Why I Left BuzzFeed

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  • Why I Left BuzzFeed! You guys really, really wanted to know, and I hope this answers your questions. Once again, these are the reasons I decided to leave and I'm not trying to speak for anyone else. I will see you guys on Tuesday for another video!

    Much love, Saf.

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    Mind The Gap

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard 3 months ago

    hope that this answers ur questions guys! love u, and i will see u guys a-next time :) EDIT: for any questions on us not being able to respond to YT comments - it was protocol, not a "contracted" rule or a "fire-able" offense, but we were definitely told that we were not supposed to do it. anyone who has done it either has a different contract than i did or is just flaunting the rules (which some do and I did a few times). and, yes, none of the ladylike girls are allowed to be in my videos anymore!

  • Gracey Page
    Gracey Page 52 minutes ago

    How to Become a Successful YouTuber... work at Buzzfeed first then quit. 😂

  • megan gomez
    megan gomez 4 hours ago

    Although I am sad you won't be in ladylike videos, I understand your reasoning behind leaving and can I say that I'm really proud of your success on your new channel. Thank you for staying on YouTube and allowing us to be graced with your awesomeness:):)

  • Rainbow Pastels
    Rainbow Pastels 11 hours ago

    Wait she left?😐awww

  • Sunday Rainn
    Sunday Rainn 12 hours ago


  • Miss maleeha 31
    Miss maleeha 31 14 hours ago

    Amazing video great choice

  • Grace
    Grace 16 hours ago

    I think BuzzFeed should be backing the interesting shows such as lady like and BuzzFeed unsolved, not those stupid food videos 🙄

  • Sophie Rowlands
    Sophie Rowlands 17 hours ago

    Wow you were like the reason I watched buzzfeed - sad that you left :( , you're a really inspiring person though x

  • Britton S
    Britton S 18 hours ago

    LadyLike was my FAVORITE YouTube channel so I'm SO sad it's over!!!

  • Marina Mancini
    Marina Mancini 19 hours ago

    I thought that lady like was on bodly

    • Gracey Page
      Gracey Page 50 minutes ago

      Marina Mancini Boldly is Buzzfeed's channel for women empowerment, gender equality, etc.

  • Gabbx 71
    Gabbx 71 21 hour ago

    Hey Safiya I think your really sweet and i understand your story. I do have one question tho (if it's too personal you don't have to answer) do you still keep in touch with ur old friends from buzzfeed and are you and Freddy still bffs?

  • Tiara De Silva
    Tiara De Silva 22 hours ago

    And now they're stealing your ideas

  • harry blaze
    harry blaze 1 day ago

    you r beautiful god i like mixed race girls

  • Sarah R.
    Sarah R. 1 day ago

    So did Ladylike leave Buzzfeed and start their own YouTUBE channel, or does Buzzfeed still own it? Also, it would be awesome if Ladylike got big enough that the girls who have left and who wished to leave could all be together on their own channel! I'd watch that!

  • Rainbow puppys29
    Rainbow puppys29 1 day ago

    Why is everyone leaving???at least Safia is still active on her channel

  • Napoleonbonaparteson

    I respect her choice in life but I just want to state that fact that when you leave buzzfeed it directs a lot of traffic to your YouTube account.

  • Napoleonbonaparteson

    The reason why her channel blew up was because she left buzzfeed.

  • hecc hailey
    hecc hailey 1 day ago

    i've always felt like buzzfeed was scripted and strange. nothing really seemed genuine and once you saw one video that was part of a series of related videos (ex: $-- food vs $-- food), it felt like i had seen them all, as they seem the same. i never really got into buzzfeed...but that's my personal opinion and im open to any other.

  • Abbie Hoggard
    Abbie Hoggard 1 day ago

    I feel like most of lady like left

  • ცՆυ૯ Dıคɱ૦Ոძ

    You're doing much better without Buzzfeed! I love you and your content!

  • Marina Rubio
    Marina Rubio 1 day ago

    Is making a video about this some kind of rite of passage? lmao just kidding :)

    I love your chanel and I think you are doing great on your own. I'm looking forward to see what you do next!

