Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush

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  • Jimmy talks to President Bush about his parents, Donald Trump's inauguration, presidential impersonations, dating Nixon's daughter, UFO's and more. Plus Jimmy and the former president sketch each other.

    Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump https://youtu.be/TYjoSD8bXoQ

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Comments: 2 513

  • Dina Beaute
    Dina Beaute 6 hours ago

    Sorry, but I can't help but see this man as a war criminal.

  • Dom Donelly
    Dom Donelly 9 hours ago

    why is this stupid ape not in jail?

  • mediiskit
    mediiskit 1 day ago

    the worst president after obama

  • Duzen Burger.
    Duzen Burger. 1 day ago

    He's kinda a funny bastard.

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker 1 day ago

    Here he is handling it like a gentleman and here is this Jackass clown taking low shots at him over and over and over again. Even at this age he is sharp as a whip and mopped the floor with that bearded leftist Jewish clown many times over like a champ!

  • TimBobbro
    TimBobbro 2 days ago

    dammit hes very likeable

  • brih Mendiola
    brih Mendiola 3 days ago

    Bush looks like an angel from heaven now compared to Trump. Will Trump be adorable too in ten years? I doubt it. He will be the grumpiest ex-president and probably the most hated.

  • Gregory Gilmore
    Gregory Gilmore 3 days ago

    like W

  • Hananefaisal Abbadi

    mass murderer!!! bush the bastaard killed over 5 million Iraki's!!

  • Wostershire
    Wostershire 4 days ago

    while i don't like this man as a president i can't help but enjoy his personality :)

  • First Name Last Name

    He is aging like fine wine.



  • Ariel Aganon
    Ariel Aganon 5 days ago

    w a r

  • billy fakersonton
    billy fakersonton 5 days ago

    why are the left wing comments being removed as spam?

  • dmwrobinson
    dmwrobinson 5 days ago

    "go get the coffee yourself buddy" im stealing that!

  • Ascent Binkie
    Ascent Binkie 5 days ago

    Wow, one of the few people who have enjoyed a positive change in their life since Trump took office. Now people are cool with Bush. Must feel nice.

  • Jared Mehraban
    Jared Mehraban 5 days ago

    I like George W. now. Why do I miss him? He's funny.

  • Erik Toro
    Erik Toro 5 days ago

    Better at not being president.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 days ago

    What a likable war criminal!

  • MarielIsabel
    MarielIsabel 6 days ago

    So funny and relatable!! Love it!

  • Factoryyx
    Factoryyx 6 days ago

    5:50 did you have anything to do with his death?
    Laughs... "I hope not "

  • james Yu
    james Yu 7 days ago

    I love this guy !

  • Synochra
    Synochra 7 days ago

    so you're saying all I need to do for a free portrait by former potus dubya is enlist in the US military ?

  • sampledoubt
    sampledoubt 7 days ago

    I've seen him say it before and he always sounds like he has marbles in his mouth when he says "President of the United States"

  • Anonimus XX
    Anonimus XX 7 days ago

    Bush is a Fuckin scumbag ..war criminal..pig!!! USA is the biggest terrorist on planet!!! The world is sick of it!!!

  • Lee Wood
    Lee Wood 8 days ago

    Could someone please just spit right in the middle of little georgys face.......now that would be a show worth watching!!...

  • verve92
    verve92 9 days ago

    President Bush seems so at peace. Happy for him.

  • Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Man....I miss him!

  • Emil Kovachev
    Emil Kovachev 10 days ago

    people are just ants .. why does this individual matters? In the face of human international law, this guy is a war criminal. He can't leave his country.

  • Mcservers2000
    Mcservers2000 10 days ago

    Bush did 9/11

  • mbr 11
    mbr 11 11 days ago

    this has got to be the hardest job on the planet.

  • Jaundiced Jape
    Jaundiced Jape 11 days ago

    This is why I voted for this guy the first time around - he's just so lovable and charismatic! But I learned my lesson, and it applies to friendships, romantic and work relationships, etc.: just because you like a person's personality doesn't mean they're right for the position.

  • mangowarrior
    mangowarrior 11 days ago

    He's actually gotten pretty good at painting. Those portraits near the end of the video is pretty damn spot on in his abstract kind of theme.

  • Mike J
    Mike J 12 days ago

    The old fart actually has a personality and is somewhat charismatic in a very dry way.really tho... u don't know who Beyonce's husband is? What ROC (get it) are you living under? I can't but somehow think he wasn't being forthright on that one...this coming from a 34 yr old black man.

