FSX Wilco Publishing 777

Flying the Wilco 777 on my macbook 20-30FPS

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Author skate9275 ( ago)
Do you know how to active the wheather radar???

Author Brandon St. George ( ago)
thats some realistic flying

Author Grégor Hadjidakis ( ago)
Hey does anyone know how to open the cargo doors on this aircraft, thanks
guys :)

Author kevrachel1 ( ago)
Ok, I have the Wilco 777. Does it not have a 2-D panel? If so, how do I get
it. How do I paint this aircraft as it only came with factory colors.
Please help!

Author Highfive4500 ( ago)
Did the Wilco Plane 777 have a MCDU-System?

Author Thebmwisthebest ( ago)
@PhilipDK5800 i have a solution for u sir u r running out of virtual memory
not physical go to ntcore[DOT]com/4gb_patch[DOT]php after download, open up
the exe file browse to ur fsx[DOT]exe and double click on it. it should say
successfully patched! So what happens is that windows has 2gb virtual
memory, that programme patches the exe file to 4gb virtual memory.
Hopefully u should be fine I have 4GB ram physical. and i ran outta memory
from the wilco 777 wtf? lol Good Luck

Author zaviea ( ago)
do u know how to use the paint kit

Author lufthansaturkish ( ago)
@miguelsaez340 download a another or try it again

Author lufthansaturkish ( ago)
where you get the texture

Author Marmalade624 ( ago)
@miguelsaez340 dont put it in simobjects airplanes! put it in like
C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftGames\MicrosoftFlightSimulatorX" and, if u
downloaded it for FSX and it says incorrect FS2004, itd for FS2004 not fsx.

Author basingstokebisons10 ( ago)
yeah cud be just an fsx game or change were it may say fsx and put 2004 or
brose for it

Author Steward Lie ( ago)
are you turning off the engine at 1:14?or just put the power down for noise

Author Miguel Sáez ( ago)
hi i downloaded the install shield of wilco 777 for fsx and when runing
install shiend i put the code and it asks me where to download the file and
i click on simobjects/airplanes but it says to put it ''in the correct file
of my FS2004'' can anybody help me?

Author J Costa ( ago)
GE has the best motor but pw has good motors to

Author J Costa ( ago)
GE rulles

Author J Costa ( ago)
i think than u need to update the 777 , go to wilco -> support , it should
have something there

Author Born2FlyBoeing ( ago)
The turn in the beginning would be impossible to preform.

Author Elixmannen ( ago)
What kind of macbook is this? what are the spaces??

Author CherryTreeCherry ( ago)
I have the same issue with Wilco Fleet A380v2. I select the aircraft and
the computer beeps loudly, crashing FSX and I am back to my desktop. Does
anybody have a solution. I find that I am not alone with this issue.

Author Jimmy57452 ( ago)
No, I didn't torrent it, and viruses wouldn't affect an unnecessary game
like Flight Simulator anyway.

Author umahuma4 ( ago)
If you torrented it, then thats probably what the problem is, did you do a
virus scan, because the torrent may of given you a virus

Author umahuma4 ( ago)
Weird, i dont get that at all, It runs fine, just under 2gb of RAM, 2.2 GHZ
AMD Turion processer. with a 250GB HDD, and i only get slight Frame rate
loss when im useing it, like only 3 to 4 fps loss. I run FSX on a laptop.

Author QwertyAzerty2009 ( ago)
i don't!

Author virginpilot1 ( ago)
i get that 2!!

Author Omar De la Cruz ( ago)
Did you buy it? Cause I installed it from the CD, and it went well, try
reinstalling FSX as a whole

Author Jimmy57452 ( ago)
Well, where did you guys download it? It doesn't even perform at all, FSX
just crashes when I try to select the 777, it's not a performance issue. "A
fatal error has occurred. Windows is checking for a solution to the
problem..." "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped responding. Winodws
will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Author Omar De la Cruz ( ago)
I run this on fsx on a laptop, 320gb hdd, no video card, 2.1ghz dual core,
with only 2gb ram, and it runs sooo fine.

Author Alvin Lee ( ago)
overspeeder aleart

Author umahuma4 ( ago)
If i was BA i woul of gotten the GE's

Author umahuma4 ( ago)
the GE is more fuel effecient,

Author umahuma4 ( ago)
Mine runs fine, dont know what your problem is, my computer is ok, not the
best but not shit, but ok

Author buresboihowiee ( ago)
yeah i am calling that computer shit, and if im calling my computer shit,
fine the apple mac is shit too

Author Jimmy57452 ( ago)
So, basically, you're calling a computer specially designed for gaming with
4GB RAM, 300 GB space, and with super-fast performance is shit? Alright,
alright. So, you're calling your computer shit too, since yours more than
likely has lower specs than that. Also, btw, this happens to lots of
people, even with different and *better* computers.

Author buresboihowiee ( ago)
only on a shite computer

Author Jimmy57452 ( ago)
The Wilco 777 sucks ass. It just freezes your game when you select it...

Author michaelw352 ( ago)

Author cjellwood ( ago)

Author shamma1977 ( ago)
Have you always been a MAC user? Or did you recently switch? Everyone I
know who switches praises the MAC for how stable it is.

