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  • Sabah Mirza
    Sabah Mirza 6 minutes ago

    No hate but it is fake because there is a light in the c curtain 😕

  • lilyana maldonado
    lilyana maldonado 17 minutes ago

    just spend all of them at a time when I watch a video from the other YouTubers it's something happened like they move the couch they throws food they hit something something metal

  • Joshua Delapaz
    Joshua Delapaz 20 minutes ago

    Its a fake i thought its real its 3am not pm.

  • Luigi Gil
    Luigi Gil 30 minutes ago

    Ilukkuijukukuuiyiuuyuyjuiiuiiuuikkukjhkkjuuykjykyukjjjjjujyu,jumjumhmjyjykjjhyhg c cc. Vv hhnujmumhnthhthhjnhjjjhynjhjnhhnhbthtbbghnnhhnhnhhnnhhnghyjhnmmjhngnjnhhhhghgtjujny'hkihgim,hthbgtrejnyyjynybytuhdggdtserdFftgybghhhhhjjj


  • Kayla Pop Star
    Kayla Pop Star 44 minutes ago


  • Strawberry Drink
    Strawberry Drink 54 minutes ago

    Fake look at the cartin light

  • Frisk the human
    Frisk the human 1 hour ago

    if none of you in the comments saw,IT'S JUST A SKIT! honestly at least some of you should read the discr.

  • Krista Cole
    Krista Cole 1 hour ago

    and it's fake

  • Krista Cole
    Krista Cole 1 hour ago

    can you do Bloody Mary right now

  • Adam Kearns
    Adam Kearns 1 hour ago

    so fake

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 1 hour ago

    BIG THUMBS UP, if you to smell the girls undies👅

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 1 hour ago

    I want to sneak in there at 3am and smell the 3 girls butts. and maby kiss them goodnight

  • Damorya Earl
    Damorya Earl 2 hours ago


  • Nicole St.clair
    Nicole St.clair 2 hours ago

    kiss me just kidden

  • Lil Bear
    Lil Bear 2 hours ago

    not trying to be mean but when they said it was ten at night I could see the light from outside

  • priscilla davis
    priscilla davis 2 hours ago

    I don't believe in ghosts that enough I never seen nothing like that happened to me I never seen one before I think it's just a myth

  • percyleen likiaksa
    percyleen likiaksa 2 hours ago

    Ummm let's see that is really really fake some one offed the light like your mom or your dad

  • Leah Norris
    Leah Norris 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice it was light outside

  • Tiffany Leffler
    Tiffany Leffler 3 hours ago

    spinn it 4 times thing

  • gamer beast
    gamer beast 3 hours ago

    this is fake when the ghost came out of the closet it's somebody under a blanket

  • Mackenzie Lamm
    Mackenzie Lamm 4 hours ago

    Find the differents 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Claris Padilla
    Claris Padilla 4 hours ago


  • Claris Padilla
    Claris Padilla 4 hours ago

    by the door

  • Claris Padilla
    Claris Padilla 4 hours ago

    when they where by the restroom i saw a hand

  • zheng lewis
    zheng lewis 4 hours ago

    No I need Robux

  • Yunus Patel
    Yunus Patel 4 hours ago

    Play minecraft pocket edition in 3 am

  • brenda Mejia
    brenda Mejia 4 hours ago

    mabye it was your mom

  • brenda Mejia
    brenda Mejia 4 hours ago

    thats fake

  • Dilma Saenz
    Dilma Saenz 4 hours ago

    You guys where lying 🤥 to us because you guys just closed the curtains and I know how because there is a little hole that we could see the light

    • Dilma Saenz
      Dilma Saenz 4 hours ago

      And the light shows through the curtains

  • Miranda Aslanishvili

    i love 3am videos

  • Luis vazquez
    Luis vazquez 5 hours ago

    at 3:00 am going to be seen as a ghot

  • caleb deleon
    caleb deleon 5 hours ago

    you can see the daylight in the back

  • little girl
    little girl 5 hours ago

    that scares me

  • Melba Pierce
    Melba Pierce 5 hours ago

    I'm Alice angel

  • Reef Andrews
    Reef Andrews 5 hours ago

    That was a cool vid guys totally should do 3am slime vid guys

  • Nicole
    Nicole 5 hours ago

    fake... sorry but it was fake and it was light out i saw it through the curtins. sorry sorry sorry.

  • Anita Tankovits
    Anita Tankovits 5 hours ago

    could you guys do a slime 3M video thank you

  • Anita Tankovits
    Anita Tankovits 5 hours ago

    could you guys please Allison tankovits and Madeline tankovits for shoutout thank you.

  • Anita Tankovits
    Anita Tankovits 5 hours ago

    yes I believe in ghosts

  • Callum Church
    Callum Church 6 hours ago

    It was your parents

  • Shaylynn Dowell
    Shaylynn Dowell 6 hours ago

    real real. for

  • Khalil Loukil
    Khalil Loukil 6 hours ago

    هل هاذا الشبح حقيقي

  • Janice Corner
    Janice Corner 6 hours ago

    spin it on the coffe table

  • Stitch3s 10
    Stitch3s 10 6 hours ago


  • Martin steynberg
    Martin steynberg 6 hours ago


  • Jamille Collins
    Jamille Collins 6 hours ago


  • Raihanatu Kanu
    Raihanatu Kanu 6 hours ago

    Thanks. What a fantastic time!

