Super Secret Deaths in Video Games!

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    Featuring: Best Secret Death Easter Eggs in Video Games - The Easter Egg Hunter

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    Super Secret Deaths in Video Games
    Fallout New Vegas Easter Egg
    Shadow Warrior Easter Egg
    Tomb Raider The Last Revelation Easter Egg
    Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Easter Egg
    Fallout 3 Easter Egg
    Sword of Sodan Easter Egg
    Serious Sam 2 Easter Egg
    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Easter Egg
    Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity Easter Egg
    Fallout 4 Easter Egg

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Comments: 471

  • temato flakes
    temato flakes 11 hours ago

    oh how I've missed you Easter egg it's been too llong since I've watched a video from you

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer 12 hours ago

    poor turtles

  • LizzLard
    LizzLard 3 days ago

    So that's why Half Life 3 isn't coming out.

  • Danen Mineard
    Danen Mineard 4 days ago

    That Beavis & Butthead scene was fucked up.

  • BronsonChad2014
    BronsonChad2014 5 days ago

    It's not Ben Garner it's Quint Haha

  • richy21 lee
    richy21 lee 6 days ago

    Nathan drake dat guy from uncharted

  • KaiSigmonte
    KaiSigmonte 7 days ago

    That Beavis death surprised me

  • Bradley Kratz
    Bradley Kratz 7 days ago

    8:25 sorry for the intrusion but those boats can can found in a lot of places

  • Diego Aguas
    Diego Aguas 9 days ago

    Indiana Jones > Uncharted > Tomb Raider
    Just saying ;)

  • Rodolfo Rodrigues
    Rodolfo Rodrigues 10 days ago

    I've looted that body on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but i didn't even notice it was gordon freeman itself :O nice one

  • Erica The Crystal Gamer

    My favourite one has got to be in a game I've never played: The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. The skeleton called Peke Utchu.

  • Ultimate Zekrom
    Ultimate Zekrom 12 days ago

    Where is Peter Micain?

  • The Derpy Skeleton
    The Derpy Skeleton 12 days ago

    -oh sh*t thats meh Name Shh-

  • Krazy Kat
    Krazy Kat 14 days ago

    lol 1:15 The Easter Egg Hunter

  • Lord Ignitor
    Lord Ignitor 15 days ago

    I love the Easter egg hunter

  • Fizzythefox
    Fizzythefox 15 days ago

    Indiana jones? More like Indiana bones.

  • awesome sauce
    awesome sauce 17 days ago

    "Major video game spoilers" dumb

  • James Plays Games
    James Plays Games 18 days ago

    where is gaster

  • Ch0mper321
    Ch0mper321 18 days ago

    Rip 🐢

  • MEGA Bamboo Eater
    MEGA Bamboo Eater 20 days ago

    i guess you could say Indiana BONES?

  • J Quinlan Donnelly-Silverman

    Easter eggs inside a video about Easter eggs?

  • Turtlewhisperer 11
    Turtlewhisperer 11 22 days ago

    1:59 there goes my heart

  • TheGamerWolf
    TheGamerWolf 22 days ago

    nice... wanted sign... of you

  • IndigoPhoenix21
    IndigoPhoenix21 23 days ago

    That last death really got me lol. It just comes out of nowhere.

  • Douglas Hardman
    Douglas Hardman 24 days ago

    I saw you were wanted on the tree in bevus and butthead

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 24 days ago

    I should need my crowbar

  • A Banana
    A Banana 24 days ago


  • EL R
    EL R 24 days ago

    Hey, do a video on the Watch Dogs 2 Shuffler Easter egg because it's weirdly terrifying and also completely awesomeHonestly

  • RetroDuck
    RetroDuck 26 days ago

    9:21 James is wanted

  • RetroDuck
    RetroDuck 26 days ago

    Snatcher at 4:32
    Hello this is James so what else don't you know about me well I have been living in Perth Australia for a year now. My favourite video game of all time would probably be Super Mario World with Zelda Breath of the Wild a close second and I love a good burger from time to time. See you

    Well I solved it

  • Stephane Valev
    Stephane Valev 26 days ago


  • coolgirlgames CGG
    coolgirlgames CGG 27 days ago

    why won't you make top 5 secrets in Xbox 360 games it'll be fun

  • Daffy Bud
    Daffy Bud 27 days ago

    Shoutout for any S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S fans here!!!

