NEW Conor McGregor Funniest Moments and Trash Talk

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  • TheAnimeGuy
    TheAnimeGuy 1 day ago

    is conner mcgreggor trashtalking about ALLAH SWT ???? karma comin your way bitch

  • Shannon Hyden
    Shannon Hyden 1 day ago

    Connor I love your sweet cheeks better win against Floyd too I need this baby girl

  • Customer Brownsville

    or what, or what, your gonna do something over there....shut yoo fookin mouth!

  • Asen Asenov
    Asen Asenov 2 days ago

    Where the fock is my second belt!😂😂

  • Levi Whaley
    Levi Whaley 3 days ago

    an nate beat his ass

  • Wizkid Science
    Wizkid Science 4 days ago

    gimmi that second belt "this is what i dreamed into reality"

  • Ice The mask
    Ice The mask 4 days ago

    If Conor can split bars dats some good shit

  • LadiesLoveDillon
    LadiesLoveDillon 5 days ago

    Who else saw the guy dabbing in the background😂

  • Grant Plies
    Grant Plies 6 days ago

    who noticed the dab at 1:49 😂

  • Hector Salamanca
    Hector Salamanca 9 days ago


  • Patrick Gonzalez
    Patrick Gonzalez 10 days ago

    Mick Irish fuck is entertaining

  • SanctumStudios
    SanctumStudios 10 days ago

    Floyd will take him to school if they ever box.

  • Robert Zuchora
    Robert Zuchora 10 days ago

    Conor has no chance with Khabib Nurmagomedov. he will be fucked in the firs round.

  • Soljan Shametaj
    Soljan Shametaj 10 days ago

    4:32 eddie looks at himself on the screen like a little bitch that never has a second chance to come out on the screen again with that fake ass smile. Loser

  • kpatrickism
    kpatrickism 11 days ago

    Conor takes on the flyweights next.

  • Eilat Nik
    Eilat Nik 11 days ago

    lol wtf hes like the real slim shady of the ufc

  • Reanu Keeves
    Reanu Keeves 11 days ago

    solly em leet ay jest dont give a F

  • Joel Espinosa
    Joel Espinosa 12 days ago

    Eddie's hair line makes me sad

  • brad metzler
    brad metzler 14 days ago

    Dustin Poirier revealed that Conor did get into his head and he felt like he was fighting a man not a blank canvas.

  • flatoat23
    flatoat23 16 days ago

    Sorry im late i just dont give a Fuck!

  • blaine Patten
    blaine Patten 17 days ago

    Love Connor

  • ARusso22TV
    ARusso22TV 17 days ago

    Hes a god

  • Isaiah Michael
    Isaiah Michael 17 days ago

    i watch this video to get my day started

  • Quedrodresan1235
    Quedrodresan1235 19 days ago

    Nate is funny too xD

  • For Freedom of Truth Kurdistan

    He is sooo Cool

  • Monkey is here 123
    Monkey is here 123 19 days ago

    I'm the most active fighter... Conor isn't anymore lol just the irony

  • TechnicallyToxicity
    TechnicallyToxicity 20 days ago

    I love this guy, his insults are hilarious, and at least he can back up all the shit talking that he does

  • Justin Dir
    Justin Dir 20 days ago

    I love him haha mike Tyson junior !!!!!!

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon 20 days ago

    1. Conor McGregor
    2.Stephen Thompson
    3.Tyron Woodley

    They're the best👌

  • 134peaceandlove
    134peaceandlove 21 day ago

    he's fun to watch both talking and fighting. Lol

  • NoahMTSpensley
    NoahMTSpensley 22 days ago

    Diaz. Brothers.

  • Amin Adan
    Amin Adan 22 days ago

    Who the fuck is that guy😂😂😂😂

  • Glitch King
    Glitch King 22 days ago

    Youll do

  • ballsa Larige
    ballsa Larige 22 days ago

    I clicked on this crap because of the girl pics...

  • Slaughter To Prevail

    Mcgregor vs Brock lesnar

    JOHNNYGOX 23 days ago

    Conor is one of the worst characters in ufc.He acts like a spoiled and stupid boy

  • Hamzah Mahmood
    Hamzah Mahmood 24 days ago

    One-Punch Mickey in real life.

