KYLE - iSpy (feat. Lil Yachty) [Official Music Video]

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  • KYLE - iSpy feat. Lil Yachty
    Prod. by Ayo:
    Add'tl prod. by LegeKale:

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  • Runtime: 4:20
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  • Jeremy Flynn Simbajon
    Jeremy Flynn Simbajon 18 minutes ago

    This song should be good, but then Lil boat showed up

  • Fusion Core
    Fusion Core 21 minute ago

    No one new Kyle until now

  • May Melendez
    May Melendez 47 minutes ago

    I think they were high making this

  • Green Beats
    Green Beats 1 hour ago


  • Hafiz Hakimi
    Hafiz Hakimi 1 hour ago

    Luqmanpodolski bring me here

  • Nate Schincariol
    Nate Schincariol 1 hour ago

    WTF am I watching?

  • Denis Galicki
    Denis Galicki 1 hour ago

    pozdrawiam polaków

  • Palosians FTW
    Palosians FTW 2 hours ago

    best song n2017

  • little carly's fan ,

    y the head is big

  • chris Yu
    chris Yu 2 hours ago

    1:55 is she the girl in the im the one 2:58?

  • Molly O'Grady
    Molly O'Grady 3 hours ago

    this video just makes me mad idk lol

  • Aijaja Hahaha
    Aijaja Hahaha 4 hours ago

    i got yall 1:55 girl to the left wearing red with the heart sunglasses is @reina_westberg on insta 😀🙏

  • I hate Everything especially anime

    Hurray, two black people talking their mind to the camera with a bunch of picture of fake sluts! my favorite lol

  • John Mckean
    John Mckean 5 hours ago

    This is absolutely fucking awful.

  • Catherine Moldes
    Catherine Moldes 5 hours ago

    LUCKY KIDS....

  • 2LeMoNniNjA2 1.0
    2LeMoNniNjA2 1.0 5 hours ago

    Lil yatchy dude u a beast

  • marguerite tries
    marguerite tries 5 hours ago

    Please no

  • Salif Sangare
    Salif Sangare 6 hours ago

    I keep thinking he will say cry but lie

  • Salif Sangare
    Salif Sangare 6 hours ago

    the song is cool

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 6 hours ago

    y'all are gay

  • Zade Luffy
    Zade Luffy 6 hours ago

    this song so hot just like the song that he feat with martin solvieg.

  • Jeffrey Jr
    Jeffrey Jr 7 hours ago

    Lil yachty looks so happy🌊🛥🏝

  • Allie 360
    Allie 360 7 hours ago

    High key makes me want a pshycadelic bathing suit

  • Julia Stewart
    Julia Stewart 7 hours ago

    Man FUCK them kids 😂

  • Akin Pedro
    Akin Pedro 8 hours ago

    I think all these girls are too old for them if they are playing in a sandbox

  • Editha Narido
    Editha Narido 8 hours ago


  • Future Tv
    Future Tv 8 hours ago

    imagine if we really looked like that XD

  • Nimkii
    Nimkii 8 hours ago

    The urban wiggles, on another note these guys should have subtitles these could be the deepest lyrics but no one will ever know.

  • BloodMoon WolfGirl
    BloodMoon WolfGirl 8 hours ago

    i bet there are so many nose bleeds😂😂😂

  • LegendGaming _YT
    LegendGaming _YT 8 hours ago

    This Fucking Amazing

  • Alert Batman
    Alert Batman 8 hours ago

    Wow this is so porny and sexy that's just wrong CUZ PPL LIKE IT :/

    • Alert Batman
      Alert Batman 8 hours ago

      I don't get why ppl like sexy stuff and sex and porn they think it's good and feels good :3

  • Anthony
    Anthony 8 hours ago

    this is soft porn

  • Julius Fuller
    Julius Fuller 8 hours ago

    Lil yatchy was the most cringeyest one who was singing

  • dankest memer
    dankest memer 9 hours ago

    ok but why they got a sandbox on the beach

  • Siddharth Sarkar
    Siddharth Sarkar 9 hours ago

    Awesome song...

  • Marysol Mason
    Marysol Mason 9 hours ago

    this video is so messed up

  • Nicholas Serio
    Nicholas Serio 9 hours ago

    ISPY...MY LITTLE LIE.....??? this is what you hear when you tape it when the DJ is playing it at some club or joint. Again, portable recoders are such inferior equipment. Ispy a inferior recorder Kyle did not!

  • Alex Mercer
    Alex Mercer 9 hours ago

    this leads to nrop

  • Nicholas Serio
    Nicholas Serio 9 hours ago

    if I try to record the audio, I hear it back as lovespy, but that's the wrong title it is ISPY. And yes I got more to appreciate If I use better recording equipment and not such inferior recording equipment cos then I can't hear the words out correctly and identify the tune - I can't remember when I misheard right.

  • K D
    K D 9 hours ago

    I really like how you can tell they about to crack up at the beginning

  • patrick bancod
    patrick bancod 10 hours ago

    Fucking song , i swear the maker of this song is so very idiot ? fuck you bitch kyle

  • Ninja_rolly
    Ninja_rolly 10 hours ago


  • nunu Johnson
    nunu Johnson 10 hours ago

    you rock Kyle

  • Izzie Sprinkles
    Izzie Sprinkles 10 hours ago

    who are the poor kids who did this!!!!????

  • Dark - STEEL69
    Dark - STEEL69 10 hours ago

    His trap this music?