  • Burn Angel
    Burn Angel 27 days ago

    "F*clackson*ck you, Beavis."

  • charles knox
    charles knox 27 days ago

    What about Luke Skywalker in Skyrim?

  • Gun Slingers
    Gun Slingers 28 days ago

    did u know that there's a secret sav game file in undertale that will trigger a different game

    • Gun Slingers
      Gun Slingers 28 days ago

      first search the save file then copy it to the folder where you find that save file then open undertale it will trigger a dating sim

  • DieserJunge89
    DieserJunge89 28 days ago

    the Beavis and Butthead one seems pretty random.. how would anyone come across that one? is there any background on why it has to be exactly like this? any reference maybe?

  • TheKilledCreeper
    TheKilledCreeper 28 days ago

    Two things I predicted about this video:
    1. I knew that the Serious Sam secret was going to be included
    2. I knew that Gordon Freeman was going to be the dead character in the Stalker game even though I never heard or played it.
    Strange, huh?

  • ReyOfDeath
    ReyOfDeath 28 days ago

    Title should be secret cameo deaths or something. I thought it. Was secret ways to die lol.

  • Tyler Daysrping
    Tyler Daysrping 28 days ago

    I didn't see the doomed space marine and Indiana Jones from Duke nukem 3d in your video.

  • theguyinthere
    theguyinthere 29 days ago

    lake resident evil 4

  • Strider VM
    Strider VM 29 days ago

    Hello, this is James. So what else don't you know about me? Wait I have been living in Perth Australia for a year now. My favorite video games of all time would probably be super mario world with zelda breath of the wild a close second and i love a good burger from time to time. See you

  • Varyk McIlvenna
    Varyk McIlvenna 29 days ago

    Where's Luigi in luigis mansion

  • Olivia E.
    Olivia E. 29 days ago

    i can't belive it! why did you didn't. do paper mario color splash?!?

  • Face Gamer
    Face Gamer 29 days ago

    Serious Sam was the shit

  • MajikMonkey
    MajikMonkey 29 days ago

    Guess the creators of Tomb Raider really hated Nathan Drake and Naughty Dog

  • Gamers Anonymous
    Gamers Anonymous 29 days ago

    Great video, just discovered your channel today and I'm glad I checked it out.

  • originalstapes
    originalstapes 29 days ago

    uhh ist that supposed to be Quint from jaws not Ben Gardner?

  • Duran Sok
    Duran Sok 29 days ago

    the only secret death was #6. the rest were just references

  • Germi the savage
    Germi the savage 29 days ago

    I hate how you make the video so dramatic, it's a game!!! NOT A FUCKING MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabe Riley
    Gabe Riley 29 days ago

    7:40 i can take indeana jones but NOOO>>> NOT NATHAN DRAKE HES MEY FAVORITE ADVENTURER OF ALL TIME

  • Kyle The noble
    Kyle The noble 29 days ago

    We all saw your watermark on Gordon Freeman's body don't try to hide that

    Also great quality on that wanted poster...

  • truthseeker42 42
    truthseeker42 42 29 days ago

    *sigh* you deserve 5000000 million subscribers. not 258,073

  • brian mccarthy
    brian mccarthy 29 days ago


  • BlueEve68
    BlueEve68 29 days ago

    Damn .-.

  • MarioMG 84
    MarioMG 84 29 days ago


  • stephen mckay
    stephen mckay 29 days ago

    6:52 the triforce is found appearing on the left under the vines

  • sasafrash3
    sasafrash3 29 days ago

    but what about Indiana Jones on Fallout New Vegas

  • Crispy Bacon
    Crispy Bacon 29 days ago

    Freeman was just resting waiting for HL3 to come out

  • Cee mcneil
    Cee mcneil 29 days ago

    that beavus and butthead one was dark lol

    • Michah 20
      Michah 20 29 days ago

      Cee mcneil butthead used shotgun it was super effective

  • Marquis Yarosh
    Marquis Yarosh 29 days ago

    Legend if Zelda: ocarina of time - look behind the castle towns areas after Ganon goes after Zelda and a dead guard is there.

