This man worked undercover in a Chinese iPhone factory

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  • Dejian Zeng spent 12 hours a day attaching one screw to iPhones. As part of his summer project, the NYU grad student went undercover for 6 weeks at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai. He lived on-site in a dorm with 7 other people and got to experience what really goes into making the popular mobile device. He tells us what it was like.

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  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 22 hours ago

    It is sad. They create IPhones but most of em don't even own one.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 22 hours ago

    He looks rather mentally healthy for what he has went through for years.

  • nz desi
    nz desi 1 day ago

    you said face recognition to get in, how is that possible in china?

  • Michael Weaver
    Michael Weaver 1 day ago

    What's he complaining about? I did 8 tps reports today. Talk about hard work, worst 30 mins of my life I had to take a 7 1/2 hour break.

  • A Name
    A Name 2 days ago

    Everyone be criticising Apple and shit, but the truth is, most American companies rely on these chinese factories to stay financially afloat. Most of the things you take for granted in America wouldn't even exist without chinese manufacturing industries. So don't go around saying "your phones are causing suffering in people's lives"- when the food you eat, the clothes you buy, the components in pretty much all your devices- are all produced through the same process, in equal, or even worse conditions.

    Saying shit like they don't get paid enough or that their jobs are slavery is also kinda misinformed. To people who work in more impoverished nations, like Africa for example, these chinese employees are living the life. It seems like a tough job because first world countries like America have infrastructure in place so workers get more privileges than other places. Don't get mad at Apple, just realize how lucky you are to be at the top, and understand that you're the minority, not the majority. It's the hard work of others in more unfortunate positions which allows for you to experience such a comfortable lifestyle.

  • dirtTdude
    dirtTdude 2 days ago

    what an incredibly shitty existence

  • OG 17
    OG 17 2 days ago

    $1.78 an hour fucken assholes

  • blehh853
    blehh853 2 days ago

    all this info just make me feel like utter shit! like why do i own an iPhone when the person who made it got paid 2 dollars an hour 😭 like wtf!! modern day slaves! this makes me feel no hope for humanity

  • hshshshshshshs
    hshshshshshshs 2 days ago

    Now imagine there are many people who believe all iPhones are made in California by the most advanced machinery.

  • Halcyon441
    Halcyon441 3 days ago

    Android: proudly developed in america since 2006.

  • Kevin Liao
    Kevin Liao 3 days ago

    Watching this video from an iPhone just adds more irony

  • Jojo C
    Jojo C 3 days ago

    It's ridiculous what those rich multinationals do, think of all the toxins that are stuffed into the iPhone and all the toxins that go into the workers that, not the mention, they are underpaid. Then they are sent to stores where we pay much less than what the workers had to pay. Their healthcare. their lives.

  • Roma Maria
    Roma Maria 3 days ago

    fuck I hate apple now. they pay them so less, thats not humane. I never again buy apple products

  • Moe Wilson
    Moe Wilson 4 days ago

    Interesting how Apple has its workers making the phones that they cannot afford. Apple then sells it overpriced to us Western suckers who do not get the benefits of the jobs. What a world we live in.

  • Prince Westerburg
    Prince Westerburg 4 days ago

    If I vote this up, am I promoting these work conditions?

  • JP
    JP 4 days ago

    i cant tell if the people who dislike the video dislike what the people are doing the people who like it like what the people are doing
    or its the other way around
    im bean boozled fren

  • Cermet Del Rey
    Cermet Del Rey 4 days ago

    Apple needs to fix this

  • sean
    sean 4 days ago

    450 a month is pretty good wages in China, hell I know people living on that here in the US

  • Yetti Man
    Yetti Man 4 days ago

    tank wew fo building my iphon

  • Wellness and Self Worth Channel

    This narrator experimenter dude tried way too hard to make it seem like it was "more than a job" to people and he as opposed to the suicide inducing mind numbing soul killing black hole that it is.

  • Wellness and Self Worth Channel

    You know it's a bad job when they have to prevent you from killing yourself while still ON the job. 😮

  • Domestic_Goddess Artist

    How convenient that I'm using my iPhone to watch this video. The people who worked hard for Americans to have their iPhones.

  • S Star
    S Star 4 days ago

    sounds like slavery. thanks to the big corporations!

  • The most stupid channel ever

    It's so sad

  • Knight192
    Knight192 4 days ago

    the screw on my iphone speaker was loose you incompetent, lazy nincompoop!

  • T.F. Player332
    T.F. Player332 5 days ago

    This makes me want to stop buying apple products all together

  • Jed Fernan
    Jed Fernan 5 days ago

    "prevents workers from committing suicide" holy fuck so is this like the daily routine?

  • Treadingjello
    Treadingjello 5 days ago

    This is typical in China (and many other countries, sadly) yet we have spoiled brat college students in the US marching in the streets about their "oppression". Ridiculous, isn't it?

