Another Top 10 Best Secret Bosses in Video Games!

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We would have included these on the first list, but you know...they were a secret. These are the bosses that are hard to find, totally optional and probably really damn hard too! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Secret Bosses in Video Games!

00:23 #10. Ethereal Queen
01:05 #9. Giga Bowser
01:52 #8. Driviks, The Chosen
02:40 #7. Engineer Omegaplugg
03:27 #6. Izanami
04:18 #5. Night Terror
05:05 #4. The Moon Presence
05:54 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Author ( ago)
Play some of the games featured on this list for yourself!
Destiny The Collection - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition Driviks, the Chosen
World of Warcraft - PC/Mac Engineer Omegaplugg
Bloodborne The Moon Presence

Author Darius Nolan ( ago)
Julian in Saints Row 2 you have to find the recordings of him selling you out in the first game in the police station to unlock the special mission where you kill him

Author Пися Камушкин ( ago)

Author Seth Yuikora ( ago)
The only thing that made Emerald difficult was the fact the game didn't tell you that having 9+ materia equipped on a character would guarantee his special attack would kill them in one shot.

Author Maxfield Stanton ( ago)
The final two Star Ocean Till the End of Time secret bosses are Ethereal Queen and Freya! Freya made Ethereal Queen look like a panzy even as powerful as she is! Freya is the only Star ocean boss i have not beaten to this day. lol

Author vincent jean ( ago)
Final fantasy 7 yesssss. Remembered that. Killed both of them 👊🏾

Author solmon hancock ( ago)
giant chicken from gears of war?

Author Abanob Astaefo ( ago)
Not fair ,where is the dahaka from prince of Persia 2

Author shuyin1111 ( ago)
Penance - FFX, Ultima Weapon - FF?

Author David Murauski ( ago)
I remember beating the star ocean till the end of time secret bosses. Having reached lvl 255 and having all the best items. Took me forever. It's really hard

Author werdman24 ( ago)
Still think the Czar/Kaizer Dragon from FFVI is baller.

Author MLG Corgi ( ago)
moon presence won over the nameless king... How? Just how?

Author susan fletcher ( ago)
I wish there were time check points in the description and get to skip to the next top. 1-10 whenever I want

Author 10-minute ad revenue ( ago)
no metal overlord?


Author doug pearson ( ago)
I seriously hate how under rated bloodborne is to you guys. There are so many hidden bosses and all are stupidly overpowered. They deserve the number one spot, just like they deserve the number one spot in the last top ten you did.

Author noah gwdc ( ago)
moon presence more intimidating than Nameless king.... k

Author jesus campos ( ago)
undertale looks gay asf

Author Brian Haidle ( ago)
Happy that Dridix made the list. Definitely a challenge.

Author Jam Ham Time ( ago)
I oneshotted emerald weapon with caith sith...
can't beat him/it again since though
also, in the original list, penance (Final Fantasy X) was chosen... i think yiazmat (final fantasy XII) is considerably harder to both get to and defeat...
but that's just my opinion

Author cameron rusnak ( ago)
nameless king > moon presence

Author DAnK fIRE ( ago)
d di DIE

Author TR0LLjsp ( ago)
penance from ffx.... the uber boss fight from diablo 2.... melbu frahma from legend of dragoon... this list is fucking weak

Author Ashtarte ( ago)
Lol Emerald Weapon? A boss so stupid and easy that you can completely automate the fight with 100% success? Yeah, okay. At least Ruby Weapon took a little bit of thinking (granted not a lot) and a dirty trick to keep your party alive from his initial attacks.

Author Steve Paraniak ( ago)
Moon Presence over The Nameless King? You have to either be bad at the series or not understand the impact The Nameless King had on players.

Author Osvaldo Cabello ( ago)
no red from pokemon silver

Author NewjerseyFan ( ago)
Persona 4 > FF7

Author Zenrikku77 ( ago)
you guys forgot to mention that emerald weapon as a move called Aire Tam Storm attack ("Aire Tam" is "Materia" spelled backwards) that deals damage to each character equal to the amount of Materia equipped on them multiplied by 1,111.

Author Chris Rose ( ago)
What, no Red?