  • Flareon Dude
    Flareon Dude 29 days ago

    thought this would be deaths that happen to you not people who are dead who reference something

  • Marquis Yarosh
    Marquis Yarosh 29 days ago

    4:00 guess that's why we won't have half life 3

  • Salem Pehrson
    Salem Pehrson 29 days ago

    what i know is i've been here since 2013. keep up the good work.

  • asa sas
    asa sas 1 month ago

    my favorite is in mass effect 2, you can have the chick on your team who kills people as she mates. after you beat the game, you can go to her and get "romantic," and you will die.

  • killswitch2559
    killswitch2559 1 month ago

    No solid snake in the wall in silent hill 3?

  • The Half Eaten Bagel

    ....well that beavis and butthead one wasn't random at all
    that gag happened ever episode

    • The Half Eaten Bagel
      The Half Eaten Bagel 26 days ago

      hahaha!! well it's implied that butthead is smarter than beavis, since he can at least read....somewhat
      but beavis still reigns supreme when he invokes the great cornholio whenever he obtains a sugar, rush, which i always found hilarious and probably some of the best shit they ever came up with, alot of their episodes are hit or miss to be honest, but i love adult animated comedies....
      i also ended the genesis version without a walkthrough when i was young and like how you had to use intellect for basically morons to gain the gwar tickets, i never could end the snes version of their game though

    • Michah 20
      Michah 20 26 days ago

      The Half Eaten Bagel also I like how it's Beavis only and not butthead it's funny that Beavis gets killed or gets beat up way more as the guy in the Christmas special said can you hit the bajeasus out of Beavis he's stupid

    • The Half Eaten Bagel
      The Half Eaten Bagel 26 days ago

      yea, that was unthinkable, never thought something like that would be there myself, they also had another game on the pc, beavis and butthead do u or something
      when i was in junior high school i even had like there cd, it was like just them talking nonsense and a couple of music tracks....hahaha!

    • Michah 20
      Michah 20 26 days ago

      The Half Eaten Bagel I watch B&B I just I heard​ of virtual stupidity I saw some game play in YouTube but I never saw that Easter egg and I never thought that would happen in a B&B video game

    • The Half Eaten Bagel
      The Half Eaten Bagel 26 days ago

      i was just joking with you, but they do like die in the halloween special or turn into zombies or some shit, i think they die like a couple of times, i was quite surprised with that easter egg, i grew up with beavis and butthead, i even watched the newer ones that came out a couple of years ago, they was like shitting on jersey shore and 16 and pregnant, those dumb ass shows that come on mtv....not like they show music videos or anything, you should check it out, they are free to watch on mtv

  • Jemiah DaPap
    Jemiah DaPap 1 month ago

    Number 4. That character is also found dead in Mad Max lying by a crate and crowbar.

  • Zain Klassen
    Zain Klassen 1 month ago

    duke nukem vs serrios sam EPIC DEATH BATTEL!!!

  • Professor Persona
    Professor Persona 1 month ago

    I was wondering what the lore was of Owen and Beru! Here I was scouring the wastes trying to find a book or wall scribbling (or hallucination) to tell me their significance. Doesn't help that I only remembered Uncle Owen's name...> .>

    I should know better from a Fallout game. No matter who makes them, they're always chock full of references...though my favorite one is still finding the Four Horsemen in Fallout 1.

  • Lil Gamer
    Lil Gamer 1 month ago

    last one is just.
    what the fuckkk?????????????

    • Michah 20
      Michah 20 29 days ago

      Lil Gamer f##k you Beavis

  • Duck Nut
    Duck Nut 1 month ago

    Why did I think that Nathan drake was the famous adventurer in tomb raider? And also, HALF LIFE FUCK YEAH!

    • Duck Nut
      Duck Nut 1 month ago

      Never mind Nathan drake is in Lara croft, humiliated...fuck...

