Another Top 10 Best Secret Bosses in Video Games!

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We would have included these on the first list, but you know...they were a secret. These are the bosses that are hard to find, totally optional and probably really damn hard too! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Secret Bosses in Video Games!

00:23 #10. Ethereal Queen
01:05 #9. Giga Bowser
01:52 #8. Driviks, The Chosen
02:40 #7. Engineer Omegaplugg
03:27 #6. Izanami
04:18 #5. Night Terror
05:05 #4. The Moon Presence
05:54 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Author ( ago)
Play some of the games featured on this list for yourself!
Destiny The Collection - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition Driviks, the Chosen
World of Warcraft - PC/Mac Engineer Omegaplugg
Bloodborne The Moon Presence

Author RuizantD ( ago)
Where is Jo Amon from Yakuza?

Author MrAnonymous ( ago)
And i thought the largest panda ever from warcraft 3 was going to be in this....

Author Bruno Vaillier ( ago)
I was expecting Omega Zero from MMZX.

Author Tadi Chan ( ago)
Where is Dark Dream and Estack

Author Zac Irvin ( ago)
Bloodborne is one of the greatest games of all time.

Author Kevin pissoff ( ago)
I gotta be honest... The weapons in FFVII shouldn't be in this list... They aren't even really hidden. If you go under water, you will almost gaurenteed to see Emerald swimming around... And everyone sees the little red spike in the desert and checks it out, only to blasted into oblivion. Penance from 10, or even Ultima/Omega Weapon from 8 would've been a better pick, because you really have to go out of your way to unlock those.

Author Danny Luck ( ago)
i thought it would be ruby weapon, then again with him you take your time, with emerald weapon you have to beat him in under 20 minutes which will make you go crazy and you ave to attack like constantly.

Author Makai Xavier ( ago)
0:04 Ooh! Undertale! (btw thats So Sorry

Author ZC5ive ( ago)
ratchet and clank 2 should be here.

Mother ship and the swamp monster 2

Author koopadude1 ( ago)
I miss when WatchMojo had more than 2 or 3 Honorable Mentions

Author Aaron Carr ( ago)

Author Vergil Mobius ( ago)
Emerald Weapon, but not ozma? Really though

Author jorge floria ( ago)
the legendary ships from Assassins Creed Black Flag should have been here!!

Author Justin Conrad ( ago)
Avatar Nix makes Izanami look like a pushover, but if you're underleveled her skills and her insta kill attack, ironically called Summon to Yomi, will kick your ass every time

Author sam lay ( ago)
I was expecting crawmerax from borderlands general noxx armory

Author Kazuki Katsuhito ( ago)
all emeralds kicked my ass

Author Dark Pulsar ( ago)
Ethreal queen was a joke compared to Freya in Star Ocean Till the End of Time

Author Justin Craden ( ago)
The Fallen - Last Remnant

Author IlikePG3D ( ago)
How to the f*ck can you think that the Moon Precense is more intimidating than The Nameless king?! The Nameless king is probably the hardest boss in Dark Souls 3 and the moon precense is push-over.

Author Everett Jacobsen ( ago)
Driviks the Chosen was not a secret boss

Author Dragoon Kale ( ago)
>Emerald Weapon makes number 1

I...I'm kinda sad. Really, if you were going to pick a FF7 Superboss, Ruby would have been the better choice since it's stupid high defense stats keep it from being One Shotted using the Missing Score+KOTR trick.

Author Michael Strebe ( ago)
not a single boss in this was hard they were not easy

Author Gorky Duque ( ago)
Yiazmat is 10000000 times more epic than emerald weapon just saying....

Author Frostman411 ( ago)
Honestly? If I didn't have the guide I would never have thought of the way to get to the Nameless King's level. Lore wise he's got just as much weight as the Moon Presence. Oh and he's WAY harder.

Author Hecci666 ( ago)
Exodus in Final Fantasy XII.

Author sonic dew ( ago)
i wasn't aware that driviks mission in destiny was a hidden boss fight. ive done it 3 time and its not really that hard.

Author Lemuel Bacli ( ago)
that's not emerald weapon its quin mansa/mantha

Author Narutotar ( ago)
2:09 blight level?

