NEW Conor McGregor Funniest Moments and Trash Talk

A compilation of Conor 'The Notorious' McGregor's trash talk and funniest moments.

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This video includes:
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Funny Moments
Conor McGregor Funniest Moments
Conor McGregor's Funniest MMA Moments PART 4
Conor McGregor Trash Talk
All of the Conor McGregor Insults
Funniest MMA Moments In History
Best of Conor McGregor

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Author Brendan J.T. ( ago)
My favorite MMA fighters:

1. Michael Venom Page
2. Connor Mcgregor
3. Charles Bennett

Author deeznutz235 ( ago)
" Fook mark henry "

Author Jambreezy ! ( ago)
Nobody mess up with the goat
The king is always real!
Need to watch this post fight conference, wanna have a look of Alvarez fucking face

Author Born_Leaders ( ago)
Love him the cunt! 😭

Author vince arizala ( ago)
Who da fook is that guy is the funniest.

Author Rahand Legend ( ago)
Conor vs Me and let's see Madafucker 😂

Author cris sanchez ( ago)
konor got fuck in the ass irish pride right gay shit

Author Nawad Amin ( ago)
NATE DIAZ is the only guy who beat the fuck out of MCGREGOR TWICE

Author mr BeanHD ( ago)
fuck you McGregor bitch

Author Dallis MacLoed ( ago)

Author Dallis MacLoed ( ago)

Author ceirion thomas ( ago)
2 thousand haters disliked this 😂 They don't like mcgregor but I bet they watched every second of this and then dislike it! Jealous little fuckers the lot of them! 2 thousand fucking idiots every single one of them!!!

Author Jay 0711 ( ago)
Eddie Alvarez tries to insult him, but he just sounds like a retard. He's not smart or clever enough to say anything quick or funny.

Author [WTD.]WENZ com ( ago)
Eddie was so fucking chill man

Author revolution ( ago)
Go on

Author Luca Iacusso ( ago)
alvarez = biggest dissapointment

Author Attractive LatinoBoi ( ago)
5:30 eddie starts taking conor as a joke and the crowd starts chanting conor. Eddies fukn grin starts to going into crippling depression

Author Mohamad Mirzaei ( ago)
nate diaz

Author irish1 ( ago)
Eddie be careful hahah he wasn't lol

Author Tyler Thackeer ( ago)
"suck these irish balls"

Author Rupert Murdoch ( ago)
Connor McGregor is the most over rated athlete in sports history.

Author Crakka Da Jakka ( ago)
say what you want about him. but man I love Connor he talks so much shit and backs it up. he beat the brakes off of Eddie

Author UAE SupraX ( ago)
he vs broke i heard that he will 1v1 him

Author The Sense Barrel ( ago)
he barely beat diaz...if it were a cardio war...he would have lost

Author Gustavo hernandez ( ago)
Conor is a beast. He proved me wrong when I thought Eddie was going to destroy him

Author marcb510 ( ago)
mcfagors mouth is better than his real skill..defend a belt you freeby gimme champ

Author Greg Foster ( ago)
biggest wanker in sport

Author Caggo Corpsekiller ( ago)
"ffffffooooookkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnggggg"conor mcgregor

Author Виктор Середин ( ago)
It's fockin beauty

Author Mac Diesel ( ago)
All the money Conor made for everyone and himself, he is the first man I ever seen that does what he says and says what he does , Conor is a real white boy that grew up in poverty like Nate Diaz and it gives them a sense of want that most people don't have and don't even know what it's like to be in those shoes. That's why Nate v Conor is always a fight that the world will watch no matter what. They are both hungry lions with top tier trainers. Kavanaugh is a genius and Perez is hypnotizing when he is training someone. I love Perez Nate and Nick got a lot of their heart and skills to do what they want when they want thru training with people like George Perez. Mr. Perez

Author Keisaun Carano ( ago)
fucking savage dude

Author loly lets plays ( ago)
He sounds like the gaming terroriser

Author Marky mark ( ago)
Eddie always responds by smiling or laughing. True response of weakness

Author xxcage223 ( ago)
Is that guy talking shit on the mic not have a brain or respect? The balls on him to talk shit to Eddie Alvarez like that. He's lucky he didn't end up in the hospital. Plus, he completely fails to realize the level of dedications you need to be at a high level. Hours of training, planning, dieting, and overcoming the fear of losing takes a incredible amount of hard work. Its fine to criticize a fighter way of fighting, but to just belittle him like that. He's the very definition of a dumbass.

Author blazin20s ( ago)
hahahaha you gotta love this idiot

Author C Real ( ago)
Fook Mark Henry

Author Iddo, The Prophet ( ago)
What a king

Author Philip Paul ( ago)
"I have nothing against him, but uh...."
"Be careful"
"Okie, fuck you!" lolz

Author NKD GAMING ( ago)

Author E. Charles White ( ago)
Conor McGregor= Francis Begbie

Author Cesar neubauer ( ago)
Esse conor dá nojo.

Author Alex Foster ( ago)
you're gonna need a fucking army to take them from me, well they didn't...

Author CrazyPro ( ago)
Where da fook da second belt. Hahaahah🤣

Author Nath16ff ( ago)
try reveal fifa where you cover the whole screen except for the small box at the bottom and every time you score reveal a section of the screen.

Author Peacemaker ( ago)
Once you have money you don't have to hold your personality back anymore. Most of our conformism is to protect our reputation and protect our jobs and relationships. When your tough AND rich you can throw your attitude in everyone's face.

Author Travis Walsh ( ago)
Must be nice to have money

Author Jonathan Guzman ( ago)
Connor is a true original!

