Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar blade

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Author Jim Hrisoulas (1 month)
Hello:That is one of the nicest twisting jigs I have seen..I may steal the
basic idea for book IV..please contact me so I can give you proper "stolen
from" credit.. JPH

Author João Carlos Redin (2 months)

Author bakakun12 (2 months)
simply amazing, but why did you choose to mill away so much material when
you could have made a sword and sold it for tens of thousands euros?

Author yago ferreyra (15 hours)

Author william731 (1 day)

Author Dazz L (2 days)
Has to be the best looking blade I've seen in years

Author Bucknater1 (2 days)
im blown away by your work truly great 

Author Nick Cattafi (4 days)
Amazing how you laid the blade out to follow the curve in the pattern
perfectly. I am jealous.

Author Erza Scarlet (9 days)
Beautiful i want one!

Author robert jeffery (9 days)
Almost too pretty to use!

Author David Chapman (10 days)
I've made a few blades myself but...that was probably the most beautiful
piece I have ever seen. It shows the work and the love of the art you have.
Many Thanks

Author rbturbo9 (10 days)
Wow, That is a thing of beauty.
Great work!

Author Kingi (13 days)
First Class.

Author Francisco de Paula Gimeno Aleman (14 days)
Excellent work, amazing, beautiful. Thanks for share.

Author RAJIB CHANDRA (17 days)

Author signart77 (17 days)
What do the numbers on the blocks at 8:58 represent? Are they to keep up
with mating ends after cut?

Author Umkuzaan (18 days)
Thanks, I enjoyed your video, I bought a couple of Demascus steel Bowie's
but had no idea how they make the steel. Do you sell knives?

Author Nick Luecke (20 days)
Unbelievably beautiful!!!

Author BoRighteous (21 day)
What song starts at 17:23?

Author Samiul Haque (26 days)
you brother so amazing knife maker........

Author Sandrainia3 (28 days)
The music is as excellent as the blade you created ! Lovely work ! Where
are you located, if outside the USA do you ship here? I need 2 sets of a
chef's knife and paring knife combinations, one will be for me and one set
for my son. The blades need both razor sharpness and ability to hold an
edge through multiple chopping actions. Another primary consideration is
hand balance helping to avoid fatigue while peeling and chopping.

Author starfiremale (29 days)

Author Ma lihua (29 days)

Author kain38 (1 month)
damn i would love a small fixed blade like that. i would say for a edc but
i would be afraid i would lose it. fantastic work. 

Author pineapplewafers (1 month)
Out of sheer curiosity... how much would a gorgeous blade like that cost to
have made?

Author Scott McCarroll (1 month)
Wow what a beautiful outcome from such skilful hard work I can't stop
watching this vid
Can anyone tell me the name Spanish songs it's really good 

Author sam terian (1 month)
you are a perfectionist

Author Warren Butcher-Beebe (1 month)
absolutely gorgeous work of art, you are a master bladesmith
i would love to learn from you

Author Jacob Anderson (1 month)
I love your pattern! I gotta ask though... and I know other people have
asked... isn't there a better way to do that other than mill so much off?
It might be a pita, but a jig on the bandsaw and cutting the blade along
the thin length, then a final weld, in my opinion, would all but eliminate
that milling and still allow that beautiful pattern to bloom. I've never
made that pattern, so you'd be the only person weigh the pro's and con's on

Author Tiger Forge (1 month)
That sir is an amazing work, I´m just taking my first steps into the
blacksmithing world, hopefuly one day I will be able to make something
as exquisitely refined as that. You are a true artist, subscribed of course

Author David Boson (1 month)
that is amazing finished product. Hopefully you have customers willing to
pay huge sums for your work.

Just the energy (gas, electricity and manual), not to mention acquired
skill, would mean that blade could not be made in Australia for less than
$1000s of AUD.

Author Nicholas Ucci (1 month)
I would love a sword with this damascus pattern. So so pretty.

Author Carson Chan (1 month)
That is very beautiful

Author Thumper1119 (2 months)
without a doubt thats the best I have ever seen, great work sir.

Author smorrisby (2 months)

Author Corey Berry (2 months)
@ 16:30, mother of god that's beautiful...

Author lauren isakaj (2 months)
Wow that is nice

Author Benjamin Reyes (2 months)
Great work. Masterpiece looks like a damn great acid trip. 

Author jdfrisina (2 months)

Author Luiz Bomfim (2 months)
Que musica é essa

Author frank jung (5 months)
As a beginner blacksmith, I'm curious about how you did the etching in the
end of the video. If you or someone else could explain that, it would be
much appreciated.

Author GatoTotal (2 months)
Excelente trabajo. Sos un dignísimo sucesor arequense del 'cadete'; podés
ostentar bien alto y con orgullo tu apellido. Solo te faltaría hacer un
buen facón y registrar la marca de cuchillos 'Don Segundo'.

Author patrick jaroch (2 months)
Simply Put. AMAZING!!!!!!!! the passion of your work is inspiring

Author RAJIB CHANDRA (1 month)

Author Mick Hawtin (2 months)
Wow!!! A work of art

Author Southpaw Davey (2 months)
Oh yes;-)

Author rockinmar (2 months)

Author Juan Ramos (2 months)

Author lazy gizmo (2 months)
is this your job? or a hobby?

Author Jeremiah Rockow (2 months)
That was amazing do you sell them and what do they go for

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