Um, We Have A Few Questions About the Purge (CH Does the Purge)

  • Added:  8 months ago
  • Don't just stand there, go purge! Doesn't that look like fun?

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    Pam Murphy
    Grant O' Brien
    Siobhan Thompson
    Zac Oyama
    Cynthia Kao
    Katie Marovitch
    Mike Trapp


    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Writer - Mike Trapp and Siobhan Thompson
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    2nd Assistant Camera - Joaquim Pujol
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    Post Coordinator - Theodora Hart
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  • Runtime: 3:59
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Comments: 6 003

  • SeungHyun
    SeungHyun 11 hours ago

    "oh shit thats a good question" 😂😂😂😂

  • proudblackjynx
    proudblackjynx 13 hours ago

    Burn all copies of that godawful movie during the purge

  • Jonah Thomas
    Jonah Thomas 15 hours ago

    Is it legal to fire someone because of something they did during the purge? What if a prison guard released everyone in a prison? Could the prison fire him for that?

  • Ayla Cheshir
    Ayla Cheshir 1 day ago

    I'd loot a pet store to get a bald cat ^_^

  • JammastaJ23
    JammastaJ23 1 day ago

    can I leave the seat up!?

  • lane grunden
    lane grunden 1 day ago

    Oh shit that's a good question.

  • Greyson Last name

    Ok cool these are savage vids! How's about a guest apearence on all of the Chanel's series playlists

  • AllasGaming
    AllasGaming 1 day ago

    I saw the eye and it disappeared anddd an a with a cross threw it too

  • chckfilt
    chckfilt 1 day ago

    does the purge is gay?

  • Moggy Johnny
    Moggy Johnny 2 days ago

    Does Alaska still Purge though?

  • bio shogushin
    bio shogushin 2 days ago

    let's be real only the inner cities and the mentally deranged would most likely be committing horrible crimes against humanity during the purge, the rest of us most likely the working class would be looting and doing shit we other wise couldn't afford to do during the other 364 days out the year.

  • Luqman Kiani
    Luqman Kiani 2 days ago

    Me? I'd just stay home and torrent as many games, tv shows and movies as I could without having to worry of a lawsuit.

  • finalbattle777
    finalbattle777 2 days ago

    If I downloaded an illegal font during the purge, could I still use it for commercial uses after?

  • Sentient Lemon
    Sentient Lemon 2 days ago

    "CANADA IS NOT PART OF AMERICA!" Well Canada, you heard her. We're kicking you off the continent.

  • Fedestroyer Rubio
    Fedestroyer Rubio 2 days ago

    Canada IS part of America 😂😂😂

  • Moises Graniel
    Moises Graniel 2 days ago

    JAJAJA Canada is not part of AMERICA!!!!!!! really? and the worst thing is that maybe there is a lot of people in the USA that believe that

  • Wedgehead84
    Wedgehead84 3 days ago

    Actually, Canada is part of America, just not part of the United States

  • dragonfiremalus
    dragonfiremalus 3 days ago

    What about illegal immigration? Does that become legal during the purge?

  • Emmy Seth
    Emmy Seth 3 days ago

    imo people purging would just pirate movies, steal from stores and do drugs during the purge

  • Reynaldo Ponce
    Reynaldo Ponce 3 days ago

    wouldn't trademark and copyright be legal?????

  • WarDogTheAwesome
    WarDogTheAwesome 3 days ago

    I'm not allowed to kill high ranking goverment employees... But can I give them money so they change the rules so that I can kill them? Does a rule change in the purge even count?

  • MrTickleBerry
    MrTickleBerry 4 days ago

    "Guam is over the international dateline right?,So does that mean they had a *Purg* yesterday?" 😂

  • Bipolar Warcat
    Bipolar Warcat 4 days ago

    If I dye my hair and get a tattoo during the purge, do I get to keep them after school restarts? Hair dye and tattoos are illegal in my school.

  • mooosse g
    mooosse g 5 days ago

    What about immigration? If someone immigrates illegally to America during the purge, do they get to stay? or do they get sent back the next day?

  • Average citizen
    Average citizen 5 days ago

    If the purge happened in Australia I'd just start planning a bunch of gay weddings because it'll finally be legal

  • Samer Mohamed
    Samer Mohamed 5 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the yellow spot on the screen?

  • Nick The Titan
    Nick The Titan 5 days ago

    Not funny at all vile and disgusting

  • MrDerpku
    MrDerpku 5 days ago

    Am I allowed to download illegal porn then watch it after the purge

  • Ian MacDonald
    Ian MacDonald 6 days ago

    That white dot on one of the cameras annoyed me

  • Thetrolleroftheunderworld

    If the purge was in canada it would not being donating to homeless or being polite

  • Dayson Nguyen
    Dayson Nguyen 7 days ago

    " What about Canada, that's basically America right?"

