Cmoar Roller Coaster VR Google Cardboard 3D SBS

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Note: This is Review Gameplay video where i test and demonstrate VR games, for full VR experience you must download VR app or game from Playstore link

BEST Google Cardboard VR 3D SBS 1080p games / apps 2016

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Take a tour to an incredible place. Experience the longest-lasting adventure, in an almost 4-minutes dangerous roller coaster vr journey.

Free version has been limited to 1 minute ride, so if you wish to explore the rest of the adventure, we encourage you to purchase the full version ! :)

To start a ride, please look at "Start" sign for 3 seconds :)

Please, don’t forget to rate and leave a comment whether you liked the ride! If you decide to purchase the long version of the app, let everyone know it was worth it! :)
Note : You need virtual reality kit for 3D experience. Put your smartphone in virtual reality kit for example google cardboard etc.
I am using AuraVR Virtual Reality Headset

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Author mundo da lyla resende ( ago)

Author opal 04 ( ago)
That dinosaur at the end made me jump and I fell on the floor and hit my elbow and head

Author مريومه انور ( ago)
تٍمٌ آلّآشتٍرآگٍ

Author Iva Pauliukaite ( ago)
cool video

Author Alessandro Napolano ( ago)
good video for vr

Author Amelia andrearuizsolana ( ago)

Author Lelee Sorrows ( ago)
who else wishes this was real

Author darius le tugs ( ago)
c cool mais c´est pas en 360 😲

Author Tad Friddle ( ago)
ɷ ᕼEEYY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᔕᔕᔕ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴOᑌᑎᗪᗪᗪᗪ ᗯ0ᖇIKIᑎGGGGG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕITTT : -

Author Samir neto ( ago)

Author Rajkumar Singh Yadav ( ago)

Author Elliea Hayna ( ago)
You can see it with Moon VR Player, so great!

Author Peyton Barron ( ago)
i got scared at the end

Author G Geek ( ago)
Ola amigos fiz um canal onde so vai ter gameplay em visão para VRBOX da uma olhada.

Hello friends I made a channel where only gameplay will be in vision for VR BOX sa a look

Author Partouche Lab ( ago)
Nice. We provide one of the best VR simulator on the market. More than 25 000 visitors have tried it. check us out.

Author Maria isabel Caicedo ( ago)
jajajajjjaajaj que. miedo

Author Julia Zeffler ( ago)
voll gut wer das Rad macht mich übel vor

Author Toni Lynn And Sean Fragola ( ago)
I have a vr, vertual reality

Author rudy pharmaceutical ( ago)
bad ending.....

Author Air kotik ( ago)

Author nije vazno ( ago)
Roller coaster to hell.

Author Fabio Velloso ( ago)
This is not VR !! I put my glasses move my head end nothing happens!!

Author Asia Young ( ago)
this is cool asf

Author Evan63 aws ( ago)
Putain c'est trop 😎

Author Raven Weakley ( ago)

Author Belen valiente ( ago)
que chulo

Author Roni Rihtniemi ( ago)
I got scared so bad when the dinosaur did the jumpscare

Author Dowlapalli Das ( ago)
very excited last one feared me good I have subscribed your channel and liked this video so nice EXCELLENT more adventurous

Author Jyoti Arora ( ago)
it is very good video

Author Jyoti Arora ( ago)
it is very good video

Author 1000K views ( ago)
Coment below and Subscribe to my chanel and i will subscribe back with 13 accounts and i will coment "i did" in any of your video with that 13 account

Author Allican Atik ( ago)

Author OniricFlow VR ( ago)
Welcome back :)

Author esau loquendero Z ( ago)
my phone not is movimient

Author Bird mom ( ago)
That was awesome!!!! Well it was awesome BEFORE 4:27...

