Damascus steel: Making a special twisted multibar blade

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Author erypto ( ago)
Looks Min wear.

Author erich hashey ( ago)
That is hands down the craziest piece of Damascus I've ever seen! good job

Author Yohan Nohdary ( ago)
Nice long process ..
I lived in Indonesia , may I ask
if you sell your creation ?

Author TheTillinger123 ( ago)
great workshop you got there !
Could you reccomend any books to damascus patterns etc. ?

Author li haiyue ( ago)

Author Dragan ( ago)
Name of song about Jesus @ 13.45,plz

Author dsalesdude ( ago)
Kai Lindo

Author countryboyq ( ago)
That pattern is beautiful!

Author R Stewart ( ago)
Wow that is an amazing pattern!

Author Caleb Neyland ( ago)
What types of steels did you use? And do you use flux?

Author Caleb Neyland ( ago)
Can I be your apprentice!! Lol amazing knife

Author John James McCartney ( ago)
hello from england. nice eh.

Author Jesse Cureton ( ago)
I would throughly enjoy one of your knifes please

Author Gorron ( ago)
rarely do I see such a beautiful etching. Well done.

Author 420choochy ( ago)
Besides the wonderful viewing experience ,you have this wonderful
background music . I agree with Lego Abdul on the who sung it part,but how
to be able to either buy or listen to it besides through this video . I
tried connecting to your brothers myspace and couldn't there . Sad it is
wonderful soulful music .

Author Sam Am ( ago)

this is the most beautiful knife I ever seen
it's just awesome

Author Jeff Hallatt ( ago)
what a piece of art🙏 awesome

Author silczak ( ago)
blows my mind how some people wonder as to why true damascus knives are so
expensive . here's the reason . great job

Author elalanoway ( ago)
Just curious more fold steel become stronger that right?

Author dan anderson ( ago)
that's the coolest blade ive ever seen, how much would you charge for that
if you was to sell it?

Author Levanszarva Mégaszaris (999 years ago)
This is *NOT* damascus steel!

Author Av AV ( ago)
wow!!!! i wish i can have it 1!!!

Author nimrat9999 ( ago)
the font in the video though...

Author Bassam Salma ( ago)
Very nice .man that song in the beginning is epic

Author Paul Schlacter ( ago)
I can't believe you aren't wearing eye protection when you're cutting out
the rough pattern.

Author Kieran Guest ( ago)
This is satisfying to watch

Author yardcontrol ( ago)

Author Ferhat Demir ( ago)
İzlediklerim içinde en iyi usta helal !

Author blooneyful ( ago)
If I wasn't watching this video, only hearing it, I would think it was
Nacho Libre...By the way, you are an absolute professional, outstanding

Author Chris Paul ( ago)
Mi hijo está aprendiendo español y él ayudó escribir esto (dice "perdoname
por algunos errores"):

Gracias por compartir esta obra hermosa. Yo he visto su vídeo muchas veces
y lo disfruto cada vez. ¡Espero ver más!

Author Alexandre Costa ( ago)
very very nice DAMASCO NICE

Author Alex Nagy ( ago)
Awesome job dude! This is art!

Author jubran1984 ( ago)
for sale?

Author jubran1984 ( ago)
for sale?

Author jubran1984 ( ago)
for sale?

Author qi sun ( ago)
very nice

Author Larry Smith ( ago)
An artist at work.

Author Stephen Jordan ( ago)
could you make a sword with same pat

Author Brian Jones ( ago)
I'm curious what the total hours put into this knife were. I gotta say if I
had a nice that was that beautiful I'd be afraid to use it for anything. :)
Truly great work man.

Author cenexes 12 ( ago)
one word ( BEAUTIFUL )

Author Nina and Syed Zaidi ( ago)
this belongs in cs go! truly awesome!

Author Ade Ila ( ago)
good job

Author Lego Abdul ( ago)
I think the music is awesome dude watched this video and show it to
everyone because of it makes me want to buy a knife ....

Author Lego Abdul ( ago)
who sings the good old Jesus song ?

Author bozok67 ( ago)
Great job my friend, so GREAT !!!

Author kurt kazim ( ago)
why You overlay this annoying music? I want just hear the working noises!
and not an Italian with his blather.
the working process is very nice (Y)

Author cy cy ( ago)
I'm really amazed

Author Alex Ruiz ( ago)
menudo trabajo lleva ese patrón... paciencia y buen hacer el tuyo.

Author james curtis ( ago)
amazing artwork and world class craftsmanship!

Author Caleb Golding ( ago)
very talented! incredible work!