    "No, No it's not!"

    think about that, just, think about that

  • Michael Aldridge
    Michael Aldridge 7 days ago

    Canada is part of America.

  • James Pirner
    James Pirner 7 days ago

    I wish the purge was real "Donald trump" hint hint! Make it happen buddy.

  • Paige V
    Paige V 7 days ago

    These are good questions...

  • Sarvesh Subramanian


  • Jordan Cambridge
    Jordan Cambridge 8 days ago

    My spoon hungers for the purge

  • mathematics117
    mathematics117 8 days ago

    Love the halo shotgun in the background at one point. XD

  • Matt blacker
    Matt blacker 8 days ago

    If in some alternate universe where the purge took place. Why would people be killing each other? Wouldn't everybody just rob places for stuff and steal?

  • Robotatron Guy
    Robotatron Guy 8 days ago


  • Brady Chan
    Brady Chan 8 days ago

    Can I call a cucumber a pickle even if it doesn't bounce?

  • Eccentric Rogue
    Eccentric Rogue 8 days ago

    Trep is right Canada is part of America it is not part of the United States of America.

  • Rosa Cisneros
    Rosa Cisneros 9 days ago

    Canada is part of America.... The US is not the whole America (America is a continent with 32 countries ☝)

  • Core
    Core 9 days ago

    What about civil charges?

  • Core
    Core 9 days ago

    This is where she became addicted to cocaine!

  • Crafting Menace
    Crafting Menace 9 days ago

    Wait wait wait, if you illegally cross the border during the purge, because it's only in America, does that count?

  • Isaac Swiftlink
    Isaac Swiftlink 10 days ago

    I still don't understand why that would make people be law abiding the rest of the time

  • Isaac Swiftlink
    Isaac Swiftlink 10 days ago

    "that's trademarked you can't use those".... OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD WHHHYYYYY

  • Darxider
    Darxider 10 days ago

    Gotta love the "Mandatory super fun HR teambuilding day!" sign in the backgorund

  • Aatje Vos
    Aatje Vos 11 days ago

    Canada is in Amerika, Amerika is a continent.

  • SpasticSpartan
    SpasticSpartan 12 days ago

    I wouldn't kill I would try to steal an iPhone 7 and die attempting

  • Karina Spivak
    Karina Spivak 12 days ago

    Zack saying Purg 😂

  • Jason Kyi
    Jason Kyi 12 days ago

    is it safe to make the real fatman?

  • I I Decode_Cypher I I

    If i do cocaine during the purge and if it kicks off after the purge, do i get arrested?

  • Panae Jark
    Panae Jark 13 days ago

    "oh shit that's a good question"

  • JustSaiyanSteve
    JustSaiyanSteve 13 days ago


    JAY ABRAHIM 13 days ago

    If i was in the purge what i would do is buy energy drinks and get a sky screen

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson 13 days ago

    Beyond Excellent

  • Pegasister101
    Pegasister101 14 days ago

    what about Hawaii and alaska

  • Cayu RoJi
    Cayu RoJi 14 days ago

    During the purge: "pay" your taxes

  • Dener Witt
    Dener Witt 15 days ago

    holy sheit, these dudes are dumb

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders 15 days ago

    I just wanna load up on foods I can't afford

  • MrNiceGuy590
    MrNiceGuy590 15 days ago

    Canada is part of America.... North America... just not part of the United States...... so much for the education...... ^^'

  • Thomas Bob
    Thomas Bob 17 days ago

    I would just be pirating movies and video games.

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray 17 days ago

    Actually when she says "Canada is not part of America" She is wrong. Canada IS in FACT a part of America... because it is part of the continent of "North America". Just not part of The United State of America. DUH!

  • Felix Weinlinger
    Felix Weinlinger 18 days ago

    why is the purge movie so popular

  • Narcolus
    Narcolus 18 days ago

    "Oh shit that's a good question" DEAD

  • Rory Lumley
    Rory Lumley 19 days ago

    I was wondering if you illelagly download a bunch of stuff during the purge but watch it later would it still be protected under the purge

  • Ching Ting Ng
    Ching Ting Ng 19 days ago

    what if I hacked the government during the purge and leak all the secrets to wikileak ?

  • Adrian Colon
    Adrian Colon 19 days ago

    Canada is part of America lol

  • ShadowStarBlitz
    ShadowStarBlitz 20 days ago

    So if I free criminals from prison do I have to return them afterwards?

