Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar blade

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Uploaded by: Manuel Quiroga
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Author Gil Mosko (3 months)
What a total boatload of work! But the final results were so worth it. It
does my heart good to see craftsmanship on this high a level. Mr. Quiroga,
you are one of my new heroes. I even liked the music you chose for the
video, and I normally do not care for music in instructional videos.
Really, I am just so impressed. Thank you!

Author Håkon T. (10 days)
That's a very cool knife, excellent craftsmanship! 

Author Stephan Harz (3 months)
I would love to own this.....would make an awesome straight edge razor 

Author banankiller01 (1 day)
its awesome. FUCKING AWESOME

Author michael gronski (3 months)
This knife is a true work of vision, patience, and craftsmanship. Manuel,
YOU ARE A TRUE ARTISAN!! I have worked with metals most of my life as a
Master Plumber, Welder, and Steamfitter and appreciate the steps which you
took to create this. It is absolutely STUNNING.

P.S. The music is as classy as yourself, and the video is very well done.
Muy Bueno!! 

Author Py7h0N357 (1 month)
This is art. This is absolutly amazing, great job!!

Author Abraam Cookman (3 months)
Nice vid! I'm a big fan of your power hammer, the design is simple,
effective and well thought out. I like the forging press too, except for
the poor little pump that can't keep up with that giant cylinder! Awesome
work, thanks for sharing it with the world!

Author Steve Sears (3 months)
Not overkill, its called passion and pride. Incredible piece of work, you
should be damn proud of it.

Author Pablo Saro (2 months)
Vale la pena semejante laburo, al ver el resultado final la satisfacción no
debe caber en el cuerpo. Un capo. Muy buen video y hermoso filo.

Author Tracy Simpson (20 days)
Manuel, that is absolutely amazing! I had no idea where your folding
technique was heading, I was astonished at what an incredible display of
skill and art you created! Truely an awe inspiring piece!

Author psitarius (1 month)
Pneumatic Blacksmithing hammer?

Author BTMO NZ (1 month)
At every single point on this video, I found myself asking "Why on earth
are you doing this, and what possible purpose could it serve?"

Then I realised what an absolute craftsman you are, and what a difference
attention to detail makes. That is, quite simply, the most beautiful blade
I have ever seen.

Thank you so much for the video!

Author Fiddlekrazy Steve (1 month)
Gorgeous! Well Done Man!! That is the nicest Damascus I have ever seen!

Author Paulo Marin (3 months)
Overkill???? You people missed it entirely.... The process.... the
journey.... the sweat.... the love.... Absolutely fantastic Manuel.
....Phenomenal artistry!

Author BrockLee3 (3 months)
THAT KNIFE LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!! I'm just starting out blacksmithing right
now; but I would consider myself a complete success if I make something
like that! Thanks for the video and thanks for the knowledge! I just hope I
can eventually put the knowledge to good use.
You are a MASTER!!!

Author carlos rivera (4 months)
i enjoyed wathing u weld this damascus knife and im just a gamer

Author Corey Berry (6 months)
@ 16:30, mother of god that's beautiful...

Author Dazz L (4 months)
Has to be the best looking blade I've seen in years

Author David Chapman (4 months)
I've made a few blades myself but...that was probably the most beautiful
piece I have ever seen. It shows the work and the love of the art you have.
Many Thanks

Author Bucknater1 (4 months)
im blown away by your work truly great 

Author sirdimos1 (2 months)
Knives don't do anything for me but that was amazing. What a process to get
to a beautiful end product. Well done sir i would have liked for you to
narrate a little bit to explain why you went through certain processes and
how they would effect the final product. Congrats on your build 

Author robert jeffery (4 months)
Almost too pretty to use!

Author Jared Connell (3 months)
that is awesome! not only that you can make such great knifes, but the fact
that you still have all your fingers and haven't cut or burned them off lol

Author Li-Ping Chou (1 month)
Great Work ! Hope u can share more things like this !

Author Mark Dunham (1 month)
Absolutely awesome. I was a ship fitter and iron shop worker for 30 years
and to watch you is amazing. You are a true artist.

Author Erza Scarlet (4 months)
Beautiful i want one!

Author Samuel T.O. Branch (1 month)
Are you fluxing it? That's an awful lot of scale coming off.

Author Christopher Murri (3 months)
Wow! Such beautiful work! Verdaderamente impresionante. Los vendes? Vi tu
blog, pero solo aparecen fotos, no pude encontrar información de venta.
Thanks for posting the video!

Author Daine Scott (2 months)
Wow what a beautiful blade. Im glade to see people doing a craft with their

Author yago ferreyra (4 months)

Author eduardo sampoia (3 months)
A little on the overkill side. Very nice but also unnecessary. 

Author Kristopher Derby (2 months)
Easily the most beautiful piece of damascus steel I have ever seen. It's
almost too perfect to be real. Great job sir.

Author Justin Weber (1 month)
Awesome work man you are a artist

Author stuart scott (1 month)
what did you use to hole it down while flycutting on the table

Author Ronald Ruiz (2 months)
Hot Damm, that is some beautiful work. Keep it up!

Author Zoran G (1 month)
bravo maestro,bravo

Author Jonathan Capehart (1 month)
I've seen one other video do this pattern. He had called it a jelly roll

Author juan guerrero (3 months)
eres un maestro mis respetos para dicho trabajo, desde ninio siempre admire
esas obras de arte pero en mi pueblo ya se dejaron d hacer y pense nunca
mas volver a verlas gracias por el video y la catedra de metalurgia y
tratado de metales estupendo

Author Nick Cattafi (3 months)
I just watched this video again and still can not stare at that pattern
long enough!! It is the best I have ever seen. I will I had even a tiny
blade of this art.

Author Serdar Atman (2 months)
great work of art...congra...

Author Edward Gills (3 months)
I am looking for someone to make me a long piece of damascus steel,
possibly with copper or zinc in there for color, is this something you can
do? or even anyone reading the comments

Author João Carlos Redin (6 months)

Author Mike Benjamin (3 months)
That is lets just say the greatest knife I have ever seen in my life and I
have seen many great job!!!!!!!

Author Y Emre (1 month)

Author bluntfoot1 (1 year)
The pattern on that blade is incredible.

Author OptimusSkiver (1 year)
Me encanta la cancion. Quien es la banda? Oh wait, we all speak english
here? The first song threw me off. Awesome job! This is a super elaborate
job. O__O

Author Anubis of Q (1 year)
any links to where i can obtain this music?

Author Jander Athelas (1 year)
beautiful work Manuel. Just stunning.

Author ladywolf9899 (1 year)
Wow...a lot of work but the results are beautiful. Definitely a true work
of art.

Author Baruch Peña (1 year)
esta genial el video y la técnica, ¿que usase para bloquear el ácido?, eso
que se ve como tinta de serigrafía

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