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Author Manuel Quiroga (1 year)

Author Kevin Keel (1 month)
That's a neat spring-swage design at 12:50ish

Author Dante hollow (1 month)
wow that patern

Author iddddaduncan (1 month)
Wow,that pattern and your attention to detail is impressive!

Author Ecas Saeculum (7 days)
What's the song at 17:30 please? Sweet video; I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Author Nick S (7 months)

Author eeprilelina (2 months)
Ugh, i wish Manuel would sell knives online, this is pure craftmanship, and
pure art...this is amazing!

Author Stephan Harz (8 months)
I would love to own this.....would make an awesome straight edge razor 

Author BAZYRKYRS BUNKER (27 days)
Are you currently making custom knives for sale? If so...I'd be very
interested in one of your knives. This video was AWESOME! Bad-Ass knife and
great music....what more could one want.

By the way....have you ever made a swords?

Author Blacksmith Brazil (5 days)
Damasco perfeito parabens

Author Ema Rey Lu (10 days)

Author Dan Manning (3 months)
Wait a second... you made that awesome knife AND wrote all the music in the
Well done, sir. That last catchy tune has been stuck in my head all day :)

Author johnmay17my (4 months)
what are the names of the songs? please tell me, those are so good

Author lsubslimed (1 month)
Hey Manuel, I always seem have to watch this video every 2 months or so
lol, it's just so inspirational! Even though you have a press and a power
hammer, it looks like you put a lot of blood, sweat, tears (well, maybe
not tears ;D.. ) 'and' time into the making of that pattern and blade.. It
seems as if a lot of other bladesmiths here in the states that have one
and/or the other (press or hammer) happen to have ones wih much more power
(thus making it faster n easier for them),, at least from what I've seen,
so I really respect all the work you put into this, not to mention making
such an awesome filmed and edited video to sit back, relax and enjoy :D

BTW.. Where have you been lately man, or rather how have ya been? I'm on
bladeforums quite often (aka "coldsteelburns") and it looks like you havn't
been on there for over a year now!!.. please come back and continue to
share your beautiful work, I'm sure plenty of guys are missing ya there as
well :) Take care man! :) ~Paul

Author ringoboi90 (13 days)
I watched this video about a year ago. totally lost track of it since I
forgot to tag it. I just watched it again and I was yet again so enraptured
by it, the amount of effort and detail you put into your craft is so
inspiring. shame bladesmithing is dying art. also the music in this video
is fraking amazing. is there anywhere to buy the tracks, I would love to
have them.

Author peter griffin (1 month)
Manuel, beautiful work and whether it's art or not if you enjoy it and it
brings happiness to your's never unnecessary. The song at 13:43
what is the name of that?

Author Tomas Kasperavičius (1 month)
do you selling that blades?

Author Doesit Matta (27 days)
Simple stunning end result

Author Zeppelinzulu (2 months)
You have some serious skills there man! Really nice work!

Author wholbrook1991 (2 months)
gorgeous work mate, absolute masterpiece by a craftsman 

Author Håkon T. (5 months)
That's a very cool knife, excellent craftsmanship! 

Author Py7h0N357 (6 months)
This is art. This is absolutly amazing, great job!!

Author ladamyre1 (4 months)
Skip ahead to 21:23 to see a work of art made by a craftsman.

Made from a single piece of steel, I'm impressed. I see so many "Damascus"
pieces made with two kinds of steel welded together. It was refreshing to
see a man actually making a true Damascus blade, that is making a blade in
the old Damascus technique.

Author 林建勳 (3 months)
「Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar blade」:

Author Bill Briggs (5 months)
Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar…:

Author Slipsch (1 month)
How much would a beauty like that costs?

Author Jad Norbert (1 month)
This so excellent and beautiful Damascus knife is how much about cost in ($
USA dollar)???

Author banankiller01 (5 months)
its awesome. FUCKING AWESOME

Author Grace McDonald (3 months)
Can someone tell me the music used in this video please?

Author Fumingzeus (3 months)
Beautiful work of art...
Some people don't realise the work and understanding of different metals
that has gone into this...
A true craftsman...

Author ken sun (5 months)
great job !!!!! i love your video !!

Author BTMO NZ (6 months)
At every single point on this video, I found myself asking "Why on earth
are you doing this, and what possible purpose could it serve?"

Then I realised what an absolute craftsman you are, and what a difference
attention to detail makes. That is, quite simply, the most beautiful blade
I have ever seen.

Thank you so much for the video!

Author Gil Mosko (8 months)
What a total boatload of work! But the final results were so worth it. It
does my heart good to see craftsmanship on this high a level. Mr. Quiroga,
you are one of my new heroes. I even liked the music you chose for the
video, and I normally do not care for music in instructional videos.
Really, I am just so impressed. Thank you!

Author stuart scott (6 months)
what did you use to hole it down while flycutting on the table

Author Tom Taylor (3 months)
Mr. Quiroga, a true craftsman you are. You cannot put a price on something
like this.

Author Zoran G (6 months)
bravo maestro,bravo

Author David S (3 days)
If I were a woman I would have ur babies... thats how sick that blade looks

Author Mike Bircher (8 months)
Sweet looking blade. Great job.

Author Mark Dunham (6 months)
Absolutely awesome. I was a ship fitter and iron shop worker for 30 years
and to watch you is amazing. You are a true artist.

Author János Sebák (3 months)
Hey, great job .. I really like what it nekem..a blade to snap him 21:02
-nél..írd me what the price of the knife?
Lost in the knife but luckily I found just thank you - :)
Who is the brave people who send me this knife tested in a professional way
you'll know for sure what is actually working for it, please write the

Author Capndave 69721 (3 months)
Folding and rolling, is this how Japanese blades are made?

Author Pablo Saro (7 months)
Vale la pena semejante laburo, al ver el resultado final la satisfacción no
debe caber en el cuerpo. Un capo. Muy buen video y hermoso filo.

Author kaka99ify (4 months)
Beautiful knife man , awesome video. I have but one question , I did not
see you using borax during the folding process, not even during the
welding. Please comment on why you didn't .
Thanks :)

Author Paulo Marin (8 months)
Overkill???? You people missed it entirely.... The process.... the
journey.... the sweat.... the love.... Absolutely fantastic Manuel.
....Phenomenal artistry!

Author Samuel T.O. Branch (6 months)
Are you fluxing it? That's an awful lot of scale coming off.

Author psitarius (6 months)
Pneumatic Blacksmithing hammer?

Author Ezatolah D (6 months)

Author Denisko Sabanos (1 month)
Ouuuuuu veeery nice blade

Author michael gronski (8 months)
This knife is a true work of vision, patience, and craftsmanship. Manuel,
YOU ARE A TRUE ARTISAN!! I have worked with metals most of my life as a
Master Plumber, Welder, and Steamfitter and appreciate the steps which you
took to create this. It is absolutely STUNNING.

P.S. The music is as classy as yourself, and the video is very well done.
Muy Bueno!! 

Author Brogan Keenan (4 months)
That is a truly beautiful blade. 

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