  • m e
    m e 20 days ago

    Are terrorist attacks legal during the purge

  • Gaming Gazebo
    Gaming Gazebo 20 days ago

    *goes to kill Siobhan*

    "Do I need to get the car registered"


    "Oh shit that's a good question"

  • CoreyAnna Byrd
    CoreyAnna Byrd 21 day ago

    I will steel any new and old fun things like a Wii U. And then after all of the steeling i will get on a airplane without paying and go to Florida if it is over and wait till the next purge and still a house that rent is already payed

  • Anonymous Bacon
    Anonymous Bacon 21 day ago

    If I steal something during the purge do I get to keep the stuff after the purge?

  • Arecee
    Arecee 21 day ago

    If the purge were real I'd be rushing to the store to steal a nice Nintendo Switch, An XBox One and I already have a PS4 and PC so yeah.

  • SCP-1472 Breach
    SCP-1472 Breach 21 day ago

    Is it a real thing

  • Fancy Watermelon
    Fancy Watermelon 22 days ago

    Do you know what I would to during the purge...I would leave school

  • Jackson Harris
    Jackson Harris 22 days ago

    If there was a purge I would prolly just steal food

  • Man from the moon _
    Man from the moon _ 22 days ago

    "Canada is not part of America" It is. It's not part of the U.S

  • Francesca Makovik
    Francesca Makovik 23 days ago

    What if you throw a bomb and it kills like the president or something by accident is that ok?

  • Girly Gamer
    Girly Gamer 23 days ago

    everyone else: I'm gonna go kill my enemies
    me: I'm gonna get my fridge restocked for FREE. whoooo.
    Bruno mars: lobster tail for dinner.

  • Sagar Gohri
    Sagar Gohri 23 days ago

    Canada is a part pf america, canada is npt a part of usa

  • Enya Lim
    Enya Lim 24 days ago


  • Brady Slimepoop
    Brady Slimepoop 24 days ago

    This is where Katie's cocaine addiction started...

  • Horned Serpent Lunar

    The Purge would have almost every surviovor ending up with PTSD

  • Joseph Kleen
    Joseph Kleen 25 days ago

    If I want to kill someone that is visiting the US during the Purge, but isn't a US citizen, is that legal?

  • Amanda :D
    Amanda :D 25 days ago

    If the purge were to happen wouldn't the economy take a massive hit nationwide? All crime is legal including stealing, looting, and arson. All stores that were looted would be at a massive loss and so would any home if the occupant/occupants survived the purge. Could the owner or occupants file an insurance claim? If yes insurance companies would be at a massive loss outdoing the gains they got from selling purge security systems as millions of people would be filing insurance claims on their houses and property.
    I guess local economies would see a boost with the amount of post purge funerals that would have to take place but would that be enough to keep cities out of massive debt?
    And what about time zones?!?
    What happens to prisoners? Couldn't they all just break out all crime is legal or is it more like voting you earn the right to purge.

  • The Like Button
    The Like Button 26 days ago

    "Canada is not a part of America" Ever eard of North America? oh look Canada is there! in North AMERICA

  • whattheduckgaming
    whattheduckgaming 26 days ago

    theres four of us
    here tonight
    chugga chugga choo choo
    its time to fight
    (god dammit Ross...)

  • TheSusyQ69
    TheSusyQ69 27 days ago

    can high-level government officials kill other high-level government officials?

  • Luke Morrisey
    Luke Morrisey 28 days ago

    I started to die st the ferret part

  • NKA23
    NKA23 28 days ago

    Canada isn´t part of America? What is it then? Europe? Asia? Africa? Fucking Australia?

  • Josh Maloney
    Josh Maloney 28 days ago

    Is this when the Katie's cocaine addiction subplot started?

  • red saaryn
    red saaryn 28 days ago

    I don't want to over think comedy but Canada IS part of america, in fact. from the very moment it isn't an island separated from the continent ( and even Cuba counts ) is part of america. unless they are the kind of FUCKING IDIOTS that think united states is america when in reality is just another country that is part of this. again not want to over think comedy but narcissism and megalomania don't act as comedy either

  • Joaquin Macabuag
    Joaquin Macabuag 28 days ago

    WHAT IF...
    the apocalypse begins during the PURGE?

  • Dalek sec
    Dalek sec 29 days ago

    One of the cameras had a dead pixel....

  • Artlas
    Artlas 1 month ago

    Canada IS in America

  • Elijah Miller
    Elijah Miller 1 month ago

    Purg? What am I saying?

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