7 MUST-SEE Moments From MTV Movie & TV Awards

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    The MTV Movie & TV Awards have come and gone, but not before giving us some of the best TV moments of all time.
    You guys, I honestly can’t believe it’s already over.
    It goes without saying that a lot happened at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, but I’m just gonna come right out and say it: a lot happened. From giant musical numbers to heartfelt speeches, there were a ton of moments that made us feel all the feels, but we’re gonna narrow it all down with seven of the best and must-see moments from the night.
    First on our list is Adam Devine’s INCREDIBLE opening number of Beauty and the Beast. I mean, he did set the stage on fire and all, but it all still worked out in the end.

    Anddd we just gotta give Hailee Steinfeld a shout out during this musical number because girlfriend came PREPARED to take on her biggest role yet -- Belle from Beauty & the Beast.
    It was Adam’s first time hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards and the host did what he does best, make us all laugh. Aside from his Beauty & the Beast parody, the Workaholics star also parodied Stranger Things and Get Out in this crazy mash up where Allison Williams basically hypnotized him by doing this creepy tea cup tap.
    And sent him into the upside down where he met Barb – who’s weirdly in a relationship with the Demogorgon, Trey Songz, and Ten Plus One.
    But enough about Adam, this isn’t the MTV Adam Devine Awards, it’s the Movie & TV Awards, so of course our next best moment goes to this adorable moment when Milo Ventimiglia and his on-screen son Lonnie Chavis accepted their award for Tearjerker.
    Wasn’t that such a sweet, heartfelt moment? When Milo called Lonnie son…ugh, it just gave me all the feels.
    Okay, get ready for another sweet moment from the night – it all happened when the cast of 13 Reasons Why announced that Stranger Things won the award for Show of the Year and there was just so much love going on on that stage, it was truly amazing.
    Another epic moment from the show came courtesy of Hidden Figures star Taraji P. Henson and her epic acceptance speech for Fight Against the System. Taraji spoke about the historical importance of the story behind Hidden Figures, as well as the important message of togetherness the movie portrayed.
    That speech needs to go all kinds of viral. And speaking of tweet-worthy moments, Logan stars Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen made X-Men fans watching at home go completely wild when they both busted out their badass Wolverine claws at the end of their acceptance speech for Best Duo.
    Okay that move is 100% more adorable when the killer metal claws don’t actually come out...

    And last but not least, the seventh best moment from the show was when the winners of the Best Kiss award, Ashton Sanders and Jharrell Jerome told the crowd what the award really means.

    What was your favorite moment of the night? Let me know in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here for the best and worst dressed celebs at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and as always, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for hanging with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see ya next time!

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  • mpbirk
    mpbirk 1 month ago

    wow so few people watch mainstream media they got to add tv to the awards. pathetic

  • Jan van Es
    Jan van Es 1 month ago

    OH MY GOD!!! I didn't know you on hosted on Clevver News, Sinead! You did an AWESOME and PHENOMENAL job!!!!

  • Morgan Matwychuk
    Morgan Matwychuk 1 month ago

    In my opinion my favourite moment was when Millie bobby brown won her award it literally made me cry😗👌

  • Ana Malia Black
    Ana Malia Black 1 month ago

    the host looks like Demi 😂😂😂

    HOUSSAM V 1 month ago

    stope with the feminist and race speech ok I am getting tired of this
    I just a fuckin mtv movie award

  • Zuleyra M. Pérez
    Zuleyra M. Pérez 1 month ago

    Millie's (from Stranger Things) emotional speech, Emma Watson's speech and the epic encounter between the two most impactful netflix original series at the end when 13 Reasons Why present Stranger Things with the best show award.

  • Charlie Chan
    Charlie Chan 1 month ago

    dafne keen: "okay this is boring" lol😂😂❤

  • Esther A
    Esther A 1 month ago

    Jess would be a great dad to Rory's baby ❤️

  • Arianna Nikolaou
    Arianna Nikolaou 1 month ago

    the it trailer???

