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Author Fernando Minaya (2 months)

Author Ernesto Rojas (6 months)
a la final quien fue ese kid? lo firmaron o no? 

Author Ismaelsaiyajin Reyes (7 months)
Eto maldito gringo envidioso pork saben que lo sotro somo mejore que ello

Author ChicagoBears85 (2 years)
your RIGHT

Author chicksdigmizunos98 (5 years)
@xomaasielxo i do wat ever i want shithead

Author SkipProductions (5 years)
he tested positive for steroids in 2003

Author hondadealer15 (5 years)
k well ur clearly an idiot, who calls himself a fan but probably only
watchs the yankees and thinks tht makes u a tru baseball fan. lemme ask u a
question...... do u play baseball on a cmpetetive level

Author Hooah McHooington (4 years)
@wowisuckatmath ur gay

Author develrayz08 (5 years)
wow i bet you get beat up by black kids at your school.

Author slapshot68 (6 years)
this guy will be in single A in only 1 wk n still wont hit, lol lol

Author mattyxarc (4 years)
your obviously completely ignorant you can say with out a doubt we have the
best baseball players if you look at the best player in baseball now its
albert pujols pure domincan so shut your illiterate cuban ass up

Author brian rosario (3 years)
@catania642 stfu piece of shit estupida del diablo stupid cuban boricua

Author etp91 (5 years)
So much for the hypocrite DAVID ROIDTIZ, AKA THE BIG DOPI.

Author EeVvAaNn3 (5 years)
Ortiz had an outstanding May, but I'm not going to say the Ortiz of old is
back just yet. But if he can at least put up a BA/OBP/SLG line similar to
'08, I would be pretty happy.

Author Oliver Santana (2 years)
Oo Pero Miren Eloy hay

Author ivanjacksurmom (4 years)
cubans r better then you dumbfuck dominicans

Author Papeleta Reyes (6 years)
el yo tirro make mucho orlando papeleta

Author krazykatracho101 (3 years)
quien mas que Vladimir Guerrero??? Guerrero puede tirar de right field pal
home plate.

Author AK49ERFAN (5 years)
yeah and now a-rod won't make the hall of fame or get a home run record
that we can believe.

Author Jason Garcia (4 years)
@ivanjacksurmom I have one question u lil fuck who has put number for
number more consecutive players in the major leagues and has produced more
prospects huh ? exactly shut the fuck up and yea im dominican its proven
that dominicans run baseball ok ill give you props cuba does have some good
players but they do not beat dominicans in any way what so ever and dont
come in here with that Caribbean series bull shit record im talking about
the real deal

Author MiniRapersTV (4 years)
rainal el de lo mio en su firma eee lolazooo

Author Kemiztri (4 years)
@tatocono27 dominicans will go down; mexican team will kick their ass until
they hit down from monterrey to pico duarte

Author Dantanable (5 years)
Papi Roids!

Author Blaah Blaahh (4 years)
@GullyfiGaza lol yeah

Author ajp135212 (5 years)
im gettin tired of this shit ok steroids are wrong but come on isnt it
funny the the four players that have come out are all
dominican..coinsidence?? this is some racist shit stop only bringing out
hispanics were are the fucking whites and blacks that got caught???? whos
next pujols , vladimir, or soriano ?? i hope not.. dominicans are the best
in the sport today thats why the dominican player are the only ones comming

Author renandstim (6 years)
David Ortiz was 2-for-3 with a three-run homer in a win over the Nationals
on Wednesday night. The three-run bomb in the fourth was an impressive
blast to straight-away center in a cavernous park. With the three-run
blast, Ortiz moved past the 1,000 RBI mark in his career. The big man is in
the middle of a remarkable resurgence, hitting .327 with six homers and 15
RBI in 55 at-bats this month.

Author Giavotella Moo (5 years)
Who doesn't use steroids? Get off his back

Author hazeces (4 years)
@catania642 damn I guess David must of done your moms wrong right ? You
seem like you have lots of hate towards te man. You know what they say,
when you hate someone real bad is because they have something you can never
have. I hope if he fucked your moms you probably aren't a child of his
whose mad or something, becuase he didn't give your mom no money to raise
you. LOL.

Author serrribral (5 years)
David Roidtiz and his Roid Sox suck.

Author HenryFrias (3 years)
this guy is good !! damn !

Author Papeleta Reyes (5 years)
yo tiro ma ke mucho soy sentefin y piche ya

Author lightofdamon (5 years)
fat insignificant lieing moron cheater piss on his life, he is a senseless
you know what

Author chicksdigmizunos98 (5 years)
this guys on steroids no shit, on the Twins he wuz small and could barely
kill a fly, suddenly he goes to boston and becomes big papi and hitting
monster homeruns and setting single season record homeruns for boston

Author Tjs1192 (5 years)
Nevermind Ortiz long ago admitted he took things in the Dominican and that
he didn't know what they were, and the fact that the clip they play of
Ortiz saying that steroids users should be banned for a year when he was
actually talking about using steroids in the present time, but of course
the media just loves to make things in to a huge deal, that's why they are
leaking names one or two at a time, so they can make tons of money writing
all these stories. Ortiz is still the best to me.

Author ChicagoBears85 (2 years)
right here

Author ChicagoBears85 (3 years)
im english bitches

Author blazinman5 (4 years)

Author basenjib123 (5 years)
aaaaaaahh, the good ole days when big Papi was juiced and hitting home runs
every other more, lol

Author Blaah Blaahh (5 years)
@CubaKid94 Dont be talking about dominicans cause we can talk about ya'll
and more...Before u say stuff learn about ur country!

Author game3525 (6 years)
Ortiz is washup.

Author hondadealer15 (5 years)
wow. tht aint right

Author lancerbryan (5 years)
ALCS MVP- ortiz World Series MVP- Ramirez thats basically as tainted as it

Author Blaah Blaahh (5 years)
@chicksdigmizunos98 Why talk about people just making yourself look bad and
look jelouse if your comments are negative just keep it to yourself and
stop talking about him like that!

Author luigylebron (4 years)
u dumb fat fuck u dont give a shit bout the game u gay show off all u do is
blow ur bling bling on tv ur chain , big ass diamond earing and ur gay ass
shades u dont even look like a baseball player u r an ugly ass monkey that
cant run u shit head

Author Jason Garcia (4 years)
And for all you cuban fagots who come onto this video to hate on pure
dominican talent in the making go whack off to adrolis chapmans vids and
get the fuck off of this vid

Author ajp135212 (4 years)
@catania642 non of that shit matters to me all im saying is the were the
best in baseball thats it i dont care bout olympics or soccer fuck that.. i
dont do or care bout that i take pride in who my ppl are in the sport of
baseball cuba cant even leave there country and the cuban stars ive seen
cant compete with the dominicans and puerto richans just flat out cant hold
there own wit DR were to much talent for PR anyday the names speak for
themselves...the name Alex Rodriguez says it all

Author EeVvAaNn3 (5 years)
@EeVvAaNn3 Also, while I wouldn't be surprised if he used PEDs at some
point in his career, just because he had an oustanding May doesn't mean
he's using them right now. Steroids don't work this fast and they don't
produce immediate results.

Author LoveisthaLaw (5 years)
red sox never shoulda won those 'ships!

Author NebraskaFan77 (5 years)

Author 131093720 (6 years)

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