Author MSNking14 ( ago)
3:20 - Mystic Mac indeed!

Author sky delos santos ( ago)
Gimme your belt

Author Loko ( ago)
Eddie was talking mad shit, then got 4 pieced lmao

Author Bryan Jackson ( ago)
this whole video was fucking hilarious

Author Pure Gaming Heart! ( ago)
why are famous people such dicks.. not all talking shit etc... but most of them .. jeez

Author tom underwood ( ago)
that left hand puts guys on there asses Eddie could of gotten paid but he didn't he fought for what he was contracted and didn't renegotiate it ! shit Diaz was smart enough to renegotiate his contract and get that papper !!

Author Wolfy McGee ( ago)
These aren't his funniest moments. These are his most cunty moments. I miss pre-money Conor, back when his trash talk was actually creative. The only funny moment here is the "who the fuck is that guy," which his fans ruined in a week.

Author jerardo hernandez ( ago)
no one ever heard of Ireland until Connor McGregor happened 😂😂

Author Jozelyn Sutton ( ago)
Mcgregor. is a cool guy like if u agree

Author Big Perm ( ago)
I like Jeremy Stephens... But, that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen....

Author FreeriderTruthTemplar ( ago)

Author Nathan Russell ( ago)
shut our mouth what u going to do

Author Stugots666x ( ago)
Eddie looks like a mini Dana

Author The Legend27 ( ago)
"little boy belt" boi your shorter the coner you faggot fucker

Author yay or nay ( ago)
"i have an unhealthy obsession with spending money..but i have a healthy obsession with making them" BBBBBBBRRRRRUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Author Connen Tyson ( ago)
Lucky charms head ass.......Lame!

Author Ty Wilson ( ago)
Ahhh the joy of being white. When you are black like FLoyd Mayweather, Adrian Broner, etc and you say suck my balls and use foul language and are brash you are a thug and controversial. Oh but the joy of being white like Conor McGregor, you can completely copy and emulate black culture and get a completely different perception. Conor is funny and entertaining and a must watch. Floyd and every other black athlete is a bad role model and you cant wait for them to lose.

Author FF S ( ago)

Author Michurin ( ago)
Eddie what a bitch he made out of you!The world will remember you as Conor's little bitch!

Author LJ Cool ( ago)
"The double champ does what the fook he wants" 😂😂

Author LJ Cool ( ago)
Jeremy Stephens career is now over. 😂

Author Jacob Parra ( ago)
He's the man!

Author ben pep ( ago)
can somebody shoot this big mouth?

Author Nikolis ( ago)
1:50 that lo key dab tho

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
Shut your fooking mouth this guy omg hahah

Author Cory Lowther ( ago)
"I fight at all weight divisions" go up to heavyweight and fight junior dos Santos then lmao

Author David Saylor ( ago)
Gimme your belt!

Author Yo Mama ( ago)
Connor is Always calling someone broke when he trash talks. When in fact. Before his first fight. He collected a welfare cheque. lol.

Author Jimmy Celtic ( ago)
I fucking love how cocky and confident he is awesome

Author Heverton Gonçalves ( ago)
Conor apenas um trouxa que ganho uma 4 lutas e perdeu várias , é só é conhecido por falar muito !

Author Ahmed Ali ( ago)
Wish more American white boys can be as cool and chill as my nigga Conor, he jams biggie and tupac, talks trash like Ali and backs it up.

Author Adam Lahlou ( ago)
"I have an unhealthy obsession with spending money, but a healthy obsession with making it. So it's all good." - iconic

Author James Wilson ( ago)
i dont follow ufc that much and i know hes a cocky dude and people hate him but connor is funny as hell.

Author Gabriel McCarthy ( ago)
eyyyyeeeeehhhhhhrr 🍀

Author jpat gon ( ago)

Author Senol Eren ( ago)
please sombody beat that ugly guy!... he hass big month... fuck him to mutch bla bla... fuck your money!!! fucking so muth money end fuck hookers...

Author Andrew Bradley ( ago)
kendo Nagasaki would knock the b,Jesus outs both of ya,

Author Andrew Bradley ( ago)

Author deandre harris ( ago)
Conor McGregor said he was a pimp

Author chris bolton ( ago)
Cris cyborg🇧🇷 vs Conor mcregor🇨🇮

Author XzibitCA ( ago)
0:52 "ofcourse i can take the two belts, i can defend them simultaneously" L:OL

Author absolutely flawless ( ago)
have a belt taken away,mystic mac being right, kabib being a pullout merchant,8 times its happened, I hope Connor walk away from this ufc gone wwe Connor don't like it March 5th

Author Yondell Anthony ( ago)
1:22 who the fook is that guy 😂😂😂

Author News Tube ( ago)
You missed a lot..

Author Amadeus Shun ( ago)
Fook mark henry

Author Rossi Rossi ( ago)
Eddie eats canvas haha gobshite yank

Author Prince Gio13 ( ago)
sorry I'm late I JUS DNT GIVE A FUCK!!!! this guy is fucking awesome.

Author Henk Peters ( ago)
"Shut yoo fooking mouth!"

Author Chase Martinson ( ago)
I love Conor, idc what people say " Oooooh he tapped out" who gives a shit, a lot of people tap. I will love the guy no matter what and hes just a monster.

Author George From Jungle ( ago)
Shot your focking mouth !

Author Biggie Smalls ( ago)
4:55 eddi shit his pants

Author Biggie Smalls ( ago)
confidentslevel over 1000000000000

Author Albertouz ( ago)
1:17 when Conor realises it´s someone talking xD

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