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Author Kokie Bekele (9 months)
viva gojame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author selamawet yegef selam selam (10 months)
Waw new 

Author Iweze sharief (1 year)
really great song! keep it up

Author gemilla ebrahim (1 year)

Author ביינסאי גנה (1 year)

Author wonder china (11 months)

Author Abebech Bayleyegn (11 months)
Nice music .l like it.!!!!!!

Author wub aqw (1 year)
Am just listin once a day I love it

Author ביינסאי גנה (1 year)

Author cd2291 (1 year)

Author Amina Ahmmad (1 year)

Author hiwiq Hiwiq hiwiq (1 year)
i proud of u ashebr

Author Hiruy Tibebe (1 year)
Best Song ................ lovin it lovin it lovin it ...........

Author hiwiq Hiwiq hiwiq (1 year)
i ptout of u ashebr

Author ብርሃኔ ተስፋዬ (1 year)

Author timaj girma (1 year)
so awesome song 

Author alemzewid abiyie (1 year)
eneney yale

Author mohammed sewnet (1 year)
amhara proud songs

Author Ted Gebregzi (1 year)
I have never been to Gojam,but my aunt was married and had children from a
Gojame,who was like a father to us all,I am a Tigrean,born and raised in
Mekelle,my name is Tadesse Gebregzi,but he use to call me Getaneh.

Author Neftegnaw Wollo (1 year)
Proud to be Amhara ever yejegina zer!!

Author antoni chernet (1 year)
Great song. Love it

Author DegahbourCity (1 year)
Asheber Belay so handsome man!<3

Author alemzewid abiyie (1 year)
really gojame sweet culture . nice nice music 

Author خالد الشمري (1 year)

Author Fantahun Waketta (1 year)

Author wonder china (1 year)

Author Ephrem Debele (1 year)
tenes addis ababa

Author Mulualem Sitot (1 year)
mirt musicaa nw

Author oumer mohammed (1 year)
asheber.......betam arif zefn new even vedio knbru btam dess ymel new men
gezem computer skfte aywalhu god bless you also Ethiopia people

Author The Power of UNITY (2 years)
VILLAGE WHERE YOUR DUMB ASS GROWN UP -How in the hell you Surprised for
music video recorded in Ethiopia ??? Trust me the World Is bigger than ur

Author desta mekonen (2 years)
I don't like this b/c it ignites fighting.shefta.

Author Melese Mengist (2 years)
shit,you should ask to translate it,dull minded!!!!,we are ethiopians hero
of heroes

Author zekarias girum (1 year)

Author muktar maalim (2 years)
the sound is so good I love it hook it up more llike this thanks

Author Mekdi Kassa (2 years)
i'm so proud to be gojame ( dembecha ) ! god bless gojam !

Author Yared Endashaw (2 years)

Author verbania haile (2 years)
I have loved gojam, since i was a student at poly-technic innstitute at
bahr dar in 1982. I just love the people of Gojam. They are nice.

Author Sein Maestro (2 years)
There's no way your this dumb. or joke isn't funny it just shows that
you're either young or mad ignorant.

Author Yehabesha Lij (2 years)
wow nice i love it

Author verbania haile (2 years)
I love gojam, though i am eritrean. Gojam is cool.

Author Getachew Muche (1 year)
What's up Debre Markos ? From san Francisco Ca

Author levar1979 (2 years)
Thanks for the compliment. Besides the fact that your response is knee jerk
and makes absolutely no sense, you decided to insult me. That means you
didn't have anything reasonable to refute what I said, even though what I
said wasn't very much. I'm not sure how you inserted China into the
discussion. By the way, I was pointing out the absurdity of Maverick's
comment, by saying "the same way you record music in your country". I'm not
sure why you went after me.

Author Umel Yusuf (1 year)
ya belay lijinaynay what nice a song!!!!!

Author ethiopiawii (2 years)
Ethiopia, how can I repay you for everything you have done for me?

Author siyoum fessehi (2 years)
luv u

Author ozzzzokz (2 years)
Woooooow I'm ethiopiawie I looooooove my mom

Author Илья Абу-Ржайли (1 year)

Author ליאל דסה (2 years)

Author hayelom mekonen (2 years)
india bel ante. love it.

Author Sicido Hussein (2 years)
i really love this song i dont even understand what he is
saying....Ethiopian such a lovelly culture

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