Author Maciej K ( ago)

Author Hannah Hatch ( ago)

Author Cristina GL ( ago)
ni mola ni na

Author Metrionix TM ( ago)

Author NDNG Enes Batur ( ago)
Benim telefonum yok :( aypetten bakıyorum :(

Author Hamees Hameed ( ago)

Author Astro Gamer13 ( ago)
no vr ? no problem just zoom in you face on the video, but it's a little bit blurry after all 😂, (using android device, just focus on the center)

Author -Skull- 974 ( ago)
i scared

Author VR SBS CHANNEL ( ago)
want to watch it through his side bared girl

Author Timo1cool DZ ( ago)

Author Timo1cool DZ ( ago)

Author Iskandar Zulqornain ( ago)

Author Valeria Gonzalez Perez ( ago)
What is the name of the game

Author Ke Ca ( ago)
Shameful ending

Author Just Funnies ( ago)

Author Ignacia Reyes ( ago)
que genial ami vecino le gusto

Author bruno visiglio ( ago)

Author bruno visiglio ( ago)
Esta re buenicimo el que lo creo es un capo

Author bruno visiglio ( ago)
Que cheto

Author Cason Womack ( ago)
the ending scared me

Author KK Taylor ( ago)
AS CD not me

Author nicole jenkins ( ago)

Author Ann Ottosson ( ago)
omg,im so scered

Author michael jackson moonwalker ( ago)
that was


Author Afrah Sana ( ago)
Woah it really works I wore my 3D glasses and moved my head it was moving ! Then I removed and moved my head it wasn't moving

Author Jeldson Youtuber ( ago)
I watch this video without vr box challenge

Author Олеся MgM ( ago)
скажите мне кто так мантировал?) вечно должно так калбасить!

Author super anta extrem ( ago)

Author super anta extrem ( ago)

Author Jay Mehta ( ago)

Author Nana Nano ( ago)

Author Sun Flower ( ago)

Author terrell lawson ( ago)

Author rosa maria DA SILVA ( ago)
the video its very fun its spectuculary

Author Unal T ( ago)
that end bit scared the shit out of me

Author Manish Patil ( ago)
amazing 3d experience but video is too short..

Author The Top ( ago)
What the fuck this really very very good

Author ابو فــارس ( ago)
كلو ظفعه

Author deekshith reddy ( ago)
wow last dynosorus has caught me

Author RJ Monst3r ( ago)
This vr video was probably the best, I would recommend it to someone who was a vr

Author Kennedy Dorris ( ago)
The end ALWAYS gets me

Author เสกสรร ศรีอนันต์ ( ago)
No xxxxนะครับ

Author kareen navia cortes ( ago)

Author Retroken3 ( ago)
cross your eyes and concentrate on the middle one ^^

Author The Droidicat ( ago)
this is the best roller coaster that I've found for my VR viewer on you tube

Author Frank Ferrieras ( ago)

Author Roka Filipczak ( ago)
super !

Author Karen Martinez ( ago)
lo mejor del mundo

Author nikachu lolo ( ago)
la wuea fome eyyy

Author Yana Kuzhyshyn kuzhyshyn ( ago)
the is beatyfil

Author Avatar Genji ( ago)
holy fuck the last one scared the shit out of me

Author fingerhorn4 ( ago)
This video has an incorrect aspect ratio. When you create a spit screen double image, unless you stretch the original image wider you are going to end up with two side by side images that a grossly too high and far too narrow. The way to overcome this is to deliberately create a letter box frame so the two images are far less tall than the vertical space.

Author A.B. S ( ago)
feels like vomiting during VR watching... within 5 minutes

Author alvaro gpONE ( ago)

Author Gabriella Vannucci ( ago)
U do not need google cardboard to do vr you can use any vr in using my view master vr headset

Author Felicia Escobedo ( ago)
not Nevin scary

Author Kelly Cid Alarcón ( ago)
bkn siiii

Author ISABEL 김민지 ( ago)

Author 3Runner95SRB ( ago)
I can just cross eyes and watch this in 3d on my desktop monitor

Author Marcel Veenendaal ( ago)
You can watch this without using a cardboard :P but it will mess up your eyes for a while

Author Carson H ( ago)
Is it okay if I use a 10 second clip from this for a computational artifact in computer science?

Author Alka Joshi ( ago)

Author KeeShawn Collins ( ago)

Author Maria Carolina ( ago)
thanks for to Share.

Author Robo Wolf ( ago)

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