Oldest Indian tribe song (beautiful Native American song)

I've had this song for many years, it was recorded in 1913 and belonged to my Grandfather. I was trusted to keep it safe when he passed away. I wanted to share this because it's beautiful I hope you like it. For what it's worth, the images in this video are of my Seneca tribe making them children of the singers. The song is one of the oldest recordings of Seneca children that I know of.

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Author adam gerard (5 months)
Oldest Indian tribe song (beautiful Native Americ…:

Author monica McClung (5 months)

Author cynthia falter (1 year)
thank you for this .. :)

Author Pony Chaser (1 year)
I searched for this and it's not called the dawn song but it is very nice
and I'm glad you and your grandfather shared it with everyone. It's
very honorable that you didn't try to make money from it and now it is
enjoyed all over the world.

Author SHADOWBEAR82763 (3 years)
@pscforester2013 The Cherokee lived in the Appalacians and the Smokies from
Ohio to Georgia

Author Larry McNeely (3 years)
This is the Dawn Song. It can be heard sung every morning on CKRZ FM 100.3
The Voice of the Grand.

Author TheShaolinScholar (3 years)
its very beautiful ! thank you n_n

Author Joseph Aranda (1 year)
Beautifull music

Author PeanutButterOtter (2 years)
Hi Yakokwe, I am writing a research paper on music more or less and one of
the various things I'm talking about is music throughout different
cultures. I was wondering if it would be alright for me to use this song,
and if so could you provide me with your grandfather's name and maybe some
of the meaning of the song (If possible)? Thanks!

Author realitizer (3 years)
felt as pure as it gets,like water,i have 2 hear it again:P

Author pscforester2013 (3 years)
@SHADOWBEAR82763 yes, i am well aware, my mother's dad was cherokee, he
lived in Huntington, but my mom's mom was blackfoot as i was told. But she
was born in Otter Creek near Parsons, WV. But unless it is that blackfoot
of the seneca like i mentioned above, its almost impossible for her to have
been full blooded blackfoot. Her family had lived there for over 100 years.

Author yogini34 (4 years)
Thank you for posting this. Beautiful...nearly 100 years later.

Author La Marzzo (1 year)

Author 555aahouse1 (2 years)
Aztecs, Apache,Mayans, Cherokee, Toltecs, From the south all the way to the
north, we're are the same family. look at our profile faces, we look
Mexicans because the we were mixed with the white-spaniards when our
Mexican territory was nuestros nativos de America!

Author Johns Wit (2 years)
That's awesome, what a cool way to pay tribute to your past.

Author MissBubblybubsy (3 years)
@Yakokwe yes that would be much appreciated thank you kindly

Author frightner24 (3 years)
im mixed with seneca and chippewa. thanks for the vid! my grandad died
before i was born (he was pure blooded seneca) so most i had to learn on my
own. i know more on my chippewa side, i know i have blood from the wazhush.
dont know as much as i would like (my other grandad died before i was born
too ;( ) my parents dont really care about our native roots, shame. but i do

Author Shawnee Printup (2 years)
I'm in The purple smoke dance outfit

Author eddie hoyler (2 years)
I'm partof the hawk clan part of the seneca nation of indians

Author Yakokwe (4 years)
@scorpionking345 Thank you, people enjoy mystery better than history I
guess. I thought this one would do better than my Sasquatch video.

Author Raven101able (3 years)
Yakokwe; this song moves my spirit like nothing i have heard before. thank
you for sharing this. are they singing hi o wah tene' ?? my speakers are
not clear.

Author aj Mithra (1 year)
Would you mind telling us , in which are was it recorded please?

