Download pokemon soul silver (us) newest rom 100% working original (no patch,no blk scree,no freeze)

hello youtubers!!!this iz my first vid on youtube.. This is the best ss rom untill now. i've played it continusely for 2 hrs.. (no freeze,no black screen or any crash.) works great on desmume emulator no need for black screen code to make it work...but for no$gba u will need the black screen code...hope it will help u thnx.. 4 watching Here's the link and u will need to download u torrent also. download from here

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Author shockerzful (4 years)
@jdmagtibay i've checked the link it works ....yes it will surely work it
doesn't freeze!!!!any where untill u put cheats.....

Author J4K3x777 (3 years)
@The00BananaMaN same, if you find a soloution lemme know?

Author SenoirMeow (2 years)
LOL the links hes given us are all basically virus infested. Piratebay has
been blocked in the UK anyway.

Author NightmareHand01 (3 years)
I downloaded the rom in the description and my game is still freezing... Is
the cheat im using make my game freeze??... Im using DesMume 9.7...Plz

Author Jeffrey Magtibay (4 years)
Also, what settings do you use to save using an in-game save, becuase up to
now i use savestates... thanks..

Author shockerzful (4 years)
@SonicMentality no it doesn't freeze. i have fiinshed the elite 4 now....

Author JustANormalKid1 (2 years)
hey thumb up so everyone can see . if you go to:config>3D settings> and
change open GL to soft rasterizer than go fame skip and change to 9 it goes
at SUPER grate speed!

Author Apple Stormy (2 years)
My upper screen on my emulator blacked out and idk what to do.

Author hmr101wylde (1 year)
I use Desmume 0.9.9 and it still gives me random black screens during does work though, pretty well aside from that but if you
don't save VERY OFTEN you end up getting very frusterated

Author TheVistaMaster (3 years)
@strongkid35 go on this /watch?v=8HUUmfarPyo and paste the ar code into
your cheats and it should work.

Author shockerzful (4 years)
@VictiniFlash i don't know weather it freezes on no$gba or not because i
played it on desmume nd it did't freeze anytime....i recommend u to use
desmume it is better dan no$gba

Author The00BananaMaN (3 years)
game has worked until i get to your first trainer battles against the
youngster joey n it keeps freezing i am playing on desmume n i dnt kno wats
wrong any suggestions

Author HSKrazed (2 years)
Yeah it doesn't work for me either. It gives me just a white screen when I
go to the piratebay link. Will you please post a new one or find a solution?

Author paulo937 (3 years)
it also work on no$gba?

Author Looperr9 (2 years)
@paulo937 Mate.. if u want no black screen, freeze or anything then use
desmume not no$gba :)

Author strongkid35 (4 years)
Hey mine has black screen after i use it the all i can hear is the sounds
both my screen is black WTF? and then after the opening music the sound
ends and nothing happens. Can some one help me.

Author shockerzful (4 years)
@jdmagtibay normall setting...which emulator do u use????

Author The00BananaMaN (3 years)
@J4K3x777 already gave up on dis shit i found a pokemon black torrent dat
works perfectly

Author Siegrid Vannoppen (3 years)
@J4K3x777 Still no solution coz I have the same

Author shockerzful (4 years)
@strongkid35 which emulator do u use if no$gba then i don't know i said it
clearly that i don't know about no4gba if it works or not i've said that it
works on desmume with out any black screen...not no$gba

Author umadbro218 (2 years)
Hey man the link for the pirate bay doesn't work so can you post up a new

Author NightmareHand01 (3 years)
It still freezes on battle on my DesMume .9.7 and im using cheats... Is the
cheat im using is making my game freeze??... Plz help...:((

Author Magdalena Małek (1 year)
Worst ROM ever.

Author Jeffrey Magtibay (4 years)
Hey, I can't download the torrent file from piratebay, maybe you can post
another link to it... Are you sure it will work.... because i have one rom,
however it freezes when i am challenged by a trainer, other than my rival...

Author John Louie Familaran (3 years)
@NightmareHand01 yes the cheat may affect the game performance ....

Author SonicMentality (4 years)
thats because you have got to the part where it freezes

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