Fidget Spinners Daughter Surprise

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  • Today we not only review some fidget spinners but i teach my daughter what they really are meant for.



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  • Daz Games
    Daz Games 19 days ago

    Outlast 2 is on the way guys! Also I made this video with my daughter as i wanted to teach her what these are actually meant for. Also to hear from someone her age why these are so popular. I don't understand a lot of the negative comments on this video so far?

    • Roller kitty 2006
      Roller kitty 2006 12 hours ago

      Grace Dee i think you ment Daz not caz

    • Grace Dee
      Grace Dee 20 hours ago

      I have the same white one the white one with black barrings

    • Grace Dee
      Grace Dee 20 hours ago

      Daz Games Best dad ever. Sarah: Daddy I want a figit spinner *Caz brings home 9 spinners*

    • OHGyoutube
      OHGyoutube 2 days ago

      Daz Games hi

    • Savage savage
      Savage savage 3 days ago

      Daz Games where did you get the one with ball bearings

  • Drew DoughtyFAN
    Drew DoughtyFAN 9 hours ago

    The end is lit🔥

  • AnnaaDaniellee
    AnnaaDaniellee 11 hours ago

    Daz seems like an amazing father, so cute :))

  • Terri
    Terri 13 hours ago

    These were NOT meant for just every day play with kids. These were meant for kids with mental health issues, like ADD, ADHD, physical issues that would help with dexterity, and such other kids, even adults, with mental health disorders. Then, all of a sudden, every kids on the planet had to have one, which is annoying....unless used by the child that has to have it....many living in special care homes. THAT'S why people are having negative reactions to videos like this, Daz. Also made for kids with autism, but then we started seeing all kids playing with them.

  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth 17 hours ago

    this is perfect

  • That faggot behind their laptop

    6:53 mum cameo

  • Grace Dee
    Grace Dee 20 hours ago

    Fantastic video daz

  • BDRAPPER boss
    BDRAPPER boss 1 day ago

    his daughter is cringy

  • Peyton Dom
    Peyton Dom 1 day ago

    he missed autism at first then he said it and i was like he mentioned my people #puzzlepiecesribbon

  • Kyle Webb
    Kyle Webb 1 day ago

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎u r a🐗 go fuck

  • Lexicon
    Lexicon 1 day ago

    I love you daughter

  • //GrandPink Msp
    //GrandPink Msp 1 day ago

    Who is playing with a fidget spinner while watching this video

  • Amabelle Causon
    Amabelle Causon 2 days ago

    witty ni kuya

  • Kxwd19
    Kxwd19 2 days ago

    Can I buy one Daz?

  • Aurora Bayer
    Aurora Bayer 2 days ago

    I think it is important to tell her what they are meant for.

  • 8Division Gamer
    8Division Gamer 2 days ago

    "she doing weird stuff" gets memory of happy cloud xD

  • Masin Thomas
    Masin Thomas 2 days ago

    Keep making vids I've been a fan since your first vine

  • PdaddyBeTheName
    PdaddyBeTheName 2 days ago

    The gamer dads be like

  • WhatEver IGuess
    WhatEver IGuess 2 days ago

    Am I the only person that doesn't have a fidget spinners?

  • MrMarilyn MansonFan

    He's like the typical British Father

  • RubyViolet 24
    RubyViolet 24 2 days ago

    This is adorable

  • DoctorHyrule Cat
    DoctorHyrule Cat 3 days ago

    The ending is BEAUTIFUL xD

  • Saulo Ceja
    Saulo Ceja 3 days ago

    The six sided one that he liked the sides could take of the sides

  • Anna Oze
    Anna Oze 3 days ago

    thank you for telling her what they're actually for

  • robustDaydreams [RD]

    I wish my dad was like you but all he does is lie and try to buy our love by buying us stuff because he doesn't want to spend time with us

  • Waynes Vlogs
    Waynes Vlogs 3 days ago

    the heavy black one is a Lamborghini one

  • Build-A-Bear 527
    Build-A-Bear 527 3 days ago

    I haven't seen Sarah in ages! She looks so much older from last time I seen her!!

