much more appealing? I grew up with Sonic 1 2 3 n Knuckles n Crash 1 2 n 3 but man my interest only steers towards Sonic Mania. Is it the new pathways in Sonic's new n rehashed levels? It offers something new at least whereas this Crash feels like the same exact games I beat with this new coat of paint that doesn't do much to make me feel like I'm experiencing anything new. Nostalgia excitement would last like 5 min n then it'd be like Okkkkk I already did all this. Thank god for Sonic Mania

Author Adam ( ago)
Please remaster wrath of cortex that's the best one, and crash bash

Author Alex Mason ( ago)
Beside my xbox, I am buying a playstation 4 only for this game.


Author KilluaXGodspeed X ( ago)
Now just Spyro and hopefully some day Banjo..

Author adjjones adjjones ( ago)
Im a 24 year old grown man and I don't play video games but im gonna have to get this. Just hearing that music takes me back goddamn

Author Uncle Tee ( ago)
I never played the first or second games, but I play the 3rd SO much when I was little. just seeing crash like this is awesome. now I wish i had a ps4

Author Varknox ( ago)
greaaaaaat. now give us LBP4

Author Dedsec Club ( ago)
This game are exclusive only ps4 Xbox one good bye!

Author joni gashi ( ago)
my baby is back

Author SNES Bro ( ago)
I'm worried for this game due to the fact that Activision is involved. They killed so many franchises, but there's still hope. :)

Author PRO WARRIOR01 ( ago)
The nostalgia of this game is amazing and even more so with the amazing graphics! 😍🦊

Author The Speed Gamer ( ago)
i wish that they will make a DLC were you can get crash bash and crash team racing completely redesigned
just like this

Author Bananas Suicidas ( ago)
não curti a esse crash podia fazer um versão melhorada do crash twinsanity ou uma igual

Author Waleed al hammadi ( ago)
i played carsh in 14 year old now im 30 year old

Author Ahmed Al Darmaki ( ago)
Can we have a remaster for vigilante 8 series ?

Author Nightmare-Fedora ( ago)
you guys should make a crash bandicoot formula similar to super Mario galaxy, by which I mean it's planet physics. make a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th one for the the biggest cash grab.

Author Ze_Mister_Kretin ( ago)
The most liked video of Activision.

Author Petbrosj 12 ( ago)
Wonder if Activision will bring Crash N Sane Trilogy to Xbox just like twinsanity? I hope so 😢

Author Esteban Menchaca ( ago)
Funny how the PsOne Crash games have more detail in 240p than the remaster in 1080p

Author RALFKENEDDY ( ago)
Me uniese gustado que remasterizaran crash twisanity también

Author NNJJ 123 ( ago)
make spyro hd next

Author mr bandicoot ( ago)
Dlc: Ctr & twinsanity

Author Selim Oguzhan Bakir ( ago)
it looks cool but crash's movements and spin feels like i am watching in slowmotion it should be faster

Author Diego SáncheZ ( ago)
like si crees que deberían hacer un ctr con todos los personajes de crash y nuevas pistas ;b

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