  • Connor Tyler
    Connor Tyler 1 month ago

    So... Lara Croft is really full of herself, apparently.

  • Juan Facundo Mendoza Bari


  • Foxy The Pirate Fox
    Foxy The Pirate Fox 1 month ago

    xD Duke Nekem got a nuke shoved up is ass!!! goddammit! lol

  • porky penguin
    porky penguin 1 month ago

    Not sure if this counts as secret but in halo reach, if youre in 2player and by a cliff. Make one jump down and the other land on theones head whos already down there. The player below will take double the damage (instantly killing them) while the one who landed on the others head will be just fine

  • nyan gamez
    nyan gamez 1 month ago

    My favourate secret death was the tomb raider one where you go down the small Chamber and see a skeleton in spikes

  • Kirkenstien's Kreature

    You can find Issac Clark's corpse in Duke Nukem Forever (wasn't Master chief there as well?). Also Indiana Jones skeleton in a fridge in Fallout New Vegas if you choose the Weird Wasteland perk at the beginning. Im sure you are already aware of these because you are the tits!

  • Julienne Mae Palad
    Julienne Mae Palad 1 month ago

    oh my god why this

  • StunningMiner
    StunningMiner 1 month ago

    Huh, never knew that a death was a not known, seen or not meant to be known or seen by others in video games...

  • Jayden Potter
    Jayden Potter 1 month ago

    So killing Beavis ends the game?

    • Michah 20
      Michah 20 29 days ago

      Jayden Potter game over

  • jinxx Iwasawa
    jinxx Iwasawa 1 month ago

    holy shit that Beavis and Butthead death was fucked up " fuck you Beavis" like what the hell that came from no where " hehe she said came"

  • Chasedcrown
    Chasedcrown 1 month ago

    My favorite is Auron from final fantasy x

  • FrankZito29
    FrankZito29 1 month ago

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - One of the best game series ever made.

  • Amir Butcher
    Amir Butcher 1 month ago

    f_VROOM_ you beavis

  • Terminatrix of Death

    actually i believe the Fallout 4 Jaws Easter Egg portrayed there isnt the real easter egg because in the water in the North Eastern part of the map there is a boat with the same scene going on but like in the movie Jaws the boat is sinking

  • Chris lacey
    Chris lacey 1 month ago

    surely you mean quint from jaws not ben gardener as we didn't see his death

  • Jay M
    Jay M 1 month ago

    Just to give you a heads up it's a mutated dolphin not a shark

  • Jacob Specht
    Jacob Specht 1 month ago

    I knew it was Indiana Jones before he even said it I FUCKING KNEW IT

  • Phil Bell
    Phil Bell 1 month ago

    I played Virtual Stupidity years ago and never knew about that death.


  • Blake Loyd
    Blake Loyd 1 month ago

    I like your wanted poster in the Bevis and butthead game

  • PokePony1
    PokePony1 1 month ago

    I really enjoyed this video! I found some really great eggs, too. Keep up the amazing work!

  • jonathancristal
    jonathancristal 1 month ago

    los cadaveres de indiana jones y nathan drake no me lo esperaba,dos de los mejores exploradores mas valientes iguales como lara croft han muerto en sus expediciones,¿estara una referencia de lara croft muerta en algun juego de indiana jones y/o uncharted?.

  • waaurufu
    waaurufu 1 month ago

    I was expecting the guard in Ocarina of Tims who dies in an alleyway in Castle Town just before the encounter with Ganondorf as child Link, as many people overlook or don't even know this NPC exists on most playthroughs.

  • meh
    meh 1 month ago

    Oh yeah, I remember Gibson in Fallout, till he tried to kick my ass when I returned, no joke.

  • Iile J
    Iile J 1 month ago

    I have to say I really appreciate the spoiler warning usually no one cares

  • Ethan Sapp
    Ethan Sapp 1 month ago

    Your transition between numbers is so annoying

  • CraftIfDuty
    CraftIfDuty 1 month ago

    my favorite part is 10:27

  • Timothy Xed
    Timothy Xed 1 month ago

    so was his duke a nuke?? what that the joke? idk

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