Vegas All You Can Eat Lobster Buffet - Bally's Sterling Brunch

The Sterling Brunch

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Author heinke hackbarth ( ago)
take smaller bites and don't talk with your mouth full please

Author laib 2017 ( ago)
try that ramen noodle place's good

Author 2Deep ( ago)
yeah, that's on my list of places to eat as well. I would paint eyes on my eyelids when I'm full, nap at the table until I'm ready for next round.

Author Mathusan ( ago)
You're so outgoing

Author Cole Tanner ( ago)
Lobster was a cheap meat 200 years ago. Slave owners had to legally sign contracts by the authorities to only give lobster or crustaceans no more than twice a week to their slaves. Not until the 1880's did it start rising in price from the cheap meat.

Author Greg Paris ( ago)
I lived in Vegas from 88 to 95', Showboat Casino had a (loss leader) "all you can eat lobster buffet" every Wednesday for $5 that closed after the first month : ) I ate the hell outta that special

Author BoSsOm boss ( ago)
He don't know eating manners he eat like a animals .

Author Brandon Nguyen ( ago)
Who else came back here after buzzfeed's worth it

Author Nubzyy ( ago)
Everyone in the comments talking about how they would only eat lobsters lol, there's several other buffets around 20 dollars with unlimited lobster in Vegas, hell I've been to a couple $10 buffets with lobster.

Author Daniel Luu ( ago)
Was this filmed with a potato?

Author Kev. Da MAN ( ago)
oh man I'm too hungry

Author Adrian Lorenzana ( ago)
I live in vegas

Author calia vang ( ago)
you should have a website page or fb page and post up food and place so If I'm near by I can try it

Author navidski ( ago)
If that place was near me, I'd go there 3 times a week and would gain 30 pounds a month

Author navidski ( ago)
If Jackie Chan spoke perfect English...

Author King Tran ( ago)
Buchanal buffet sucks

Author hollaaa atme ( ago)
my food hero one day I plan to travel and eat different food every where

Author Raja Aznir ( ago)
When you were seated and eating, whom were you talking to?

Author dbmnfinity y ( ago)
hey dude... is this buffet still around.... I want to ad this to my "foodie-bucket list"

Author Amaya Zelaya ( ago)
Why the hell do I always watch food videos on YouTube when I'm hungry and/or its 2AM.

Author Tahj Fayall ( ago)
Imagine CrazyRussianHacker going there. it would just be a bunch of mmm issamazin wow boom

Author Tahj Fayall ( ago)
this is torture I'm so hungry rn

Author Tia Lee ( ago)
Added this immediately to my own bucket list , it looked amazing !!! I love your videos :) your reactions to the yummy food is always priceless.

Author manny ( ago)
i thought you were jackie chan lol

Author N N ( ago)
cannot see meal properly :(

Author Michelle Medaris ( ago)

Author Willa Davis ( ago)
+Mikeychenx you look really fit to be eating all that food

Author Jenn Pelletier ( ago)
Anyone else just want the small pans?

Author frockoff1 ( ago)
they probably barely broke even on you.

Author Eva Wilson ( ago)
I am all about the seafood at buffets. No fillers..

Author Jonathan Unger ( ago)
You don't drink? what

Author Sweets Sweeter ( ago)
Never eat bread at a buffet!!

Author Claudette R ( ago)
you have to find a brazilian steak house all you can will love it

Author captian V ( ago)
amazing youtube channel you should have your own show on travel channel...🙌

Author Ichigo TRILLONATOR ( ago)
I love eating, you man , inspired to work out,.so I can eat more XD

Author Christina H ( ago)
so hungry!

Author Mark Whyfriend ( ago)
And 2nd of all at least show the whole food on the table when ur eating

Author Mark Whyfriend ( ago)
What da hell is wrong wif him his over reacting every tiem he eats some food.Like rlly he is like crazy af

Author Daniel Kim ( ago)
i wish dishes were visible

Author Dylan Williams ( ago)
what the hell is your day job?? how can you afford to travel so damn much

Author Bambi Wooten ( ago)
That bread you were eating is called Yorkshire Pudding. It's a type of bread from England. Usually made with a beef dish. Yum

Author JM J ( ago)
from the thumbnail, they definitely look more like crayfish to me

Author Lawrence Lugar ( ago)
Enjoy this $90 buffet. -- because you will lose and be depressed at Vegas at the casinos.
$100 gone in less than two minutes at a table.

Author ALBERTA/ BERTA ( ago)
YO! : D

Author Saul Meyers ( ago)
this is so weird.. but ive never gotten joy out some else eating such great food.

Author monay monay ( ago)
I'm a bib person aswell 😍😎

Author Corinne Wendler ( ago)
I'm hungry now thanks

Author Laura Leszczynski ( ago)
Douche bag!

Author Johnny Kiehn ( ago)
bruhhhh lobster ravioli?!? I need!!

Author c4snipar ( ago)
Wow $90 is cheap consider just one lobster tail will costs you $50 at a restaurant. I wouldn't eat no bread or mashed potato, straight up lobster tails

Author BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] ( ago)
my mouth is watering that I created the Pacific ocean

Author Will C. ( ago)

Author J.Louise Meeks ( ago)
What an AWESOME review!  I'll definitely go there the next time I'm in Vegas.  Thanks!

