Conor McGregor | Top 5 Knockouts

Conor McGregor | Top 5 Knockouts | MMA | UFC

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Author Lionhearted 89 ( ago)
best one was vs eddie

Author Woolymoth ( ago)

Author Tej Jas ( ago)

Author Timur Novshirvanov ( ago)
vi vse ne novidite Konora, potomushto vi zaviduete obsolyutno VSE. ya vot cto skaju on vam vse jopu naderyo takshto ne nado ochko zarabativat)

Author Mactub Mactub ( ago)
Ese demonio zurdo irlandés le puede dar la pela de su vida a Floyd Mayweather.

Author Scott Humphreys ( ago)
4 out of 5 of these are counter punches. Only one that wasn't was Mendez. McGregor is a fantastic counter puncher. Mayweather better think twice.

Author pouria shakeri ( ago)
Lmao the fucking ref kneed aldo in the face when he was trying to stop conor

Author pouria shakeri ( ago)
"Alverez getting loose getting better here in this round.... beautiful four piece......until that " LOL

Author Artemis Barca ( ago)
song name please ?!

Author Simone Rocha ( ago)
José Aldo foi nenê, tinha q perder mesmo foi pra cima igual um touro cego agora o Chade tem armação , o cara dominando a luta derrepente abre a Guarda e se deixa a levar pancadas

Author Krystone Kranks ( ago)
Looks like a hobo lol

Author abdennour benali ( ago)
conor is legend

Author Artemis Barca ( ago)
whats the song called ?

Author Ujdul Ujdaae ( ago)
Lame. In boxing we see actions like these in every fight. What you consider as "Top" boxers consider as "basic skills".

Author Andrew Tipp ( ago)
Fight Triple G Conor !!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha that's a fight!!!

Author Rin ( ago)
Damn I keep blinking and missing the aldo fight.

Author gofreeyourself ( ago)
RIP Floyd.

Author Shaibani ( ago)
If the fight is on with Floyd and mcgregor to my OPINION Floyd is going to win

Author 09358duddddd234 ( ago)
Number one happens so fast you can barely see it without slow cam ,

Author The Muro ( ago)
Wer ist auch hier wegen den ganzen deutsch Rappern? Like!

Author ARusso22TV ( ago)
Get the spit booky

Author getfreelanced ( ago)
Calculated shots, dudes a beast.

Author lsheanesu Chagonda ( ago)
Last one was a thunder blow hahahahah

Author Alp Çakır ( ago)

Author FightKings ( ago)

Author anthony cavazos ( ago)
Why did Coner Mcgregor get his boxing licence to beat Maywhether when he doesn't even have a boxing form

Author Marc T ( ago)
There is no way in hell that he's beating Mayweather

Author Adam Fears ( ago)
Cant wait to see the next 1

Author Van Rathbun Jr. ( ago)
Floyd is going to have his hands full with Connor.

Author JuLiOdDpRoOo 4 ( ago)
una bestia para pelear Conor McGregor

Author cDynasty001 ( ago)
Mcgreggor gets hurt more by the ref than the fighter

Author Floyd Mayweather ( ago)

Author Dan Bista ( ago)
theme name?

Author Dourival Bernardino ( ago)
quem gosta desse campeão de merda e Joseph Duffy tá doido pra luta

Author wade balderrama ( ago)
That push was a little much from the ref. He's lucky to not be sleeping with homeboy

Author ika rius ( ago)
Sickest motherfucker out there. That's what I call a FIGHTER !

Author Alp Çakır ( ago)

Author Juancarlos Jimenez ( ago)
McGregor would totally rape mayweather that fucking scum

Author David Igleniec ( ago)
He doesnt rush, so methodical.

Author Vincent Junio ( ago)
There is no way that amateur boxing can beat a PROFESSIONAL boxer like Floyd Mayweather Jr. Period!

Author Edward Aldayas ( ago)
whites vs blacks let see who's got the best fighter

Author NGR450 ( ago)
He make this shit to look easy

Author Pork fried rice ( ago)
Mayweather here we come

Author Colleen Ballard Silberman ( ago)
He's an ANIMAL!!

Author Jason Bourne ( ago)

Author Siege ( ago)
Ok, I'm not a UFC fan...Floyd said something about his stand up game.. PLEASE! Floyd you are fucking off, this dude doesn't know the basics of stand up boxing, he doesn't even know to keep his hands up. Keep your hands up for 12 rounds Conor and see what that boxing shoulder ache be like.

Author TOYSCAR AC COBRA ( ago)
What is the name of the song please ?

Author 6stringzstrummin ( ago)
better off just tapping out instead of throwing a wild right hand at Conor...

Author Der Reichsadler ( ago)
This guy is so unbelievably fast

Author Ze Ts ( ago)
Who is no.3 player?

Author No Name ( ago)
Let's see Conor vs Scott Adkins or Michael Jai White. Conor wouldn't last 5 seconds. It's like putting a snow man in satan's bed room.

Author Norman Singh ( ago)
All Conor proves is how low the striking skill is in the UFC.

Author Gold Space ( ago)
Just came to see if hes a worthy opponent to Floyd

Author Will Echevarria ( ago)
He's a decent boxer and these fighters don't know how to defend against boxing.