  • tablet with tabs
    tablet with tabs 2 days ago

    If Cracked made a YT channel, it would takeover, and give much needed competition, since it's mainstream and of quality. It'd be like SNL vs Madtv all over again, which means after people stopped the comparrisons, more people would get what they want from that type of platform, and both companies would have a lot of fans. I don't if that makes sense, but something about how BF operates is very aggressive. On YT every other channel's culture is only prominent if you're subscribed but BF just acts like they're the voice of reason, and the voice of a generation--when literally all they do is steal from comedians, podcasts, and other list-type sites, and that's all they've done since the beginning. I can't believe they ever got so huge. It's really ridculous and outrageous, but no one cares about Internet start-ups that are corrupt. It's a huge deal that shows like The Read and Issa Rae's works, spend so much time and effort in being original and creative, with way less money in their pockets, and way more passion; but then BF gets to be the social takeover of the West after Youtube and Reddit. It's not even a beloved company really, people just watch and read them because their so famous. They're no better than TMZ and Clever News when it comes to content, they just have some more impressive personalities and talented people on the team, but are actually doing nothing but bs social-experiments and spewing very average, underwhelmimg type modern liberal views, who are more comfortable with their pretenious culture than most online channels. They think they're as funny as most popular YT channels, as politically well-designed as satircal entertainment shows like South Park and The Daily h
    Show, and as interesting as channels who speak on information the actually know about, whereas they just read up a little on everything and create false outrage conclusions about Disney Princesses crushing the souls of generations. They need to give up, or we need someone to take them over.

  • Ruthie A
    Ruthie A 2 days ago

    😱😱😱😱 I was wondering why I didn't see you there anymore

  • KoiMelonTV
    KoiMelonTV 2 days ago

    We will miss you!

  • Yeokay
    Yeokay 2 days ago

    why did you leave buzzfeed?

  • living like sof
    living like sof 2 days ago

    Did you go back to buzzfeed ?

  • ƈơƖɬơŋ ɧ
    ƈơƖɬơŋ ɧ 3 days ago


  • Michelle Ponce
    Michelle Ponce 3 days ago

    Fuck we should just have buzzfeed do a " why I left myself " video

  • That Rando That Nobody Likes

    Ahhh she was like my favorite back in the nostalgia times!
    I loved her so much but Buzzfeed is absolute crap. Quantity is valued more than quality. And videos are ALWAYS expected to go viral! It's very pressurized.

  • Maddi Griffin
    Maddi Griffin 3 days ago

    It seems like all of the people that I loved from Buzzfeed have left😔. It's really a shame!

  • shiawasekappukekiful

    What's with so many "why I left" vids? Why's everybody leaving?!

  • MeowMeowImACow
    MeowMeowImACow 3 days ago

    I didn't find you because of buzzfeed but I'm still happy I found you!

  • Missilanious
    Missilanious 3 days ago

    Funny, without buzzfeed no one would even know you. Like most videos of the topic, you used the company to jump your own stuff, bitch up a storm about how they will not let you do your own thing and that is why you left.

  • Bella Drama
    Bella Drama 3 days ago

    Im so happy people are coming out because buzzfeed are like trying to own people now

  • Makeuprockz
    Makeuprockz 3 days ago

    Well guess who I unsubscribed to

  • sk88boarding
    sk88boarding 3 days ago

    moral of story she just wanted more money

  • JAQpowerseeker
    JAQpowerseeker 3 days ago


  • Jacey Newman
    Jacey Newman 4 days ago


  • Jerry Resendez
    Jerry Resendez 4 days ago

    lol half the people who "left buzzfeed" and made videos about it have been re-hired

  • Avery Hefta
    Avery Hefta 4 days ago

    What about Freddie she was like your bestie

  • Davin Mcgee
    Davin Mcgee 4 days ago

    are you still friends with the coworkers at buzz feed . that would be really nice

  • Jasmin Sierra
    Jasmin Sierra 4 days ago

    ok u get what u are u are amazing u are my favorite i get it u made your chose i would not like it to so i support u safiya love u

  • jacky o
    jacky o 4 days ago

    good explanation of why you left and of how Buzzfeed works, basically they want credit for everything good that happens and don't want any part of anything that doesn't generate money. good for you Safiya, i will be watching your channel and hoping to see the other ladies and guys on here!