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Hi, You boot into Windows mode and run FSX from there, basically your intel
mac is a PC. Its the operating system that makes it a mac or pc.

Author shamma1977 ( ago)
Very nice! You have my attention, for more then one reason. For starters,
you confirmed to me that it can be done. I've been thinking of switching to
a MAC as I became SO SICK of Windows, blue screens, formatting etc! You
probably boot up in Windows then run FSX rather then run Windows and FSX
under MAC OS? (Being that FSX is huge program and all!)

Author AntC1981 ( ago)
What is it you don't like about it? Have you tried the Airbus Vol 1 or 2?

Author touati5 ( ago)
wilco's 777 is really crapy, i wish i could get my money back.

Author StarZiggy3 ( ago)
how cai you get all those fps?

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Its ok, could be better.

Author TDJP123 ( ago)
how is the 777 for FSX. does it have a virtual cockpit and cabin

Author boeingt ( ago)
well i dont really know how to use the FMC yet, and wanted to know if GPS
could be added to it, just like it can b added to wilco products. i would
like to have it easy if i want to have fun during multiplayr and i can do
that wid wilco...dont have time to program the fmc all the time.

Author wanjaumuturi ( ago)
now my problem is flying it, i can fly the PMDG fine but these airbuses are
a whole new story and i dont have time to read the manuals..... Do you know
why i cant bank but can climb and descent fine with both auto pilot and

Author boeingt ( ago)
yes i have done that, it did work

Author wanjaumuturi ( ago)
yes, right click your FSX folder in Microsoft Games and go to properties.
Security Tab and allow everything on your user account. Not Administrator
but your user name profile. That should do it. I had the same problem with
the A330s and A340s package from the same group. Wilco.. hope this helps

Author Philip Schmidt ( ago)
I have cleaned it up using 4 different programs. Not even Captain Sim make
my Pc go outta memmory. :(

Author roadblockakapc ( ago)
how about you go to computer right click on locia dis click on properties
and do a disk clean up

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
get a refund, or more memory. Turn your settings down a bit

Author Philip Schmidt ( ago)
Ive had this aircraft for 1½ months, and Im not sattisfied. It crashed my
PC after 10 min, with the outta memory.

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Glad you got it working!

Author boeingt ( ago)
it works now...but i will try the POSky 777 also, just to see how it works
and to xpand my hanger

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
make sure your vista is up to date, have you installed Vista SP1 and the
Out of memory Patch! just search for microsoft vista OOM patch Also how
much Ram do you have? 4gb is recommeded for fsx.

Author boeingt ( ago)
whenever i try to select my 'Wilco Airbus A380aircraft' or any of the
aircrafts from the 'Wilco Airbus series V2' it makes FSX crash to the
desktop. any solution???? anyone???? i have vista premium, and both FSX
Service packs installed.

Author Loukas Hair ( ago)
kl fanks

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Probably the wilco one.

Author Loukas Hair ( ago)
what is the best 777 paywear for fsx??? i realy need one

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Thats because i have advanced animation switched off.

Author zzddytt ( ago)
this plane gets a 1 star rating in my book because it doesn't have the wing
flex. Even the most basic FSX aircraft have some kind of wing flex, can't
believe a $50 add-on jet does not.

Author Ammar1691 ( ago)
this plane is amazing it is just that the booklet they give you with it is
kinda useless and also, you can't activate the nav 1 or 2 freq. after you
set it and thus no ILS landings ... i followed the booklet to program the
system however the takeoff programming there is something wrong with it ...
if some 1 could help with this please reply here or email me . cheers

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Just messing

Author gdjh93 ( ago)
no my wheels r up i dont no about the engines though. if they wer wat do i

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Are the engines going into the red? Might just be a warning that your
undercarriage is down?

Author gdjh93 ( ago)
hey i have the wilco 777 but it keeps beeping shortly after take off how do
i stop this??

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Hi, i dont fly the 777 much, sorry

Author thepod24 ( ago)
do u kno how to make the wilco 777 fly an FSX flight planner flight plan?
its says in the manual that u do it on the CDU. but i cant seem to do it

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
I downloaded the 777 from Wilco publishing, im not sure about the Ultimate
Traffic, i use MytrafficX

Author goodyl1991 ( ago)
hiya great video how have you got to fly a british airways boeing 777 i
added the ultimate traffic add on and it says i can have those planes i
just know how can you help

Author Kevin Mitchell ( ago)
Okay cool thanks a lot. :D

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Sorry, i mean i have 2 gig, only recommend it as a minimum, unless your mac
can support more.

Author Kevin Mitchell ( ago)
What do you mean minimum. Is that all you have or do you have more?

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
2GB Minimum

Author Kevin Mitchell ( ago)
How much ram is on your macbook?

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Personally i would go with the imac, especially the new xtreme version.
Macbook is same as macmini. The Graphics may look great on here, but they
are very limited on the macbook, not forgetting that i use lots of add-ons
like Flight Environment x, Ground Environment X, Ultimate Terrain X,
X-Graphics, FS-Genesis, Cloud9 Landclass etc.. to make it look good. Mac
MUST be an Intel based mac!!

Author rikm12345 ( ago)

Author rikm12345 ( ago)
Didn't realize the bank was as steep as that.LOL

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