Author TheShaolinScholar (3 years)
i stumbled upon this that Herodotus said that the scythia people come from
Hercules an a demon whos bottom half is a snake like an the upper part of a
hermaphrodite youtube khazars are Scythian it goes on to say the Scythian
people are called hun in one record so i did one thing google attila the
hun shape shifter an got a page saying that he was a Hecate also i
immediately thought about sir gawain an the green knight an picks up his
own head clear signs of a hermaphrodite also from my research

Author patbirder (1 year)
Thank you for sharing this precious, very rare song and glimpse into Seneca
culture. It is a priviledge to listen to it and reminds me of so much that
was lost.

Author see2talk (3 years)
@Yakokwe some people called it a canoe song but it was a warrior song in
the old days done with strong moves and wide stance

Author Ray Northwoods (3 years)
Cool song with the history and all.

Author MissBubblybubsy (3 years)
Hi Yakokwe I am doing a assignment an would like use this song,, can you
please tell me your grandfathers name if it is ok for me to use this song.

Author Layna Muerta (2 years)
My great great great great grandfather was a full Cherokee, and I have some
Apache in me too lol and yes the "greats " are exact haha I'm mostly
columbian, Mexican, Armenian, Romanian, German, and Irish haha

Author St1cKnGoJuGgAlO (2 years)
Mohawk turtle clan but beautiful music none the less

Author chippewaman1975 (2 years)
Thank you for this wonderful recording and sharing it with the world. We
must not let native music and cultures be forgotten.

Author Sandra Majeau (3 years)
I love listening to Native songs and seeing Native dance,it keeps me
connected to my Iroquois roots,my native roots don't run very deep,but
there still there

Author Nokemes1 (4 years)
How exciting to have the privilege of hearing this! Thank you so much!

Author steverid (4 years)
Very cool song & the images are cool as well. Thank you for sharing this
with the world. Take care, Stevesquatch

Author pscforester2013 (3 years)
Im Native American but tracing my tribe roots are next to impossible, i
know my mom and her side were all Indian, but i was told we were Blackfoot
Cherokee, which is invalid, because we are from and live in WV. I found out
about an ancient tribe called saponi, which were eastern Blackfoot that
became adopted by the Seneca, with other saponi relatives. There are few
websites and a sign here in WV that talk about the Blackfoot of the Seneca.
If anyone can help me track my roots, its appreciated:)

Author soadfan33 (4 years)
I'm so touched by the sound. I've been going to pow wows by the casino
morongo. It's a very beautiful experience to hear and see

Author Jackie Toben (3 years)

Author tiani hernandez (3 years)
they have perfect harmoney :)

Author jengodfrey14385 (1 year)

Author Sebastian Weilguni (2 years)
All of your familys history and way of life is stored inside of you. When
you say that you cant see your familys history, just close your eyes, its
all there. I also have struggled with a problem not to different from the
one you are experiencing. All goodness! // Sebastiaan

Author Somekid420 (3 years)
Sounds like a pidgeon dance.. well the words sound like pidge dance kayo

Author Isador cruz jr (3 years)
I am a mixed breed and can not trace my great grandmother blood line I have
heard this as a young boy before my great grandmothers passing you have
brought back memories long since forgotten I Thank You

Author Speedie Allyson (3 years)

Author Ann Torphy (2 years)
aka Wesa Uda. Beautiful sound quality and wonderful singing. The quality
has been kept well. You make your ancestors proud, I am sure :) Wado

Author George Doxy (2 years)
you got Ostowakowa??

Author Yakokwe (3 years)
@bitchiecupcake I'm glad I did it makes me feel proud now that everyone has
enjoyed it.

Author Yakokwe (3 years)
@MissBubblybubsy You can use it however you like. I share it for everyone
to hear . I can send you a PM with my family information.

Author onewitch27 (3 years)
Beautiful song and pictures, thank you for sharing and keep this alive!

Author Elle (3 years)
I am Seneca, but have no ndn name since i cannot trace my great
grandmother. watching this helps me to feel connected, you have done a good
thing by posting this song. elizabeth

Author BBE (BADBOYEASY) (5 years)
only 198 views ? this is an amazing song and i can feel it god bless
america and the native americans them especially

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