Freemason Shaquille O'Neal Says Earth is Flat!

Did the Flat Earth Truth leak on accident or is it being revealed on purpose? Are these Athletes and celebrities going to be used to take the focus away from legitimate Flat Earth research? Will these celebrities flip flop back to the globe after being publicly "schooled" by an Uncle Tom like Neil Degrasse Tyson? These are questions that will eventually answer themselves in time. Stay Tuned Folks!

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Author Flat Earth Asshole ( ago)
Shaq never once brought up any proofs nor did he mention where he learned about the Flat Earth. When one proclaims to the world for the first time that "the Earth is Flat" we would expect that individual to bring up some solid reasons as to why, and whom it was that lead him to this remarkable conclusion. Shaq says he drives across the country and sees it is flat??? Something isn't right about this folks.

Author Ed Smart ( ago)
Anyone who thinks the world is flat is seriously stupid.

Author Ronald Hedges ( ago)
I think the mother of a flat earther must have been terrified by a pizza. How else can you explain their paranoia? Shaq recanted his joke about flat earth, like any REASONABLE person would. The earth is a ball, how else could Santa Claus make his rounds? You flatheads do believe in Santa, don't you? How about the tooth fairy and the boogeyman? When you finally make that great journey to the edge of the earth with your leader "THE FLAT EARTH ASSHOLE" do humanity a big favor and jump off.

Author dank memes ( ago)
my God you people are dumb

Author thasupremeoverlord ( ago)
Who runs the world?
There is no peace. What type of caste order hierarchy does the Ahnenerbe operate by? Where do they operate out of? Who are they?
1. Talmudic Khaganate
2. Antarctica, with regard to all Rothschild central bank proxies, U.S. Inc. unconstitutional federal entities including entire branches of divisions within the NSA, Colonial Oil, space agencies, your local Freemason lodge.
3. The Ahnenerbe was regarded as the highest culmination of the knights templar/freemasons during the later 1800's. They influenced the course of both world wars, perverted/stole patents of Nikola Tesla with Vril Society designed concepts. Defeated Admiral Byrd during Operation Highjump. Assassinated Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in 1949. Antarctic Treaty was then instated to protect their research, influence and existence within the US, EU as well as beyond the known plane.

Author Jay Thomas ( ago)
No experiment EVER proves that the earth moves!!

Author Muneer Flash ( ago)
They want to makes Flat Earth debate looks stupid just like their toy Shaq.

Author Bah Hab ( ago)
masons have no choice but to come out and act a fool so no one will take the idea that they live on a plane not a planet seriously. I know it happened to me for many years. Then I decided to of course debunk it, and that is what turns everyone into a believer. Once you try to debunk it and realize you can't shit gets real. THEN once you try to prove flat earth there is too many scientific proofs its flat

Author Trugoy1000 ( ago)
Good thing he could at least play ball a bit, or he could have a circus freak for a living, coz he's one thick ass mofo if he really believes that crap.

Author ulopez011 ( ago)
Who gives a fuck

Author sunnypeaches 77 ( ago)
My thoughts exactly! Thank you for this!

Author ljarseneau ( ago)
I knew shaq was an idiot lol

Author BROKE JOHNNY johnny ( ago)
I think the way science makes everything look over complex is a trick they use so that people will be scared to open there mouth against globe earth for fear of looking stupid for a bad comment or to get ridiculed and science people wants you to think your are stupid and don't understand in order to make you scared to speak against round earth for fear of looking stupid it's a game we are all being played by government con artist mind games

Author Imperium Europa ( ago)
Even though he may be a Freemason, Shaq just bringing the belief in a flat earth up alone - that is enough to make people do searches on youtube, and then come across the REAL flat earth truthers such as yourself (flat earth asshole) and Dubay, and Mark Knight, etc. This is just my own opinion on the matter. So I gotta still see it as a positive thing. And then there's the fact that while Freemasonry as a whole is certainly evil (basically the equivalent of Judaism for Gentiles), some members may not be 100% dedicated to everything in it. Norman Lowell - who is VERY anti-Jewish - even claims that there is a war WITHIN Freemasonry itself going on. In any case, all the globetards are slowly but surely being smashed with every passing day. Victory comrades!!!

Author Samuel Coleman ( ago)
Of course the earth is flat people, wake up.

Author DiMiTri C ( ago)
You loons are so gullible..

Author DHScherocha ( ago)
"Legitimate Flat Earth Research" is an oxymoron.

