Wild Ones:Unban Hack(Wpe Pro Unban Filter)

This Is One Wpe Pro Filtrer Which It Cans Unban Your Account On Wild Ones

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 2:19
Comments: 118

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Uploaded by: Dimitris Raounas
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Author jackasschileno (4 years)
but doesent let you play

Author McBreasty Tit (4 years)
@WzxcvW You download it in the description, btw you cant play with it. it
just unban's you

Author Collosus (4 years)
The hack don works i ' cant play

Author TheFoxMineCraft (4 years)
why i cant find a matshe i used this filter but i cant it take so so long
to find a matshe

Author betobob100 (4 years)
man we need a better hak u cant do shit when u unband urself i already did
it all u can do is practice u cant even go to join private game

Author Mursyid Kamil (4 years)
hmmmmm how to use the unban filter? they show remove suspend

Author SmallTurttle (4 years)
@dimitrisG3 Yeah!

Author Sundjeru Bobbu Kawaiipantso (4 years)
ohh it unbanns u, but u cant play multiplayer or private match, u can only
play practise!

Author wildones0001hacks (4 years)
@dimitrisG3 hahaha so funny i almost pooped

Author Dimitris Raounas (4 years)
@kalargyros1993 nai re file to ida to match hehe mpravo,otan ise ban ise
gia panta kai mena me ekanan ban se 3 accounts,arxisa allo pali :/

Author roxana guajardo (4 years)
@mariosgr4 why you cant play multiplayer

Author KillerSkullX (4 years)
@Nick1233z nick is gay

Author Osama Bin Ladin (4 years)
can u help me plzzzz i dont understand

Author Fake death (4 years)
plz do i t for me i tell u my email and pass

Author Nick Nutile (4 years)
gay i flaged vid for child abuse

Author CiH iDraGuToHeLL (4 years)
@dimitrisG3 ok tnx aderfe

Author angelo aroy (4 years)
guys plz tell me how do u get the file in the download dat says unbann

Author anton zaragoza (4 years)
I know that you guys hate wild ones by making you suspended, but Wild Ones
is a business. I've try to talk 1 of the Wild Ones developers, he said its
against their policy to unbanned all players, by violating their terms of
service, the only way to play wild ones again is to make another account,
Unfortunately I've been suspended too, My Pets is level 100 now and haven't
played over 4 days now, I hope you guys understand, you can never bring
back your account any more.

Author SmokeDrift hax (4 years)
wer did u get unband filter?

Author [A]ccelerator (4 years)
hey dmitris are you reinier????!!!!

Author Jernej Vitrih (4 years)
i love you dimitris yes im

Author Manny 98 (4 years)
I have the filter I downloaded but which program do I have to open it with?
It gave me options but they were my programs! So like what program do i
have to open it with? it doesn't show it in my WPE PRO! I HATE THIS BANNED

Author TheDarkFire5000 (4 years)
how do u get it on wpe pro..

Author kane reidel (4 years)
it worked but it deosnt let me play any games

Author jsugra (4 years)
lol you cant play in multiplayer

Author Blizzard3492 (4 years)
cannot download

Author hamstercheong (4 years)
NO here he use wpe pro to scan another account thats baned and with only 1
pet called bat he created new account n put next scan

Author Roronoa Zoro (4 years)
pss megale gamas wraios !!!

Author golgathasor (4 years)
make one in which u can still play :D

Author SmallTurttle (4 years)
@Nick1233z Son of a bitch

Author xDarkxisx (4 years)
U have to do this everytime you connect thats lame...

Author rochejad (4 years)

Author amjad abbas (4 years)
If you can raise urban let you know password for the lifting of urban Do
you agree

Author Foivos Gryllakis (4 years)
mporeis na me help re?exo katebasei to wpe pro alla den anogoi gt leei oti
den briksei to wpespydll help se parakalo zitao tapina boithia re please

Author DanielReyes Pinos (4 years)
How is the archive name? unban files? where do I can to download?

Author 10Imperial01 (4 years)
@dimitrisG3 hey this hack is patched

Author cremerdude (4 years)
u suck.. i got 400 subs frm doing this

Author Dimitris Raounas (4 years)
@vmverzosa bcz my original account is disabled

Author zzhhhoooeee (4 years)
lol thas not your real account

Author boyfire8 (4 years)
can you get me unbaned pls add me on myspace pls
unbaned me ls pls :( ill give you pass and email to my account but dont see
my email and other things just unbaned me pls

Author Justin Letto (4 years)
@sirealex123 yeah..i agree..this is clearly no point..,so i stopped 71..

Author xjester8000 (4 years)
thats lame im flagging this lame ass video for being lame haha loser

Author wildones0001hacks (4 years)
@TheIronBj they use si=ony vegas probobly

Author [A]ccelerator (4 years)
hey we have same video capuring devise (deput)

Author TheFoxMineCraft (4 years)
woot thx so mush

Author kinderomoniatisole (4 years)
ne re ke exo efaga 4 ban pos na gino unban tora den mporo

Author TheIronBj (4 years)
good video but i wish it was so that the chosen account could not only look
through pets and play practice rounds. atleast i can still take picz of my
pets in action on practice! haha that got boring after a while so i made a
new account :P good video anyways 5/5 ohhhhhhhhh and i was wondering how do
you put in windows movie make to get music and still have excellent

Author Dude21616 (4 years)
do you have to have safari? or can u use firefox and stuff too?

Author Kailash Paul (4 years)
is this currently patched

Author Dimitris Raounas (4 years)
@RJxHaWKiinZz i need 100 subs,read the description

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