Author sky ( ago)
thyme and butter steak is the BOMB...!

Author Ray Dingo ( ago)
That bread had the same shape as Africa lol

Author Soul Squatch1 ( ago)
Love your food quest !

Author Karatsukino ( ago)
Ooooh! $90?! that would be a waste on me 😢I eat like a bird, buffets don't really work for me.

Author Adrian Antoniou ( ago)

Author steven le ( ago)
-@ hiy kho

Author Nick Smith ( ago)
You kinda look like Jackie Chan. 😂

Author Sang Nguyen1021 ( ago)
I haven't watched the whole video but yes I will definitely go there...maybe this summer...I hope...😆
If I have to pay $90 for a meal then I will find a way to win it back...😆😆😆

Author otherworldlycosplaye ( ago)
Love watching Mike doing these reviews. He is so comfortable in front of the camera and carries on like he is ACTUALLY talking to you... Good stuff.

Author mike johnson ( ago)
Do you eat for free .

Author mike johnson ( ago)
I have been to a all you can eat lobster for $25.00 I thought I could eat a lot more than I could but unlike some people who feel they have to get their monies worth.

Author outlawed14 ( ago)
anyone else notice the lady chillin in the background lol

Author George Huang ( ago)
I'm allergic to shrimp and lobster. So sad.

Author servicarrider ( ago)
If we were to be completely honest, as unpopular as that may be, to most fat Americans, much like myself, lobster is just a fancy way of eating clarified butter. I have to hand it to you. I never could have knocked back that much grub. You are a true Buffarian. Thanks for the infotainment.

Author NEW BOY FASTER ( ago)
i like red lobster for me is t
best. w one 🍻

Author Craddock 222 ( ago)
I thought it said

"Vegans all you can eat lobster buffet"

Author Dave Briffa ( ago)
Another great vid Mikey. That steak wow i was chewing with you fantastic.

Author Obay Js ( ago)

Author Joe Lazar ( ago)
How come everyone is fat at the buffet?

Author MichaelHWToh ( ago)
Awesome vid. Always wondered what exactly a Vegas buffet looks like.

Author mistofoles ( ago)
Rattouille is basically a vegetable stew.

Author Ahmad A. Thabata ( ago)
People know that's large crayfish not lobster, right?

Author marc sene ( ago)
This guy is my all time favorite!

Author Kawaii otaku Zskie ( ago)
Me when I'm eating fancy things ;)

Author Darcy Foster ( ago)
Don't eat bread it fills you up way to much

Author irishbreakfast ( ago)
be sure to see your cardiologist a few weeks after this binge.

Author Bobby Broadway ( ago)
I'm soooooo hungry now and am totally going to try this next time I go to Vegas:) I love your video's and now want the Japanese build your bowl ramen now as well with that egg.

Author caveman Versace ( ago)
I absolutely love prawns, shrimp, maron, yabbies, crabs, mussels, crawfish and the odd bearded clam. I hate lobster though. Go figure huh?

Author Zae Darius ( ago)
Ravioli ravioli, gotta eat that lobster ravioli

Author Dena Redford ( ago)
How do you stay so slime ?

Author Sath Sah ( ago)
getting hungry. ok bally'

Author katieburdy sunshine ( ago)
The bread looks like a big Yorkshire pudding

Author favino loveliveandlaugh ( ago)
love your videos :) you have such a large appetite

Author Ronnie Trinidad ( ago)
I'm twice his size, but can barely eat half of what he put away in this video.

Author Kaiser Frost ( ago)
All that stuff looks great. It's like a midieval feast.

Author N. Zhiv ( ago)
This man LOVES food. Genuinely loves food. No showmanship, showboating, just food.

Author marco abreo ( ago)
Is this the same vato from the paranormal channel?

Author Griselda Guerrero ( ago)
Omg I've gone to Vegas several times and I can't believe that I didn't knows about this buffet 😱 I'm going there next time. Oh my did you ate all that food by yourself? I would've done the same thing lol. Food is my friend.

Author Cynthia Tillman ( ago)
I love to see how excited you get about food:)

Author Charlottooo G ( ago)
"There must be a better way"

Author HIÊN NGUYỄN ( ago)
For some reason you remind me of Jackie Chan, except Jackie Chan is fluently speaking English lol

Author Sonic Gamer ( ago)
Bruh fr this video should get no dislike because that food looks god and I know it taste good

Author Melody Johnson ( ago)
all you can eat lobster (& other seafood) in Orlando...$50.

Author Jenny Lee ( ago)
How the hell does a regular shaped man eat so much food?!

Author deedee harris ( ago)
I hear about this place there food is from different countries fresh so u get your money's worth u r so dame lucky.

Author Pouff ( ago)
Thought it said Vegan All You Can Eat Lobster Buffet.....i was like ooo now there is vegan lobster. NEVER HAD LOBSTER IN MY LIFE ;-;

Author cieryious ( ago)
I wanna eat

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