  • Mi Le
    Mi Le 24 days ago

    What a Legend

  • Kh Boy Kh Boy
    Kh Boy Kh Boy 24 days ago

    conor u r fck u n fight me?

  • Kh Boy Kh Boy
    Kh Boy Kh Boy 24 days ago

    conor u r fck u n fight me?

  • raphael football
    raphael football 24 days ago

    my name is eddie 🤕

  • Simon Allison
    Simon Allison 25 days ago

    OHH Shit dew you here him.

  • Saddy0092
    Saddy0092 26 days ago

    Foook mark henry. ahahahaha this guy is the best.

  • Sargeant Barnes
    Sargeant Barnes 27 days ago

    Dude Eddie deserved to get beat he was so cocky going into the fight he told Conor he only has a left hand and he's right but the problem is that is the most dangerous left hand in LW history. Eddie thought he would wrestle him and the better fighter set his ass straight.

  • Matyusz mityusz
    Matyusz mityusz 27 days ago

    someone shoot this clown dead please.

  • Connor Bowes
    Connor Bowes 27 days ago

    Eddie just looks like a bitch, in reaction to Conor just look at his face

  • Riley Whitbread
    Riley Whitbread 29 days ago


  • Gustavo Morales
    Gustavo Morales 29 days ago

    Diaz is ur dad

  • Pro Pro
    Pro Pro 29 days ago

    Where's me muni dayna?!

  • Redaris
    Redaris 1 month ago

    l love this Irish bastard! Kansas

  • Hammer Gut
    Hammer Gut 1 month ago

    1:50 us of a 😂😂

  • Herbert Lemmons
    Herbert Lemmons 1 month ago

    Floyd Mayweather does not even talk like this clown or disrespect anybody like this clown. But people say that Mayweather is ignorant and a showboat. No McGregor is loud mouth piece of shit. Mayweather is going to knock his ass out

  • k1llzOn381
    k1llzOn381 1 month ago

    You could tell by eddies expressions and how he tends to look down or away from Conor as he talks shit, that he didn't believe in what he was saying or was scared of Conor. At @4:55 when he faces off with Conor he couldn't even look at him straight, just did some goofy face. You can see in that moment Eddie wasn't about it. He lost because he heart wasn't in the fight from the get go.

  • rcysi
    rcysi 1 month ago

    This is so funny to watch AFTER you know the outcome to the fight lol Eddie you poor boy lmao

  • Tyler Chan
    Tyler Chan 1 month ago

    I am fking gay

  • Tai Heke
    Tai Heke 1 month ago

    the man

  • _Vegito_Edits
    _Vegito_Edits 1 month ago

    Fuck it i'm gonna ask that girl out

    *Conor* Shut you're fucking mouth, you'll do nothing,you'll do fucking nothing

  • Emanuele Fantacone
    Emanuele Fantacone 1 month ago

    e porca madonna co ste immagini click beat

  • AirForce
    AirForce 1 month ago

    Shut your fookin mouth. XD edit: 1:50 DAB

  • Jakdax
    Jakdax 1 month ago

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  • Jarrod S
    Jarrod S 1 month ago

    8:48 up to 8:51 is so funny XD

  • SPITFIRE 212
    SPITFIRE 212 1 month ago

    1:51 Just NO!!

  • Brendan J.T.
    Brendan J.T. 1 month ago

    My favorite MMA fighters:

    1. Michael Venom Page
    2. Connor Mcgregor
    3. Charles Bennett

  • deeznutz235
    deeznutz235 1 month ago

    " Fook mark henry "

  • Jambreezy !
    Jambreezy ! 1 month ago

    Nobody mess up with the goat
    The king is always real!
    Need to watch this post fight conference, wanna have a look of Alvarez fucking face

  • Born_Leaders
    Born_Leaders 1 month ago

    Love him the cunt! 😭

  • vince arizala
    vince arizala 1 month ago

    Who da fook is that guy is the funniest.

