Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar blade

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Author Ross Moffett ( ago)
did you make that press your self? (if you did I wouldn't mind getting the
plans from you)

Author Fabián Yanez. V ( ago)
Hermoso resultado,soy un fanatico del acero damasco,hace un par de meses le
compre a un forjador aleman 14 hojas de este acero,a todos les fabrico el
mango de madera de todos los continentes y mas tarde los vendo,a los
alemanes le gustan mucho los cuchillos y mas todavia si son de acero
damasco,muy bello el trabajo que ejerces,buena suerte en el futuro te

Author gmon78 ( ago)
That's some real nice work. Very pretty pattern. You're very talented:)

I'm wondering though, after putting so much work into preparing the steel
in the beginning, would you not have been tempted to make a more
substantial blade? Something a little larger?

Author kglesq1 ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful work, and good music too. Thanks for sharing your art.

Author Gerry Valentine ( ago)
That is the most exquisite Damascus pattern I have ever laid eyes
on....WHAT TALENT !!!!!

Author Matthew Pesonen ( ago)
damn dude, you put in a ton of work on that. I wonder how much carbon was
lost in the process though

Author Free Bird ( ago)
What is the music start?

Author Carlos WeyHe ( ago)

Author Matthias Timmerman ( ago)
ver very beautiful

Author Free Bird ( ago)
我操 美的没话说……beautiful👍👍👍

Author Karim Nanda Pasetya ( ago)
Very nice job, like that (y)

Author Сергей Орловский ( ago)

Author Leo Ozolins-Carlson ( ago)
well must say that's might be the most beautiful steel I've seen! amazing

Author Wormweed ( ago)
Crazy amount of equipment and skills

Author gridorin ( ago)
All the hard works just for 1 knife sir?, wow you are the metalsmith, i
wonder how much the price for the blade..

Author Luiz Bomfim ( ago)
whats the name of that song???

Author Ryan French ( ago)
Such a beautiful pattern... So impressive.... and I love your power
hammer's design too. Thanks for sharing!

Author VeritasEIREAequitas ( ago)
Love the old machinery and tools... Excellent work sir. Do you have a

Author N-am Control ( ago)

Author Ricardo Cat ( ago)
Do you sell steel bars like that?I would like make a knife from damascus
steel but i don't have tools to make it...Very nice work man, congrats.

Author blech71 ( ago)
I want to buy

Author Harvey Johnson ( ago)
Thats a kinfe blade to be proud of!! How many hours do you have in the
blade alone?

Author bubble laber ( ago)
one of the best sword technique

Author erypto ( ago)
Looks Min wear.

Author erich hashey ( ago)
That is hands down the craziest piece of Damascus I've ever seen! good job

Author Yohan Nohdary ( ago)
Nice long process ..
I lived in Indonesia , may I ask
if you sell your creation ?

Author TheTillinger123 ( ago)
great workshop you got there !
Could you reccomend any books to damascus patterns etc. ?

Author li haiyue ( ago)

Author DraganRax88 ( ago)
Name of song about Jesus @ 13.45,plz

Author dsalesdude ( ago)
Kai Lindo

Author countryboyq ( ago)
That pattern is beautiful!

Author R Stewart ( ago)
Wow that is an amazing pattern!

Author Caleb Neyland ( ago)
What types of steels did you use? And do you use flux?

Author Caleb Neyland ( ago)
Can I be your apprentice!! Lol amazing knife

Author John James McCartney ( ago)
hello from england. nice eh.

Author Jesse Cureton ( ago)
I would throughly enjoy one of your knifes please

Author Gorron ( ago)
rarely do I see such a beautiful etching. Well done.

Author 420choochy ( ago)
Besides the wonderful viewing experience ,you have this wonderful
background music . I agree with Lego Abdul on the who sung it part,but how
to be able to either buy or listen to it besides through this video . I
tried connecting to your brothers myspace and couldn't there . Sad it is
wonderful soulful music .

Author Sam Am ( ago)

this is the most beautiful knife I ever seen
it's just awesome

Author Jeff Hallatt ( ago)
what a piece of art🙏 awesome

Author silczak ( ago)
blows my mind how some people wonder as to why true damascus knives are so
expensive . here's the reason . great job

Author elalanoway ( ago)
Just curious more fold steel become stronger that right?

Author dan anderson ( ago)
that's the coolest blade ive ever seen, how much would you charge for that
if you was to sell it?

Author Levanszarva Mégaszaris (999 years ago)
This is *NOT* damascus steel!

Author Av AV ( ago)
wow!!!! i wish i can have it 1!!!

Author nimrat9999 ( ago)
the font in the video though...

