Comey says FBI investigating Russia interference

FBI Director James Comey delivers opening remarks during a hearing with the House Intelligence Committee. Comey says the FBI is investigating Russia's potential involvement in the 2016 election.

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Author Lexi3130 ( ago)
We need to protect people's privacy!! Guess Susan Rice and the Obama administration didn't get the memo!

Author caroyln ankrum ( ago)
Are those leaks TEALLY being investigated or are you just giving it lip service for the press and the public? Pardon my cynicism.

Author hirni140 ( ago)
trump has to ge this pumk out office asap

Author NORMLfan13 ( ago)
Don't believe this propaganda for a minute and fight endless war and political corruption! Lies about Russia because they want to protect Syria from our 'democracy' where countless ppl die just like in Iraq. Protect the real victims and investigate something real like the pedophile rings that are our shadow government!!

Author Jeremy S. ( ago)
So we are told what we already knew and media acts like we have something special? Yes investigation going that will lead to nothing! Russia has been hacking for many years since Obama failed at cyber security. Nothing to do with Trump votes.

Author Shay Wils ( ago)
Donald trump fans are mad 😂😂😂😂😂

Author Larry Clark ( ago)
But the Trump tower was not wire tapped, I do not get it????

Author chris leff ( ago)
should Comey have trump locked up for helping with Russia interference

Author Boam Boam ( ago)
Trump is obviously mentally disturbed we need Prez Pence now.

Author The Fruit Man ( ago)

Author Armed American We The People ( ago)
I don't believe one word that comes out of this left wing supporters mouth

Author pink pony ( ago)
so....Obama didn't wire tap Trump towers.....the FBI had no FISA warrant issued.....and Trump and his cronies are under investigation criminally for links to Russian hacking......................sounds like a pretty bad day for Trump and friends.

Author DM Tea ( ago)
They used to hang people for treason in this country!

Author woodkern ( ago)
The GOP support the Putin infiltration of our White House. They have sold us out just so they can implement their idiotic policies and appease all the racists who are in a state of hysteria over having a black president.

Author Zylpai ( ago)
Hypocrite and liar...

Author lagaman11 ( ago)
POS Comey cannot speak about ongoing investigations, unless of coarse it is about Hillary Clinton. This POS got is Orange Con-Boy elected president. It is what he wanted and he succeeded. Now, what do you suppose the chances are that this POS will investigate Trump fairly, and to the fullest extent of the law?

Author Kokainuser ( ago)
Get shit on Donald 'the cuck' Trump!

Author terence nelson ( ago)
no good trump asss!!!

Author terence nelson ( ago)
Get Rid of that son of a bitch!!!! trump.

Author TheSchmuckLook ( ago)
Seems to be a whole lot of smoke. Is there a fire or is someone just blowing smoke? But, there DOES seem to be a LOT of RussiaRussiaRussia, doesn't there? I say-INVESTIGATE!!! Then tell it ALL. Period.

Author La Wilborn ( ago)

Author Ot Gman ( ago)
BS! Comey is republican and he has already proven that he has no problem placing party over country.

Author Jsylvington V ( ago)
ongoing investigation wtf is taking so long ?

Author Svetlana Klimenko ( ago)
okay I guess

Author mymovetube ( ago)
putin trump administration

Author Maaike R ( ago)
So they normally don't talk about an on going investigation but the public needed to know this administration is treasonous as hell and they are trying to take him down as we speak. And considering the fact that some have already been taken down only suggests the rest will follow sooner or later.

Author James Champaco ( ago)
Just the fact that Trump/russia/fraud are used in the same context is bad....

Author kyle stewart ( ago)
subpoena Trump's taxes and save the American taxpayer millions of dollars. that will either clear president Trump or impeach president Trump either way the country will be able to move forward.

Author akabaker80 ( ago)
Trump is a moron

Author BJ Andrews ( ago)
we as American people have a right to know I want to know I need to know i have to know. I am an American too.

Author German Navarro ( ago)
Edgar j. Hoover its almost need it in this days.
he will have the goodies on everyone in the daily bases without investigation need it.

Author curandero verde ( ago)
Trumps face (skin color) says it all...He's toast...

Author TheBingbang69 ( ago)
Was trump not again, down in florida at his Maredella-asshole southern Saint petersburg or whatever he calls it.

Author Donald Lash ( ago)
This will go down in history as the Biggest Bull shit story. Bigger then The Clinton Indictment. Bend over America and get ready to take it up the wazoo

Author Love Joy ( ago)
so very careful but comey investigated Hillary nine times and spoke on it each time so what bs....DUMB republicans and how long can a man b in power while being investigated for treason....white privilege republican privilege because no other groups of ppl can do republicans out...DUMB America

Author Virginia Ryno ( ago)
Shit head Comey is a bought and paid for fool. Fire the bastard.

Author mexcan fun ( ago)
Sure, another distraction, investigate Russia instead of Clinton

Author Love mend ( ago)
thank goodness! see you trumpster's they did screw with the election and matter of time traitor trump is exposed

Author Robert Gasia ( ago)
Comey = common sense

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