How To Install 303's Grappling Hook Mod For Minecraft

This is a Video Explaining how to Install Grappling Hook On Minecraft. I had some people asking me how to do it and thought if it was hard for a few people who are good at mods it might be difficult for some others so I thought I'd make a Video Hope it Helps.

Mod Package (Contains: Minecraft Settings/Screen Gui API, ModLoader Beta, and GrapplingHook)

Minecraft Settings/Screen Gui API

ModLoader Beta



(Yes i know the version I have in the video is outdated Just found This when looking for it for the description)

Recipe For HookShot

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Author Rayven Cruz ( ago)
Does it work on 1.4.7?

Author Ghost “GT” Toast ( ago)
does it work in 1.2.5

Author Patrick Joyce ( ago)
did you Delete Meta-inf Or Is It Comaptible for your minecraft?

Author John Smith ( ago)
You're not the only one

Author Danny Pham ( ago)
its sdk's mod.

Author wizzturkey ( ago)
@primevalkiller3 Delete the Meta-Inf file in the minecraft jar file

Author ProtectMeCones ( ago)
uh can you a different version of gui api or does it have to be just the
one in desc

Author spideralexandre2099 ( ago)
Not implamented.

Author spideralexandre2099 ( ago)
@DoctorBaconMD Do you know what the toomanyitems mod is? It lets you spawn
in items. dah.

Author Alex Riemer ( ago)
can i use it wit 1.7.3

Author Advance ( ago)
lol can someone give me the grabling hook link cuz the one in the
description is not the right one!

Author Rogue Floppers ( ago)

Author P0WNapple ( ago)
OMG ur name is Aaron 2 :DDDDDDDDDDD

Author funnymaninblue ( ago)
hey how many mods do you got doctorbaconMD? 

Author HotShotChicago ( ago)
wow.,.. moding noobs.... U MUST 1st BACK UP YOUR DATA JUST IN CASE IF U F
*** UP "mind my french..." THEN DO IT ON THE MINCRAFT FILE, THIS IS MY
LINE. If you dont make it, it's your own damn fault. POW right in the face 

Author Peter Huy ( ago)
my minecraft screen went black .. what happened? -

Author Nothing Here ( ago)
where is the webiste that you went and got the gralling hook mod at!!!!

Author Nothing Here ( ago)
why are is you minecraft mod loader is so dam small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nothing Here ( ago)
what are uyoui talking about what 2 mods!@

Author Joshua Hawkes (Lolipopins97) ( ago)
went wrong and my minecraft no longer works :/

Author cunt ( ago)
I mean i Deleted it

Author suliman aljabbary ( ago)
@CryoSoulzzz the guiapi thing is for 1.4 get the 1.5 

Author idabeast25 ( ago)
the GUI doesnt work wen i put them into the .jar file!

Author cunt ( ago)
yes i did i deleted it but im using another mods

Author cunt ( ago)
it just makes my screen black 

Author Avian ( ago)
When i installed Too Many items and i opened my inventory the game crashed.

Author Secretweazle ( ago)
@heraltek same as by me

Author AxlCake (1042 years ago)
Yeah, it helped a fucking lot, if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't know how to
install mods xD yeah, so, thx a lot

Author H4TD ( ago)
@MineCraftLucario wait.. what?.. if you had made a back up first it would
have saved your W.O.R.K

Author H4TD ( ago)
@MineCraftLucario retard do what he does and M.A.K.E A B.A.C.K.U.P

Author sjcommander91 ( ago)
@LaZeRzHD What?

Author sjcommander91 ( ago)
@LaZeRzHD Go into minecraft.jar again, and see if you deleted the folder
called 'META-INF'. If it's still there, that's the source of your problem.

Author sjcommander91 ( ago)
Thank you so very very much. I tried so many times but nobody told me
exactly how to do it. Will I be able to find the mod item in InvEdit too?

Author pattumma ( ago)
Does this work with the SDK Guns mod or the Charlotte companion mod?