Author SALEM ‍ ( ago)
I do not have good English
But I want to say
Thank you
You are an artist

i Wish i learn from your experience
I have many questions
If you allowed me to put them then I will

Thanks very much

Author Brandon Quintanilla ( ago)
what's the name of the first song?

Author Brandon Quintanilla ( ago)
such an amazing pattern!

Author rafdavfl ( ago)
Man, turn the music off and talk about what you're doing! I mute the noise
and couldn't read the script....

Author Kalle Klæp ( ago)
You take blacksmithing a knife to a new create art...!
Beautiful work...i am a blacksmith myself..

Author Bill Admond ( ago)
Man you are a pro and I don't understand why some idiots gave the thumb

Author kolesGites ( ago)
nice video, gretings from Poland.

Author Bill Helgeson (1771 year ago)
Very cool!!

Author Anwar Alhaidar ( ago)

Author Strahinja Cvetkovic ( ago)

Author James Ball ( ago)
worth every minute,great job

Author jala sutra ( ago)

Author Burden82 ( ago)
all that metal and work and just one knife? cool knife but holy shit what a

Author Davaajav Chanrav (1377 years ago)

Author JAFO ( ago)
Sir that is a piece of art! Really really nice. Thank you for sharing.

Author the red pill ( ago)
is this real?

Author MrSIXGUNZ ( ago)
nothing like this ever !! i i i just cant put how i feel in to words.......

Author Matthew Shumate ( ago)
Beautiful blade I hope to be able to forge one myself

Author John Elkins ( ago)
OMG Wow.

Author andy jack (597 years ago)
wow..... this is the best damascus patern i have ever seen

Author ste90dorg ( ago)
you have really done a beautiful work, please can you tell me the name of
the song starting at 13:45, i'm looking for it since i saw the video the
first time but i can't find it

Author adicto rc ( ago)
Súper Damasco

Author The Biebs ( ago)
you know it's good when it makes a bird look at the hilt area, 21:30

Author skipp311 ( ago)
A true artist!

Author Ovidio Sansores ( ago)
Excelente trabajo ¡Me suscribo! 

Author ShootnTexasStyle ( ago)
Great work. Best design I have ever seen. You are a pro dude.

Author miagy420 ( ago)
Superb work

Author NCGC GenRAVE ( ago)
dude, its an amazing blade! there hasnt been anyone to complain about your
work that i have shown this vid to.

Author Grim214 ( ago)
That is a badass fuckin knife blade. 

Author MrButtBreaker ( ago)
You make beautiful steel and I would like very much to buy one of your
twisted multi-bar knifes.

Please list all the songs in this video, your not only a good steel maker
but you have great taste in music.

Author WeißerWolf 11188 ( ago)
what do you take for such a nice knife ?

Author Nateman Doo ( ago)
Incredible work!!
what do you use to etch, and how many tons is your press?

Author Aquatic Productions ( ago)
Amazing, I would love one

Author Santiago Reyes ( ago)
Manuel I would really appreciate the name of the first song and the one at
10:00 , And what you do is beautifull good work man

Author Santiago Reyes ( ago)
whats the name of the first song?

Author Lego Abdul ( ago)
can I have a list of the songs in your Damascus steel videos

Author ingRadeg ( ago)

Author David S (2045 years ago)
If I were a woman I would have ur babies... thats how sick that blade looks

Author Blacksmith Brazil ( ago)
Damasco perfeito parabens

Author Ecas Saeculum ( ago)
What's the song at 17:30 please? Sweet video; I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Author Ema Rey Lu ( ago)

Author ringoboi90 ( ago)
I watched this video about a year ago. totally lost track of it since I
forgot to tag it. I just watched it again and I was yet again so enraptured
by it, the amount of effort and detail you put into your craft is so
inspiring. shame bladesmithing is dying art. also the music in this video
is fraking amazing. is there anywhere to buy the tracks, I would love to
have them.

Are you currently making custom knives for sale? If so...I'd be very
interested in one of your knives. This video was AWESOME! Bad-Ass knife and
great music....what more could one want.

By the way....have you ever made a swords?

Author Doesit Matta (364 years ago)
Simple stunning end result

Author Denisko Sabanos ( ago)
Ouuuuuu veeery nice blade

Author Tomas Kasperavičius ( ago)
do you selling that blades?

Author Slipsch ( ago)
How much would a beauty like that costs?

Author Kevin Keel ( ago)
That's a neat spring-swage design at 12:50ish

Author Jad Norbert ( ago)
This so excellent and beautiful Damascus knife is how much about cost in ($
USA dollar)???

Author Dante hollow ( ago)
wow that patern

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