Author Dovahkiin Dragonborn ( ago)
I think terramorphous from borderlands 2 should've been on the list because handsome jack and the warrior are the main bosses and to get the terramorphous quest you need to beat them

Author William D'Cruze ( ago)
What about Elizabeth from Persona 3?

Author Fabio Spiller ( ago)
But... the Ethereal Queen was also a secret boss from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria :O
Game from which you should check out this boss: DETERMINED DIRNA!

Author Xenobytes ( ago)
I was surprised that the Star Ocean series were here...

Author UntoDawn VII ( ago)
kh1/2 sephiroth

Author Gregory Foresi ( ago)
Emerald Weapon is way easier and less hidden than Ozma. Shoulda been Ozma.

Author DrakadorChaos ( ago)
Dullahan was a pain to fight n ya had to transfer saves from the first game to even get him, good to see he´s at least in honorable mentions :D

Author ReviewTechAfrica ( ago)
BORDERLANDS 2 !!! u fucking cunts!!! omg borderlands 2 is known for the best secret bosses!!

Author Zlatant ( ago)
I love the secret boss of Fate/Extra. When you finish the game once and have completed all Taiga's Request, you encounter in the final dungeon the protagonist of Kara no Kyokai (The Garden of Sinners), Ryougi Shiki. Which is by far the hardest enemy of the game

Author Federico Maggi ( ago)
What about Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy 8 one of the hardest and craziest boss ever!

Author Gabriel C ( ago)
Reptile from MK1 should be on this list

Author Killagan Rebel ( ago)
the Faust from legends of drogoons. he is really hard!

Author Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn ( ago)
Ethereal Queen my Tri-Ace waifu.

Author Joshua Martin ( ago)
for me on Destiny he's easy

Author narwhal y u care ( ago)
Obviously final fantasy *AGAIN*

Author SoulHaruno ( ago)
ok I have to say this I have beaten the emerald weapon with HELLACIOUS ease all you need to do is get to level 99 (isn't hard just tedious) get ALOT of master counter materia for 2 characters WITH master 2X cut and their ultimate weapons and one character dedicated as a healer if your characters with counter are doing 9999 damage each time you will utterly shit on that thing like it's nobodies business hell I managed to kill it under 7 minutes without the underwater materia so in many ways the ruby weapon is a lot harder than the emerald weapon (I know it says top 10 best not top 10 hardest I'm just putting this up here for if anybody out there has the game and still hasn't beaten it yet)

Author SHK Potter ( ago)
We need to see a "top ten hardest shooting games released after 2000"

Author BJGvideos ( ago)
Emerald WEAPON is a secret boss?

Author micasaespobre ( ago)
I can't believe Dullahan was only an honorable mention :C

Author Kyle Decker ( ago)
Ruby is so much worse than Emerald. Tossing people out of battle. Not just killing. Where they can be revived. Full on exiles two party members.

Author Kevin Ramos ( ago)
Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts 1 is still #1

WatchMojo Sucks.

Author Tijs Peeters ( ago)
Nameless king fo focks sake

Author Darius Nolan ( ago)
Julian in Saints Row 2 you have to find the recordings of him selling you out in the first game in the police station to unlock the special mission where you kill him

Author Пися Камушкин ( ago)

Author Seth Yuikora ( ago)
The only thing that made Emerald difficult was the fact the game didn't tell you that having 9+ materia equipped on a character would guarantee his special attack would kill them in one shot.

Author Maxfield Stanton ( ago)
The final two Star Ocean Till the End of Time secret bosses are Ethereal Queen and Freya! Freya made Ethereal Queen look like a panzy even as powerful as she is! Freya is the only Star ocean boss i have not beaten to this day. lol

Author vincent jean ( ago)
Final fantasy 7 yesssss. Remembered that. Killed both of them 👊🏾

Author solmon hancock ( ago)
giant chicken from gears of war?

Author Abanob Astaefo ( ago)
Not fair ,where is the dahaka from prince of Persia 2

Author shuyin1111 ( ago)
Penance - FFX, Ultima Weapon - FF?

Author David Murauski ( ago)
I remember beating the star ocean till the end of time secret bosses. Having reached lvl 255 and having all the best items. Took me forever. It's really hard

Author werdman24 ( ago)
Still think the Czar/Kaizer Dragon from FFVI is baller.