Author Prismatic Sans ( ago)
What about Emil from NeiR: Automata? I thought he was cool

Author Wacky Wizard ( ago)
I subscribed.

Author Hydrofobic2001 ( ago)
No Akuma?

Author BlueInferno392 ( ago)
drivix was easy :b

Author hugo olivier ( ago)
omega from megaman zx was probably my favorite secret boss, getting model O after made the game so fun and cool

Author Nin10dohgirl1 ( ago)
#9 Nope. Nope! NOPE!!! (IMMEDIATELY skips to #8*

Author Koryn Haltom ( ago)
Bro, how you gonna forget Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 ?!??!!!!!??!

Author Leroy Randall ( ago)
I want silver Lynel in this...

Author Harold Owens ( ago)
I think Wicked K from Darksiders 1 & 2 should have received an honourable mention *shrugs*

Author Nemanja Cirkovic ( ago)
Was expecting to see Prince of Persia Warrior Within. Disappointed

Author PANTYEATR1 ( ago)
no mention of Brave Fencer Musashii???

Author Blake Ubersox ( ago)
I think Turoks giant fish eel octopus was pretty secret and cool

Author Seirra Moon ( ago)
Rodin from bayonetta 2? the secret boss thats almost impossible to beat with a platinum trophy?

Author miles pawsey ( ago)
does anyone realise that soul calibur so nightmare is similar to nightmare from fnaf I think scott cawthon ripped off namco

Author MagaLad -Shorts- ( ago)

Author daotakugirl ( ago)
Can Lingering Will be considered a secret boss?

Author CanadianDude ( ago)
I thought Margaret from Persona 4 was a better secret boss than Izanami.

Author Keshaun Lawrence ( ago)
I was gonna suggest Lingering Will or No Heart from Kingdom hearts but FF7 is the closest

Author Joseph Tezeno ( ago)
broly attack of the Saiyans

Author Waffle Truck ( ago)

Author Shadow S'more ( ago)
Maybe White Hand.

Author Max Holland ( ago)
Dark Cloud 2-Dark Genie

Author Mike Giammarese ( ago)
you put destiny in a positive manner sort of. i like this

Author SuitGomez ( ago)
I really think that Nameless king is way more intimidating than a bone structure it is riding a dragon how is that not more intimidating?

Author Geometry Dash Coolguy1003 ( ago)
my brother defeated the moon presence in one go BEAT THAT BITCHS XD

Author On the Stick ( ago)
Not even an honorable mention for the Dark Demon from Demon's Crest? That thing is tough as nails!

Author ( ago)
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Author Kevin Ainerine jk ( ago)
Those boss are hard to find and they are tough in the games for a reason, no wonder the directors created them for a hard challenge for our game skills if we have the skills to beat it.

Author LeftHandOfDevil ( ago)
Where is trucker named Mike?

Author Tristan Mabey ( ago)
I was hoping for Emil, tbh. Like, I get he's not hard, but I just want some love for the wee guy.

Author RizPower Colt ( ago)
Nothing from mortal kombat shaolin monks?

Author M.Grey ( ago)
i like how in the end two out of three are celebrating but the third one is just straight up drowned and flat on the ground.He will always be remembered,as that guy that didnt dodge the plasma gun and forever body plants the sea bed

Author Dick Vitale ( ago)
Chakravartin never gets any love

Author Brandon Williams ( ago)
Yiazmat Final Fantasy XII>>>>

Author twinlee ( ago)
What the heck Watch Mojo, no mention of the Demi-fiend from digital devil saga? Of all the SMT bosses, Izanami isn't even a secret boss, Demi-fiend seriously should have been on one of these lists. Hell, if your just going by Personas more recent games, Elizabeth and Margaret should have been on the list.

Author permeus2nd ( ago)
wait you went with emerald weapon the boss you can kill in 3 rounds of combat? Ruby is far harder.

Author Mitchell Dixon ( ago)
Baal from the Disgaea series is hidden as well as super freaking hard. Plus no one has ever heard of that series.

Author mudkipz e ( ago)
I love so sorry

Author Ayden Siegel ( ago)
Im wondering why they didnt put Red for Pokemon G,S,HG and SS on the list.....

