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Title: Rich Edwards - We Are (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
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Author Mick ( ago)
why is no one talking about the kid who literally ran up a wall

Author Wiz-Aldapu ( ago)
This channel is the channel that makes that every week I come to the computer to watch his videos. It's amazing! I hope you never stop please!!!

Author Dédalo In Sky ( ago)
someone can tell me what all that Sports are?

Author Vanessa Delgado ( ago)

Author Bas Roessen ( ago)
2:10 how is this one awesome?! the other way around would be way more impressive...

Author Ahmat Moudi ( ago)
what's the song in the background

Author Zoie ( ago)

Author People are Awesome ( ago)
Thanks for watching! Check out our latest video here:

Author Futuristic Visionary ( ago)
The music is annoying as hell.

Author joceline armenta ( ago)
haters will say is fake

Author White Cupcake ( ago)
I could feel the "burn" in that last guy's arms!

Author Benjamin Huggett ( ago)
so cool to see freestyle football getting bigger, good vid lads

Author ok go ( ago)
People are exhibitionist

Author Gina Hoser ( ago)
where are this trampolins?

Author me ( ago)
hey man how do you get in these videos

Author Never Give Up ( ago)
0:24 my ankles just DIED, arrghhh why I imagined doing it!

Author teeny teen ( ago)
look at the duration of the video😂

Author David's Favorite Videos ( ago)
What you don't see is the 500 tries.

Author kishore choudhary ( ago)

Author Pinkpanda 771 ( ago)

White people are awesome

Author Tunmi Atoloye ( ago)
how do peple do thAt

Author James Pyles ( ago)
CoD trickshots are better 100%

Author Dhruv Naik ( ago)
whats the name of the song??

Author Connor Magee ( ago)
How do you people get so awesome, tell me!!!

Author Bella Santana ( ago)
(some) people are awesome.

Author Ethan Fysh ( ago)
2:26 imagine how many times that longboard karate chopped his ankles to learn that trick

Author JamesTheGamerPlayz -Minecraft and more ( ago)
Anyone else notice how the majority of these clips were of men.
Men are stronger.

Author Funbrand ( ago)
1:49 was just absolutely beautiful. the movements were so fluid and ultimately looked like art

Author M Vilaseca ( ago)
you can not put at the same video a guy doing a double backflip, and after him, a guy making a basket behind his back... this second one CANT be on a "People is awesome" video LOL

Author Chris Styles ( ago)
guy with the kid on his back . you idiot one bad fall you kill her

Author Samuel Loyson ( ago)
Who needs feet?lol

Author Kendall Luechtefeld ( ago)
sadly I'm not as talented as these people but hey I'm good at video games...that's good enough right?

Author маленький кот ( ago)
screens - in comments under the video #EASYPROMOKNIFE

Author The-Workouts ( ago)
Aweasome video

Author Anna Guerrero ( ago)

Author EDM Master TV ( ago)
nice job

Author Kelvin Mutugi ( ago)
that's pretty awesome

Author Chauncey Roque ( ago)
3:23 Guy sensei is that you?

Author Live Laugh Love More!!! ( ago)
Cool 😎

Author aflam ajnabiya ( ago)
2# Can I get 10 likes for no reason

Author GadgeTech Guru ( ago)
3:25 Bhop in csgo be like

Author SNOOP3R ( ago)
last one dont need to buy shoes :D

Author Sarmad Mustafa ( ago)
It wasn't Real...! huh..!

Author Muttley ( ago)
Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor :).

Author Rifqi Aisy Muzhaffar ( ago)

Author DJ Banks ( ago)
can I get 3,000 likes plz i,m I,m 13 years old

Author Cory Hobbs ( ago)
Remember all people are frikin AWSOME we just try to be one of them. . . BE fearless and PLAY

Author Hipster Sheep ( ago)
No, Friday's are awesome!

Author GamingLegacy ( ago)
I look at these people, then think to myself how lazy I am..

