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    In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew buy ice cream for their new friend in Florida… and this new friend just happens to be a baby goat or “Little G” as he is appropriately named. Seriously, this tiny goat is quite possibly the cutest baby goat to ever exist!

    However snack time takes a dramatic turn when “Big Pig” decides that he should be the one to chow down on the delicious treat. Does he “oink” his way to the feast?

    Spoiler alert - if you want to keep your ice-cream for yourself… Beware of Big Pig!

    Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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  • Lord Luisifer
    Lord Luisifer 5 hours ago

    Those Ice Cream Cones are so puny! I forgot how small they were, my bae works at McDonalds and he gives me like three times the size of that.

  • WhatTheHell Boy
    WhatTheHell Boy 9 hours ago

    Big pig was like "Wassup my niggas!"

  • Little Uni
    Little Uni 9 hours ago

    Big pig: Hello camera! Want some of my icecream? XD

  • Dread head eb 3
    Dread head eb 3 10 hours ago

    They ice cream machine not broke 😱😱😱😱😂😂😂

  • phostime
    phostime 14 hours ago

    what a happy porker! I love pigs

  • Americanpride2016
    Americanpride2016 15 hours ago

    " yo whats up im lil G this is my crib with Big Pig "

  • adrianne moldez
    adrianne moldez 19 hours ago

    lol mcdonald ice creams in our country is lower than a dollar

  • norwegianswede7
    norwegianswede7 19 hours ago

    The new McDonald's mascot is... BIG PIG!!!

  • Amorall
    Amorall 20 hours ago

    "63 is hot"

    My dude I have to deal with 110 at least everyday.

  • goelia esteban mojo
    goelia esteban mojo 23 hours ago


  • TheNobleMango
    TheNobleMango 1 day ago

    Lil G... Big Pig
    Why do those sound like rappers?

  • Kristina Mayo
    Kristina Mayo 1 day ago

    the light is cute when you see I eating ice cream it makes me to give a big big hug to I ITS JUST TOO CUTE

  • Katebra Jones
    Katebra Jones 1 day ago

    63!! hot!!! i have to deal with 80-93 degrees f. thats hot

  • Sir Decay
    Sir Decay 1 day ago

    I want to see another ep with Big Pig tbh

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris

    Meet Li'l G, Big Pig, Chicken Little and Gamera.

  • James Harris
    James Harris 1 day ago

    those animals are so happy

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander 1 day ago

    63? The Lowest it gets here is 80f

  • ZacoKick
    ZacoKick 1 day ago

    hhahhahahhahahah 63 Is that F? lol I get 120 daily

  • Nutts Harambe
    Nutts Harambe 1 day ago


  • Crusty Crab
    Crusty Crab 1 day ago

    oh my God I NEED to go to this place

  • Libby Crump
    Libby Crump 1 day ago

    Feeding a tortas, pig , and a goat I do that every day!
    😂 (I live on A farm)

  • ElectricShock
    ElectricShock 1 day ago

    4:28 casual turtle is casual

  • magic Fluffy corn
    magic Fluffy corn 2 days ago

    I still like your hat

  • Bean23
    Bean23 2 days ago

    63?? That's like moderately cold!

  • Donut Destroyers
    Donut Destroyers 2 days ago


  • Mashed Patatas
    Mashed Patatas 2 days ago

    i love watching tortoises eat

  • Edrick Fajardo
    Edrick Fajardo 2 days ago


  • Angela Rhodes
    Angela Rhodes 2 days ago

    "that is a pig eating ice cream cone" me:XD

  • Ambermoon Of Thunderclan

    1 Like= 1 Ice cream cone for Big Pig

  • Asuka Kurbis
    Asuka Kurbis 2 days ago

    i have a black pig just like that one but he is a little smaller

  • Hannibabe The Cannibabe

    There are only two emotions; "BEWARE of BIG PIG!" and "Giant Screaming Frog!"

  • Agustí Guerola Garcia

    Aw, that's one cute lil' piggy :3

  • zXkhaoticXz
    zXkhaoticXz 2 days ago

    BIG PIG!

  • WWE Predicts
    WWE Predicts 2 days ago

    I like big pig 🐷 😊

  • Pakei Lsu
    Pakei Lsu 2 days ago

    Surprised their machine wasn't down.

  • Sarah Nyamgotov
    Sarah Nyamgotov 2 days ago

    I wanna see big pig again

  • CodyDonGaming 07
    CodyDonGaming 07 2 days ago

    You think that pig is big we raise pigs about 2x/3x that size

  • Silent Knife
    Silent Knife 2 days ago

    -O- 777 dislikes!!!

  • Alex Simovic
    Alex Simovic 2 days ago

    haha lol k XD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antthekid Mlg
    Antthekid Mlg 2 days ago

    3:40 me at carvel

  • Jasmine Delilah
    Jasmine Delilah 3 days ago

    *feeding pig ice cream*
    mark: did it get you?

  • Geometry Dash Vids
    Geometry Dash Vids 3 days ago

    Beware of the BIG PIG

  • Ally Weller
    Ally Weller 3 days ago

    Are there no dangers with feeding goats and pigs, who don't have the lactase enzymes to break down lactose, ice-cream made from cow's milk?

  • Project Zed
    Project Zed 3 days ago

    Big Pig, A small but larger pig xDDD

  • Ben Cho
    Ben Cho 3 days ago


  • John Rabbit
    John Rabbit 4 days ago

    He should've took a bite of the ice cream with his two front teeth

  • Nanny Bahria
    Nanny Bahria 4 days ago


  • Jared 2005
    Jared 2005 4 days ago

    63 degrees in Arizona we have to suffer through 120

  • Hiếu Nguyễn
    Hiếu Nguyễn 4 days ago

    go too iamwildcat he's a pig too

    warning he's say bad thing you have been warn

  • ActiVate Vulpix
    ActiVate Vulpix 4 days ago

    "I was almost certain, that this little goat, would want an ice cream cone"

    "I know who would......."




