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  • Added:  1 year ago
  • There's nothing wrong about failing young. Here are some of our funniest kid fails. Let us know your thoughts down below, and as always, Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Child in Mask Crashes into Wall
    Mirror Mirror
    Little Girl Headbutts Music Toy
    Kid Cries on Toilet Over Chick-Fil-A Being Closed on Sundays
    Bird Attacks Little Boy
    Little Boy Falls Off Diving Board
    Little Girl Demonstrates How to Cut Hair
    Little Girl Proud of Falling Down Slide
    Toddler Puts Cereal Box on Head and Fails
    Little Girl Walks into Glass Door
    Kid Fails
    Kid Gets Tongue Stuck on Frozen Pole
    Tetherball Pole Hits Kid in Face
    Little Kid Wobbles down Playground Slide
    Little Boy Let out Juicy Sneeze
    Little Girl Trips and Falls during Easter Egg Hunt
    Gender Reveal Ends in Tears for Little Girl
    Toddler Falls Asleep Eating Watermelon
    Little Girl Can't Figure out Water Fountain
    Kid Faceplants Sand after Backflip
    Kid Doesn't Want to Go to Disney World
    Little Girl Headbutts Music Toy
    Toddler Gets into Mom's Makeup
    Little Boy Struggles in Box
    Kid Falls off Slide at Kiddie Pool
    Noisemaker Moves Terrified Baby to Tears
    Little Boy Misses Fire Pole at Playground
    Kid Takes Phone out of Guitar
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  • Runtime: 7:19
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Comments: 26 115

  • Rattlesnake Neckties

    punch a kid today!! little bastards!!

  • Arnaud Libon
    Arnaud Libon 9 hours ago

    1:08 *so funny*

    COD WWII 12 hours ago

    REALITY 0:57

  • carter85 geometry dash

    6:09 Adventure Time!

  • antonia millaray
    antonia millaray 1 day ago

    5:46 tenemos un nuevo soperue

  • ThaoTouGamerTV
    ThaoTouGamerTV 1 day ago


  • ThaoTouGamerTV
    ThaoTouGamerTV 1 day ago

    The Ghirlandaio who is doing her hair her lips look ugly

  • Bella Bondy
    Bella Bondy 1 day ago



    me every Sunday 0:56-1:08

  • Bad Youtuber
    Bad Youtuber 1 day ago

    "next time be carefull with your phone"

  • Patty Collins
    Patty Collins 1 day ago

    little kids are soooooooo dumb

  • Jirel Maneclang
    Jirel Maneclang 1 day ago

    6:15 the baby cries at the toy lol

    YRA YENY 2 days ago

    Ngu vãi toi la nguoi viet nam

  • Brandon Cadena
    Brandon Cadena 2 days ago

    most kids in a funny video are half naked

  • Dogelord101
    Dogelord101 2 days ago

    Random Girl

  • AssistedIgnorance
    AssistedIgnorance 2 days ago

    Omg that kid at the end was cute! Next time be careful with your phone!

  • Boys Idioot
    Boys Idioot 2 days ago


  • Funny kids videos 2017

    wow ilkie Funny Kid Fails (February 2016) || FailArmy

  • MineSquad 85
    MineSquad 85 3 days ago

    LOL I agree🙂🙂🙂

  • Little Macaroon and The Jolly Dino

    At 3:07 all he care about was that the pole broke and not his friend or was it his brother

  • El mundo de Alessandro


  • itsemma22 hehehehehe

    this is not funny 😡😡😡😡

  • Wolf Fire
    Wolf Fire 4 days ago

    Older kid goes down the pole unharmed.. Little kid:Ha! I can do that better.. *falls off pole and hits face on rocks*

  • Matthew Mcgill
    Matthew Mcgill 4 days ago

    when that kid was running he came back because the brid was runin after him run kid run

  • Jennifer Noseworthy

    that kid that was cutting his hair, his mouth was a mess

  • Isabel Sanchez
    Isabel Sanchez 4 days ago

    That video is halareis😅😅😅

  • Fabul00se Gammer
    Fabul00se Gammer 4 days ago

    6:66 illuminati confirmed

  • KubaGamer Robloxa
    KubaGamer Robloxa 4 days ago

    2:52 it's no laugh

  • JJ_JOSH 21
    JJ_JOSH 21 4 days ago

    4:10 this boy looks stoned af

  • Lera TV
    Lera TV 5 days ago

    я тут одна руская

  • Madchickenbutt
    Madchickenbutt 5 days ago

    **Half-way bald**

  • CraftFudge _YT
    CraftFudge _YT 5 days ago

    1:45 hahahahahahahhahaha XD look at her XD

  • Logan Cameron
    Logan Cameron 5 days ago

    i didnt get in to your makeup

  • Rye Bryan
    Rye Bryan 5 days ago

    you are a FUCKING IDIOT

  • The Dead One
    The Dead One 5 days ago

    Kids are soooo cute XD

  • Imaginative Light
    Imaginative Light 5 days ago

    ... because it is BEAUTIFUL :'D

  • Sebi Studios
    Sebi Studios 5 days ago

    the last was the coolest one

  • Elliott Nord
    Elliott Nord 5 days ago

    0:00 is weird

  • ethan riley
    ethan riley 5 days ago

    2.01 is cringy

  • Uzzy Uchiha
    Uzzy Uchiha 5 days ago


  • Lauren faust pl
    Lauren faust pl 5 days ago

    0:13 funny!

  • Kristine Galing
    Kristine Galing 5 days ago

    That girl is ugly and noob hair and so much hilarious ugh😫

    DAVE EAST 5 days ago

    I wish my parents took me to Disney land when I was a kid. Brat.