  • Dion Jones
    Dion Jones 3 days ago

    she is so adorable

  • Rhianna Cameron
    Rhianna Cameron 3 days ago

    I have ASD

  • Naomii Howell
    Naomii Howell 3 days ago

    Your daughter is so prettttyyy 😻😻😻😛

  • Ethan Shiflett
    Ethan Shiflett 3 days ago

    I have ADHD and I have 3 fegit spinners

    INDEEYA 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the kids with mental disorders who can't use the ones they were given to control their problems because kids in school wasted them to fit in and now they are banned lmao

  • AdventureTime.Martinez

    Hey Daz just thought I'd let you know that there is also a fidget pen you can bend it and it comes with 4 small balls 2 bigger balls and a bendy thin stick and to open it just pull the end bit off.

  • snazzy doddle
    snazzy doddle 4 days ago

    Thank you for teaching your kid, i feel like people don't talk about that enough (:

  • chris peeps
    chris peeps 4 days ago

    the gray hairs r taking over

  • DuDeirDrogZba
    DuDeirDrogZba 4 days ago

    I have the 1st one day spun

  • Queen Thatblackcow
    Queen Thatblackcow 4 days ago


  • Alex Dankmeme
    Alex Dankmeme 4 days ago

    Each day, we stray further from gods light,

    JHR PRANKS 4 days ago

    What is Sarah's ps4 name

  • Alexandria York
    Alexandria York 4 days ago

    I'm 13 and I have ADHD but my parents won't get me one or let me buy myself one because they think it will distract me but I've played with some of my friends ones and it really does help me focus as well as other people

  • Catz Zan
    Catz Zan 4 days ago

    Me: How old is she.
    Daz: More mature than me

  • Cheyenne Butterly
    Cheyenne Butterly 4 days ago

    She's so fake

  • Superadi554
    Superadi554 4 days ago


  • i am literal anime garbage

    my friend uses these she has Schizophrenia she says it helps her not see things as much cause shes being kept busy.

  • Darcy Bones
    Darcy Bones 5 days ago

    she is so cringe

  • Mia Kamenjasevic
    Mia Kamenjasevic 5 days ago

    Stop making videos with your daughter I I subscribed because on how annoying she is she's a try hard #thumbsdownbitch

    JELLO 5 days ago

    Sarah is sa qyat

  • sandri
    sandri 5 days ago

    daz looked so excited HAHAHHA

  • Sophie Brown
    Sophie Brown 5 days ago

    Haha im dying
    I cant take these gay things seriously

  • Game hunter 3688
    Game hunter 3688 5 days ago

    I see a doge in the back

  • Yop P
    Yop P 5 days ago

    When Sarah gets a boyfriend Daz will be that dad who at first tries to scare him away by being really awkward and weird, but when he finds out the boy won't go away he will be best buds with him 😂 luv u guys 😉

  • Anuja Barua
    Anuja Barua 5 days ago

    I want daz to react to the Spider-Man ass slap vine compilation

  • Lord BlockIt
    Lord BlockIt 5 days ago

    you two have a great relationship. never stop being awesome

  • TT TT
    TT TT 5 days ago

    The first gold one that daz opened I have that in black is spins so softly and nice

  • Summer Fox
    Summer Fox 5 days ago

    I didn't know he was a dad

  • Oscar Saward
    Oscar Saward 5 days ago

    I actually have ADHD and now their banned at my school and no one understands

  • Smallworlds LIFE
    Smallworlds LIFE 5 days ago

    let me adopt your child

  • Maria Shahid
    Maria Shahid 5 days ago

    I didn't know these were for people with mental illness!

  • yeah idek
    yeah idek 5 days ago

    OMG she's such a cutie!!!! and she's so energetic, just looking at that kid makes me happy

  • calligirl11697
    calligirl11697 5 days ago

    My fiancé and I have been wanting to get these. He has ADHD and I'm on the autism spectrum (although you wouldn't be able to tell until you really get to know me) and have bad anxiety. We think I have ADHD as well but my mother would never let me get diagnosed by a doctor sooo

  • Taylu Green
    Taylu Green 5 days ago

    Shes so sweet honestly!
    Well behaving in my opinion, good job!

  • Cegan Crazy
    Cegan Crazy 5 days ago


  • crazy fan girl
    crazy fan girl 6 days ago

    I have depression and anxiety and fidget spinners help me calm down and not over think

  • The Sleepy Snorlax
    The Sleepy Snorlax 6 days ago

    If Daz was my dad, I would hug him so many times for giving me those fidget spinners!