  • Andrew Sharp
    Andrew Sharp 10 hours ago

    I fuck a bitch

  • Ray Saltenis
    Ray Saltenis 11 hours ago

    I have a girlfriend and I'm 8

  • Catherine Thomas
    Catherine Thomas 11 hours ago

    Ma new JAM🤤😈😈😈😈✌️✌️✌️✌️🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Schwarzkopf TV
    Schwarzkopf TV 11 hours ago

    this song makes me want dip my milk in oreos

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu 11 hours ago

    Love this song

    THIS IS KIROKI 11 hours ago

    when you are 30 years old but short as fuck xD

  • Emilio M.B
    Emilio M.B 11 hours ago

    crazy crew javi

  • TheNativeDK Official
    TheNativeDK Official 11 hours ago

    I can´t remember a time where i was wrong

    Says Biggie is overrated

  • Derrick Simpson
    Derrick Simpson 11 hours ago

    I like how you put the work to make this song

  • tyler marsh
    tyler marsh 12 hours ago

    this music video makes me feel gayer than ever

  • Jaka Ceesay
    Jaka Ceesay 12 hours ago

    He said "A'int frowned since '06" but he was frowning at the beginning of the video

  • mundo da brincadeira divertida


  • mundo da brincadeira divertida

    love music

  • Emmason Corl
    Emmason Corl 12 hours ago

    You can't sing

  • Jah'kairah Thompson
    Jah'kairah Thompson 12 hours ago

    Stop saying o shit like you all of that

  • jordan mendez
    jordan mendez 12 hours ago

    i like your song

  • Cillian McLaughlin
    Cillian McLaughlin 12 hours ago

    I'm getting that red haircut

  • 15 Million
    15 Million 12 hours ago

    U al are haters

  • Sense
    Sense 12 hours ago

    man fuck them kids bro

  • Brandon Troxell
    Brandon Troxell 13 hours ago

    my fav

  • Christopher Raistrick
    Christopher Raistrick 13 hours ago

    I don't remember a time i was wrong

    Teacher: your math test

    QUAYO 13 hours ago

    The video is 4:20 minutes long...

  • Cathrine Erhart
    Cathrine Erhart 13 hours ago

    you should make another video

  • emelaylay
    emelaylay 13 hours ago

    hard to type this with one hand

  • Destiny Hoffman
    Destiny Hoffman 13 hours ago

    I love this song

  • ryan easter
    ryan easter 13 hours ago

    "Man fuck them kids bro" 😂😂

    MPM SQUAD 14 hours ago

    good song

  • G-Lion Rap Music
    G-Lion Rap Music 14 hours ago

    Ah les petits culs sur la plage l'été c'est la vie !! Check my French rap songs ;)

  • Oreo-Wizard
    Oreo-Wizard 14 hours ago

    More Pauses than views

  • The Graysons
    The Graysons 14 hours ago

    Every time my 7 year old wants to play eye spy this is stuck in my head 🙈

    ACE MOB 14 hours ago

    3:58 all you see is ass and 4:08

  • fuckthat
    fuckthat 14 hours ago

    this song is for men with vaginas

  • Arturo Moreno
    Arturo Moreno 14 hours ago

    is this trap?

  • Solaris Carreon
    Solaris Carreon 14 hours ago


    ACE MOB 14 hours ago

    this looks like a dream

  • Gracyn Leigh
    Gracyn Leigh 14 hours ago

    "Fuck them kids tho" Little Yachty 2017

  • Leshear Marten
    Leshear Marten 15 hours ago


    "What's wrong kyle"

    "Its Kodak, man. He wants a remix."

    "Man, Fuck that remix."

  • SammyG123
    SammyG123 15 hours ago

    i love the song that you made lol lol lol you made me go lol of me head-bob

  • Gio Marrocco
    Gio Marrocco 15 hours ago

    I still haven't decided if I like this song or if it just annoys me lol

  • Ronnie Driskell
    Ronnie Driskell 15 hours ago

    Kill the audio and only watch the video

  • Humoriss
    Humoriss 15 hours ago

    best part 4:19

  • Lalis Noyola
    Lalis Noyola 15 hours ago


  • Kian O'Neill
    Kian O'Neill 15 hours ago

    Such a beat

  • OkwardBrotato
    OkwardBrotato 16 hours ago

    This song is so stupid

  • Tacara Worthen
    Tacara Worthen 16 hours ago

    y'all funny

  • Tacara Worthen
    Tacara Worthen 16 hours ago

    y'all funny

  • Archie Brown
    Archie Brown 16 hours ago

    1 like if you love this song

  • Chaka Floyd
    Chaka Floyd 16 hours ago

    yall funny

  • Aslak Bydlak
    Aslak Bydlak 16 hours ago


  • Diane Rosales
    Diane Rosales 16 hours ago

    the boys are so short my brother is 4 years old and he is taller than them I like the video it's funny what they do in the video and I like how they talk in the beginning

  • NoahGaming
    NoahGaming 16 hours ago

    they have spongebob arms

  • Robert Morales
    Robert Morales 16 hours ago

    only one good single of Kyle, fuk XXL

    MAX DOPP 16 hours ago

    Can enter my channel to listen to my new single I thank you

  • Ayo Frenzi
    Ayo Frenzi 16 hours ago

    every roblox server

  • Romina Ong
    Romina Ong 16 hours ago

    What my nigge say fuck that kid im a kid bro

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