  • Cup OfYoongi
    Cup OfYoongi 5 days ago

    It's disgusting that businesses use less well off countries to make their products for cheaper.
    Congratulations Apple. You really suck.

  • SwagLordZ
    SwagLordZ 5 days ago

    Who's watching this on a I phone?

  • DaNk R3XU
    DaNk R3XU 5 days ago

    so its like paid slavery??

  • the meme lady
    the meme lady 5 days ago

    i can't believe the people who work at iphone factories play league of fucking legends doesn't that make them want to die even more

  • amazingabby25
    amazingabby25 5 days ago

    He's SUPER cute. Hello, sir!

  • Yung Jan
    Yung Jan 5 days ago

    I'm disgusted by apple, I don't own any apple products and I own a ZTE phone. but if you think that having an HTC, a Samsung, a Sony or even as I do, a ZTE, is better to have, I have to dissapointe you. all these companies are no where better than apple. I'm not trying to defend apple, I'm just saying this video should speak against all the big companies. and yes I'm guilty too.

  • Kalidreamine
    Kalidreamine 5 days ago

    ....watching this on an iPhone 6... feels unusual

  • Oblivion void
    Oblivion void 5 days ago

    fuck there are some of our jobs, no wonder we loose our jobs these people will work for nothing. $400.00 a month? I really don't know if it's cheap to live there, I get pissed cause I make $300.00 a week . I have a different outlook now. thanks for this video. it educated me.

  • devilangel777
    devilangel777 5 days ago

    How many are watching this on an iPhone?

  • Sophia Moonshadow
    Sophia Moonshadow 5 days ago

    Just to say as a Chinese person, he is really good at English.

    BRIAN HICKS 5 days ago

    almost sounds like prison lol

  • Cason Pool
    Cason Pool 5 days ago

    This is so sad.

  • Tony Linh
    Tony Linh 5 days ago

    Fuck China..!

    TIFFANY BOWMAN 5 days ago

    I hate apple for that!🙄😡

  • Karii Lynn
    Karii Lynn 5 days ago

    The hours and time off and nearly identical to Michiga n car factories. But the safety and employee expectation levels are higher which ias nice. Uniforms and metal detectors? Sounds better.

  • Vad73
    Vad73 5 days ago

    Woah... What amazes me is that this man right here could have touched my iPhone.

  • Fox1667
    Fox1667 5 days ago

    NYU grad student ends up doing this with his life, rarely being able to see family and friends outside :(

  • Splash Attack
    Splash Attack 5 days ago

    Putting in one screw for 10.5 hours a day?


  • The Bimse's
    The Bimse's 5 days ago

    And then here in Denmark you get 700$-900$ a month for studying.

  • NerdFag Gaming
    NerdFag Gaming 5 days ago

    how does the face-recognition system work in china?

  • treysuhr44
    treysuhr44 5 days ago

    Modern day slavery

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    "Lets not buy Iphone"
    All phones are made this way
    Id you dont buy any of them what are u gonna use as a communication device then? A potato??

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    3:27 "And everybody has a very interesting life."

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 days ago

    Basically a prison. But you get paid,

    A little

  • Joslin Hampton
    Joslin Hampton 5 days ago

    This is sad. They're working their ass off to be underpaid while we're privileged....

  • RosyRBL X
    RosyRBL X 5 days ago

    I really think Apple Workers should get to go home, instead of living in dorms with people you don't even know, and have to share showers and a sink, it's a loss of privacy. It's also quite sad that they only have 1 day off, that's pretty selfish to Apple themselves. I have no idea how this guy has a straight face explaining this crap.

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson 5 days ago

    Pretty sure apple is going to upgrade to retinal scanners for their ids

  • MillieD
    MillieD 6 days ago


  • kuso 'TheSaltyZombie'

    If they have to have a cage to prevent workers to kill themselves, that should be a sign

  • Boopy Doop
    Boopy Doop 6 days ago

    a campus for iPhone workers

  • Bobsicle
    Bobsicle 6 days ago

    I love how i'm also playing league right now xD

  • Areanna Solorio
    Areanna Solorio 6 days ago

    Well I'm watching this on an iPhone so I can't say anything......

  • The Unicorn
    The Unicorn 6 days ago

    wtf... is this a life?

  • Bacon Hair
    Bacon Hair 6 days ago

    you should work undercover for every chinese company

  • Mark Sarong
    Mark Sarong 6 days ago


    What did you want apple to do? Pay them equivalent to american workers? that would be screwing over Everyone in China and their economy. They get paid relevant to their economy. If Apple paid them more, then they would be one of the riches employees in China. That would mean that China would have to increase its prices on goods. which would make all the other companies not paying the Apple wage suffer. You cant expect them to be paid the same as western countries.

    If you put that in western perspective:
    Your American, I'm Canadian. Your minimum wage is $9.00/Hr compare that to Canadians with our minimum wage of $11.40 and by 2018 our minimum wage will be $14.00/Hr and $15.00/Hr by 2019.
    To Canadians we don't consider you slaves even though your minimum wage is lower because the economy balances us out. How much we get paid makes sense for our expenses.