Author redcomic619 ( ago)
Mayweather is going to mop the floor with this white boy.

Author Axel Anubis ( ago)
el número uno fue extraordinario

Author Smart Phone 2016 ( ago)
just came here because of floyd

Author Ev Munky Gallagher ( ago)
Hands down nothing beats that 13 second KO.

Author Sergi K ( ago)
I think its fair to say Mendes is the closest who came to winning McGregor besides Diaz

realest comment: conors earned my respect, disliked him at first, saw how he handled loss, an how he destoryed alverez blew me away. aldo, i'm not impressed till the rematch, u KO a decade long champ in 12 seconds, with no rematch..think of JDS vs cain 1 then 2..proves it. but cmg living legend an very special unique fighter. i counted him out vs eddy an aldo,BUT people say "best ever" thats 100% choking cock period. guys NEVER ONCE defended a single title. but best ever? GTFO . 5 time champ bones jones is best ever an younger. still respect cmg's humblenes & legit skills. <--FACTS !

Author Evol ( ago)
Number 1 happened so fast I thought his opponent tripped and fell, the slow motion camera showed where the punch was.

Author Denjean88 ( ago)
it just to damn funny how aldo is looking for a penny

Author Medemblikker ( ago)
@1:48 that dodge sick!

Author burim Ibraimi ( ago)
he keps head high eyes open escavate punches and hits the target

Author DJ_ ED ( ago)
I've been training Muay Thai for a couple of months now and I haven't been consistent with my training. I turn 23 this year and 7 more years I'll turn 30. I get scared because father time waits for no one, I have quit my university course and currently looking for a job. I just want to work hard and save my money and also to focus on training now. I didn't even want to go university in the first place because society told me to. I didn't want to become a doctor or a teacher. Hopefully I can train very hard and one day compete in amateur fights and become a professional fighter, so with my success I can help my family. Thank you Conor Mcgregor for you're inspiration regardless of you're trash talk, I'm not even Irish and I love him!

Author Wad9591 ( ago)

Author Brian Jorgensen ( ago)
left of death...yet to be matched...put everyone on queer street...EVEN DIAZ

Author Daniel R' ( ago)
Que luchador el mejor de la UFC

Author DoNiUGamer ( ago)
the third fight? with he he fight?

Author Moises Ferrel ( ago)
McGregor is a giant pussy, fucking bloke

Author georgesoross ( ago)
Much better than mayweather

Author Kevin Martin ( ago)

Author Randy Marsh ( ago)
The way he finished aldo damnn

Author Junior Soares ( ago)
Que cruzado de esquerda é esse!? PQP!

Author Cj Austria ( ago)

Author Papi Franku ( ago)
You so nuttin

Author Achilles of Hyrule ( ago)
Is it me or does Connor move a whole lot like a modern day Bruce Lee? His timing and snaps are almost identical as Bruces.

Author Kings Ezeh ( ago)
counterpunching with precision on the chin. That's his password. U got a weak chin? you're toast!

Author Ezequiel Aramayo ( ago)
yuri boyka vs conor

Author jer chr ( ago)
cornor mcgregor v dk yoo please ..

Author killmebaby ( ago)
that conor vs aldo part was some naruto vs sasuke shit lmao

Author roberto smith ( ago)
This guy is the number one bullshit

Author comochinganconesto ( ago)

Author Phillip Woody Shepherd ( ago)
Can't argue with that..

Author Felesianu Albino ( ago)
Conor is just a good kickboxer but not good Boxer...stop speaking too much on BOXING

Author Jonathan Forster ( ago)
the alvarez fight looked fake as fuck

Author CaptainNightvale ( ago)
GIMME YOUR BELT! QUICK LEFT! huf hufhufhufhuf

Author Jack Wolf ( ago)
Mr Conor put the ugly boy in hospital for me please

Author David Cantu ( ago)
conor asme dos hijos

Author Savage Dragon ( ago)
Damn. I was just watching a bunch of other UFC fights today and coming back to Conor it's crazy how elite his striking is. Especially with how he controls the range, it's ridiculous - His knockouts on Eddie and Jose demonstrate this perfectly, and in the most pressurized moments. He controls the range within millimeters! Look at him slip eddies first punch. He also is able to control the onslaught Jose tried to throw at him. It's what makes him so dangerous Bc you can't just rush the guy or you're going to get tagged by that devastating left. It's why ppl look amateurish against him - save for Diaz, who is able to perform in big moments as well.

It's also why I laugh when ppl say Khabib is a bad matchup for him. He's a nightmare matchup for Khabib! It goes both ways. I'd still love to see it though.

Author neddyteddy ( ago)

Author Jean Luc Picard ( ago)

Author Caner Erten ( ago)
vahşet aq

Author Fracture_Ace [Gd_Macek888] ( ago)

Author Raul Cortes ( ago)
Que se dedique a beber cerveza, puto enfermo endémico, no tiene ni medio guantazo, jajajajajajajaja, los irlandeses son enfermos, así ha sido siempre y seguirá siendo

Author Celia Antoine ( ago)
Shit the epic music got me

Author Gavin Sabathier ( ago)
That dodge

Author Jaron Festerman ( ago)
Give me your belt

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