  • Jack Fogarty
    Jack Fogarty 6 days ago

    You are weird and are you gay because I am not

  • Sammi Moore
    Sammi Moore 6 days ago

    My son absolutely loves his fidget spinner and I find it does help with like you said to Sarah children with ADHD and other mental illnesses which is great but unfortunately kids aren't aloud to take them to school or have anything that helps them concentrate which is a shame because my son finds it very hard to consentrait at school it doesn't matter what they invent for them their only ever aloud to be at home use schools band them before they've even entered the shops my other half also has a fidget spinner and he also suffers with ADHD/ADD and it really does help him focus if he's not gaming ofc!! I saw a awesome fidget spinner in a local shop and it was a square gold one with 4x4 clock gears (16 gears altogether!) it looked really awesome I think you would propbably like it Daz I thought it was pretty unique it wasn't too heavy either so I'm guessing it would be as satisfying as the gold one you fell in love with I also found a cool mental one simular to that which was silver with a matlic blue middle it reminded me of a cold tap 😂😂 xxx

  • FaZe Hellboy
    FaZe Hellboy 6 days ago


  • Abby Pizza
    Abby Pizza 6 days ago

    There so cute father and daughter sooo cute

  • Sarah Bovenizer
    Sarah Bovenizer 6 days ago

    Omg my name is Sarah does she spell it Sarah

  • Natasha Ray
    Natasha Ray 6 days ago

    I have adhd

  • potatoe joe
    potatoe joe 6 days ago

    dude best dad ever, my mom doesn't even buy me one

  • Hello Hello Lucio
    Hello Hello Lucio 6 days ago

    My boy genji it's actually genji shurikens

  • Anne Silv
    Anne Silv 6 days ago

    I've got ADHD and I have a fidget spinner

  • Xoxo Lulu
    Xoxo Lulu 6 days ago

    God she's your double!

  • Karl Kane Fitness channel

    The one that you like you can twist the weights on

  • Okay_Nel!
    Okay_Nel! 6 days ago

    He went to pink planner for sure

  • Choco pups
    Choco pups 6 days ago

    That sounds like me. Maybe I should get one.
    *Car unlock*

  • Drew Braithwaite
    Drew Braithwaite 6 days ago

    my friend has the golden wheel

  • Th3 0n3
    Th3 0n3 6 days ago


  • Daniela Hart
    Daniela Hart 6 days ago

    I have that pink one, but just in blue

  • Ninna Humphreys
    Ninna Humphreys 6 days ago

    Daz get a figget cube

  • Piers hammond
    Piers hammond 7 days ago

    oh jesus, he made a child...

  • Jacob Ang
    Jacob Ang 7 days ago

    The want that you like the sides could be unscrew no need tools just use hand

  • Eve Slattery-Bennett

    I have the white one in my hand right know :) have a good day 🦄😄💟

  • Nightmarejedi554
    Nightmarejedi554 7 days ago

    WTF daz review the genji ones i have one and i wanted to see what you think of them :(

  • Lindy May
    Lindy May 7 days ago

    I have ADHD and I have just gotten mine today! They are very cool and useful to be completely honest. It's sad that some schools are banning them.

  • Toby Mcconnon
    Toby Mcconnon 7 days ago

    In New Zealand there's a rugby team that is called crusaders

  • explore tech
    explore tech 7 days ago

    He's such a good dad

  • Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen

    they are the biggest shit

  • Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen

    no please no

  • Lady Mei
    Lady Mei 7 days ago

    Fidget cubes Help with my anxiety , When i have panic attacks They can turn into Seizers And i'm only 11 😣

  • Lady Mei
    Lady Mei 7 days ago

    Awww sarah / sara Is very pretty ! 💕She's grown

  • Katie Does Music
    Katie Does Music 7 days ago

    Your daughter is so cute :D

  • The Irish Japans
    The Irish Japans 7 days ago

    Daz should have his own brand of fidget spinners

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 7 days ago

    Is your daughter allowed to watch your ur channel? I mean you swear a lot in other vids... love the channel btw❤️💸

  • Anal lover 6969
    Anal lover 6969 8 days ago

    On the one you like you can take the bits out on the side

  • Callebarkne
    Callebarkne 8 days ago

    Never trust edited comments...

  • Faze ava
    Faze ava 8 days ago

    get a fidget stick

  • Sabrina Haubneri
    Sabrina Haubneri 8 days ago

    my name is also sarah and I'm also crazy!!!!

  • Thea V
    Thea V 8 days ago

    how old is she?

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