  • 63 Rat Rod
    63 Rat Rod 6 days ago

    mr roboto

  • Milan Petkovic
    Milan Petkovic 6 days ago

    Come to Serbia bro, we work here for 250 $ per month. xD

  • Everett Burgin
    Everett Burgin 6 days ago

    They yell at you? Yell right back!

  • Nicolas Hernandez
    Nicolas Hernandez 6 days ago

    That would be lit if they can make secret security cams that can be undetectable by security and a body check

  • YszapHun
    YszapHun 6 days ago

    screw this

  • ItsMagiQ
    ItsMagiQ 7 days ago

    the real question is do they let people with samsung phones in

  • Ariana Snider
    Ariana Snider 7 days ago

    I feel like crap for having an iPhone

  • Limin
    Limin 7 days ago

    It's ironic that this video is 4 minute and 44 second. Chinese people know what i am talking about!

  • Who'sYourDaddy?
    Who'sYourDaddy? 7 days ago

    Cool story, bro. Now get back to work.

  • Kore Gaming
    Kore Gaming 7 days ago

    That Cho Gath just tried to 1v1 a turret with no minions.

  • Cherry B0mb
    Cherry B0mb 7 days ago

    I can't tell if this is supposed to make Apple look bad or good?

  • Double RD
    Double RD 7 days ago

    how does a face recognition work in china... lol

  • Zefyr Frost
    Zefyr Frost 7 days ago

    there were so many grammar mistakes

  • David Bruce Banner
    David Bruce Banner 7 days ago


  • Todd Cha
    Todd Cha 7 days ago

    People in China getting paid 1.78 an hour while people in America bitching about their $10 an hour

  • Ekoo.Games
    Ekoo.Games 7 days ago

    If they have a face detector for the security why is is not on the i phone 😒

  • wesson smith
    wesson smith 8 days ago

    Wow. Chinese people are sheep.

  • kiki boy
    kiki boy 8 days ago

    this is why i never buy a iphone. buy android.

  • Name
    Name 8 days ago

    How many of you liberals don't own an iPhone? Zero.

  • ThatPokePlayer
    ThatPokePlayer 8 days ago

    He told me a secret

    *His Phone is Samsung*

  • Nigol T.
    Nigol T. 8 days ago

    Wow slave labor is alive and well.

  • Asegdirb Does Gaming

    who else saw this on recommended videos and thought it said "This man worked undercover in a Cheese iPhone factory"

  • Al Guttridge
    Al Guttridge 8 days ago

    Pretty sure the face recognition would be useless in China

  • Thiago
    Thiago 8 days ago


  • 123gwf
    123gwf 8 days ago

    If the dorms they live in are part of their salary, then the pay really isn't that bad.  450 per month plus housing is decent for low-skilled work.  Better than Wal-Mart here in the US.

  • Jordan Nicole Butler

    This is depressing

  • Daisaun White
    Daisaun White 9 days ago

    living in Hell

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 9 days ago

    No one is forced to work these jobs, they choose this lifestyle.

  • Lou Xiaofang
    Lou Xiaofang 9 days ago

    Please stop using iPhone ! Not a good company, only cares about their money.

  • #1 Warriors Bandwagon

    I'm surprised they are not using robots.

  • RipCityBassWorks
    RipCityBassWorks 10 days ago

    fuck apple (though I doubt any of of the others except Sony are much better...)

  • Auch ein Open Mind
    Auch ein Open Mind 10 days ago

    Its funny how so many people need a A shitty"documantation" about apple, to realize that people in other countrys make less money 😂 and the funny think is: Apple is bot that bad. What about working conditions of Samsung or Huwei ? Or any of Our favourite cloth brands ? Do your really think thes are better ? 😂 Yeeah lets say all fuck apple becouse its easy. China has one of the most People in thr world! Do you really think anybody cares if you scream fuck apple ?! Thats not changing anything and is just annoying as hell.

  • BMyVision
    BMyVision 10 days ago

    Soooooo, the boss has anticipated that you will want to kill yourself, so they take preventative measures cuz dead men make no phones.

  • Daniel Brayne
    Daniel Brayne 10 days ago

    They listed League of Legends as a source lol

  • MidNightToker
    MidNightToker 11 days ago

    My manager went to a few factories.. seems HP/HPE wants to turn US factories into the same. We now have 12hrs shifts and the workers are doing the same thing over and over again. They are suppose to rotate but supervisors don't care enough to implement. I like how management says " in Asia they are able to process more with much less and workers don't complain like they do here.' I'm just sitting there thinking well yea, they're practically slaves.

  • FroddeB
    FroddeB 11 days ago

    Just saying, it's not only Apple who does this. Most people get blinded and think that it's only Apple who are cold hearted bastards. But actually almost every phone manufacturer does exactly the same, it's actually quite hard to not find a phone that is using the same factory procedure. There are rare occasions where they prevent this, like FairPhone.

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