Wanted to come to u with a vid about place u can purchase size 11 shoes n up. (I need to stop doin these vids when i get off work i look really tired lol.)

Nine West Bandolino Payless
Ross Marshalls Rainbow
Target Oldnavy Shoecity
DOTS Kmart Shoe Show
Avenue Sears Dillards
Macys Jcpenney Aldo
Bakers Simply Fashions Catos
Cititrends DSW Naturalizer
Torrid Shoe Carnival BareFeet FashionBug

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Author holymosesjew (1 month)
You also forgot Ashley Stewart store and Romans catalog.

Author holymosesjew (1 month)
Why did you give us the love my shoes. Com thse shoe only goes up to size

Author darius Lastcoleman (3 years)
can i see a pic of your feet

Author Prostyles25 (2 years)
hey pretty dont get down on yourself 4 wearing a size 11. just cus u this
think your feet are big doesnt mean they are pretty cus i'm sure they are
pretty. i see your hands are nice so i;m sure your feet are to. the video
was nice and i love to see a women roc flats but it would have been even
nicer if you would have shown us your feet. you should do another video and
show them. read your comments we all want to see them.

Author SurfWaxify (4 years)
sweet girl

Author Bigshoefriendly1 (3 years)
Hallo, nice video. Nicely said. You can check our channel for a great
selection of women footwear in large sizes.

Author ProperStuff (3 years)
LJ....hows it going girl....pretty face.......must have pretty
feet......give us a show....

Author kbkirven (5 years)
love it girl!!!!

Author MangoPuff (2 years)
Thanks so much for the video. I always hated my feet for being size 11. You
gave me hope. C:

Author PrimeTimeKid88 (2 years)
I'm actually doing a study on black women with big feet...awesome!

Author onlyone (4 years)
Lady show your feet in your shoes!!!!

Author LapdanceNAhalf (3 years)
I'd date you.

Author ItickleFEET123 (4 years)
you should do a video showing us for big feet are they ticklish

Author 11andChic (2 years)
11andchic is also an amazing site for finding a wide selection of designer
size 11 and up shoes.

Author solemarc (3 years)
nice lips.... and eyes....

Author ashleystyle (5 years)
gurl i work at two of those stores we have a wall of 11's and sometimes we
have 10.5. my mama is 11 so she be making me stock up!

Author gigwalnutz1 (3 years)
I would love to kiss your size 11 soles!

Author PeechCutie (3 years)
Cute shoes, thanks for representing for the big feet girls. I wear an 11W
and did not know there were that many places that have cute shoes for the
big girls. I love and Nine West; thanks for sharing!

Author oldskool228 (1 year)
Cute big feet in sexy shoes.I'm so in there.

Author fabi6 (4 years)
show us ur feet boo,...

Author 355cubicinches (4 years)
i would love to rub your big feet judging from your hands they are cute too

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