HOW TO DRAW Gohan Goku KAMEHAMEHA / 孫悟飯 孫悟空 かめはめ波

[ # 136 ] Level:★★★★ Gohan Goku KAMEHAMEHA / 孫悟飯 孫悟空 かめはめ波 by awaxdem

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Author kennyrocks11 (3 years)
Nice style man. For me I always start with the outline of the head then I
add eyes, nose, and mouth. I think that might be why mine are nowhere as
good as yours. 1) how long u been drawing dbz? 2) where do u think I should
start with when beginning a drawing?

Author Arcenciel (4 years)
First Comment ! I want to buy it for $60 cos it's really nice where do you
stay ? if it's france , tell me the location !

Author awaxdem (2 years)

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@BytheseaMrTodd thank you . i use regular paper for drawing or printer

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@Captaincrab77 im agree with you

Author awaxdem (1 year)

Author awaxdem (1 year)
With the passion bro

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@Axelskixx thank you bro

Author awaxdem (4 years)
@MrNarutos10 true they are so cool

Author lisagreysonandre (3 years)
have u ever drawn piccolo

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@haterraidsprayer thank you man

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@hydrotag I dont really know i think it was gradually. but try with simple
things and you will increase the difficult by yourself

Author gohan5712 (3 years)
como se llama el plumon,pluma,lapiz lo que sea como se llama,cuanto cuesta
y donde lo consigo? as it is called down, feathers, pencil whatever it is
called, how much it costs and where I get it?

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@waterboy1220 thank you very much my friend

Author 12buttsuck (2 years)
what happens if you drawed gogeta vs vegito

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@halo968 thank you very much

Author awaxdem (1 year)
Yes why not

Author Jackie Peralta (2 years)
I LOVE watching your videos. Some times i just watch them over and over.
But i don't get tired of them. Awesome drawing, can't wait for future

Author Antonio Joseph (2 years)
tell the true awadem is the best on youtube

Author LeikenLeigan (3 years)
@awaxdem man you're Akira Toriyama's son. :O

Author awaxdem (2 years)
You talk about the final scene with the last kamehameha but actually gohan
do a huge Kamehameha against cell with two hands few episode before

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@DavonteGlitcherman Thanks

Author awaxdem (2 years)
@12buttsuck Hmm i dont know really know. Wait and see ^^

Author twofour24 (4 years)
can you draw someone from the ginyu force

Author lisagreysonandre (3 years)
can i request a drawing to see if u can draw if i can would u draw goku vs
superman i dont know just fer fun

Author lisagreysonandre (3 years)
can i request a drawing to see if u can draw

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@kennyrocks11 Almost all my life around 15 years i dont remember. and i
think the beginning of the drawing can change according to the character ,
look if you have a character like future trunks in super saiyen with long
hair you have to draw the hair first because the hair is in the first plan
you know, for krilin you can star like you want professfionnals start with
the outline but with the circle technique with the head and put the eyes
just after

Author Hydrotag Seru (3 years)
@awaxdem one last question. when you first started drawing anime characters
was it difficult to draw as good as you do now because im trying to achieve
this level of drawing but its not easy.

Author dexuan1000 (3 years)
I wish I could draw like that

Author kinggreg41189 (4 years)
damn sweet

Author awaxdem (2 years)
WAOW Its a Huge Thumbs up right here lol

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@ThEB0mBStRiKeR Yes I will do it dont worry

Author twofour24 (4 years)
can you draw the ginyu force or just one person from the ginyu force like

Author Łukasz Zalewski (2 years)
┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈▏▕ ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈▏▕▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂╱┈▕▂▂▂▏ ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏ ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏
▔▔▔▔▔▔╲▂▕▂▂▂ thank you men you my brother

Author waterboy1220 (3 years)
Nice drawings I always watch your vids

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@bulletsdad123 i will do it soon , stay connect

Author tallboywitshortpants (4 years)
OH you are on a roll! first tapion, then gogeta and THEN GOHAN AND GOKU
????? this is tooo goood!

Author Adrian Skowronski (4 years)
@awaxdem sasuke and itachi

Author TheBlockThief (1 year)

Author awaxdem (2 years)
@1patrickstump Thank you so much my friend

Author ThePokemaster911 (2 years)
I Just Wish i can do something else after you favorite like and sub.

Author awaxdem (2 years)

Author Captaincrab77 (3 years)
this was so good not even cell nor cell jr's disliked

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@hydrotag You welcome my friend

Author awaxdem (4 years)
@tallboywitshortpants thannk you bro i hope you like this

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@LeikenLeigan LOL

Author latosiae (2 years)
Dont draw so fast

Author Axelskixx (3 years)
nobody dislike. thumbs up if u think that its great

Author awaxdem (3 years)
@kennyrocks11 of course you can my friend but to be stronger than toriyama
i think you have to work hardly

Author King David (3 years)
can u draw the same one but when he faces cell

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