  • Queen -Only
    Queen -Only 4 days ago

    what about Bodly?????

  • Sassy Gamer
    Sassy Gamer 5 days ago

    I wish you wouldn't have left lady like

  • Lilly Kate Walker
    Lilly Kate Walker 5 days ago

    Omg you need to go to clevver

  • Liz Beal
    Liz Beal 5 days ago

    No more ladylike?😭

  • Dianna West
    Dianna West 5 days ago

    you go girl!

  • monstrių pasaulis gerbėjams

    U left bezzfeed?

  • Tareq Asfari
    Tareq Asfari 5 days ago

    Is this the original one?

  • kittykik10
    kittykik10 5 days ago

    go back!!!

  • Charlotte Hook
    Charlotte Hook 5 days ago

    Sadiyah,Chantel,Freddy,Jen,Kristen are the best xxx

  • Emma mcstraw
    Emma mcstraw 5 days ago

    In my opinion I think that Saf leaving buzzfeed was one of her smarter decisions. Her and Freddy started ladylike but get slim to none of the credit. So thank you saf for leaving and starting this amazing channel ❤️

  • Margarida Freitas
    Margarida Freitas 5 days ago

    Thank you, I think I needed that video <3

  • Sal Rodriguez
    Sal Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Dude this is the last you'll hear from this girl, she won't be heard from again lol sorry its the truth.

  • Roxanne Aldave
    Roxanne Aldave 6 days ago

    "why i left buzzfeed?" 'to earn more. haha. why work for someone if i can have my own yt channel and earn more. '

  • Carolyne Ashbrook
    Carolyne Ashbrook 6 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard do you miss Freddie

  • Carissa Battin
    Carissa Battin 6 days ago

    i love you Saf!!!!!!! You are awesome!

  • Hailah Sessions
    Hailah Sessions 6 days ago

    Awww I didn't want you to leave Safiya😕😕😕

  • jetsfan2351
    jetsfan2351 6 days ago


  • Brandon Bonanno
    Brandon Bonanno 6 days ago

    Are u still with ur boyfriend

  • Colleen F
    Colleen F 6 days ago

    all the Ladylike girls sould start your own channel

  • Pixie MSP
    Pixie MSP 6 days ago

    All the people who left buzz feed should make a channel all together. Call it Buzz No

  • Life with Peewee
    Life with Peewee 6 days ago

    Wernt you in Boldy too?

  • Caity Roeglin
    Caity Roeglin 6 days ago

    wait, they would be allowed to make merch with your name and make the profit from its sales?

  • Sharon
    Sharon 6 days ago

    This is sad. I know that you left BuzzFeed for a reason but I miss you on LadyLike and Boldy. Buts it was your choice and I can't criticize you for that.

  • Jaurné Van Der westhuizen

    you have really inspired me as a woman x

  • MoonMAN MoONmaN
    MoonMAN MoONmaN 7 days ago

    Buzzfeed is cancer with a political agenda

  • Mary-Grace Novo
    Mary-Grace Novo 7 days ago

    The best person on buzzfeed! Now buzzfeed is trash

  • Trico The Guardian
    Trico The Guardian 7 days ago

    Hey Saf, I loved you Ladylike. I still watch it. I wish you were still in it, but Hey! You're great on your own. I wish you luck in the lovely internet! 💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤

  • Bella R.
    Bella R. 7 days ago

    If Freddie or Eugene leaves buzzfeed I won't watch buzzfeed anymore

  • Jayde Bobb
    Jayde Bobb 7 days ago

    buzzfeed is my favorite made me so sad when u left but really glad I found your channel.😊

  • Daria
    Daria 7 days ago

    You got yourself a new subscriber. I'd like to think I witnessed the rise and fall of BuzzFeed (I hate that my phone autocorrects it to be so precise). Just another company that gained popularity way too fast, mass produced everything, copied content from independent creators, lost any kind of originality/creativity that made it appealing to begin with etc.

