Facebook Cracker V2.1 By Samad Khan 2010

Facebook Cracker V2.1 By Samad Khan 2010
Watch The Video To Learn Cracking The FB !

Download Facebook Cracker V2.1 :

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Author psiho psiho (10 months)
broken link

Author Michael Russo (3 years)
it wont let u get to the read only with out exapnding whats the password
just tell us?

Author SamShajarian (4 years)

Author Troy Lyons (1 year)
You should try this software for hacking, its fast and its online.Facebook
Hacker v3.1 ,

Author Con Mccray (2 years)
FB Online Hack!! Working!

Author ruben rokes (3 years)
puede con una puta madre ablar espanol

Author Sivert nedal (3 years)
What is the name on tis song?

Author fcukingbogs (3 years)
what's the password to zip the .rar. file??

Author az24485 (3 years)
what's the passowrd

Author Samad Khan (1 year)
damn ... diz me Samad Khan who made diz tool in 2010... as you all now diz
wont work .. coz its just a dictionary attack on facebook... bf der was no
captcha or ssl security on facebook... so guyz stop wasting ya time ... u
cnt hack facebook so easy! ... if you wanna learn abt security sure you can
visit my website(4hak.Com)

Author olrige (4 years)
the password pls when we check there it need the password

Author samad khan (4 years)
itz nt working now a dayz bro thnx for the video tutorial of ma program
thnx a lot but guyz itz no longer work coz now a dayz facebook using
capctha codes for login afta 4 or 5 logins it will ask capctha inshallah i
will make again afta my studies.... - Samad Khan

Author Badr Jaouad (1 year)
it works for you ?

Author myznikki (3 years)
It would help out a million if you wouldn't mind letting go of the password
to the rest of the program. Just like others have said, there isn't a
downloadable file to get the password to get into the program. This is
really irritating. If you could help it would be AMAZING! Get back to me as
soon as possible. Appreciated...Nikki

Author SydneyPandaHartman (3 years)
this is retarded, i open the program and it closes instantly. nice going

Author jdconner8 (3 years)
whats the pass i couldnt find it due to my computer blocks

Author Scooby00000000000007 (4 years)
Password for .rar files?

Author Dino Welch (1 year)
Hey, This is only one that is working!! Online Stealer for Facebook!!! .

Author 32Ahson (4 years)
bhae password tou btaoO yaar plzz wo readme b nai khul rha message mai hi
send kr DO :) any ways thx

Author 1BitBen (4 years)
next time use webrequest/-response, it's a faster way ;)

Author radolank0 (3 years)
this fucking song is everywhere

Author LestatsPrince (3 years)
There ain't no password. This dude is a fucking moron.

Author sebastian ybarra (3 years)
password ?????????

Author zaim azman (2 years)
isap pele fariz

Author Borna Basseri (4 years)
You Can Find Password In Readme.txt In Downloaded File !

Author Tha1Pappoz (3 years)
Thumbs Up If u Muted The Video

Author hardcoreboyish2 (4 years)
how on earth do you check a readme.txt for password when ya need to know it
before anything and dont get it

Author marcello4215 (3 years)
download password is survey! no download in the survey

Author zaim azman (2 years)
it fake

Author Jeetra84 (3 years)
you think that we want to buy the goddam password? think again asshole

Author saqi7022 (3 years)
thumbs up if you were aware it would be fucking useless before clicking it.

Author KILA91f (3 years)

Author Nemanja Tesic (3 years)
ok you need to go on this site and then you will need to pay to get
fucksing password

Author Yarmat Shah (3 years)
yar apka kehnay ka matlab k abh facebook hack karna mushkil nhi namumkin

Author Jen Stewart (1 year) /gc2KA

Author NoobFromDZ (3 years)
mr fucker

Author superhero362 (3 years)
@jlsanglap What IS THE PASSWORD OF FILES ???

Author myznikki (3 years)
@hackermafiaz God! Help me then lmao.....I've been trying for days to do
this shit and it's driving me insane!

Author vb sf (4 years)
yo men was the password

Author srcarlosvaquera (3 years)
and what is the password to unzip the file

Author Borna Basseri (4 years)
Check The Readme.txt For Rar Passowrd

Author hackermafiaz (3 years)
fuckk stupid samad you kid in this game .. if u freee contact me i will
teach you about hackin

Author Fox Mitchell (1 year)
Worked site for me. I hacked over 10 facebook accounts with this website working

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