Author MLG Corgi ( ago)
moon presence won over the nameless king... How? Just how?

Author susan fletcher ( ago)
I wish there were time check points in the description and get to skip to the next top. 1-10 whenever I want

Author 10-minute ad revenue ( ago)
no metal overlord?


Author doug pearson ( ago)
I seriously hate how under rated bloodborne is to you guys. There are so many hidden bosses and all are stupidly overpowered. They deserve the number one spot, just like they deserve the number one spot in the last top ten you did.

Author noah gwdc ( ago)
moon presence more intimidating than Nameless king.... k

Author jesus campos ( ago)
undertale looks gay asf

Author Brian Haidle ( ago)
Happy that Dridix made the list. Definitely a challenge.

Author Jam Ham Time ( ago)
I oneshotted emerald weapon with caith sith...
can't beat him/it again since though
also, in the original list, penance (Final Fantasy X) was chosen... i think yiazmat (final fantasy XII) is considerably harder to both get to and defeat...
but that's just my opinion

Author cameron rusnak ( ago)
nameless king > moon presence

Author DAnK fIRE ( ago)
d di DIE

Author TR0LLjsp ( ago)
penance from ffx.... the uber boss fight from diablo 2.... melbu frahma from legend of dragoon... this list is fucking weak

Author Ashtarte ( ago)
Lol Emerald Weapon? A boss so stupid and easy that you can completely automate the fight with 100% success? Yeah, okay. At least Ruby Weapon took a little bit of thinking (granted not a lot) and a dirty trick to keep your party alive from his initial attacks.

Author Steve Paraniak ( ago)
Moon Presence over The Nameless King? You have to either be bad at the series or not understand the impact The Nameless King had on players.

Author Osvaldo Cabello ( ago)
no red from pokemon silver

Author NewjerseyFan ( ago)
Persona 4 > FF7

Author Zenrikku77 ( ago)
you guys forgot to mention that emerald weapon as a move called Aire Tam Storm attack ("Aire Tam" is "Materia" spelled backwards) that deals damage to each character equal to the amount of Materia equipped on them multiplied by 1,111.

Author Chris Rose ( ago)
What, no Red?

Author Prismatic Sans ( ago)
What about Emil from NeiR: Automata? I thought he was cool

Author Wacky Wizard ( ago)
I subscribed.

Author Hydrofobic2001 ( ago)
No Akuma?

Author BlueInferno392 ( ago)
drivix was easy :b

Author Rubz ( ago)
omega from megaman zx was probably my favorite secret boss, getting model O after made the game so fun and cool

Author Nin10dohgirl1 ( ago)
#9 Nope. Nope! NOPE!!! (IMMEDIATELY skips to #8*

Author Koryn Haltom ( ago)
Bro, how you gonna forget Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 ?!??!!!!!??!

Author Leroy Randall ( ago)
I want silver Lynel in this...

Author Harold Owens ( ago)
I think Wicked K from Darksiders 1 & 2 should have received an honourable mention *shrugs*

Author Nemanja Cirkovic ( ago)
Was expecting to see Prince of Persia Warrior Within. Disappointed

Author PANTYEATR1 ( ago)
no mention of Brave Fencer Musashii???

Author Blake Ubersox ( ago)
I think Turoks giant fish eel octopus was pretty secret and cool

Author Seirra Moon ( ago)
Rodin from bayonetta 2? the secret boss thats almost impossible to beat with a platinum trophy?

Author miles pawsey ( ago)
does anyone realise that soul calibur so nightmare is similar to nightmare from fnaf I think scott cawthon ripped off namco

Author Super Maga ( ago)

Author daotakugirl ( ago)
Can Lingering Will be considered a secret boss?

Author CanadianDude ( ago)
I thought Margaret from Persona 4 was a better secret boss than Izanami.

Author Keshaun Lawrence ( ago)
I was gonna suggest Lingering Will or No Heart from Kingdom hearts but FF7 is the closest

Author Joseph Tezeno ( ago)
broly attack of the Saiyans

Author Waffle Truck ( ago)

Author Marsh Mercenary ( ago)
Maybe White Hand.

Author Max Holland ( ago)
Dark Cloud 2-Dark Genie

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