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco 12 days ago

    cocaine cowboy

  • Goin Up In Texas
    Goin Up In Texas 13 days ago


  • superscott123456
    superscott123456 13 days ago

    Strategery...misunderestimate...even his fake words are better than Trump's.

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez 13 days ago

    He does seem to be funny, but don't forget he had a hand or at least knows about 9/11 and that it was our team who dropped the twin towers (and the two smaller buildings that are far more important). murdered alot of people in maaany other ways. Soo he's funy but still... and he doesn't seem too evil... just born into a dark situation and Family.

  • GoMiGman
    GoMiGman 13 days ago

    To think this guy almost destroyed this country -- in fact destroyed the Middle East which has then filtered to many parts of the world -- is unforgivable!  Under his watch, we had 911, Afghanistan, the disaster in Iraq which has shaped the horrible events we see today culminating with the worst financial disaster this country had seen 2nd to the great depression, all from a guy who can't even pronounce 'nuclear.'

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 14 days ago

    when he talks its exactly Frank Caliendo talking

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 14 days ago

    he's so self-aware  lol love it

  • MrBthom00
    MrBthom00 14 days ago

    Bush "Miss me yet?".. As of June 2017, Yes Sir. I really do.


  • J D
    J D 14 days ago

    Awww hes adorable

  • Zertex Z
    Zertex Z 14 days ago

    War criminal who killed millions by lying. Yet he get huge cheers... Unbelievable

  • Albin Samuelsson
    Albin Samuelsson 14 days ago

    They play Foo Fighters - Rope at 8:36. Pretty funny since Bush used Times Like These during his campaign, which made Dave Grohl say he wasn't voting for Bush 😂.

  • zaqwe
    zaqwe 14 days ago

    More full interviews please

  • Andy R.
    Andy R. 14 days ago

    "Google it."

    Something the current president doesn't do to learn new things.

  • oldskoolmacboy
    oldskoolmacboy 15 days ago

    It's the real founder of ISIS

  • listen2watidontsay
    listen2watidontsay 15 days ago

    This the guy whose orders killed thousands innocents?

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui 15 days ago

    tricia nixon was hot, nuff said

  • Ryan Linn
    Ryan Linn 15 days ago

    You are a saint for posting a full interview

  • richy r
    richy r 16 days ago

    meet him when i was in the NAVY he landed in are aircraft carrier. cool dude didn't agree with things he certainly did during the 8 years but one things for sure he took care of the the military for sure in my view of course might be different for others.

  • krazykrush
    krazykrush 17 days ago

    Maybe Trump will become likable when he's done with being POTUS and goes in Kimmel

  • Jared Lovely
    Jared Lovely 17 days ago

    i cant believe i enjoyed this as much as i did

  • Ahmed Muawiyah
    Ahmed Muawiyah 17 days ago

    I love this American president much more than Trump because he is funny in a less insulting way.

  • p1b1harper
    p1b1harper 17 days ago

    I bet Bush feels terrible about all those American lives he wasted in defense of israel.

  • p1b1harper
    p1b1harper 17 days ago

    Bush was the greatest president israel ever had.

  • Liam k
    Liam k 17 days ago

    back in the day he was the world's most hated man. mocked for his lack of wits too. compared to trump he looks human, nice, smart even.

  • Steph E.
    Steph E. 17 days ago

    Daym! Everyone hates Trump so much George Bush became likable lol.

  • Stephenie Hamilton
    Stephenie Hamilton 18 days ago

    I loved W before it was cool to love W! ❤

  • john doe
    john doe 18 days ago

    the bush curse is when a bush who has no luck at allim the best at the nunchashu weapon,but if i was to get beat it would be very good luck for the other person.

  • john doe
    john doe 18 days ago

    im a bush there is a bush curse,my cousin is a bush,he has been cripped in bed for 40 years because he stoled 2 pounds of weed or pot out of the trunk of a car because a freind ask him to.so for that the pot head dealers hurt him bad enough to keep him crippled for 40 years.and i think the drug dealers died of old age.

  • janie camacho
    janie camacho 18 days ago

    Funny that now it's hands-down determine that tRump is beyond stupid, Bush is able to show his face in public.  The Dunce Hat has been passed.

  • EgyptianSoldier
    EgyptianSoldier 18 days ago

    the 60fps video is awesome

  • Daisylove83
    Daisylove83 18 days ago


  • Chaebich
    Chaebich 18 days ago


    Kimmel: "Were you an artist as a kid?"
    Bush: "Agnostic"


  • khalooosh
    khalooosh 19 days ago

    8:31 did he say portraits of cartilage ?