  • Raiyu 425
    Raiyu 425 5 days ago

    to your right a baby billy goat
    To you left BIG PIG! :P

  • 40 Water
    40 Water 5 days ago

    63 degrees?!? ITS 110 OUT HERE IN FRESNO CALIFORNIA...

  • Jess xx
    Jess xx 5 days ago

    -a small but big pig

  • Hello Duarte
    Hello Duarte 5 days ago

    You should have tried goats milk ice cream

  • 김에릭
    김에릭 5 days ago

    COYOTE He loves that. But goats love everything.

  • Hunter Sanders
    Hunter Sanders 5 days ago

    i like big pig

  • Súper Soccer films Súper soccer films

    Little G remends meas the goat in goat simulator

  • moe G
    moe G 5 days ago

    The goat is light skin

  • Tunrayo Ade
    Tunrayo Ade 5 days ago

    so cute

  • Hunter Anderson
    Hunter Anderson 6 days ago

    I'll have some of those greens please.

  • Angelica Lee
    Angelica Lee 6 days ago

    "Come sit on uncle Coyote's lap."

    Yes sir 😍

  • Nero Dom
    Nero Dom 6 days ago

    Big Pig DESTROYED that Ice Cream!

  • wherefancytakesme
    wherefancytakesme 6 days ago

    "63's pretty hot"
    A giveaway someone's not from the southwest

  • Austin Tran
    Austin Tran 6 days ago

    Icecream from Chick-fil-A is mich better

  • Gigi_Gaming
    Gigi_Gaming 6 days ago

    I now know that if Coyote ever had to survive and live in the wild, he would not only excel at surviving but also make many animal friends

  • Animated Stomach
    Animated Stomach 7 days ago

    Coyote is so pure.

  • Jonathan Silva
    Jonathan Silva 7 days ago

    I want big pig

  • Foxy Gaming
    Foxy Gaming 7 days ago

    peppa pig

  • Thugi Vlogs
    Thugi Vlogs 7 days ago


  • Adc Cici
    Adc Cici 7 days ago

    Lill g looks like a black and white pill

  • Liv
    Liv 7 days ago

    The freaking pig is so adorable. He reminds me of a dog, wagging his tail, speaking when you come over, loving people. The cutest.

  • Zee Perry
    Zee Perry 8 days ago


  • It's My Suffering
    It's My Suffering 8 days ago

    5:14 anyone see the bird poop and the turtle or tortoise


    sorry the ice cream machine is broke

  • Nixion
    Nixion 8 days ago

    "63 degrees is pretty hot" Well here in Arizona it was 127 yesterday 😂

  • Mr. Spooki-lisious
    Mr. Spooki-lisious 8 days ago

    I know who would...
    Big Pig!

  • tinatunabanana meow

    that pig is so nice

  • Gigi Plays
    Gigi Plays 9 days ago

    4:00 big pig lol

  • RMG grandkids
    RMG grandkids 9 days ago


  • RMG grandkids
    RMG grandkids 9 days ago

    here we see what chicken nuggets are made of 0.16

  • Suits Rockin
    Suits Rockin 9 days ago

    It eats ice cream faster then me

  • Green Electric Tuber

    Did big pig get a brain freeze??

  • LPS Martinez
    LPS Martinez 9 days ago

    He's feeding pigs ice cream getting bitten by big animals and I'm here being afraid of my own hamster XD

  • JP Percer
    JP Percer 9 days ago

    Lil g looks like a pill

  • Jessiloo
    Jessiloo 9 days ago

    finally made a video about my mom

  • 407ForRent
    407ForRent 9 days ago

    Get that goat 🐐 some napkins and the pig 🐷

  • 407ForRent
    407ForRent 9 days ago

    That goat 🐐 love ice cream 🍦

  • 407ForRent
    407ForRent 9 days ago

    My name is Jeff 😏😏😏😏😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Kawaii Taco
    Kawaii Taco 9 days ago

    I feel bad that the goat didn't eat coyotes ice cream, it hit a spot in my heart

  • April Glick
    April Glick 9 days ago

    Big pig eats like my bulldog max witch is 77 pounds

  • gloppin boopin
    gloppin boopin 9 days ago

    BIG GUY!!! no its BIG PIG!!!

  • Savage Mode
    Savage Mode 9 days ago

    BIG Pig!

  • Angry Angels
    Angry Angels 9 days ago

    Big pig!

    • Angry Angels
      Angry Angels 9 days ago

      Kinda looks like the goats wearing pants

  • Marcia Logan
    Marcia Logan 9 days ago

    Looks like there is a lesson here that goats like veggies than desserts!!!!

  • ThatRandomGamer 00
    ThatRandomGamer 00 9 days ago


  • Dragonblood94
    Dragonblood94 9 days ago

    You should visit India!!!!!! There are more animals on the street then there are in a zoo!

  • CoWz CrUcIo56789
    CoWz CrUcIo56789 10 days ago

    Lil' G and Big Pig are so cute!

  • turtleking games&vlogs

    there is a tortoise in the background

  • Maria Borovikova
    Maria Borovikova 11 days ago

    Each ice cream costs $1.07

  • Psycho Girl
    Psycho Girl 11 days ago

    my pig is bigger than big pig by like a hair

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