Why I Left BuzzFeed

Why I Left BuzzFeed! You guys really, really wanted to know, and I hope this answers your questions. Once again, these are the reasons I decided to leave and I'm not trying to speak for anyone else. I will see you guys on Tuesday for another video!

Much love, Saf.

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Mind The Gap

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Author Safiya Nygaard ( ago)
hope that this answers ur questions guys! love u, and i will see u guys a-next time :) EDIT: for any questions on us not being able to respond to YT comments - it was protocol, not a "contracted" rule or a "fire-able" offense, but we were definitely told that we were not supposed to do it. anyone who has done it either has a different contract than i did or is just flaunting the rules (which some do and I did a few times). and, yes, none of the ladylike girls are allowed to be in my videos anymore!

Author Melanie- Cry - Baby ( ago)
I love you ;---; ( • - • ) <3

Author Aaron Tripp ( ago)
I have a hard feeling, would you feel it off for me?

Author Maria Fernanda Perdomo ( ago)
You left ???? Where have I been lol

Author Lucian Lovelle ( ago)
It's really good to see you doing what you love. Being controlled like that must have been really frustrating, even if it was part of what you signed into, especially when they started to approach that line, like you said.
I'm loving what you do here; thank you for letting us know!

Author Gabrielle Boulet ( ago)
Wait candice (sp?) left??

Author Alena wildner ( ago)
Nooooo you are the tall buzz feed girl 😶😶😶😓😓😓❤️ I really kept you in mind 😂👀 but I am really excited to see you on your own on yt🙈

Author Axel ( ago)
why my ass hurts

Author Lishey Chix106 ( ago)
One of the reasons why when I'm a adult I will NEVER sell my company or products to other companies.Its like working hard for nothing.

Author TheIveryn Belle ( ago)
At least buzzfeed made em famous

Author Hawiana Abeba ( ago)
who else didnt know she left?

Author Kelly Ortiz-Grangel ( ago)
Are you still with your boyfriend? And Im proud that you stick to your 🔫 and are independent now. Best of wishes! Wow everyone I liked is gone now! Awesome convoluted universe expulsing everyone to selfpropulsion

Author Rebecca Gymnastzz ( ago)
Awwww you were my favourite 😞

Author hanban howell ( ago)
I LOVE YOUR GAME OF THRONES CUSHIONS!! I have the 'winter is coming' top:))

Author TwilightJ Gaming ( ago)
I can't wait for the other ladylike team to get out of buzzfeed

Author Christine Calaya Tan ( ago)
OH MY!!! U LEFT!! I was a bit shocked,,,,, but you're videos are great....

Author Darling Charming ( ago)
So buzzfeed is now called boldly??

Author creepella016 ( ago)
like all my favorite producers of buzzfeed left the company..

Author 33 33 ( ago)
I work for myself and love it. I don't have to give anyone a cut of my income. Life is good.

Author Terms N' Conditions ( ago)
do like something how much buzzfeeders earns per vid they produced

Author Athaariq Ardiansyah ( ago)
You said you wanna answer the comments, prove it now!

Author Becky Lee ( ago)
Hey Safiya, what was the pay like at BuzzFeed and where do you see yourself going with all this new knowledge from working at BF xx

Author Elsword ( ago)
Buzzfeed, welcome to your tape..

Author FM Time ( ago)
You look like a girl from LadyLike

Author Ariana Awesomeness ( ago)
YOU MADE THIS ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Abraham Acosta ( ago)
yas see es e yas

Author Andrea Samayoa ( ago)
Safi!! you were the only reason I watched BuzzFeed!! I am changing to your channel now!!

Author Jules Elyse ( ago)
As a communications major who's planning on going into TV production, you should've gotten credit on the projects you worked on.

Author Nils Moberg ( ago)
omg your last name is "Nygaard", isn't that a nordic/scandinavian name?

