lego technic 'blowback' pistol (+Instructions)

instructions here
This is first version of my pistol (without magazine). Ни одна свинья при съёмках не пострадала. I can make instructions if you ask me.

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Author Jurij Ferjančič (23 days)
Send instructions pleas!!!!!!

Author TheVoicesGaming (2 months)
It looks more like a glock than a baretta

Author Ho Konol (6 months)
can it shoot?

Author Ehud Kirsh (5 months)
1:56, 'how it works?' well it doesn't!!! I want a lego break action pistol
that actually shoots!!!

Author Данила Одиноков (15 days)

Ни одна свинья не пострадала😂

Author уточка production (2 months)
А как зделать покаж

Author Cameron Clement (7 days)

Author Jurij Ferjančič (22 days)
I know but i want the instructions pleas and keep up the good work with the

Author JGFTW_c1t9b (4 months)

Author Ethan Russell (2 months)
Poor piggy

Author Cameron Clement (7 days)

Author madis Merisalu (4 months)
How u make it

Author chris gamerBoss2000 (7 months)
is the airsoft spring powered or is it gas blowback

Author Detbästanamnet någonsin (4 months)

Author DogsAreEpic (3 months)
is that a real pistol? or just a replica

Author madis Merisalu (4 months)

Author madis Merisalu (4 months)
Nice man

Author Min3craft_Warfare2 (9 months)
berretta 92fs?

Author Austin Riguidel (9 months)
Can u give us a step by step guide

Author SubboDubbo Kitteh (1 year)
Is the gun on the left a real gun 

Author Ninjafoot1000 (9 months)
was the one a real or prop

Author Nightcore TV (1 year)
Can you give us a step by step tutorial of building the mechanism?

Author Larry Williams (1 year)
now that was either a gsg 92 by kwc/cybergun or a taurus pt99 replica 4.5mm
177cal or a 6mm airsoft version full metal its not a beretta m92fs thats
for sure cuz the safety is in the wrong place that thing shoots in full
auto i have the gsg 92 but that must be a rebranded verson i know swiss
arms makes it now

Author ScreemingBabyProductions (1 year)
Where do you get all the Legos!?

Author da_machine_gunner GMOD (1 year)
Is that a real gun on the left 

Author nicolas noiroux (1 year)
the gun is taurus pt 92

Author Your average schmuck (1 year)
You guys are retarded the gun is not real or a green gas air soft gun it's
a spring air soft pistol

Author wen ye (1 year)

Author emran allari (1 year)
wich lego technic pack pls tell me

Author wen ye (1 year)

Author marlene t (1 year)
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

Author Travis McBroome (10 months)
Does anybody have an idea of where to buy the technic piece?

Author YODBRICKS (2 years)

Author InsaneTerminater (1 year)
awesome would be cooler if the technic parts r smoothed out n covered

Author Repzinho (1 year)
essa arma e ma replica

Author DonutNinja4 (2 years)
Build me 1 plzzzzz

Author Roxaskh19 (1 year)
Cool music! Cant wait to make this XD

Author Moataz Mwasi (1 year)
can u make one can shoot?

Author Chris Kuehl (2 years)
I like it

Author German Fox (1 year)
пистолет слева настоящий?

Author Sebastian P (2 years)
Is your M92FS a bb Gun or a real Pistol? o.o

Author infectedbear95 (2 years)
I Will make it on this holidays

Author Ethan Ng (1 year)

Author aRandomBrony (2 years)
If only it would shoot

Author TheZabbiemaster (2 years)
this is sooooo cool but i dont have the right blocks :(

Author angelleyes13 (1 year)
does it shoot any thing

Author infectedbear95 (2 years)
It was a new year ;)

Author TheSkysBro (1 year)
what do we open the instructions with

Author Ravio Production (2 years)
ok thanks you are great

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