Author Bassam Salma ( ago)
Very nice .man that song in the beginning is epic

Author Paul Schlacter ( ago)
I can't believe you aren't wearing eye protection when you're cutting out
the rough pattern.

Author Kieran Guest ( ago)
This is satisfying to watch

Author yardcontrol ( ago)

Author Ferhat Demir ( ago)
İzlediklerim içinde en iyi usta helal !

Author blooneyful ( ago)
If I wasn't watching this video, only hearing it, I would think it was
Nacho Libre...By the way, you are an absolute professional, outstanding

Author Chris Paul ( ago)
Mi hijo está aprendiendo español y él ayudó escribir esto (dice "perdoname
por algunos errores"):

Gracias por compartir esta obra hermosa. Yo he visto su vídeo muchas veces
y lo disfruto cada vez. ¡Espero ver más!

Author Alexandre Costa ( ago)
very very nice DAMASCO NICE

Author Alex Nagy ( ago)
Awesome job dude! This is art!

Author jubran1984 ( ago)
for sale?

Author jubran1984 ( ago)
for sale?

Author jubran1984 ( ago)
for sale?

Author qi sun ( ago)
very nice

Author Larry Smith ( ago)
An artist at work.

Author Stephen Jordan ( ago)
could you make a sword with same pat

Author Brian Jones ( ago)
I'm curious what the total hours put into this knife were. I gotta say if I
had a nice that was that beautiful I'd be afraid to use it for anything. :)
Truly great work man.

Author cenexes 12 ( ago)
one word ( BEAUTIFUL )

Author Nina and Syed Zaidi ( ago)
this belongs in cs go! truly awesome!

Author Ade Ila ( ago)
good job

Author Lego Abdul ( ago)
I think the music is awesome dude watched this video and show it to
everyone because of it makes me want to buy a knife ....

Author Lego Abdul ( ago)
who sings the good old Jesus song ?

Author bozok67 ( ago)
Great job my friend, so GREAT !!!

Author kurt kazim ( ago)
why You overlay this annoying music? I want just hear the working noises!
and not an Italian with his blather.
the working process is very nice (Y)

Author cy cy ( ago)
I'm really amazed

Author Alex Ruiz ( ago)
menudo trabajo lleva ese patrón... paciencia y buen hacer el tuyo.

Author james curtis ( ago)
amazing artwork and world class craftsmanship!

Author Caleb Golding ( ago)
very talented! incredible work!

Author SALEM ‍ ( ago)
I do not have good English
But I want to say
Thank you
You are an artist

i Wish i learn from your experience
I have many questions
If you allowed me to put them then I will

Thanks very much

Author Brandon Quintanilla ( ago)
what's the name of the first song?

Author Brandon Quintanilla ( ago)
such an amazing pattern!

Author rafdavfl ( ago)
Man, turn the music off and talk about what you're doing! I mute the noise
and couldn't read the script....

Author Kalle Klæp ( ago)
You take blacksmithing a knife to a new create art...!
Beautiful work...i am a blacksmith myself..

Author Bill Admond ( ago)
Man you are a pro and I don't understand why some idiots gave the thumb

Author kolesGites ( ago)
nice video, gretings from Poland.

Author Bill Helgeson (1771 year ago)
Very cool!!

Author Anwar Alhaidar ( ago)

Author Strahinja Cvetkovic ( ago)

Author James Ball ( ago)
worth every minute,great job

Author jala sutra ( ago)

Author Burden82 ( ago)
all that metal and work and just one knife? cool knife but holy shit what a

Author Davaajav Chanrav (1377 years ago)

Author JAFO ( ago)
Sir that is a piece of art! Really really nice. Thank you for sharing.

Author the red pill ( ago)
is this real?

Author MrSIXGUNZ ( ago)
nothing like this ever !! i i i just cant put how i feel in to words.......

Author Matthew Shumate ( ago)
Beautiful blade I hope to be able to forge one myself

Author John Elkins ( ago)
OMG Wow.

Author andy jack (597 years ago)
wow..... this is the best damascus patern i have ever seen

Author ste90dorg ( ago)
you have really done a beautiful work, please can you tell me the name of
the song starting at 13:45, i'm looking for it since i saw the video the
first time but i can't find it

Author adicto rc ( ago)
Súper Damasco

Author The Biebs ( ago)
you know it's good when it makes a bird look at the hilt area, 21:30

Author skipp311 ( ago)
A true artist!

Author Ovidio Sansores ( ago)
Excelente trabajo ¡Me suscribo! 

Author ShootnTexasStyle ( ago)
Great work. Best design I have ever seen. You are a pro dude.

Author miagy420 ( ago)
Superb work

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