Neck Fetish 9

No Copyright Infringment intended, I did not make this video

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Author Eric Dishman (1 month)
I love your neck. your pretty 2

Author Kinan Bagus (10 months)
she have adam's apple

Author Sameh Kareem (2 years)
A perfect girlfriend for a Vampire.

Author John Jones (3 years)
So superb I watched twice as you're SO like the sexiest gf I ever had: is
your mum half Navajo? I was 21 She was 27 & showed me how she could enhance
& prolong both erection & orgasm by the most expert edgeplay breath control
Each time we kissed, she slid her hands slowly from my wrists up my arms ..
little squeezes .. massaged my shoulders .. sensually stroked her thumbs
side to side, round & round, up & down my throat as her desire gradually
made her squeezes longer & stronger .. sigh .. gasp

Author stewiefg2005 (4 years)
I love her little but visible Adam's apple!

Author tigerlion728 (4 years)
Love her neck

Author KazuichiX (2 years)
4 people aren't vampires

Author jay are (4 years)
THat's HOT!

Author Sonjja Michelangelo (2 years)
So it isn't you?

Author bluejay148 (4 years)
wish i can feel ur pulse while making love

Author Rex McCoolguy (3 years)

Author UltimateNeckDude (2 years)
ummmmm....yup......thats a vid of a girl i the way what
tiped u off

Author thewhosterock1 (5 years)
OMG! Girl like that with that beautiful neck I will die for. What ever she
wanted I will give it to her just for that neck mmmmmmm....

Author chrisalejos72 (2 years)

Author foto1272 (5 years)
excellent neck great performans

Author Jowannabecool (4 years)
too hot, made me cream my pants

Author Jowannabecool (5 years)
a hot babe with a even hotter neck

Author udik74 (4 years)
Nice job to see and hear her cough hard..maybe future

Author Redeemer (3 years)
id rather see the vagina thanks

Author manoj manu (3 years)
plz give your neck

Author verynicelad (3 years)
Sure Neck Fetish 1-3 were pretty good, but at 9 I feel like the franchise
has dried up.

Author Dustin Martin (4 years)
I'd like to play Rising Sun with her.

Author MrZombiejoe (3 years)
I just want to EAT THIS GIRL ALIVE!!!!! I could BITE her neck SO HARD my
teeth would SCRAPE TOGETHER inside her THROAT!!!!!

Author Rishi Kumar (1 year)
wanna lick it

Author keith2092 (5 years)
wow! she's lovely!

Author AsifShellshocker (2 years)
Im in love with ur throat...though Im jss 17

Author razorsharpsmile (4 years)
If I were this girl's boyfriend, I'd lick her neck everyday till my tongue
dried up...

Author Joe Ernest (3 years)
Very pretty babe with erotic neck, she knows how to tease, i have a boner
about now!

Author vampire7771000 (3 years)
I want to put some butter on your neck and lick it with my mouth

Author chrisalejos72 (2 years)
She cute

Author farshad (3 years)
wow beautiful neck

Author Gordon Wishart (2 years)

Author NihilisticSliceshow (4 years)
haha this is really hot. i'm a total neck girl

Author CleverDjembe (3 years)

Author tacoofdeath13337 (3 years)
@MrBeckwith26 your a fucking wierdos

Author AsifShellshocker (2 years)
Come to baby..I wanna Feel ur apple brushing against my palms as u swallow
n move ur neck so....I'm underage but i wan2u

Author Tonnyboy53 (5 years)
beautiful throat !!! but please more swallow when i see youre throat.

Author Tonnyboy53 (3 years)
hey beauty, can you make a vid again ? and again with youre lovely
adamsapple ? swallow than wat more plaese.

Author MrBeckwith26 (4 years)
Her thoat would look sexy cut

Author Jackson5Rox (5 years)
Ok she is super hot. SUPER hot. like, not only her neck which i may add is
amazing! but she is super hot wow. i almost moaned just looking at her!

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