  • Rahand Legend
    Rahand Legend 1 month ago

    Conor vs Me and let's see Madafucker 😂

  • cris sanchez
    cris sanchez 1 month ago

    konor got fuck in the ass irish pride right gay shit

  • Nawad Amin
    Nawad Amin 1 month ago

    NATE DIAZ is the only guy who beat the fuck out of MCGREGOR TWICE

  • mr BeanHD
    mr BeanHD 1 month ago

    fuck you McGregor bitch

  • Dallis MacLoed
    Dallis MacLoed 1 month ago


  • Dallis MacLoed
    Dallis MacLoed 1 month ago


  • ceirion thomas
    ceirion thomas 1 month ago

    2 thousand haters disliked this 😂 They don't like mcgregor but I bet they watched every second of this and then dislike it! Jealous little fuckers the lot of them! 2 thousand fucking idiots every single one of them!!!

  • Jay 0711
    Jay 0711 1 month ago

    Eddie Alvarez tries to insult him, but he just sounds like a retard. He's not smart or clever enough to say anything quick or funny.

  • One dE XcUtE
    One dE XcUtE 1 month ago

    Eddie was so fucking chill man

  • revolution
    revolution 1 month ago

    Go on

  • Luca Iacusso
    Luca Iacusso 1 month ago

    alvarez = biggest dissapointment

  • Attractive LatinoBoi

    5:30 eddie starts taking conor as a joke and the crowd starts chanting conor. Eddies fukn grin starts to going into crippling depression

  • Mohamad Mirzaei
    Mohamad Mirzaei 1 month ago

    nate diaz

  • irish1
    irish1 1 month ago

    Eddie be careful hahah he wasn't lol

  • Tyler Thackeer
    Tyler Thackeer 1 month ago

    "suck these irish balls"

  • Rupert Murdoch
    Rupert Murdoch 1 month ago

    Connor McGregor is the most over rated athlete in sports history.

  • Crakka Da Jakka
    Crakka Da Jakka 1 month ago

    say what you want about him. but man I love Connor he talks so much shit and backs it up. he beat the brakes off of Eddie

  • UAE SupraX
    UAE SupraX 1 month ago

    he vs broke i heard that he will 1v1 him

  • The Sense Barrel
    The Sense Barrel 1 month ago

    he barely beat diaz...if it were a cardio war...he would have lost

  • Gustavo hernandez
    Gustavo hernandez 1 month ago

    Conor is a beast. He proved me wrong when I thought Eddie was going to destroy him

  • marcb510
    marcb510 1 month ago

    mcfagors mouth is better than his real skill..defend a belt you freeby gimme champ

  • Greg Foster
    Greg Foster 1 month ago

    biggest wanker in sport

  • Caggo Corpsekiller
    Caggo Corpsekiller 1 month ago

    "ffffffooooookkkkkkiiiiiinnnnnggggg"conor mcgregor

  • Виктор Середин

    It's fockin beauty

  • Mac Diesel
    Mac Diesel 1 month ago

    All the money Conor made for everyone and himself, he is the first man I ever seen that does what he says and says what he does , Conor is a real white boy that grew up in poverty like Nate Diaz and it gives them a sense of want that most people don't have and don't even know what it's like to be in those shoes. That's why Nate v Conor is always a fight that the world will watch no matter what. They are both hungry lions with top tier trainers. Kavanaugh is a genius and Perez is hypnotizing when he is training someone. I love Perez Nate and Nick got a lot of their heart and skills to do what they want when they want thru training with people like George Perez. Mr. Perez

  • Keisaun Carano
    Keisaun Carano 1 month ago

    fucking savage dude

  • loly lets plays
    loly lets plays 1 month ago

    He sounds like the gaming terroriser

  • Marky mark
    Marky mark 1 month ago

    Eddie always responds by smiling or laughing. True response of weakness

  • xxcage223
    xxcage223 1 month ago

    Is that guy talking shit on the mic not have a brain or respect? The balls on him to talk shit to Eddie Alvarez like that. He's lucky he didn't end up in the hospital. Plus, he completely fails to realize the level of dedications you need to be at a high level. Hours of training, planning, dieting, and overcoming the fear of losing takes a incredible amount of hard work. Its fine to criticize a fighter way of fighting, but to just belittle him like that. He's the very definition of a dumbass.

  • blazin20s
    blazin20s 1 month ago

    hahahaha you gotta love this idiot

  • C Real
    C Real 1 month ago

    Fook Mark Henry

  • Iddo, The Prophet
    Iddo, The Prophet 1 month ago

    What a king

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