jaadu ke hakeekat 0757 85 26 708 / 0044757 8526 708
free of charge get taveez to get away from jadu

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Author kamranabid99 (3 years)
Lanat ha tm pe

Author baragowah1 (3 years)
new no for kingazeem 0741 224 6949 this is on after 9 am

Author Sufyan Bahoo (3 years)
0333.4794072.azma ka dekhain

Author shazee3024 (3 years)
Janab Music to boht Disco Wala ha is Jado Ki Haqeeqat Ka. Pahly Khud Kuch
Sekho Phr Kisi Ka Ilaj Karna.

Author Arzudev (4 years)
Abey chootiye pehle bolna to seek lee too, Fee aman allh naheen Fee sabih
lila hota hai muft ke liye. pehle apna jinn nikalwa mere peer saheb see,
woh tere jeysoon ki haqeet se achi traha wakif hain.

Author sawerasweet (3 years)
i think noshee is lying

Author Arzudev (4 years)
yeh hai un ka adress: . aur han yeh bhi
tere ko muft sabak deen ge.

Author RudebwoiiHarris (2 years)
He is in the uk

Author sawerasweet (3 years)
and bye the way its Baji and not Bhai ji Halwapore

Author nosheen hira hussain (3 years)

Author tayyab khan (2 years)
likha kuch ha ha kuch. ya sunnat sikhati ha?

Author toqeerali toqeersamo (2 years)
akhir ye kala jadoo q kartey

Author baragowah1 (2 years)
don't go near it will burn you yeh jinno aur shitano ki dunia veey powerful
book you can control but become one of the controller of jinnat is not easy
and you cant do it just cant it's too powerful

Author Malik abdul rehman (3 years)
Ullo ka path kuta kamine hai tu

Author baragowah1 (3 years)
new no for kingazeem 0741 224 6049

Author undercovereye1 (2 years)
today nearly 99% problims in every family in the world and most of family
been sepperated from each other divorce or narrazgi between brother's
sister's father and son mother and son husband and wife it's race between
humans aik sheetani lehrain hain jo insaan k apney ammel ki baddollat
miltey hain aik rozy ka zaria hai yeh sub koi jadoo nahi hai sirf ap for
qull perrain to koi cheez nahi nazdeek aeh gi

Author undercovereye1 (3 years)
yes new number for jadoo ka tour is 0741 224 6949 jadoo can be done to
distroy family like between husband and wife ,brother and sisters ,mother
and son or daughter or between two firends i seen with my own eye'smy
firend's step mother

Author shahidafif (2 years)
@mashgon Dear Brother, Asslam-o-Aliakum. I have read two books named like
this which you see here. I would like you to get it from "Publisher :
Maktaba Darul Islam" in Lahore and all over the world you can have its
books. This is the exact title which you see here, but you can buy another
book by the same publisher. But I recommend you a short book by Allama
Shiekh Ibn-e-Baz named Jadoo ka Ilaaj in Urdu by the same publisher. I wish
You blessings of Allah Almighty! You can write to me.

Author Sufyan Bahoo (2 years)

Author nanditeplus (3 years)
@aref9494 you are right. the cure for black magic is found in falaq and nas

Author YowboiiiGxx (2 years)
my family were victims of black magic,,, a man called allama qurashi cured
her i actually found his number on youtube to show appreciation it thought
i share it with people looking for a genuine peer his number is
+447961186726 or 07961186726 :Dx

Author Arzudev (4 years)
un ka name Krish ji hai un ka email: teri traha naheen ke
apni zuban hai boni naheen ati uper wale ki kirpa see 7 zubane khud bolte
hain. Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujrati, German, English, Turkish aur russian.

Author RudebwoiiHarris (2 years)
These Pakistani guys just want money and are fakes

Author Ali Ahmer (3 years)
a.alaikum ap sub logo ko mayra nam ghazanfar hay maynay ap sub logo kay
comment parhay hay may mannta huu ap logo kay saat bohot paraysani chal
rahi hoogi likin is ka yeh matlub bilkul nahi hay kay ap sub loog in
haaramioo kay chakar may na paray khuda kay wastay warna ap log kahi allah
ki taraf say kisi azab ka sikkar na hoo jayy in zaaliloo kay chakar may aa
kar ap sub say mayri guzarish kay sirf allah taalah say ruju karay in
badkaroo ki kia ookat hay allah kay samnay

Author ali shah (2 years)
big sloution is pray five time and read holy quran-e-pak dont waste your
mony thats it

Author humaikhain1 (2 years)
hum aik hain

Author Mariam Latef (2 years)
Umraazify, do you have his email address. I am in deep problems and looking
for someone who does Rohani Ilaj. What is the right time to call him? is it
right number +44(0)7428859600.

