lego technic 'blowback' pistol (+Instructions)

instructions here
This is first version of my pistol (without magazine). Ни одна свинья при съёмках не пострадала. I can make instructions if you ask me.

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Author nutonu24 ( ago)
Plus, awesome work! They should sell that for 15+

Author nutonu24 ( ago)
Is that other one airsoft?

Author Ruben Rosales ( ago)

Author sir fart clan ( ago)
it's the m9😃

Author Ezra Wolf ( ago)
I wish I actually shot stuff

Author 김무송 ( ago)

Author Devin Specland ( ago)
not real instructions

Author Duy Nguyen ( ago)
cyka bylat

Author SCM the Cutting master ( ago)
would I be able to buy the pieces off ldd by send'ng 't to lego/com

Author SCM the Cutting master ( ago)
Where did you find dem pieces

Author Xelper Xrust ( ago)

Author Leon Schmidt ( ago)

Author Billy Adams ( ago)
there are no actual instructions for this thing

Author Павел Симоненко ( ago)

Author Павел Симоненко ( ago)
ену8ш3гн к

Author Zak Holland ( ago)
This guy puts my Lego guns to shame.

Author Isai Perez ( ago)
at first when i saw the vid pic thing i thought their were just two
9millermeter guns and then when i watched it their was one that was lego
lmaoo im dum and dude good job !😂😂

Author Deborah Salisbury ( ago)
the Lego one is a block witch is the one to the ->

Author Jermu Rautavuori (588 years ago)
you have real pistol?

Author TomDog200 I ( ago)
i would buy this sh**

Author Andrei Cotos ( ago)
no clip....

Author carlos duarte ( ago)
I made this and it's amazing but I'm trying to implement a mechanism that
when pulling the trigger, a rubber band fires while simultaneously
activating the blow-back feature that you created...but unfortunately I'm
still a novice at creating mechanisms but I'm still trying, if anyone has
any suggestions of what mechanisms would fit this description please let me

Author Erin Thompson ( ago)
That's cool

Author Micah Solometo ( ago)
I saw a pistol a real one 

Author William Moon ( ago)
pppllleeeaaassseee put in

Author Jack Conrad ( ago)
If you were wondering it would cost about $35-$40 to build...

Author heil deutchland ( ago)
this is really cool

Author Cameron Clement ( ago)

Author Cameron Clement ( ago)

Author Данила Одиноков ( ago)

Author Clash Games ( ago)
I know but i want the instructions pleas and keep up the good work with the

Author Clash Games ( ago)
Send instructions pleas!!!!!!

Author TheVoicesGaming ( ago)
It looks more like a glock than a baretta

Author Ethan Russell ( ago)
Poor piggy

Author KUSKINS CTRIMS ( ago)
А как зделать покаж

Author Snom ( ago)
is that a real pistol? or just a replica

Author JGFTW_c1t9b ( ago)

Author madis Merisalu ( ago)

Author madis Merisalu ( ago)
How u make it

Author madis Merisalu ( ago)
Nice man

Author Ehud Kirsh ( ago)
1:56, 'how it works?' well it doesn't!!! I want a lego break action pistol
that actually shoots!!!

Author Hiro Mahtava ( ago)
can it shoot?

Author xDUnivurse23 ( ago)
is the airsoft spring powered or is it gas blowback

Author Min3craft_Warfare2 ( ago)
berretta 92fs?

Author Matt Alli ( ago)
was the one a real or prop

Author Travis McBroome ( ago)
Does anybody have an idea of where to buy the technic piece?

Author Nightcore TV ( ago)
Can you give us a step by step tutorial of building the mechanism?

Author Cook a Nigga Like Steak and rice ( ago)
You guys are retarded the gun is not real or a green gas air soft gun it's
a spring air soft pistol

Author iTz briLLiant ( ago)
Is the gun on the left a real gun 

Author Screemingbaby ( ago)
Where do you get all the Legos!?

Author nicolas Working ( ago)
the gun is taurus pt 92

Author wen ye ( ago)

Author wen ye ( ago)

Author Krispy Guy ( ago)
wich lego technic pack pls tell me

Author Larry Williams ( ago)
now that was either a gsg 92 by kwc/cybergun or a taurus pt99 replica 4.5mm
177cal or a 6mm airsoft version full metal its not a beretta m92fs thats
for sure cuz the safety is in the wrong place that thing shoots in full
auto i have the gsg 92 but that must be a rebranded verson i know swiss
arms makes it now

Author marlene t ( ago)
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

Author BeastlierCow ( ago)

Author callmeaSPACEMAN ( ago)
Was that a real M9?

Author Ryan Youngroyalty ( ago)
Is the other gun real ?

Author Repzinho ( ago)
essa arma e ma replica 

Author grand trheft plays ( ago)
WTF __________qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqAÇAÇAÇAAÇAÇÇAAÇÇAÇAÇA

Author grand trheft plays ( ago)

Author InsaneTerminater ( ago)
awesome would be cooler if the technic parts r smoothed out n covered 

Author Roxaskh19 ( ago)
Cool music! Cant wait to make this XD

Author Max Burton ( ago)
your so stupid if you said there are going to be instructions put
instructions cause I WANT TO MAKE IT!

Author German Fox ( ago)
пистолет слева настоящий?

Author Titan_ ( ago)
он все еще может стрелять в человека, но не убить человека

Author angelleyes13 ( ago)
does it shoot any thing 

Author Moataz Mwasi ( ago)
can u make one can shoot? 

Author Cameron Bosworth ( ago)
lego Technic Its a good started or i could send u some Legos for half the
price a full bin for 100$ or funn for 200$ i spent 5,000 For all of my
legos and i have Quite alot i could send u everthign for atleast the price

Author MyNameIsJoe ( ago)
it looks more like a G18

Author anatol scorpan ( ago)

Author Owen Doll (swiftgames454) ( ago)
bad piggy!!!! i shoot u now!!!!

Author Ethan Ng (freekill76) ( ago)

Author METALLI1202 ( ago)

Author TheFofinek ( ago)
what pistol is it?

Author Neonex14 ( ago)
Hey, i have trouble getting singular bricks at my location. All i know is
that the shop near me sells a lot of lego sets. Which lego set should i buy
for this gun?

Author dyfurr ( ago)
y no shoot

Author lightingwillstrike ( ago)
Holy we're u holding the real gun???!!!

Author TheZabbiemaster ( ago)
this is sooooo cool but i dont have the right blocks :(

Author Daniel Dury ( ago)
I've made a blow back pistol, check it out!

Author Sebastian Michaelis ( ago)
If only it would shoot

Author Its Yaboi ( ago)
Is your M92FS a bb Gun or a real Pistol? o.o

Author infectedbear95 ( ago)
It was a new year ;)

Author Golden Kenzo (60Kproductions) ( ago)
nice room 

Author Dr.Donut ( ago)
Build me 1 plzzzzz

Author infectedbear95 ( ago)
нет, я из Вьетнама :D

Author Олег Белов ( ago)
Ты русский?

Author Chris Kuehl ( ago)
I like it

Author YODBRICKS ( ago)

Author Matson4558 ( ago)
Nice :) 

Author Ravio Production ( ago)
ok thanks you are great

Author infectedbear95 ( ago)
I Will make it on this holidays

Author Ravio Production ( ago)
instruction please really like this gunz

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