Kuikuro Indians of the Brazilian Amazon

traditional dance of the Kuikuro

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Author daniel johnson (3 years)
nice tits

Author John Porks (4 years)
@Nero46able quão ignorante é a mente sua,,,,,,, quer pornografia vai em
site especifico!!!!!

Author victor figueroa (4 years)
eso pueblo son muy humide de los monte de lo aguelo del prime fuego de este
mundo..y cuado todo el mundo se destrulla solo hello vivira para el muevo
mundo linpio y sin mentira y susiedade , ya la tierra comeso a tebla mucho
pero fuerte por toda parte y lo que farta es el sol cuado machuke calore
mas ymas ymas asta el fin estoce veremo la senale de hello, los primero

Author SiouxSyndicate (4 years)

Author Gabee22594 (4 years)
os kuikuro não são da amazonia!

Author mazizfan (5 years)
Which barber gave these nude chicks the peculiar hair-style????

Author MegaZilmar (5 years)

Author Fabricio Barrozo (3 years)
Tem umas índias gostosinhas...

Author gil pereira (2 years)

Author Darvin Ramirez (4 years)
we are the same .erkjewitejkesw !!!!!!!!!!!!we are the same . every body
thiks im asian and i am fron CENTRAL AMERICA el salvador we are the

Author SiouxSyndicate (4 years)

Author Quierotortilla (3 years)
So sad these civilized people are being syphilized by bible, technology and
western politics.

Author QORILAZO PERUANO (4 years)
@xxchapin3 bien dicho

Author Jon Spinac (7 years)
nice video

Author danielav9 (3 years)
beautiful culture i love nudism and dance and their culture,match with my
lifestyle,had always loved the native americans ppl that my mother used to
call me one,and no,they are not from the amazon,this particular tribe is
from xingu,central oest brazil i guess and the women are hot! and some
brazilian them fat and ugly! just been biased and jealous! for
some mistissas in the cities of brazil are wayyyyyyyy obese and fatter
people then the native american tribes

Author willpunk006 (3 years)
são as indias do alto do xingu, elas estão dançando na festa do Pequi uma
festa que acontece só na colheita desse fruto que é muito saboroso mas tem
espinhos em sua semente... Sou Brasileiro e me orgulho muito! e pra queles
pervertidos que acha que no Brasil so tem india pelada se engana...e pra
queles que acham isso sensual é porque nao conhece realmente nossas
Tradições.... é pra todos os gringos fica aqui meu pesar.... e não venha ao
Brasil !!!

Author Stephen Johnson (5 years)
What is the source of this video? It appears it is recorded from something
playing on a TV.

Author tavi molina (4 years)
i bet theyll rock my world sexually

Author starwars34 (3 years)
@mrfortion408 wish i could thumb this up a million times. Dude, while I
love technology, this natural life is so much better!

Author mohammed ruhul amin (2 years)
isn't it ironic bra..zilian women name is used for a garment which they.
nefer wear?

Author nostudoable (4 years)
@SiouxSyndicate Hi, I am brazilian and agree with you. I love indian
culture. People consider themselves civilized but the nature is dieying and
no one of us makes nothing to prevent total destruction of our world, only
money is value.

Author Grainstn To Da Dome (3 years)
These are civilized people. Not us who live in the city's and get mad and
angry at eachother for little stupid reasons. Like fighting over
money,politics are you a democrat republican. Comparing looks, cars or

Author reeba0071 (5 years)

Author Bajai Bajuri (4 years)

Author デミ ロバートデス (4 years)
I am Japanese. When they are seen, I think that it sees the ancestor. Our
and their ancestor is the same.

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