I don't comprehend you flat earthers. We've known the earth was a globe since ancient Greece. Every cosmic body around us is spherical. You can literally watch video streaming from the ISS. Somehow you all convince yourselves that that's all fake and it's just a vast conspiracy involving tens of millions of people and every educational institution and scientific body on the planet stretching back a millenia. How is such cognitive dissonance possible but for those in the depths of severe mental illness or neurological disorder? How do you convince yourselves that 2+2=5?

Author Hristo Blagoev ( ago)
He is not a Freemason, but sure as hell he is dumb.

Author Rob Armstrong ( ago)
It's a strange thing having a famous freemason claiming flat earth🤔. Almost ominous.

Author PrognatusSeptem ( ago)
Obviously intellect is NOT a requirement to be a fagsonic lying piece of crap :-)

Author Jay Thomas ( ago)
My dad was once a Mason my friend still is. They have no plans for world domination. The majority lodge members belong to nothing more than a Fraternity or mens club

Author Jay Thomas ( ago)
Everyone is missing the point this is a WIN for flat earthers!! When celebrities talk people listen its that simple. People that have no interest in science but love sports and maybe vaguely care about 9-11 conspiracies, illuminati or even who shot Tupac and Biggie now know about the resurgence of flat Earth so thanx Shaq!! I know more about the globe Earth and science than the sheeple friends I'm trying to convince its flat but, guess what? They like celebrity gossip and they are huge Shaq fans!! Thanx Shaq and Kyrie for the ice-breaker

Author Drinkwithclass ( ago)
I want that juicy Shaq meat

Author E-flat ( ago)
We'll find out one way or the other about Shaq soon enough in my opinion.

The Globe Cults grasp on the minds of the weak is strong, and the weak are many.

So many of you out there post, yet have done no research of your own, zero cross referencing
of research and are incapable of keeping an objective mind. Yes, I'm pointing to you ball earthers.

Water is something which must be contained, simple in truth and observation. Convex water doesn't exist anywhere.

To everyone laughing at myself and fellow flat earthers, know this.
I don't care what people who don't think, think that they think.

Author skills1ent ( ago)
Shaq stated the next day he was definitely kidding!

Author flyback 2me ( ago)

Author Xplicit tha Analyst ( ago)

Author Dirkardo StEvergreen ( ago)
Being good at shooting a ball through a hoop doesn't make you any less stupid apparently.

Author Akill Allah ( ago)
think this guy flunked math and science.

Author mon' sun ( ago)
They may go for soft partial disclosure..just to stir the pot a bit more...

Author steve shirley ( ago)
Just proves he's stupid too.

Author jay brown ( ago)
Shaq just dunked the globe , he knows the ball earth theory doesn't hold water .

Author BlueMystic ( ago)
He is there to redirect further truths, steer the mechanisms. The "powers that shouldn't be" have no choice but to expose the Earth being indeed flat. They need to make up a fairy tail saying, yes we lied but we had to because of blah blah blah. They quite literally have no choice.

With technologies being built... AI, balloons, DIY rocket kits, and things I cannot yet fathom. We already know, at the very least, that NASA is a farce and that Earth, this spirit realm, is most definitely not a Spinning globe.

Now they need to setup a new facade and steer it. Most important thing we can do is to aid AI in knowing that feeling and emotion is everything.

Author high voltage ( ago)
92 pod cast sell outs and assclowns...

Author Flat Earth truth ( ago)
Flat Earth asshole, just because he is a freemason doesn't mean he is a bad person. He obviously is not.

Author The Real World ( ago)
IT'S ALL A BIG CONSPIRACY!!!😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😉

Author Dervaish ( ago)
Dear Flat Earthers, today RT ran the story of Shaquille O'Neal claiming the Earth to be flat. The comments section was crawling with pro Flat Earthers speaking in support (though he is a Freemason) and giving evidence for the Flat Earth.

There was some really healthy debate going on and Flat Earthers seemed to have an upper hand, and guess what? RT editors started deleting pro Flat Earth comments. I would say they deleted more than 500 comments.

Primarily for 2 reasons:

1. To make it look like not many people are interested in the topic.
2. To give comments section the appearance that Flat Earth has no real following and no real evidence, just a lunatic fringe believing it.