  • Melissa H
    Melissa H 7 days ago

    You have the best comedic chemistry with Candace, tbh. That's some alliteration.

  • seirrastewartvlog
    seirrastewartvlog 7 days ago

    You were my fav in ladylike you and Freddy

  • Rosie escamilla
    Rosie escamilla 7 days ago

    do you still talk to freddie

  • kim salazar
    kim salazar 8 days ago

    did anyone want to grow up and want to work at buzz feed bcuz of saf or freddie no? just me?

  • kim salazar
    kim salazar 8 days ago

    did anyone want to grow up and want to work at buzz feed bcuz of saf or freddie

  • Paula Bear
    Paula Bear 8 days ago

    This makes me sad Saf u my favourite in LadyLike, I love that show it is so entertaining xx

  • Lool Noo
    Lool Noo 8 days ago

    Glad you got out of that evil liberal shit

  • Alexandra EagleHope

    I didn't realize that u left until I stopped seeing you in their videos and I was like whaaaaat? It's sad but I also love your channel and your vids hopefully we can see freddie in more of your videos 🐱

  • Jennifer Jennifer
    Jennifer Jennifer 8 days ago

    Wait she left buzzfeed what what what 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤤😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Spriha upadhyaya
    Spriha upadhyaya 8 days ago

    I just want to say that it's inspiring to hear you talk about your career. I am sad to hear that you left the company because I really like you and the videos made by you but it is encouraging to see that you are working so hard and doing well for yourself.

  • RetroKing227
    RetroKing227 8 days ago

    Shit, by the end of the year buzzfeed will be empty!

  • Michelle .A
    Michelle .A 8 days ago


  • Faz Abdullah
    Faz Abdullah 8 days ago


  • Pastel Pink
    Pastel Pink 8 days ago


  • Alive Woman
    Alive Woman 8 days ago

    no you didn't

  • ArcticWolfAirsoft Marley

    I love BuzzFeed, But I still Don't understand why there are 8K dislikes.

  • RosiePosie C
    RosiePosie C 9 days ago

    Why, you were like one of the best people on buzzfeed

  • Isabella Alvarez
    Isabella Alvarez 9 days ago

    Freddie is next because all the good ones are leaving

  • Strange Waffle
    Strange Waffle 9 days ago

    I will miss you on Ladylike and in the other videos

  • PotatoCats
    PotatoCats 9 days ago

    I am sad you left, but I respect your decision

  • Katie Burnopp
    Katie Burnopp 9 days ago

    Did working at Buzzfeed help you to get more publicity on YouTube and kind of give you a jump start?

  • Katie Burnopp
    Katie Burnopp 9 days ago

    Where did you get your Stark and Targaryen pillows? I really want them! My fiancee and I have pegged ourselves as Jon Snow and Danerys Targaryen :p

  • Jenthealien
    Jenthealien 10 days ago

    Low key stopped watching buzzfeed after she left and other good people left

  • Nadia Grigoras
    Nadia Grigoras 10 days ago

    noooooooooooooooo,you were my favorite from buzzfeed.I hope Freddie or Jen or Chantel don't leave too or else my life is over😞😞😭😭😭

  • Thomasine Hawkins
    Thomasine Hawkins 10 days ago

    U were actually one of my favourites 😂

  • JaccoFF
    JaccoFF 10 days ago

    Sooo is the Ladylike channel yours or are the videos just filmed earlier and releasing slowly?

    • Safiya Nygaard
      Safiya Nygaard 10 days ago

      the ladylike channel is owned by buzzfeed, i have no part in any recent ladylike videos or anything to do with buzzfeed. my last video i produced for them was published in february

  • Francesca Fadel
    Francesca Fadel 10 days ago

    Is she still on Boldly

    • Francesca Fadel
      Francesca Fadel 9 days ago

      Do you miss the Lady Like girls?

    • Francesca Fadel
      Francesca Fadel 9 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard 🙁 i loved to see you on Boldly but now that you have your personal Chanel, it makes it a hole lot better
      LOL 😂

    • Safiya Nygaard
      Safiya Nygaard 10 days ago


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