King Cobra Tedung Sela

Pernah tengok ular mengawan tak? Ular ini dari spesis Tedung Sela yang sangat berbisa. Video ini telah di rakam oleh seorang kawan "Utoh" namanya di salah sebuah kebun kelapa sawit di Sungai Ayam, Batu Pahat, Johor sewaktu beliau sedang meracun rumput.

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Author Razman Abd Razak (5 years)
Besaq ulaq ni...Berani depa dok kacau ulaq tengah dok stim....

Author multiyaze li (3 years)
@bensam56 just let them be, you crazy guys,you guys stupid ,,,ass...hole,

Author whitewingedkrad (3 years)
@pintukantidas Yeah I'd say its two males wrestling, for dominance

Author dubbedcrazy (4 years)
"why don't we do it in the road"...beatles

Author Pintu K. Das (4 years)
@eugenengeelu I think you're right both are male and fight for territory
because their twisting is not like they having sex

Author ILoveBiking100 (3 years)
bongok punya ular, nak date pun cri lah tempat lain ni atas jalan..

Author hk khan (4 years)
the two snakes r showing a nice show.fantastic display.

Author ssstf12 (3 years)
kill them nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Author ice bear (5 years)
the two cobras are trying to mate. however this fool wont leave them alone.

Author lunalena65 (5 years)
if this fool leaved them alone, you'll never view this kind of stuff at
all... oh what's another fool here.

Author abracad6859 (5 years)
Beautiful snakes movements!.

Author silverunicorns777 (4 years)

Author Jumbo Nismo (4 years)
pukimak siap cai nombor ekor lagi...apasal x mampos terus aje kene patuk
lagi bagus.....mcm sial

Author roygbiv330 (3 years)
academic content.

Author silverunicorns777 (4 years)

Author Pintu K. Das (4 years)
@eugenengeelu I think you're right both are male and fight for territory
because their twisting is not like they having sex, trying to head down
each other

Author silverunicorns777 (4 years)
You have recently posted several comments. Enter the text in the image to
continue posting.

Author Abhishake Agarwal (4 years)
snake can do sex for 2-3 hrs continuously

Author hk khan (4 years)
i thought well they r mating but may be yu r right taht tehy were fighting,.

Author tmuser1 (3 years)
and they are talking about buy 4-D..592 is 4d equivalent of snake, two
snakes = 2592, 3 big, 3 small on the black market's 4d (RM3.00 big, rm3.00
small) :D

Author jabarry goodridge (4 years)
well this fight is pretty dumb cause a cobra's venom doesn't work on a next
cobra so this is pointless lol lbar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author silverunicorns777 (4 years)

Author manolo manolodlospavos (4 years)
this is no mating at all,just 2 males fighting

Author vendix101 (4 years)
@bensam56 well actually....those snakes are male....its how cobra's fight
against another cobra...its their ritual

Author Eugene Ng Ee Lu (4 years)
I think manolodlospavos, JPjrproductions and vendix101 are correct on the
fact that they're both male and are fighting each other. Correct me if I'm
wrong but I've watch from a documentary about king cobra and it said that
they are territorial type in the wild. If a male happens to cross into
another male territory, both of them will fight in an unusual way. They
will try to pin each other's head down to the ground. The one which pins
down the other's head to the ground wins the territory.

Author mat yoe (4 years)
klau aku tk ckup tnah aku lari.... gile betol......buat kene ngap ular
betina kt tepi tu tk ke mampos......conpom aku tk lalu jlan tu dah...

Author adawiyah05 (3 years)
kaki judi.siut!!

Author tmuser1 (3 years)
two males fighting over territory & mates...dumb asses are lucky both
snakes didn't turn on them...

Author Baby Barrister (4 years)
they're quite long

Author ขอทานน้อย พานมั่ง (3 years)

Author azremy latiff (4 years)
ular pun korang wat no,masyuk tak,manisss

Author matrikmerapum (5 years)
sial boleh set no ekor la.... baik la ko mampus sial

Author JPjrproductions (4 years)
@2ndRCHAret There nottrying to mate there both males this is a contest
males do to show dominance. the idea is to pin the head down of the other
kind of lyk thmub wars. when the contest is usally over is when 1 pins the
other then gives the other 1 a small bite then its over non lethal bite

Author DewataAwanBerapi (5 years)
ulaq tgh beromen pun pi kacau...

Author Benjamin Samson (4 years)
Just think what will happen if they (Snake) disturbs you in bedroom while
you have sex with your wife?....Leave them

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