Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling- #aSaviorIsBorn

Merry Christmas Stirlingites!

Please watch this video that shares the Christmas story:

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Author Helianny Lopez ( ago)
Que hermosa es esta música

Author Julio Pereira ( ago)

Author Daenerysx23 ( ago)
Beautiful :)

Author Anna Lena Hartung ( ago)
it's so great

Author jacob mcgill ( ago)
From the highest of the mountain tops to the bottom of the seas all the earth cries out that yes our savoir Jesus Christ is lord of all!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!

Author Kimberly Denny ( ago)
Okay this blows my mind bc I was THERE when you played I swear on my life I was dating someone from New York and I remember going on the subway back to my home and I was taken back by you but until now I remembered and I cannot believe that was you. I'm like freaking out!!! I love you

Author Ross Gold ( ago)
Скрипачка неплохая,но видео безвкусны.До Дэвида далеко,ни в какое сравнение.Дэвид-это вкус ,изящество,непревзойдённая техника,обаяние ,наконец.Великолепная режиссуры видео.А здесь образ барышни из заведения, к которой приставили скрипку.Жаль девушку.Представлена она бездарно..

Author Lucas Gomes Macedo ( ago)
I knew your songs right now and i'm enjoying a lot, here in Brazil the people don't use to listen instrumental songs, and Lindsey your songs are so pretty, come here in Brazil to make a tour, would be amazing.

Author Gerald Cotton ( ago)
she is so cool

Author Kim i ( ago)
Beautiful 😇

Author Don Burton ( ago)
Beautiful Message, love the song and the music :) God Bless, thank God for Jesus!

Author Lucio D'. Official Lucio D'. Official ( ago)
Beautiful !!!

Author Beruska 8542 ( ago)

Author michael pence ( ago)
Thank you Lindsey.

Author Nyla D'Ade ( ago)

Author Ana Canila Garcez ( ago)

Author Cookie rainbow ( ago)
I see the gift.. Jesus Christ, without him we were not here. God bless you all!! 😘

Author Rosemary Silva ( ago)

Author Julia Cmok ( ago)
masz wielki talent

Author Joisse Amorim ( ago)
Que lindo!! Fiquei emocionada, obrigada por compartilhar esse talento incrivel com o mundo!

Author Andy Heesakkers ( ago)
It touches my heart every time I hear this song especial being done as you are playing it

Author Jô on Jô SG ( ago)
simplesmente sensacional !!!!!!

You are absolutely Amazing! Love your art Lindsey! ❤️

Author deschamps reine ( ago)
tu as beaucoup grandi, une femme face à une vie durec et à l

Author Hening Lestari ( ago)
bagus banget

Author Samira Matos ( ago)
Mon Dieu! Trés Jolie,parfait! J'ai ameé!

Author Patrick Stotler ( ago)
In a world of uncertainty,it's a blessing there are still people in this world that bring us hope

Author Aline Drummer ( ago)
Hello everybody, How are you ?
Hope so. Check it out there
My channel, if you like it, share and subscribe.
God bless!!

Author Joshua Quispe ( ago)
I want to learn this song but I can find the music score😭

Author Grizzly Bro ( ago)

Author Boris Sandoval ( ago)
what music

Author Charlene Rodrigues ( ago)
acabei de ver e amei parabéns por seu talento.

Author Dominik Dzúr ( ago)
perfect music

Author Kris Kollmar ( ago)
Hallelujah! Girl !

Author Robert Glas ( ago)
Great performane . what a virtuoso!

Author Totem Pokemon Master ( ago)
loved the end part....and the whole thing

Author Mr. Habilils ( ago)
Lindsey's most sincere post video message. It IS something I can relate to. It makes such compassion very meaningful.

Author Daniel Silva ( ago)

Author Rene Van Dijk ( ago)
you have to come to petbough ont

Author Ira Wiriadiredja ( ago)
Lindsey, you are so beautiful and played extremely beautiful! How do you get this talent? Our life and destiny is not depend on people, so we do not need people approval. They have different value. Please remember we only need His approval, nothing else is matter!
I had worse experience than you, but just focus what is right according to Him. People can do and say unbelievable things. May be He want you to serve Him. Love you!

Author Julie Lane ( ago)
love u lindsey !

Author Lukas Menzi ( ago)
thats a so good massage lindsay...

Author Quỳnh Anh Hoàng ( ago)
her violin has soul!

Author matt Brook ( ago)
wow Lindsay you are amazing you give me a reason to love music you are the reason people love music

Author YFoxGamer BR ( ago)
toca muito 👏👏

Author Steve Lux ( ago)
Thank you.

Author axelino Nick ( ago)
Hallelujah! You are a christian!

Author Graceson Biju ( ago)
Halleluiah Christ the savior of the world came to save us, we are redeemed through our creator!

Author Alvin Khadaroo ( ago)
so rightly said, which I needed right now, Thankyu Thankyu Thankyu

Author Alev Demir ( ago)

Author Chrissy Byrne ( ago)
Absolutely amazing, sooo talented 💖

Author Lorena Hidalgo ( ago)
me encanta! es increíble!