  • Rebel _ Rocker _X
    Rebel _ Rocker _X 1 month ago

    2:50 yassss

  • BlurryFaceGirll
    BlurryFaceGirll 1 month ago

    Have you guys noticed that most of the winners are foreign people, like wtf. There's like not even more than one American actor/actress have won. Only Taraji is the only American actress have won an award. I have a feeling I'm not the only one that thinks that.

    • BlurryFaceGirll
      BlurryFaceGirll 1 month ago

      takrina it doesn't sounded sarcasm.

    • takrina
      takrina 1 month ago

      My comment would make sense to you, if you could understand SARCASM!

    • BlurryFaceGirll
      BlurryFaceGirll 1 month ago

      takrina why would they be sued for? That makes no sense to sue them for their race.

    • takrina
      takrina 1 month ago

      ...So you would like to sue them for being inclusive???

  • BlurryFaceGirll
    BlurryFaceGirll 1 month ago

    Worst MTV awards ever and worst winners ever EXPECT moonlight, hidden figures, Rupual's drag race deserves it.

  • Rui Diogo Martins
    Rui Diogo Martins 1 month ago

    1:49 tho, she didn't need to drag him like that

  • Mary McKenna
    Mary McKenna 1 month ago

    stranger things fam!

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 1 month ago

    Are they not gonna talk about Camila's amazing performance? wth

  • nutstrawberry
    nutstrawberry 1 month ago

    Emma Watson speech was my favourite moment!!

  • Dan W.
    Dan W. 1 month ago

    Rebel Wilson as Mrs. Pots... I mean come on

  • Clay Brice
    Clay Brice 1 month ago

    So many great moments.

  • CabeYo RP
    CabeYo RP 1 month ago

    13 Reasons Why cast AND _Hey Ma_ performance were my favorites :)

  • armandoJ Sisters
    armandoJ Sisters 1 month ago

    Barb X Demogorgon 😂😂😂 WTF

  • Amelia David
    Amelia David 1 month ago

    where my wolfies at

  • Claire OcitsuR
    Claire OcitsuR 1 month ago

    Hey Ma 👑👑

  • Will LaMark
    Will LaMark 1 month ago

    it amkes me sad to see an actor from hiden figures beat the flash for best hero

  • Andrea Gomez
    Andrea Gomez 1 month ago

    it was all worth watching

  • Cesar Moreno
    Cesar Moreno 1 month ago

    Quesadilla ding dong HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Petar Vujčić
    Petar Vujčić 1 month ago


  • Sophia Arias
    Sophia Arias 1 month ago

    I am very surprised that Game of Thrones lost to Stranger Things for Show of the Year. Honestly, GOT should have won instead. But I DIED when the Stranger Things theme song began to play as the entire cast walked up the stage to accept their award! 😰😱 "Beauty and the Beast" was definitely not the Movie of the Year compared to "Logan" and "Get Out."

  • gnana prasanna bheemineni

    emma won the first non gender award. should've added that as best moment. her speech was awesome

  • Kayla Sharpe
    Kayla Sharpe 1 month ago


  • Meg //
    Meg // 1 month ago

    I see Katherine and Dylan, I click.

  • Ralph Castro
    Ralph Castro 1 month ago

    Emma Watson and Millie Bobby Brown's acceptance speeches?! That wasn't one of your 7 must-see moments?! That was impolite!!!

    • Clay Brice
      Clay Brice 1 month ago

      Ralph Castro There are 2 videos covering each one.

    • Ralph Castro
      Ralph Castro 1 month ago

      gnana prasanna bheemineni couldn't agree more!