  • Bullet Barragan
    Bullet Barragan 6 days ago

    stupid kid that said your phone is stuck inside

  • Jacob J
    Jacob J 6 days ago

    Easter is dumb Halloween is demonic Christmas is stupid and Santa isn't real new year's is idiotic

  • Dustin Sawyer
    Dustin Sawyer 7 days ago

    lmfao at kid being chased by the bird.

  • jackhius618 BCE
    jackhius618 BCE 7 days ago

    That last one I hate that kid he is stupid

  • Rebecca Morris
    Rebecca Morris 7 days ago


  • GamingWithPeteAJ
    GamingWithPeteAJ 7 days ago


  • MakenzieObrienfamily2014


  • TomášGolf
    TomášGolf 7 days ago

    IM KID U!!!!

  • AH M
    AH M 7 days ago

    Cause i wanna go to Chick-Fil-A, but Chick-Fil-A is closed

  • Angela Reigns
    Angela Reigns 7 days ago

    1:52 YOLO

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 7 days ago

    Instagram @IAMMJTHEDON

  • Jed Villa
    Jed Villa 7 days ago

    becozz its beautiful

  • Simon Rapaić
    Simon Rapaić 8 days ago

    6:15 XD

    BASAN TV 8 days ago

    Lol lol lol lol lol

  • jonathan aguilar
    jonathan aguilar 8 days ago

    no dio risa ul timo lugar like

  • valentina Pinilla
    valentina Pinilla 8 days ago

    En el minuto 5:12 se escucha la palabra 'marica"😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alyssa Ayala Gomez
    Alyssa Ayala Gomez 8 days ago

    The last video is so cute the boy says next time be careful with your phone

  • Eli Harfush
    Eli Harfush 8 days ago

    aww that's so cure 0:54

  • MM L10
    MM L10 9 days ago

    0:28 "because its beautiful " omg haha that got me crying lol

  • ScottySuicide
    ScottySuicide 9 days ago

    Whats the end credit song???

  • Deemyy !
    Deemyy ! 9 days ago

    last one was cute :3

  • Kappa
    Kappa 9 days ago

    2:52 go outside they said. it will be fun they said.

  • Noppeli 26
    Noppeli 26 9 days ago

    6:17 xddd

  • Basil_ Tv
    Basil_ Tv 9 days ago


  • Brodie Micor
    Brodie Micor 9 days ago

    6:05 why are you laughing parents my mom or dad doesn't do that to me so you should to,

  • xNINAx xANINx
    xNINAx xANINx 10 days ago

    The girl cut her own hair and thinks she won't get in trouble

  • King Josiah
    King Josiah 10 days ago

    when boy said I don't want to go to Disney world I know because all that walking and no fun just walking!!!

  • Firebird 1125
    Firebird 1125 10 days ago

    0:32 how to not get in trouble

  • RyZe Diamond
    RyZe Diamond 10 days ago

    4:11 is the best

  • iPod30boy GAMING
    iPod30boy GAMING 10 days ago


  • Kamauri Griffin
    Kamauri Griffin 10 days ago

    0:31 he said because it is Beautiful lol 😂

  • Logan Holewinski
    Logan Holewinski 10 days ago

    4:06 me every Sunday morning

  • YOLO Motions
    YOLO Motions 10 days ago

    2:20 fail but win😂😂😂

  • YOLO Motions
    YOLO Motions 10 days ago

    0:23 me every day 😂

  • Juwah Sam-King
    Juwah Sam-King 10 days ago

    that kid that will not survive on that wool his tounge will break

  • Denise Berry
    Denise Berry 10 days ago

    the kid at 5:10 is so sensitive

  • delopez24
    delopez24 10 days ago


  • denisa balanescu
    denisa balanescu 10 days ago

    3:14 my life

  • Fluffybunny 925
    Fluffybunny 925 10 days ago

    Theses parents are. Bad

  • MadMaxwell Gamer
    MadMaxwell Gamer 10 days ago

    0:33 funny

  • DiamondProGamer21
    DiamondProGamer21 10 days ago


  • Greg Gutierrez
    Greg Gutierrez 11 days ago

    don't smack you're hade

  • PandaQueenMM Gnav
    PandaQueenMM Gnav 11 days ago

    0:30 omg he's such a cute baby!

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel 11 days ago

    The last one was so cute

  • Haley Huff
    Haley Huff 11 days ago

    stupid ass

  • Haley Huff
    Haley Huff 11 days ago


  • The LightningSpell
    The LightningSpell 11 days ago

    In the last One the Kid is so SMART OMG

  • Aviya Burns
    Aviya Burns 11 days ago


  • Aviya Burns
    Aviya Burns 11 days ago

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 8prtyuo
    gu3cog4oģgguuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 957o 8p 2ip42k4 ydtixjhfzfgjfxjkfshsfktslugdjglryw6rdtrjtrjsrtsrifijehehdyutu3u3y7

  • Bryce Newman
    Bryce Newman 11 days ago

    Boy= "Next time be careful with your phone".
    Me= "bitch I put it in there"

  • lukas veldsla
    lukas veldsla 11 days ago

    1:09 when you chase youre dreams but they become nightmares

  • lukas veldsla
    lukas veldsla 11 days ago

    0:57 when you want to do something with ur friend but he hates u afterwards

  • I Mettaton Of Tattletails

    3:09 It broke? No it didn't break, it flew and went to outer space, that's what happened.

  • Dj 제타
    Dj 제타 11 days ago

    I wanna go I don't know!!

  • You got eveexe
    You got eveexe 11 days ago

    3:48 me if i get a brother

  • FIFA VIDS 123
    FIFA VIDS 123 11 days ago

    7:04 like a boss!!!

  • Ice queen
    Ice queen 11 days ago

    last one was funny LOL!

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