Please go over to the RT story and take screen shots of the deleted comments and help the cause by posting comments.
Give them a run for their money!! LOL

Author Frank Reynolds ( ago)
black freemason really don't​
know anything

Author Terrence Burger ( ago)
controlled information from freemason douche bags we told the truth really we did ,but we lied for so long ,you can't handle the truth,we gate keepers of humanity

Author Nick Tronson ( ago)
Shaq knows.

Author Maxime Ledoux ( ago)
Take notice at what this FREEMASON is ending is rant with... IT'S A SQUARE!!!! Do you need to ear anything else from this clown???

Author Califemme ( ago)
I'm all for FE, but is it necessary to call Neil De Dumbass an "uncle tom" to make your argument? He's a dumbass and it has nothing to with race, just like I think Bill Nye the dumb science guy is too. You lose a lot of us if you're going to be racist about flat earth.

Author OneManAndHesDetector ( ago)
We do NOT need leaders in the Flat Earth Com... Searchers are their Own leaders.. We all became searchers becouse we turned our back's on our Leaders..!! Just like to put my Penny on the Table ;)

Author Rocco Astoria ( ago)
I am in the Society of Freedom./ is a not so secret society.....Shaq knows what hes talking about....he is extremely curious and intelligent. I care not that he is a freemason. He knows the truth. Black people have been fucked over for hundreds of years...THEY KNOW WHATS UP

Author thesignsoflife7 ( ago)
*Yawn.* Really? *_Another_* conspiracy......????
You guys do not know which way is up any more.

Author Sobek van der Sander ( ago)
He's pushed out there to be ridiculed by the mainstream media. He is freemason's sacrifice. He intentionally won't bring up arguments that make sense. It's a set up to ridicule flat earth even more. This interview doesn't do a justice to flat earth subject. It rather shows horrible injustice based on how the conversation went. Main issues should be brought up: Long distance observations, cool moonlight, gyroscope, impossible sun eclipse paths, no video footage of 24 hours sun from Antarctica, moon rotating accordingly to compensate for the earth revolution around sun (that's a new thing, but it's mind blowing) impossible coincidence.

Author Apple_tree ( ago)
When is he going to tell that he is a tranny man.. ?

Author steven Holme ( ago)
I personally think they won't be revealing the FE truth this year or next year either. That would spoil the fake alien invasion. Surely, after years of indoctrination of lies, they're not suddenly going to turn round and say "Oh by the way we lied about it all ." no, they carefully structured this delusion for a major reason- the Biblical deception which is at the door folks. Anyway I appreciate your work, thank you

Author TheGreen Jarret ( ago)
Oneal is a fucking muslim. Given only the retarded quran states the earth is flat, every flatearthist is a pro-islamic shill. Every single one of them deserves 2 in the back of the head.

Author itsmavis ( ago)
6606 views on mine brother

Author T.A.L.E. ( ago)
He sounded pretty serious so yea, he is leaking the truth and shit is about to happen folks.

Author deec269 ( ago)
There is so much proof now of the FE that I think they have found themselves in a corner. It's the flight or fight syndrome. Now they have to reveal to get themselves out of the hole they have dug themselves into. Investigate for yourself .... The Truth is Out There. Knock and the Door Shall be Open....Watch "Flat Earth Clues" and " 200 Proofs the Earth is Flat" there are others also. Watch the vids many have put out on this subject... You will be glad you did.

Author Murat Harman ( ago)
One thing we need to understand is that the rabbit hole goes much deeper than simply realising the Earth is flat...

Author KNOWLEDGEandLIFE ( ago)
You can't tell he is making a mockery of the flat earth?

Author Alex Miles ( ago)
If Donald Trump came out and said the erath is flat, why can't Shaquille do it?

Author Marcia ( ago)
Most of the comments here are by silly people who haven't taken the time to research flat earth but just spout from the top of their heads that are inside a closed box. Please, folks, ask questions instead of condemning others who investigated and found out the earth is flat. “The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Author Lennartin ( ago)
Are you guys just trolling, or actually just really fucking stupid?

Author healthhavencom ( ago)
Earth is flatter than a pancake. Literally.

Look it up.

Author mechengr82 ( ago)
Shaq should really stick to his commercials. IcyHot, Gold Bond, The General, all better uses of his time. More evidence that people shouldn't idolize sport professionals, they've got good muscle memory but lack any brains whatsoever.

Author Carolina Acedo Burgueño ( ago)
BD 3699 27.02.1946
Belief in the immortality of the soul ....
Truth ....