Author Speedy TD ( ago)
Thx dude amazing

Author Ben E ( ago)
I want some bacon.

Author PAINoAddiction ( ago)
i did everything and got a black screen HELPPP

Author josko bohm ( ago)
how do i install the Gui thing

Author PAINoAddiction ( ago)
i did everything you did to the "T" and i cant get too many items and
grappling hook to work together all i get is a black screen if anyone has a
vid or answer plz let me know :)))))))))

Author Dustin “Clockwork Rainbowdash” Johnson ( ago)
congradulations bitch....yo ubroke my minecraft....(it wont let me into my
main file,it just crashes....and i also forced updated it...)

Author l33tster ( ago)
@gaswerti Ephasis on NOTHING ELSE OPEN

Author gaswerti ( ago)
@l33tster you have the minecraft client open. Close it

Author l33tster ( ago)
@l33tsterIt it says its in use but i have NOTHING ELSE OPEN.

Author l33tster ( ago)
It Doesnt let me delete the meta inf or move files into the minecraft.jar

Author Joshua Walls ( ago)
is the mod updated with beta 1.3_1 

Author Brooty Bebbles ( ago)

Author wen hu ( ago)
to confus-gdrsnhaiobssowsozn im so anger that i cant make the grapping

Author Scubadog ( ago)
@HaloMice Its updated!

Author Andrew ( ago)
According to the forums, Minecraft Settings/Screen Gui API, ModLoader Beta,
and GrapplingHook are all updated for 1.3_01. But when I did everything you
did in the video, I can't make a Grappling Hook. Strange.

Author Patrick Wells ( ago)
when i installed the mods and started the game up the screen turned black
and game me error signs and quiet on me? what did i do wrong 

Author joshoshi 21 ( ago)
the toomanyitems mod is great just do the same for wat u did with these
mods, cheers bud

Author joshoshi 21 ( ago)
awsome great mod 

Author mattep4 ( ago)
my minecraft crash whe i try to play it 

Author Mrc0rt3x ( ago)
your the best man .. thnx ... i did watch much tutorials.. no one did
work.. but yours did work :)) thnnxxxx.!!!!

Author Jeffery ( ago)
its amazing how retarded most of you are follow his steps i done it and now
i have a grappling hook

Author Jeffery ( ago)
@Nate2698Talks try making it

Author Twichl ( ago)
I installed the toomanyitems mod and I followed your instructions and used
7zip but it wasn't in the game.

Author TheRejzo ( ago)
verry verry thanks :D its work :D

Author PWP ( ago)
dude i love you! NO HOMO D:< thank you a ton!!!! i wanted to use this mod
for like ever thanks a bunch dude, liked!

Author Joar Homme ( ago)
thank you:) works fine for me:)

Author dx8master ( ago)
thank u so much

Author Kyle McInnis ( ago)
@Sethris134 Try starting over but delete your META INF folder in
minecraft.jar and then if it still black screens you delete your "version"
in your bin folder and when you start miencraft it will download packags
and it will go straight to the game

Author Andy B (Godfilma) ( ago)
how to live like bacon? can u teach me?

Author SuperBadfishy ( ago)
@DoctorBaconMD i found something else its a minecraft folder without the
jar. but it has all the files in it 

Author StyleofNils123 ( ago)
thanks now it works ^^

Author SuperBadfishy ( ago)
i installed it and a you opent minecraft.jar and i dindt have that so i
searched and put the stuff in there and now my game gets stuck on the
loading screen HELP!!!!

Author Hotel-Yamato ( ago)
ok i got a minecraft torrented. so when ever i bring up the launcher it
asks play game or update. if i update the META-INF folder comes back and
all mod info is gone but if i dont update then its like i never added the
mod. so im wondering what to do 

Author Sethris134 ( ago)
nope i tried it with a clean .minecraft file and it still blackscreened me.
odd. either one of the modders screwed up or i have no idea why it wont

Author Sethris134 ( ago)
blackscreen'd. think it might be a compatibility issue with one of my mods.

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