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Author idabeast25 (4 years)
the GUI doesnt work wen i put them into the .jar file!

Author josh nichols (4 years)
the toomanyitems mod is great just do the same for wat u did with these
mods, cheers bud

Author xJBGaming (4 years)
i try grappling hook and its fine but when i try too many items as well it
crashes? how come it worked on yours, i have mod loader and gui api

Author TheBloodyENT (4 years)
@heraltek ur minecraft is special cuz idk mines too ok do this down load
modloadermp and use modloader mp with modloader and delte meta inf and ur

Author Avian (4 years)
When i installed Too Many items and i opened my inventory the game crashed.

Author manihatedoingthisa (3 years)
ummm it kinda gave me a black screen >=(

Author tommyx24 (4 years)
its install but how do i make one?

Author Yusei1674 (4 years)
According to the forums, Minecraft Settings/Screen Gui API, ModLoader Beta,
and GrapplingHook are all updated for 1.3_01. But when I did everything you
did in the video, I can't make a Grappling Hook. Strange.

Author StyleofNils123 (4 years)
thanks now it works ^^

Author CyseroHD (4 years)
yes i did i deleted it but im using another mods

Author littlemanm00la (4 years)
mod loader fucks up minecraft for me

Author spideralexandre2099 (3 years)
@DoctorBaconMD Do you know what the toomanyitems mod is? It lets you spawn
in items. dah.

Author MrZephy (3 years)
You're not the only one

Author DoctorBaconMD (4 years)
@dwarfur Dunno if it works with sdk mod never used it but i know it works
with mo creatures.

Author DoctorBaconMD (4 years)
@mjb571 Buy The Game

Author Ghost Toast (2 years)
does it work in 1.2.5

Author Secretweazle (4 years)
@heraltek same as by me

Author Twichl . (4 years)
I installed the toomanyitems mod and I followed your instructions and used
7zip but it wasn't in the game.

Author Bram The Woodsman (4 years)
Is it 1.5 compatible? It seems not to work with me.

Author Kingeh (3 years)
lol can someone give me the grabling hook link cuz the one in the
description is not the right one!

Author H4TD (4 years)
@MineCraftLucario wait.. what?.. if you had made a back up first it would
have saved your W.O.R.K

Author l33tster (4 years)
@gaswerti Ephasis on NOTHING ELSE OPEN

Author suliman aljabbary (4 years)
@CryoSoulzzz the guiapi thing is for 1.4 get the 1.5

Author CyseroHD (4 years)
it just makes my screen black

Author Alex Riemer (3 years)
can i use it wit 1.7.3

Author l33tster (4 years)
@l33tsterIt it says its in use but i have NOTHING ELSE OPEN.

Author LaZeRzHD (4 years)
please help minecraft wont load up it goes onto the mojang thing then shuts

Author Patrick Wells (4 years)
when i installed the mods and started the game up the screen turned black
and game me error signs and quiet on me? what did i do wrong

Author GGammERR Pile (4 years)
why are is you minecraft mod loader is so dam small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Peter Huy (4 years)
my minecraft screen went black .. what happened? -

Author LaZeRzHD (4 years)
@sjcommander91 which link did you download ???

Author GayBurnNudePics (4 years)
Can you update this vid for 1.6.6? Pleeeeeeease?

Author SuperBadfishy (4 years)
@DoctorBaconMD i found something else its a minecraft folder without the
jar. but it has all the files in it

Author xmrpieguyx (4 years)
who is doctor_bacon?

Author spideralexandre2099 (3 years)
Not implamented.

Author DoctorBaconMD (4 years)
@SuperBadfishy Now im confused cause you cant play minecraft without a
minecraft.jar trying deleting your whole .minecraft folder and start fresh

Author Mrc0rt3x (4 years)
your the best man .. thnx ... i did watch much tutorials.. no one did
work.. but yours did work :)) thnnxxxx.!!!!

Author DoctorBaconMD (4 years)
@l33tster There is Probably a back ground operation open you do not see try
restarting your computer easiest way to tell you to stop it with out
getting into detail. That or you have 2 windows of the .jar open i know
that can be an issue

Author Dustin Johnson (4 years)
congradulations bitch....yo ubroke my minecraft....(it wont let me into my
main file,it just crashes....and i also forced updated it...)

Author PAINoAddiction (4 years)
i did everything you did to the "T" and i cant get too many items and
grappling hook to work together all i get is a black screen if anyone has a
vid or answer plz let me know :)))))))))

Author DoctorBaconMD (4 years)
@Sethris134 Are you Deleting the META-INF if not that is the Problem. I
Recorded this tutorial with a fresh .minecraft folder

Author tyla306 (3 years)
@semboesboes delete META-INF be sure

Author PAINoAddiction (4 years)
i did everything and got a black screen HELPPP

Author CyseroHD (4 years)
I mean i Deleted it

Author Zapzik (4 years)
im too much of an idiot for mods. and i don't feel like trying to figure
out why im haveing complications with my grapling hook. fuck it T_T i can't
open the folders like you do. they open up into a bunch of codes and
letters, symbols, and numbers all jampacked T_T fml

Author josh nichols (4 years)
awsome great mod

Author Patrick Joyce (2 years)
did you Delete Meta-inf Or Is It Comaptible for your minecraft?

Author gameboymyles (3 years)
@primevalkiller3 delete the meta-inf file

Author sjcommander91 (4 years)
@LaZeRzHD Go into minecraft.jar again, and see if you deleted the folder
called 'META-INF'. If it's still there, that's the source of your problem.

Author H4TD (4 years)
@MineCraftLucario retard do what he does and M.A.K.E A B.A.C.K.U.P

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