Author sawerasweet (3 years)
now i am sure that noshee66 is lying, listen Halwapore if u wanne waste ur
money u can do what ever u want,... i am 101 % sure that this baba Abbas is
a fake....inka ek aur number hai 00923414850022,

Author TheFraib (2 years)
agher koi b es jadoo ka shikar ho tou in manor park london main azmaia howa

Author zeenat404 (2 years)
es ka lol 12inc hai try it u will love it

Author umraazify (2 years)
playing Music and advertising that they can cure you from black magic,
these stupid people. They dont understand it is harm. i have been victim of
black magic but thanks to someone rohani person ( who lives in UK ) did my
treatment through allah's kalam.And i am really thankful to someone here on
youtube who gave me his number. Mashallah i am fine now. +44(0)7428859600.
i hope he will help you too.

Author NAZUK786 (2 years)
he is good guy wher his live brother sister plz tel me

Author syedtahir81 (3 years)
Ohh dear wht is Tawiz, u must know first then say any thing ,In tawiz
different quranic words writeen by some Muslim, u know each quranic word
has is own powers and ( Taseeer) that why Muslims put these words in tawiz,

Author shinwarikhan1000 (3 years)
fuck you....

Author baragowah1 (2 years)
jadu ek azzaab

Author bigbaby6898 (2 years)
for this treatment you need to read fajir and other 4 namaz with out this 5
namaz i cant do treatment and i give you for reading with fajer namaz and
isha namaz insha allah any problem will b sorted and it will take 7 --12
days and

Author sawerasweet (3 years)
halwapore, app ne koi kaam karwaya hai is baba se?

Author MyHamza45 (2 years)
fake magic ]

Author MrMahboobkhan1 (2 years)
wah g wah eh lok Q allah teh allah de rasool noo bhool gay hain Q Q Q Q Q
koi hai jo es swal da jawab dey Q itni Lallach hai Q es pound teh Dollar
dey wasteh jhoot boltey hain Q Q Q kabi koi es dunia se kuch sath ley ker
gia hai khali haatho jao gay wo he saath jaeh ga jo hum log kerain gay
agher acha kerro gay tou acha ho ga allah dekh raha hai zullam aur zallim
hammaisha nahi rehta aik din khatum hona hotta hai firoon kina zallim tha
lakin jab allah ka azzab

Author human1490 (3 years)
nice one kalla jadoo ka tour es book main mojood hey

Author sssssssssss33 (2 years)
I dont know about these all people here but i am really thankful to someone
here, who gave me someone's number. He really helped me and mashallah i am
fine now. He did my treatment with allah's Kalam. I would like to spread
his name & number so as many as people get shaffa through him. His name is
Mr Qadri and his contact number is +447428859600.

Author pampooshampoo (3 years)
90% in the world these black magic healers are fraud.

Author badaberay khan (2 years)
you can find me on face book my email address is

Author pampooshampoo (2 years)
becarefull 99% of these aamil shamils are fake, women loose their izatien
and men their hard earn money in the hands of these thugs

Author human1490 (4 years)
thanks bro i had that book and it full of with all illaag for jadu you dont
have to go to any peer if you have this book and you read namaaz and quraan
then no body can do kalla jadu on you that 100% get this book and help your
family and friends i tryed my self just make sure that no bad things in the
house and read or play sura baaqra after fajjer just go throw the book
inshaalla you will------------------------------------------

Author aref9494 (3 years)
What's wrong with paki ppl? Ppl read the Quran, does anywhere it's says
anything about tawiz. Dnt believe, get solutions from the Hadith and the
Quran. What's wrong with ppl.

Author loveforall7 (3 years)
bhi jan ye jado r taveez wagera sub jhot he ager sach b ho to hame is pr
dehan nahe dena c bara is puri kainat me kon he..? ALLAH TALA jb
us ne hame islam me NAMAZ r QURAN prhane ka r isi zarye doa krne ka hokm
dia he to ye taveez ki kya ahmiyat.r insan ki doa sb c ziada tb kabool hoti
he jb wo apne liay khud krta he to ye peer fakker ka kya kam he. we have
easy and good importunity to pray to ALLAH

Author sawerasweet (3 years)
Noshee is saying that baba do work for feesabillaha but why is he asking so
much money? halwapore?

Author maqsooddk76 (4 years)
dont trust on him this guy is also cheater.there is no taweez in islam. he
is tring to cheat people on his own way

Author Ali Ahmer (3 years)
ALLAH ap sub logo ki paray saani apnay habib kay sadkay hull farmaday or in
badkaroo ko in ki badkari ki aysi saza day joo 1 misaal bun kar hum sub kay
saamnay aajay or hum phir ki jaali pir ya fakir kay jal may na phans jaayy

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