Author Lauryn Harris ( ago)
I was disappointed when Cynthia from Pokemon didn't make the first list. And she still didn't make this one. It's a shame, because she absolutely kicked my ass.

Author Brilliant Arrow ( ago)
I also wanted DoomBox from Lethal League to be on here (If you could call him hidden)

Author Brilliant Arrow ( ago)
I kinda wish he hadn't used two honorable mentions from the first list, on this list.

Author Anders Nielsen ( ago)
The WoW one, i would rather have put in the Hungering World Boss, where you need to collect all the orbs throughout the Broken Isles.

Author VGJoker2015 ( ago)
They STILL chose Izanami over Elizabeth, even though she's not an extra boss... Ugh... 😑
(Granted, if you play the game without a guide, it IS difficult to figure out she even exists. Plus even you do figure it out, certain conditions make her a handful to reach fully prepared. 😞)

Author John Gillespie ( ago)
ruby was still harder than emerald...until a guy found a way to beat both without touching a button.

Author Awesomeness101_ ( ago)
I think Glyde should have been on the list instead of so sorry

Author Alex Pallas ( ago)
What about the zombie from lavender town in Pokemon blue

Author CT Pro ( ago)
Driviks was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it

Author LBboarding b ( ago)
okay so I'll say it, What the hell is Undertale?

Author Hermatt ( ago)
I found Ruby Weapon to be harder than emerald.

Author Dragonslayer 991 ( ago)
Yharnam from the Chalice Dungeons would have been a good choice too. I think she's better hidden than the Moon Presence

Author DoppelGangsterino Kripperino ( ago)
Ra-Den from ToT in wow

Author João Serra ( ago)
nothing about agent smith giant boss in the matrix :(

Author PixelFoundry Gaming ( ago)
*I went through the whole game of Blood Borne on my fifth walkthrough without dying. I killed Gherman easily and the first time I killed the Moon Presence I killed him without getting hit.*

Author PixelFoundry Gaming ( ago)
*Final Fantasy better be on this list. I think Final Fantasy is the ONE when it comes to awesome secret bosses. I think Final Fantasy popularized it.*

Author Night Stalker ( ago)
What about the secret dragon you "summon" while in Blackreach on Skyrim?

Author Xander ????????? ( ago)
The Moon Presence more intimidating than the Nameless King? I love Bloodborne but even I was more intimidated by the Nameless King than the Moon Presence.

Author Baby Green Monster ( ago)
La verdad yo si hacía a Reptile en estas listas

Author Businessman ( ago)
Moon presence was a total push over

Author Kasey Moore ( ago)
Reading the comments, I notice many disagree with Izanami. I also wouldn't count that as Secret- as it is still entirely story based to get the true ending. Margaret should of been in her position.

Author nocturnasinterfector ( ago)
Galgamoth from SOTN?

Author Crimson Gaming11 ( ago)

Author Matt Bailey ( ago)
A Destiny boss that's hard to kill? Huh he wasn't that hard..well after a shit ton of deaths

Author Daniel Carvalho ( ago)
Ruby Weapon is waaaay more difficult than Emerald.

Author Rubic Cube ( ago)
what about dark cloud 2

Author hahs delgado ( ago)
there's a support material u can get to get rid of the 20 minute timer

Author sack943 ( ago)
ff7 hey youve earned a submarine lets go ...... find a giant green weapon swimming around let's fight it ..... drown to death haha that boss is one of my all time favorites beating him made u feel special

Author Kento/賢人 ( ago)
unfortunately the moon presence is nothing against the terrible sheer might of the nameless king in dark souls 3
that motherfucker is SOOO incredibly hard that it truly tests your patience and rage to the fullest to defeat him

Author Upcastpanther52 ( ago)
"So Sorry" must be apart of "Are We Cool Yet" if he can kill someone by art he made.

Author edpss ( ago)
FFIX has ozma, fucking secret boss, hardest thing to kill on a video game, and tantarian that u are able to fight at just 2 moments over this giant game (and i never beat it, its one unfinished business for my life)

Author Tarryman ( ago)
Dang, Persona 3's secret boss wasn't there. Coz goddamn, if you got a single wrong kill or persona to fight with, you're royally screwed

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