Author vampboy89 ( ago)

Author Nick Donovan ( ago)
we love you to

Author Twins are awsome ( ago)
i love you

Author Estera Wojszczyk ( ago)
This has to be the best version of this song that I have ever heard.

Author Widdi Brotzki ( ago)

Author 2366happy ( ago)
love it

Author Alex Garcia ( ago)
Her shirt says meerkat and now I'm thinking of Sebastian Smythe from Glee h e l p

Author Tanja Flaschberger ( ago)
das ist sehr schön. ich liebe es.

Author Saurav Panna ( ago)
This is best cover i have ever came across. Amazing.
I'm a musician too.
wish to meet you. :)

Author Nil Oflazoğlu ( ago)
01:28 Angel of Violin

Author Kelly Flork ( ago)
Love all her work!!! fantastic Violinist!!! keep it up Lindsey!!! you're wonderful :)

Author Usuario Huésped ( ago)
lidsey tocas hermoso , sigue asi ,soy una gran admiradora tuya !! ;)

Author the bandit man ( ago)
Although the song has religious elements it's about more than that, it's about love, loss, hearth break, and life.

Author juan esmit ( ago)
Nice video, good message. Jesus or Issa as eastern countries know him, came, lived, teach and died. Today people is to focused on his death to even notice HIS teachings. His teachings allowed the first christians to be christians, not the bible neither Pauld doctrine, as todays teachings are Paul centric. If you want to be a real christian, focus on his teachings till you grow, mature and become like him, then do as you please.
Good journey.

Author Nina Schendel ( ago)
This came out after my Grandfather died.

Author Andrzej Nierobisx ( ago)

Author Toddynho ( ago)

Author M santhi ( ago)
i love ur music a lot 😂😂😂

Author Rodrigo Rodrigues ( ago)
alguem traduz pra mim o que ela disse no final do video

Author Daphne Milhomme ( ago)
she do this song on my birthday i swear that my birthday December 7 2005 i am 11 yrs old

Author Emir Yubal ( ago)
I love it when she had her own style of melody, but I love it more when she promoted Jesus Christ

Author Rene Van Dijk ( ago)
love your​ music have 3cd of your songs vary nice keep playing

Author Flavio Alberto Tovar Jasso ( ago)
eres una mujer muy talentosa que inspira muchos sentimientos con esas melodías que tocas y que además saber bailar muy bien y espero que saques muchos discos mas y que vendas mucho

Author Keh Crys ( ago)
lindo 😍😍❤❤

Author anime _miraculous ( ago)
This gave me chills
Beautiful and pure


Author Zack Darby ( ago)
you are who you are

Author Zack Darby ( ago)
I have only one question did you get judged before? because the orchestra is getting judged by band judged and they are the hardest to be judged by

Author Daniela Storch ( ago)
ich liebe das lied . ist der wahnsin

Author Clide Bhagwandin ( ago)
this is the beauty that god has giving us ,so you are bless that you can share this beauty with us.your music is so relaxing i love it ,keep it up 😇

Author TheNerdy Gamer ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling is a gorgeous gift to all of us and she is an amazing person

Author Criança Franky ( ago)
Essa é a música Do Shrek.....
Aleluia aleluia aleluia!🎼🎼🎼🎵

Author yahraever ( ago)
elle est impressionnante,elle est trop bien justement pour cette Emission,c elle la professionelle. je suis honoree dentendre une telle musique et je suis honoree de faire sa connaissance.

Author david abril ( ago)

Author david abril ( ago)

Author david abril ( ago)

Author Nereyra Perez ( ago)
What amazing talent..!!i just can't stop listens this song..(alleuya)..

Author ocerberuso ( ago)

Author Kelly Stewart ( ago)
That is right

Author Wijia Felomina ( ago)
Thank You Lindsey may God Bless U as always we come from Yayasan Santo Bonaventura Medan Indonesia always Pray for world and all people , Because from Music have more Love And word , Love Lindsey Love World

Author Carlos Medrado ( ago)
Deus e maravilhoso

Author Brian Rayment ( ago)
I see the beauty in you and in your rendition

Author Diane Audette ( ago)
Beautiful 💕

Author Catcher Rye ( ago)
all going well until she started banging on about ...God!

Author Francis Dublé ( ago)
bonjour de France trop beau un rêve très doux au plaisir de vous écouter encour

Author Антон Гришечкин ( ago)
жжжзззшггнеккуууццыарлльбжээжжж н по л д т и ш о. ТТТ. дллллддддььббжжжжжжжжжжд.

Author Aissa Bezerra ( ago)
que lindo amei essa música halleluja é linda e toca meu coração. Quanto talento!

Author TriNitroToluene ( ago)
too bad there's a religion comment at the end of the video, beautiful music though

Author юрий досько ( ago)
се хана я влюбился в в скрипку!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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