Author Ella Jane ( ago)
In movies even if paramount or fox owns the proceeds of a movie everyone still knows the director. Everyone still knows James Cameron as the face of a movie bc he's the director of the film and the studio makes sure the credits are given to cast members. Buzzfeed doesn't do that I've noticed. That's not cool to me

Author Ella Jane ( ago)
I always wondered why buzzfeed never put in the description box who directed the video who came up with the script idea like writer and who were the actors bc in any media production those are the main people I always look for. Very odd buzzed does that

Author AmazingWizard Dude ( ago)
S : Six
C: Cruel
H : Hours
O : Of
O : Our
L : Life
Each sub to my channel equals 10 minutes of decreased school time. Save the kid souls

Author Mysterytuber 369 ( ago)

Author Jerlu Teodosio ( ago)

Author Salty Sifu Cena ( ago)
I miss the old ladylike crew

Author isa chambers ( ago)
You were always my favourite in buzzfeed

Author sara mirkovic ( ago)
I have been watching BuzzFeed videos for forever, and I think that many employees there made it for what it is. It was a good decision to leave, your creativity shouldn't have boundaries. You shoudn't have someone, who is quite the opposite, over your head telling you what you can and can't do, because you were a big part of BuzzFeed every true fan will know and love.

Author Natalie Martinez ( ago)
I loved watching you in Ladylike, but I definitely understand why you decided to leave and I support your decision. (for what that's worth) I'm sad that you won't be able to do any videos with the ladylike girls (especially Freddie)! Good luck with everything, and I hope this decision helps you reach your long term goals!

Author Park chim chim X ( ago)

Author Hopes And Rainbows ( ago)
Hey! I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much, and I will support you no matter what you decide or what direction you want to go with your career path. I hope this brings you happiness! 😘

Author The koala called Mark ( ago)
are you scandineivien cause Nygaard is a danish and swedish and norwigen name cause two a`s is an å

Author Ziwei Lu ( ago)
I unsubscribed Buzzfeed. Then youtube reccommended this video to me. Good job Youtube!

Author TheKaukas ( ago)
finally they kicked this feminist

Author Jennifer Ruiz ( ago)
I never knew she left......:(

Author Ben -G ( ago)
I thought Chubb's was behind this

Author Geoff Wilde ( ago)
Whats a buzzfeed?

Author DERP LOGIC ( ago)
;( I thought this was a joke.... 😞😔😟😧😦👩🏽‍💻

Author Kirsty Bailey ( ago)
Saf was one of my favourites from Buzzfeed because of Ladylike. Everyone I liked the most from Buzzfeed has left now, the disintegration amuses me. I only watch the Try Guys now.

Author Ricky Xiong ( ago)
So glad you left, you deserve more.

Author Mantis Toboggan ( ago)
do porn

Author Robin Games ( ago)
OK , só faltou a legenda em Português :/

Author Isabella Brown ( ago)

Author Twilight Lord ( ago)
Good thing you left when u did buzzfeed has become a shitstorm of feminism so good job saf! 😂

Author ForeignKnife ( ago)
You did the right thing. Good job.

Author Anna harding ( ago)
is Freddie still there?? or does she have her own channel now

Author mike garcia ( ago)

Author Nia Bothwell ( ago)
This was such an informative video. I believe anyone in the entertainment business or makes content (or is interested in doing so) and making a living from it should watch this. There is a trade-off when involved in this line of work, but it's always good to have a body of work on the side that's purely your own. Even if it's small, it's YOUR work and no one can take it from you.

Author Dane Crouch ( ago)
from what I can see from the suggestions after watching this video, she left BuzzFeed to do very similar things that seem like something BuzzFeed would do, but like i said this is only what i have seen from the suggestions.

Author SilvysSpace ( ago)
everyone on buzzfeed who i love has left, except a few people and try guys

Author Ryan Mason ( ago)
Anybody who subs I will sub back!

Author Ryan Mason ( ago)
Glad your doing well I was a big fan!

Author Michael Tudda ( ago)

Author Sorry2Baked ( ago)
all the best people left buzzfeed.

Author I'm the one you're looking for ( ago)
blaa blaa blaa 20 months worked there, didn't even get your feet wet. Blaa blaa blaa jaded.

Author Emmanuel Salgado ( ago)
I'm manspreading my comments about how much I don't give a fuck you leaving buzzfeed.
buzzfeed is cancer.