  • Chester Adams
    Chester Adams 7 hours ago

    play into the ghost was it your dad or your mom or is it a real one I don't think it was a real one cuz it looked like a bed cover what's it called Thing. NO I do not belive in ghosts

  • Ana Grandao
    Ana Grandao 7 hours ago

    that is creepy guys

  • Jamar Willocks
    Jamar Willocks 7 hours ago

    you're amazing

  • Catherine Dadiego
    Catherine Dadiego 8 hours ago

    does your mom and dad no about this

  • James Enos
    James Enos 8 hours ago


  • Gracie Perkins
    Gracie Perkins 8 hours ago


  • Roxy Bussa
    Roxy Bussa 9 hours ago

    I have a crush on your little boy come to my house 635 Canfield Drive.

  • Roxy Bussa
    Roxy Bussa 9 hours ago

    I got a question of

  • Roxy Bussa
    Roxy Bussa 9 hours ago

    the person the little boy coming to my house 635 Canfield drive please.

  • Roxy Bussa
    Roxy Bussa 9 hours ago

    a rock that boy he's so cute come over to my house at when they 30 maybe like 3 a.m. please my the boys videos cute I have a crush on him so can you please come to my house to my house at 6:35

  • shaun sexton
    shaun sexton 9 hours ago

    sooooooooooo fake!

  • Herbal Light
    Herbal Light 9 hours ago

    Please just slaughter yourself

  • Ava Marie
    Ava Marie 9 hours ago

    I love your video

  • lava it makes you die lol

    giberish they speak giberish

  • M-ATX NOOBX awp noo
    M-ATX NOOBX awp noo 9 hours ago


  • Olivia Humphries
    Olivia Humphries 9 hours ago

    why is it light outside

  • Olivia Humphries
    Olivia Humphries 9 hours ago

    you kids are 33 all together

  • Joy Montilla
    Joy Montilla 10 hours ago

    Cool 👌

  • Jada Virgo
    Jada Virgo 10 hours ago


  • Amanda Farmer
    Amanda Farmer 10 hours ago

    are y'all brothers and sisters

  • Candi Love
    Candi Love 10 hours ago


  • Keira Crowe
    Keira Crowe 10 hours ago


  • corner Beauty for life

    Do sardines at 3️⃣am

  • Trinity Bui
    Trinity Bui 12 hours ago

    hi guys

  • Kailu15643 gaming
    Kailu15643 gaming 13 hours ago

    and it was F A K E😛

  • Kailu15643 gaming
    Kailu15643 gaming 13 hours ago

    or one man hide and seek😈😈😈😈😈

  • Kailu15643 gaming
    Kailu15643 gaming 13 hours ago

    make woodo doll at 3 am with ur dna

  • bhangkho javier
    bhangkho javier 13 hours ago

    spin on the table

  • Jayla Baker
    Jayla Baker 14 hours ago

    if 3am is the scary hour how do we sleep

  • Linda Tali
    Linda Tali 14 hours ago

    can you do charlie charlie at 3.00 am??

  • bee girl ghaya beeh
    bee girl ghaya beeh 14 hours ago

    can you do a sardines 3 Am

  • sandralouise1979
    sandralouise1979 16 hours ago

    i know why scary things happen at 3am because GOD dies

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave 18 hours ago


  • natalia perez
    natalia perez 18 hours ago


  • jenn SimisterJAEDEN
    jenn SimisterJAEDEN 19 hours ago

    do sardines

  • yuenha wong
    yuenha wong 19 hours ago


  • yuenha wong
    yuenha wong 19 hours ago

    I know that it is fake , so I won't believe

  • barbie wrold
    barbie wrold 20 hours ago

    its fake in the window you can see that is a day time

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres 20 hours ago

    realy fake

  • Susan Hocut
    Susan Hocut 20 hours ago


  • Samantha Bassett
    Samantha Bassett 20 hours ago

    The question of the day I do believe ghost 👍

  • Hayley Fuson
    Hayley Fuson 20 hours ago

    that was scary

  • kevin stickney
    kevin stickney 22 hours ago

    Add no

  • Sam Wilder
    Sam Wilder 22 hours ago

    I'm in love with u Payton

  • Adylie
    Adylie 22 hours ago

    dont forget to play the floor is lava at
    3 : 00

  • Twins Bolanos
    Twins Bolanos 1 day ago


  • Navdeep Singh
    Navdeep Singh 1 day ago


  • Angel Pullay
    Angel Pullay 1 day ago

    that is not 3AM

  • Vanessa Hardiman
    Vanessa Hardiman 1 day ago

    well that little one she scared me when she hissed at me but I like your video as a scribe to

  • Aaliyah Ybarra
    Aaliyah Ybarra 1 day ago

    So fake

  • Kaela Pacheco
    Kaela Pacheco 1 day ago

    Hi and yes

  • Ciara Eigenbrod
    Ciara Eigenbrod 1 day ago

    eat it or wear it

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