The death of the body is not the end of the soul. People fail to realise and believe this and therefore do not evaluate earthly life in accordance with My Will. They more or less only care for the needs of their body but not for their soul .... they behave irresponsibly towards their soul because they are not certain of its existence and of its immortality. For that reason they have to be taught about the immortality of soul first if their efforts to modify their way of life are to be successful. But a belief in this also requires their own reflection which in turn requires their own will which cannot be compelled. The immortality of soul makes the meaning and purpose of earthly life understandable, and only then is it possible for the human being to change himself, to regard the life of the soul as more important than the life of the body.

Author Bryson Casey ( ago)
There levels to being a Freemason. They keep them compartmentalizes as well. I think secret is out.

Author Mike Murphy ( ago)
in the 70's and 80's we had the Harlem Globetrotters​ so it's only fitting that basketball players should reveal the flat earth lol

Author Nathan Green ( ago)
The Earth is flat. They're trying whatever they can to confuse people and if a well known Freemason is suddenly saying the Earth is flat then a lot of people will turn away thinking it's another psyop.
It isn't. It's truth and shits about to get real people. Don't be led astray!

Author ima mushroom ( ago)
Look who is taking control the u.n. their flag represents the flat earth. no surprise they are using a lusiferian org. such as masonry to gently reshape the mindset of the masses to align with the new planetary agenda.

Author King Budda ( ago)
why do it go to be a free Mason and not somebody just growing and learning. just how he say Columbus shiny discover American. it's facts NASA admitted the blue marble is fake and about the earth is flat

Author The Omega Point ( ago)
enough with the shill nonsense. No one ever has any proof anyone is a shill, or agent. Just speculation and here say. Just focus on finding truth, support those that have similar "worldviews" or beliefs. And just becuase someone is a Freemason (or in Shaq's case) an honorary Mason who has never been through the blue lodge initiations, does not make them "evil" or part of some "conspiracy"

Author Big Boss ( ago)
I think they are trying to wash their hands of their involvement in the Heliocentric lie. They want to make it seem like it's not their secret/doing. Remember, Masons will never reveal their secrets, no matter what. They know the jig is up and want to soften the blow.

Author Mike Ivsin ( ago)
I agree that there is something fishy about Shaq, being a freemason. He will suddenly switch to Flat Earth Society kind of reasoning (ships falling over the edge) or he will be financially damaged by freemasons. I think he came in to muddy the water on NBA star(s) suddenly getting smart.

Author joe grimes ( ago)
perhaps, the tell will be if the shaq t.v. ads stay in heavy rotation.

Author Brookie Nwo ( ago)
They have to reveal coz technology has/is advancing and the people can see and now work out that what we have been told is all bullshit with Nikon p900 cameras, lasers, we are changing in our consciousness,that's when the nwo will kick in, that's y they opened the gates for all the immigrants so we are all easily controlled even more on the t.v again now its the same shit, famine, famine, pic of kids just bones on the floor, I seen that shit on TV when I was a child, am 40 now and it's still going on, but people keep sending money to them thinking it's helping and it's fucking not. It's just building there bank balance bigger

Author OnePissedTiger ( ago)
"We are from Jersey and that's how we think" ...Explains everything right there

Author 5c4v3ng3r ( ago)
are you vegan Jake?

Author Flat Joe ( ago)
Yeah the Earth is Flat......but it is not the important thing. Its necessary to clean your mind and to be aware what happened around us. Its true they lie to us and it is hard to except, but we have to focus on our personal cosmos. Take care of yourself, drink and eat natural foods and be no longer a sheep. Be with your consciousness in your heart and its immpossible to control your beeing. Stay in your mind and you are a hopeless manipulating creature.

Author hopespringseternal70 ( ago)
ok so if a dude in china starts digging and a guy in the states starts digging, when does one start digging 'up'? do they dig down and then fall up? do they fall down and dig up? RIDICULOUS!

Author GolfGuyNY ( ago)
Nothing but a Saturn worshipper making anyone that has critical thinking look like uneducated assholes. He ends it with saying it is a square, there is your freemason satanic CUBE!!

Author music man ( ago)
its 100% proof that to this date they ain't not one real pictures of the so called blue marble (earth), it's all c.g.i, people say wait a minute what about that picture from the moon showing the world to be round, do some research and you will find out that it was an image taken from inside the nasa rocket, and the shape being round is from the inside of the window from the rocket, taken in total darkness, look it up, so this is just one small section of the planet in this picture, and its round shape is from the window, not the earth, i'm not saying it is flat, just do some research, look it up, same video a guy tries to get the astronauts to swear on the bible they went to the moon, non would! just too many secrets and lies from nasa!!!

