Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar blade

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Author frank jung (5 months)
As a beginner blacksmith, I'm curious about how you did the etching in the
end of the video. If you or someone else could explain that, it would be
much appreciated.

Author bakakun12 (1 month)
simply amazing, but why did you choose to mill away so much material when
you could have made a sword and sold it for tens of thousands euros?

Author Scruit (5 months)
What is the song at 13:52?

Author Adam Knutson (5 months)

Author FishWaterBrewery (5 months)
Fantastic work, I am very impressed with the machinery you have. I love
burning metal myself.
I am curious why you did not saw that beautiful billet in half, length
wise, to create 2 blades? It appeared to have the thickness to do that.
Great work, keep it up!

Author King Angus (5 months)
and now your a man!

Author Kyle Bates (6 months)
Man, I was really interested watching this. I love seeing new ways to make
pattern welded steel, and I just lost my shit at like 940 when he was
showing the 4 cut pieces. I'm like "shit, thats cool," but then he welded
em together and I started shouting, " OH! OH DO IT YOU GLORIOUS

ehem, yea, this was a really awesome video.

Author DARIVS ARCHITECTVS (6 months)
This video was as much a piece of art as the knife itself. Bravo!

Author tonymengela (6 months)
do you sell billets

Author Southpaw Davey (1 month)
Oh yes;-)

Author brent56and1 (5 months)
Do you sell these? I bet they go for a lot. That seems like a shit ton of
work for one knife. How long did it take to make it?

Author Nicholas Ucci (28 days)
I would love a sword with this damascus pattern. So so pretty.

Author KarasCyborg (3 months)
How much did you invest in all that equipment? I have a new
appreciation for knives like that. Lots of blood sweat and tears go into
making that. 

Author Fermanagh prepper (6 months)
How that is amasing

Author Re San (8 months)
Stunning work! Also loved the music! 

Author tom7601 (5 months)
Beautiful! It takes my breath away!
Tom - Vista, CA

Author Corey Berry (1 month)
@ 16:30, mother of god that's beautiful...

Author Ondrej Dobiaš (7 months)
this is the reason I admire blacksmithing

Author Fermanagh prepper (6 months)
I love your work

Author 7247tank7247 (7 months)
Now I really understand why Damascus steel is sooooooo expensive

Author Molhedim (5 months)
does this technique makes the steel harder ? or is just for the beauty of

Author dayshiftbullsht (5 months)
IM not criticizing, this is great but i do have an honest question? Dont
you contaminate the blade when you weld the for cut pieces of square stock
you made together? Curious. Solid work man, thanks for the vid

Author DARRELL ALLEN (4 months)
That has got to be THE PRETTIEST pattern welded Damascus example I think I
have ever am in awe of
your talent brother, great job !

Author Caleb Voisine-Addis (5 months)
Wait, did you not use flux?

Author BlissSky (5 months)
So awesome. i hope this blade lasts for ever and your distant descendants
shall have to find it and use it's power to save the world from space

Author Jim Hrisoulas (22 days)
Hello:That is one of the nicest twisting jigs I have seen..I may steal the
basic idea for book IV..please contact me so I can give you proper "stolen
from" credit.. JPH

Author Squiggles McJiggles (5 months)
So you took a beautiful steel that requires proper forging and folding, and
you put it to a belt grinder? You shouldn't be proud of this.

Author Sebastian Lin (4 months)
man good job good fucking job

Author Ryan Thomas (7 months)
Amazing video. Maybe next time though show that you are using two different
types of Steel at the beginning because I got to about 15 minutes in your
video and nearly stopped watching it because I was convinced that you were
not using two different types of Steel. I gotta say though I am glad I
continued watching. When you made that final bend on the hot steel that put
that curve in it I was wondering why you're doing that until I saw the
pattern in the Damascus when it was done it follows the contour of the
blade amazing! Great job man would love to have your shop lol

Author João Carlos Redin (1 month)

Author dem trees (4 months)
first part of the vid i was like "that's not gonna work"... now i will
graciously STFU. Great Work! wow! 

Author mitctyle (4 months)
absolutely fantastic love the pattern that came out. just one thing though
and i don't mean to be judgemental but i've never seen anyone waste so much
material before. what i mean by that is when you had the steel forged and
had the shape of the knife than just ground it and milled it to thin it
down. but i am the kind of person who believes in not wasting anything,
especially after taking the time to pattern weld it.

Author Mark Glenn Zamora (4 months)
Fantastic work!! That's a gorgeous blade!

Author Colrath D (5 months)
What is the name of the song at minute 14:00?

Author Alex Wagner (5 months)
whats the song at 3:35?

Author Dave Saunders (7 months)
Simultaneously awe-inspiring and humbling! Thank you for sharing your

Author Samiul Haque (11 hours)
you brother so amazing knife maker........

Author kain38 (9 days)
damn i would love a small fixed blade like that. i would say for a edc but
i would be afraid i would lose it. fantastic work. 

Author Paul Brownson (5 months)
true craftsman!

Author Robert Marcos (5 months)
Not so sure you want the volume up on this but what a
beautiful blade!!!

Author Binh Bui (6 months)
Wow it looks stunning. I just don't know why you did not finish the handle.
Opps, sorry, I just found part II: Handle making :D
Thank you man!

Author W. deflect (5 months)
Why couldn't there have just been commentary instead of crappy music
playing throughout the whole video?

Author engelteir (6 months)
fantastic job on the layering and pattern, it turned out great. seemed a
little wasteful when i saw you machining and cutting most of it away rather
then forging it thinner, but once i saw the final design it made sense. 

Author Elmer Omero (6 months)
lol holly shit !

been watchin some people crafting awesome damascus blades, but you made
even your own damascus material! and the final result !! god damnd so
beautiful :)

im omw to see the part II

thumbs up and suscribed

Author Kamikaze Gorilla (5 months)
This morning, I couldn't even make a half-decent omelet. I have nothing to
offer to society...

Author Corinth Worster (5 months)
Music was annoying,

Author יותם ארבל (7 months)

Author gerald dedon (7 months)
great workman ship
how much

Author pineapplewafers (11 days)
Out of sheer curiosity... how much would a gorgeous blade like that cost to
have made?

Author Steve Goldman (4 months)
What's the music?

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