Author Gam Crazy ( ago)
She leeched off of buzzfeed to get famous. Now she wants to be independent because she's famous...

Author Nick James ( ago)
Transparency, Transparency, Transparency, Transparency, Transparency.

Author ben1349 ( ago)
Michelle and Quinta will be gone by the end of the year.

Author uncle Ben ( ago)
fuq buzzfeed.

Author C4 RePz ( ago)
respect for no mumbling on for the BIG 10 minutes extra ads :D

Author Babble_Abble ( ago)
Omg relieved you have this channel you were my favourite. No offense to others

Author Merk ( ago)
"Why I Left BuzzFeed"

To get 8 million views on her own channel and make more money

Author Bloodshot Red ( ago)
When are you buzztards gonna realise how racist and sexist cumfeed is? Seriously. When are they gonna make a "Questions white people have for black people" video? Oh wait never because that's extremely racist. But when you reverse the roles then suddenly you liberals then go ape shit saying "OMG YES THIS IS SO TRUE YOU WHITE PEOPLE ALWAYS ARE LIKE THIS". Fuck all you feminazis and cucks and your anti white/straight/male mindset. Go ahead, give me your hate. ;)

Author Bnic5 ( ago)
Buzzfedd is the worst. Failing media

Author Naz Roblox ( ago)

oh well u have this channel

Author Takia Polk ( ago)
It's only a few good people left on buzzfeed 😫

Author Siphavy Hem ( ago)
I love your candor. Very professional and authentic, which is hard to come by! Gluck, chica!

Author 4leaf luck ( ago)
lol my friend just told me they should make a show called 13 reasons why i left buzzfeed" 😂 lmaooooooooo

Author Nikki Fraser ( ago)
LadyLike was so much better with you! You were my favorite on BuzzFeed!!!!!

Author Emily Klauzer ( ago)
Their turn over rate is ridiculous. Seems like everyone leaves after a year or two of working there lmao

Author Dude Duder ( ago)
holy shit, you have a lot of views. i am not worried for your cash flow lol good luck safiya

Author Lily Hosken ( ago)
Yo I have that same sequin pillow case

Author La Serpenta Canta ( ago)
why did she leave?? she's the type of moronic cesspool perfect for buzzfeed.

Author Nick Brown ( ago)
buzzfeed is complete shit. I watched it back when it was "restore your faith in humanity" now it's "ways guys need to change before we remove their balls" or "$.25 fetus vs $1 billion million burger".

Author Aetheon Pro ( ago)
I thought you were going to talk about the sexism against men and the male bashing

Author Lone Wolf ( ago)
Shit! 1 million subscribers already ?

Author Miranda Jones ( ago)
Omg your pillows. 😍

Author Florence Bendelow ( ago)
Nooooo i loved u on buzzfeed

Author Nailah ( ago)
God bless.

Author IamJacksColon4 ( ago)
When Buzzfeed promoted womens lingerie football they committed political suicide.

Author Sayan Misra ( ago)
I loved buzzfeed because of u, chris, Michelle and the gang, but found out a lot of you left buzzfeed sad but I will always be there as a subscriber wherever u go.

Author derek doyel ( ago)
I just love you for the fact that you are half Indian moreover you are gorgeous!

Author Nayah Huot ( ago)
To me it was really sad when you left because you were one of my favorite people on buzz feed/ladylike.

Author HeyItsGracie! ( ago)
Sooo many people have left BuzzFeed 🙁

Author Larry S ( ago)
She is astonishingly gorgeous!!

Author Yoongi the marshmallow ( ago)
I didn't know she left buzzfeed omg

Author Charmaine Chui ( ago)
If the Try Guys leave too, I'm not going to watch BuzzFeed anymore...

Author sungyeollie ( ago)
honestly if you hadn't started your own channel, although I've seen you plenty on buzzfeed, i never would've known your name <3 love you and supporting you!!!!

Author Joseph Boykin ( ago)
All we watch buzzfeed for is ladylike and the try guys 😂😂😂 I mean I love Ashley and kelsie and Steven, but honestly they are the Kelly and Michelle's of the company. Ladylike and the try guys are the Beyoncés. Lol

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