Author . ( ago)
the last one wasnt so hard because he was able to do a backflip easily

Author Widefieldcoloado ( ago)
The song is obnoxious

Author Алексей Николаевич ( ago)

Author СЕРЁЖА МОЛОДЕЦ ( ago)

Author Ezra Black ( ago)
I failed life

Author Jordan G ( ago)
I'm so mediocre

Author iriachan 257 ( ago)
0:25 i did this move with 9 years on the playground ... not a real skill

Author The Erde GT ( ago)

Author The Erde GT ( ago)
crazy peoples in video

Author mrfish972 ( ago)
how that man can juggle with a knifes or whatever it was without failing cause if it real then he had to fail maybe he cut himself already?

Author Milander just milander ( ago)
I'd love to know how many broken bones and NDEs were involved in getting some of these..

Author Shwepsyness ( ago)
0:38 how is that awesome, she's just doing a pull up with some weight, I'll admit that she's pretty strong but not really people are awesome worthy in my opinion

Author Corey ( ago)
3:25 Rock Lee and Guy's love child.

Author Bob Hotdog ( ago)
Am I the only one who expected this video to be full of fails instead because it was April fools day?😕

Author Isaac L ( ago)
I'm recovering from a broken foot after doing this kind of stuff😂 Keep up the good work

Author Iron Arm ( ago)
3:21 Salmonella the monkey!

Author Iron Arm ( ago)
1:09 I'm sorry, that's not hard. I could do that in less than 20 attempts. Stop with these basketball shots that you took a million times to make. It's not impressive. Or at least something a bit harder than that.

Author Madison Goebel ( ago)
Meanwhile my arm got tired holding the phone up for my mom to see.

Author 2R -pk ( ago)
Hey !
I don't like to do that but I'm beginning a new Parkour channel, check out if you're interested !

Author EWars Romania / Edi Gaming ( ago)

Author ANDbreum ( ago)
okay video shitty music

Author watchingrob ( ago)
I love it when pretty girls can also do cool shit

Author galaxy_cat ninja ( ago)
0:53 did he just float????

Author raffaele errico ( ago)

Author syazwan mohd rosli ( ago)

Author BangDroid ( ago)
cray as lit dank af

am i doing it right?

Author David Ramos ( ago)

Author Denise Wang ( ago)
This just makes me so proud of being human and what god has made us, all of us are talented and can achieve anything if we truly put our mind to it!

Author sumit ugale ( ago)

Author Box Army ( ago)

Author Zombie Potato ( ago)
Am i awesome?

Author Pinoxxo ( ago)
Holy cow this dude at the end!!!

Author HAPPYplace ( ago)
love it! great inspiration! 💪😎

Author Rick Charles ( ago)
Good thing the guy at 1:25 doesn't have any balls.

Author Wulfman317 ( ago)
Bah! I can do all that stuff.

Author Love Preet ( ago)
A great talent

Author Fun maniac ( ago)
nice video👌👌....
like,subscribe and ring that bell on my channel👇👇👇...
make sure you view my video also🙋.......

Author Salty Melon ( ago)
It sucks that theres so many amazing people yet alot more bad ones

Author Max Maxen ( ago)
AT 2:20 ...i've been in the Room nearby, when the Video was Made.
(colone, Germany)

Author 최명현 ( ago)
2:28 익숙해 보이는 오른쪽에 초록마을 간판~

Author Simthecraft :D :D ( ago)
You kann take new Skier Videos from Jon Olsson! 😁😁

Author Jatin Kamra ( ago)
a great salute to everyone in this video

Author Atticus ( ago)
That person in the background at 4:21 made the funniest face I have ever seen! 😂

Author William Sydney ( ago)
sick vid

Author Melissa Jean Damian ( ago)

Author King Lopt909 ( ago)
whats the best fail comp i need to watch ;;-;

Author kidneystone53 ( ago)
I wonder how many outakes there were

Author jason4275 ( ago)
Yea that song was not necessary, said the Syrian and war kids living in war zones.

Author Hazzardoz Films ( ago)

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