    • gnana prasanna bheemineni
      gnana prasanna bheemineni 1 month ago

      Ralph Castro it so was rude. their speeches deserve to be best moments

  • Jhanvi Rammohan
    Jhanvi Rammohan 1 month ago

    Nxt year the Stranger Things cast will give the award to 13 Reading why for best show 😍😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • lenathecurlyone
    lenathecurlyone 1 month ago

    Poor rupaul didnt get to say anything

  • Kawtar Jed
    Kawtar Jed 1 month ago

    CAMILAAAA !!!!😍🔥🔥🔥❤❤

    • CabeYo RP
      CabeYo RP 1 month ago

      Kawtar Jed / My talented spicy latina 💜

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Where is Emma Watson's speech?!

    • Clay Brice
      Clay Brice 1 month ago

      Beauty and the Beast There is a video covering it.

  • SoMo 4 life
    SoMo 4 life 1 month ago

    her ( the host ) eyes are like demi lovato's

  • mayonnaise af
    mayonnaise af 1 month ago

    It was the worst MTV Movie Awards ever. I can see why they're losing viewers.

    • newyork accent
      newyork accent 1 month ago

      fr how the fuck did Emma win? Now i know its just a popularity contest smh

  • habiba babiha
    habiba babiha 1 month ago

    ugh...the guys of 13 reasons why are so hot😍

  • Linh Dinh Ngoc
    Linh Dinh Ngoc 1 month ago

    Hailee looks so pretty in that dress!

  • Decoda Cox
    Decoda Cox 1 month ago

    I'm a simple human *i see Katherine Langford, I click*

  • lehnsherr stark
    lehnsherr stark 1 month ago

    James McAvoy was robbed

  • fudo
    fudo 1 month ago

    rupaul better be in this

  • Jessica Chris
    Jessica Chris 1 month ago

    Emma Watson's speech!!!!

  • truthhurts bitches
    truthhurts bitches 1 month ago

    Tf I didn't even subscribe or click the fucking bell, and I am always early! youtube making me look like a fan gahh

  • Carla Marie Nardo Tombado

    Hi, helmet 💕

  • Sultan H
    Sultan H 1 month ago

    Camila's performance with Pitbull &!J Balvin

    • CabeYo RP
      CabeYo RP 1 month ago

      Sultan H / They were amazing! 😍

  • India  Brannan
    India Brannan 1 month ago

    is it just me or was this particular MTV movie awards was hella lame this year?!? it was just a completely different vibe. from all this other ones, something was off.

    • fxntasyland
      fxntasyland 1 month ago

      India Brannan it gave me early 00's nickelodeon award vibes

    • Emma Strawberry
      Emma Strawberry 1 month ago

      India Brannan stranger things and 13RW made it amazing without them I wouldn't wanna watch it

    • jennn yrehc
      jennn yrehc 1 month ago

      nobody knows these people!

    • _awkwardNatalie_
      _awkwardNatalie_ 1 month ago

      India Brannan yea..

    • India  Brannan
      India Brannan 1 month ago

      Make sense, I was thinking the same thing

  • Sonny Vlado
    Sonny Vlado 1 month ago

    Love you guys

  • Lavenia Baraki
    Lavenia Baraki 1 month ago

    at +4:07 u will see that the video has ended😉😂😂😂

    • Lulina K.
      Lulina K. 1 month ago

      Actress 1 no sometimes it changes. like sometimes its on 4:06 or 4:07

    • Actress 1
      Actress 1 1 month ago

      Lavenia Baraki it's 4:06 not trying to be mean

  • Elektra
    Elektra 1 month ago

    Worst Award Show Ever!!!!!!

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown 1 month ago

    ok but nobody likes you courtney.

  • Aurelia Kwan
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  • Zoraya Ivan
    Zoraya Ivan 1 month ago

    damn. i'm early

  • Raghad
    Raghad 1 month ago

    Hugh jackman is so handsome

    • Kylie
      Kylie 1 month ago

      Raghad LOL are u Aussie!? We'll swap ya for one of yr celebrities 😉🇦🇺

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      azzamG 99 1 month ago

      No shit

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    5th comment. woah

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