  • Corey Lisle
    Corey Lisle 19 days ago

    haha wow this war criminal is so hilarious!!

    MIGHTY-T 19 days ago

    “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.” President George W. Bush

  • Adam
    Adam 19 days ago

    Hilarious how they all can't stand the guy when he is in, but he is the greatest guy in the world now...

  • mike miller
    mike miller 19 days ago

    This dude is so charming that I nearly forgot about the thousands of American military members he pointlessly killed in Iraq, while destabilizing the entire region in the process, causing thousands more to die since. Great interview!

  • sleec -
    sleec - 20 days ago

    Miscomplicate. Noted.

  • Winter Wonder
    Winter Wonder 20 days ago

    I'd spit on him :/

  • Threepwoot
    Threepwoot 20 days ago

    Steve Bridges is what I'll be watching next.

  • cafeplay games
    cafeplay games 20 days ago

    these are the shitys ass paintings that i ever saw

  • cafeplay games
    cafeplay games 20 days ago

    american public are so easy to trick ,look at the coments

  • MichaelNNY
    MichaelNNY 20 days ago

    And so the Bush rehabilitation tour continues. Anyone who can watch this who doesnt think "wtf is Kimmel doing interviewing a war criminal and defacto mass murderer" isnt paying attention to the world around them, or at the very least has lost their moral center.

  • hector andrade
    hector andrade 20 days ago

    Everyone is acting like this guy didn't lead the nation into a 10-year war on a lie. "He's kinda likeable now that he's not president"? Give me a break

  • Garry Daniels
    Garry Daniels 21 day ago

    i would pay for this guy to be our President again. i thought bush was the worst President ive ever lived through. omg was that a miscalculation. hope after this trump nightmare is over we dont vote another idiot in the highest office in the land. ever again!!

  • Z Cross
    Z Cross 21 day ago

    "Do you like getting hand jobs?" "Do you like giving hand jobs?"

    JOSEPH GEORGE 21 day ago

    I like President Bush as a person he was a good president except for Iraq War.

    ARIK KATZENBERG 21 day ago

    Bush is pure class.

  • Blah blah Nana
    Blah blah Nana 21 day ago

    Muslims there's your man go and get him not innocents like they did!!and Blair ,couple of liars started a war the people couldn't stop so get them not us see if they will house you in their homes I doubt it very much😂😂😂🤔 I think they should put you all on Epsteins island with like minded people and sharks penned and surrounding it 🖕🏻

  • VGM Revisited
    VGM Revisited 21 day ago

    Comparison principle.

  • goodlife
    goodlife 21 day ago

    Bush has always been a great man. Anyone in government or corporate America knows that systems are difficult to change.

  • Jevon Siler
    Jevon Siler 21 day ago

    W, When people thank me for my 23 years in the Army I think, "I did what was necessary and I wasn't the best soldier by a long shot". You are not going to go down as an outstanding president but you are principled and will be judged by your superior character.

  • Matthew Wheeler
    Matthew Wheeler 21 day ago

    he dodges hate like he dodges shoes

  • Romeo Popaz
    Romeo Popaz 21 day ago

    well done dickheads clap for the turd who brought down the twin towers but i guess when ya dealing with the biggest turds on earth America its to be expected

  • Moritz Sommer
    Moritz Sommer 21 day ago

    looool, George pretends laughing but his eyes look furious

  • Moritz Sommer
    Moritz Sommer 21 day ago

    Poor, sweet, simple bush. god bless his silly heart

  • Michael Maldonado
    Michael Maldonado 21 day ago

    he sounds like a southern david lynch lol

  • manny
    manny 22 days ago

    He was always charismatic

  • MyDarkPassenger 88
    MyDarkPassenger 88 22 days ago

    Damn, I never thought I`d say this but I like this guy.

  • Gary TheGrey
    Gary TheGrey 22 days ago

    God damn bush has an awesome personality

  • Paul Meza
    Paul Meza 22 days ago

    sure that's the best USA presidents

  • djilo mar
    djilo mar 22 days ago

    this son f b**** should be in jail for his war crimes not in a TV show

  • Ryan Friedman
    Ryan Friedman 22 days ago

    Better than Donald Trump in my opinion

  • bletkiocb
    bletkiocb 23 days ago

    he knew about 9/11 why hes in JK instead of jail

  • moh salih
    moh salih 23 days ago

    the one who sent troops to invad Iraq he stole their resourses and killed their people

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