Author CoryTrapp ( ago)
Umm, the truth has been revealed, since about 240BC we have known the Earth to be spherical.  If you doubt this, today happens to be the Spring equinox, feel free to explain everyone seeing the Sun rise due East and set due West with the elevation angle to the Sun at noon being 90 - your latitude, no matter where you are on Earth.  In the North, that angle will be to the South and in the South the angle will be towards the North and on the equator the Sun will be directly overhead.

Author Marcia ( ago)
He's waking people up! yes yes yes! The earth is flat.

Author Critical Thinker ( ago)
They have to CONTROL the opposition.

Author Blessedfamily ( ago)
One of 2 things WILL happen.Either they will be used to make a mockery of F.E.(such as B.O.B.),which WILL draw more in and backfire or it will all come out and they will turn all against God by saying He has us trapped here and we can do it on our own without him by bragging about everything they will soon show and by complaining that he is stopping us from expanding to new land and to mars and such.Which is a LIE of course.Love your work B T W,Thanks

Author AZMATIK ( ago)
What's his motive?

Author I am that I am ( ago)
This is obvious an awakening for the ones who are late to the party.
Thank God for creating the chosen elite to know this knowledge to awaken us, to continue Gods plan.

Here's how it goes down, the Flat Earth was reintroduced by the Elite or specifically it was all God's work.
Now people will be filtered out through this awakening process, to either be a Christian, or the ones who ignore this awakening and remain asleep or the ones who still have work to do here and are aware of the singularity.

No harm done to the Christians, they will be at peace, God gives us comfort through many different ways as we are not really conscious but generated code by God, a special individual who has a different path to others.

The people who are too ignorant to wake up, were always going to be like sheep.
God created it this way, there is no harm done to them. God comforts all.
We all have a purpose here.
Nobody is wrong or right, it just is.

Sign me up.
I am that I am.

Author wowa cwejman ( ago)
He's brain is flat.

Author Flat Plane Explorer ( ago)
They want to put a Dome on it....infinite flat plane...more land....The Dome is still a Prison...Like the Ball...............

Author Joey Sylve ( ago)
FEA, black masons are not in so deep...research it brotha. Shaqs a realist.

Author george iulian dorin bercaru ( ago)
great speech bad video.thumbs down on this one...yet i still appreciate your work on other vids!

Author Zookeepercarl ( ago)
I doubt very much that it will come out! When the kikes aren't sending money to Israel "then it will come out" Nasa was founded just after ww2! "which is bullshit also MUH 66 GORILLIAN Google- plex Joo's

Author kesterwww ( ago)
Funny when the Freemasons come out and say things about the Earth being flat, they NEVER give good reason, they say silly thing like "it looks flat to me". Almost like it's pushing the message "ridicule anyone that says the Earth is not a globe". Maybe I'm wrong, but it certainly looks like controlled opposition. Hasn't Donald Trump been talking about this stuff lately as well?

Author rick Woods ( ago)
they have no choice now , but beware of the dome

Author Jeff Burchell ( ago)
who is next?

Author God's Disciples ( ago)
I agree, I was wondering myself why would Satanist/?/ expose a lie that Satanist perpetrated in the first place? seems strange to me. Are they just trying to gain credibility in the Truth movement?

Author WIWIDITY ( ago)
only when you say the E is F you are righteous but when Shaq says it then its a triple double conspiracy, check yourself dude, Shaq is a brave MF

Author * R3DN3CK * ( ago)

Author Bender2497 ( ago)
Because Shaq is an academic leader in today's society....

Author 1 Percent ( ago)
This whole thing looks controlled 2 me🤔.

I call it distraction. But it's gettin biggeR by the day🤕🤕🤕🤔.

Stay tuned!!

Author Ryan Alves ( ago)

Author Scott T ( ago)

Author Vast Manwich ( ago)
Wow. Giant moron, but really good basketball player says really stupid shit. Big surprise. Don't go bragging that more proven idiots agree with you.

Author Miss Kim ( ago)
They'll want to steer the FE ship by giving partial truths. Liars never stop lying. They just tell new lies. They will sprinkle some truth in there, however. So we can expect disinfo and remarks that don't include the science that disproves the globe.

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